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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

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Don't Be Tardy Ssn 5/Ep 6 - Ask, Believe, Receive, Gamble

Glenn Rowley


This week on Don't Be Tardy, Kim gambles big at the casino, which puts her in hot water with Kroy. Plus, Brielle dips her toe back into the dating pond for the first time since her breakup with her longtime boyfriend. Read on for a full recap of all the hijinks and hilarious moments...


The Biermanns are back from Montana and things have returned to a semblance of day-to-day life. Which means the little ones are running around like crazy, Tracey Bloom is back in the kitchen and Brielle Biermann is running errands as her mom's assistant. Meanwhile, Kim Zolciak-Biermann is ready to take part in her favorite pastime: some good, old-fashioned gambling. After watching her hubby relive his small-town life in rural Hardin, she needs to be in a casino, and she's taking Kroy Biermann and Tracey along with her for an adults-only getaway. Brielle also has big news: she's going on her first official date since breaking up with her boyfriend of last season, Slade Osborne. Cue the inevitably awkward conversation about premarital sex and Brielle's suddenly magically motivated to run the errands she's been procrastinating. 


The next day, Brielle's playing pool with her best friend Zach Baus, and drops the bomb that she actually ran into her ex-boyfriend just a few days earlier. Since then, he won't leave her alone, so she's looking forward to the date with her friend Bennett so she can really and truly move on from Slade. As for poor Zach, Brielle admits in her confessional that she knows her BFF harbors feelings for her but she vows nothing romantic will ever happen between them. Sorry Zach, you've been friendzoned with the classic excuse that you're too nice of a guy...


Meanwhile, Kim, Kroy and Tracey arrive at Harrah's Cherokee Valley River Casino ready to win big. With everyone sprayed in sage for good energy and Kroy acting as the responsible banker, Kim promptly withdraws $25,000 to play $100 slots. (Having never gambled before in my life, this seems insane but I guess you have to spend big to win big?) Immediately Kroy's on a bit of a streak, while Kim's luck eventually takes a turn for the worse. Kroy responsibly trying to cut her off doesn't go over well either, sparking a mini-spat between the couple when Kim demands that the way her hubby's treating her is "unacceptable." Message to Kroy: don't get between Kim and her slot machines.


After a pre-date pep talk with her younger sister, it's time for Brielle's date with Bennett at the local bowling alley. Despite her disapproval of Bennett's style and his insistence that she wear the bowling shoes, the date actually seems to be going relatively well. Brielle confesses in her talking head that the way to her heart is by buying her food, so really this whole bowling idea was basically unnecessary. While she doesn't see a future with Bennett romantically, going on her first date since Slade was major progress for Brielle and she's ready to keep moving forward in the single lady direction.


After going for broke at the blackjack table, Kim returns home down seven grand but with a wealth of lessons to pass on to Brielle. Kim's still living by the rule that you have to spend big to win big. And also that you keep playing until you get it back. While talking about Brielle's date, Kim advises her oldest daughter to follow a rule made specifically for her: never eat on a date. However, Brielle announces that she's happy to stay single for a while, and when she does find a guy, he'll like her for every part of her - eating habits and casino-addicted mother included. 

What did you think of this week's Don't Be Tardy? Would you ever take out $25,000 at a casino? Should Brielle keep dating or pursue the single life? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Don't Be Tardy Ssn 5/Ep 5 - Home on the Range Part 2

Glenn Rowley


This week on Don't Be Tardy, the Biermanns experience even more Montana livin' in part two of their trip to Kroy's hometown. From seeing the field where Kroy played high school football to visiting the ranch he worked on every summer, the family gets a full experience of the life that made him who he is. But can Montana really handle more of Kim's diva antics and craziness? Read on for a full recap of the hijinks and sweet moments in the country...


It's day three of the Montana trip and Eagle Lodge is in complete chaos. While Brielle Biermann snaps selfies with the puppy dog filter, the four younger kids are attempting to tear the lodge down by jumping like a pack of hyenas onto Tracey Bloom and wrestling the chef to the ground. As Brielle points out, this is what happens when Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann aren't around. The major reason for this trip was for Kim and the kids to see where Kroy came from, so the itinerary today is all about explore the NFL star's past. First up is a tour through downtown Hardin - which includes a courthouse, a jail and a single dentist's office - before arriving at Hardin High School.


The family wanders through the halls of the school and the teacher in every single classroom they stop by remembers Kroy by name. Some have even saved old assignments from when he was a student, including one questionable presentation on date rape drugs...Kroy seems genuinely adored at his alma mater, though he insists that even if he wasn't in the NFL people would still know who he is because it's such a small town. However, it's pretty much a guarantee that teachers aren't asking any of Kroy's former classmates for an autograph, and his status as a real hometown hero in Hardin becomes crystal clear when Kim and the kids stumble upon a plaque dedicated to him in the hallway of the school. Yes, Kim and her beloved wigs are definitely famous, but she's the first to admit there isn't a plaque dedicated in her honor back in Windsor Hills, Connecticut. 


