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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

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Tour Group Travelogue: Ep 10 - So Long, Farewell, Sayonara

Glenn Rowley


After ten weeks of adventure around the world, Tour Group is finally coming to an end. As the travelers close out their time in Japan, Misty and Jared are forced to confront the reality of their relationship while things go from bad to worse between former besties Heather and Amy. In the end, will any of the travelers take something special away from this opportunity of a lifetime? Read on for the complete recap in my final travelogue...


On the last full day of the trip, the travelers awake in the shadow of Mount Fuji to the shock of the small Japanese woman who serves as their innkeeper throwing on the lights at 6:30 a.m. In Japanese culture, the ryokan decides when it's serving breakfast, so if you choose to sleep in you miss out on all the food. However, some members of the group aren't too thrilled with the early meal, which turns out to be a traditional multi-course Japanese breakfast featuring lots of fish, raw sushi and more than a few dishes that are completely unidentifiable to American palettes. Of course head tour guide