Next, the family shares a poignant moment out on the field where Kroy first played football for the Hardin Bulldogs. While Kroy throws a football around with KJ and Kash, Kim reflects on how far her man has come and how big his dreams must've been as a high schooler on that very same field. She admits that Kroy probably won't realize the importance of this moment until after they've left, but it's still incredibly special nonetheless.


On their last day in Montana, the Biermanns stop by Lammers, a local Native American trading post. Unsurprisingly, the four youngest kids all seem fascinated by the rifles and ammo, but before KJ can talk his way into getting a BB gun of his own, the family heads to the cattle ranch Kroy worked on as a teenager. Kroy's excited to show the kids what his summer job as a kid was all about. From feeding cattle and moving hay to riding horses, the day at the ranch couldn't get the family any more authentically immersed in Montana culture. Kim is fascinated to see Kroy at home in his element and admits the ranch is the best part of the trip, but Wig is ready to get back to her Starbucks. 


Back at the lodge later that night, Kim wonders aloud at how different her and Kroy's worlds were growing up when he gets an unexpected phone call from his agent, Buddy Baker. He's calling with an update on the status of Kroy's free agent status in the NFL. Apparently a multitude of teams have expressed interested in signing Kroy, and now it's just a question of what the smartest long-term move is for Kroy. After all, he's still in the prime of his career, so it's appropriate to be thinking about the long game rather than making a hasty decision to benefit him in the short term. With that abrupt reminder, it's time to get back to reality and say goodbye to Montana.

What did you think of this week's Don't Be Tardy? How much would you pay to see a spinoff of Kim working on a ranch? Leave your thoughts on the Montana trip in the comments below!

Don't Be Tardy Ssn 5/Ep 4 - Home on the Range Part 1

Glenn Rowley


This week on Don't Be Tardy, the Biermanns head to Montana for a peaceful vacation in the two where Kroy grew up. Plus, Kim and Kroy are faced with a serious decision about the future of their family when they have to choose an executor for their wills. Read on for a full recap of all the hijinks and good times in Montana...


The Biermanns are ready for another family vacation - this time to visit Kroy Biermann's hometown of Hardin, Montana. But before they head west, Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her hubby decide to sit down and go over their wills. The documents haven't been updated (or combined) since before the four youngest kids were born, and it's got Kim thinking about the big what ifs in life. Who would step up and take care of the kids if something happened to her and Kroy? Who would manage their estate? These kinds of responsibilities usually fall to family members, but since neither Kim nor Kroy has any contact with their parents, they need another option. After some discussion, the couple concludes that Bruce, the dad of Kroy's best friend and a surrogate grandpa to the young kids, seems like the most logical choice. And since he lives in Montana, the trip is the perfect time to ask him.


Needless to say, the older two girls are less than enthused about taking a trip to Montana. The younger kids may love the outdoors, but roughing it in the wilderness doesn't exactly sound like a fun getaway for the pampered teens. Plus, Brielle Biermann is quick to point out that Kim doesn't really know what she's getting herself into. After all, the town Kroy grew up in is tinier than tiny and the news that the nearest Starbucks will be 45 minutes away in Billings jolts Kim back to reality. Just like Ariana Biermann states in her confessional, no Starbucks equals no happy Kim, which is bad news for the entire family. This should be interesting...


With six kids, a crazy chef, two dogs and tow nannies in tow, the Biermann bunch arrives in Montana and the trip promptly turns into a three-ring circus. Kim is amazed at the beauty of the state's wide open spaces, but Kroy's the one having to educate his sheltered family on the difference between an antelope and a cantaloupe. (For the record, one is a wild animal roaming the Montana prairies and the other is a melon.) First up is dinner at the Montana Club in Missoula, which is the same restaurant Kroy used to eat at when he was in school at the University of Montana. Before they can even order, Brielle announces that she's going to use the trip to "find [herself] a nice Montana boy," but rethinks her decision seconds later when the waiter tries to flirt with her. While little KJ FaceTimes Bruce to show off the crab legs he's eating, Kim's just grateful to have alcohol and mozzarella sticks after such a long day. 


The next morning, Bruce and his family are ready to take the Biermanns snowmobiling to show them something Kroy did all the time growing up. Having only seen snow a total of two times in their lives, the younger kids are positively over the moon about this activity, while Kim's just praying no one hits a tree and screaming "mucho frio" to poor Berta the nanny. Before she knows it, though, Ariana is out of sight on the back of chef Tracey Bloom's snowmobile and four-year-old Kash takes off down the hill all by himself on a (thankfully non-motorized) sled. Luckily, Bruce sprints to the rescue and snatches Kash before he can get too far, but Kim's nerves are completely shot. By the end of the day, however, everyone's had a good time and Kim admits that she sees the appeal of a quieter, more peaceful life in Montana. But no, that does not mean "call the realtor," Kroy.


Back at the lodge where they're staying, Kim and Kroy finally sit down with Bruce for a serious chat. After seeing him chase after Kash on the sled, the couple is more certain than ever that they can trust him to take care of their kids if something were to ever happen to them. Recognizing how much this responsibility means, Bruce graciously agrees to be the executor of their will and the Biermanns finally have some peace of mind about the situation. However, the fun in Montana is just beginning...Next week is part two of the trip!

What did you think of this week's Don't Be Tardy? Would Kim ever survive living in Montana? Will Hardin ever be the same after the Biermann circus has rolled through town? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Don't Be Tardy Ssn 5/Ep 3 - Animal House

Glenn Rowley


It's even more of a three-ring circus than usual on Don't Be Tardy this week. When Tracey convinces the family to visit the local animal rescue, they ponder whether to add another pooch to their growing brood. Plus, Brielle Biermann surprises Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann with her latest, potbellied birthday gift. Read on for a full recap of this week's animal-themed craziness...


The center of life in the Biermann home is the kitchen and this week is no different. As chef Tracey Bloom is busy cooking away, the family debates over which crossbreeding technique would produce the best dog. Is it a Husky-Boxer mix? Tracey balks at the idea of breeding a new puppy, especially when there are so many that already need to be adopted to good homes. It turns out the chef spends every weekend volunteering at the humane society, and she invites Kim, Kroy and the kids to come along to see what it's like the following weekend. Never one to shy away from an adventure, Kim promptly accepts Bloom's invite and it looks like the Biermanns will be taking the animal rescue by storm. 


Meanwhile, Kim is still hard at work developing her new skincare line, Kashmere. The idea for the new business venture actually came to the RHOA alum when she was pregnant with KJ, Kash and twins Kane and Kaia. Wanting to avoid stretch marks, Kim started making random concoctions on the stove using whatever she happened to have on hand. Turns out, her stovetop potions actually worked, so she decided to turn it into a full fledged skincare line. Now the biggest question on Kim's mind is whether the products should have a fresh, lemony smell to them or more of a "strippery" scent. The crucial decisions for any start-up, you know?


Once the weekend rolls around, Kim and Kroy pack up all six kids to volunteer with Tracey at the local humane society. The family's volunteering assignment for the day is to cuddle with puppies as an excuse to get them "socialized" and right away Kim and the kids start falling in literal puppy love left and right. In fact, Kroy is the only one dead set against bringing another dog home and somehow manages to resist the relentless pleading of Brielle, Ariana, KJ, Kash, Kane and Kaia for permission to get a new puppy. When Kim spots a baby black lab, however, everyone in the family rallies against Kroy and basically have their minds made up - even when Kroy drags them out of the humane society without the puppy in tow.


Cut to just a few days later and Brielle walks into the house with the puppy in her arms. It turns out she went back to the humane society after the family left and adopted the dog (whose name is Norma Jean after Kim's idol Marilyn Monroe) as a "surprise." However, this is not the kind of surprise Kroy wanted in the least, and bluntly reminds his oldest daughter that she will be the one responsible for taking care of and paying for everything the puppy needs. This includes feeding, potty training and the whole nine yards - even hiring a dog trainer out of her own pocket if necessary. And no, Brielle, they don't make puppy Advil for when Norma starts teething. Looks like potty training is going to be a blast for Brielle...


Meanwhile, Kim and Kroy pay a visit to a reproductive specialist to begin the process of freezing her eggs. Except that the first thing the doctor recommends is that the couple creates embryos rather than putting Kim's eggs on ice. (Apparently it's simpler that way.) Of course, this would require Kroy to surgically reverse or bypass the vasectomy he had after the twins. It also opens up the question of what the Biermanns would do with their embryos if they chose not to use them in the future. While Kim can't imagine just throwing the embryos in the trash, she visibly balks at Kroy's suggestion that they donate them to a couple in need. There are plenty of things Kim's will to do to help people, but sharing her eggs and Kroy's sperm is the line where her generosity stops. And no, she doesn't give a flying hoot if you think that makes her selfish. Little Kim/Kroy embryos are not going into some stranger's body. The only way an embryo is getting made is if it means little Kreed is joining the family as baby number seven.


Later, since her mom loves when things come in pairs of two, Brielle decides to surprise her family with a second new pet: a potbellied pig her friends gave her as a birthday present named Chester Jorge. This second surprise, however, doesn't go over as well as adopting Norma did because Kim and Kroy were most definitely not looking to add a pet pig to the family. Kim gets particularly freaked out by the hoofed oinker trotting around her kitchen, and as Kroy chases her around the house with Chester, she puts her foot down that Brielle has to take the pig back to its original owners. Sorry Chester. The Biermann house may be a constant circus, but even Kim has her limits.

What did you think of this week's Don't Be Tardy? Should Kim and Kroy freeze their embryos? Would you rather adopt a puppy or a potbellied pig? Tell me in the comments below!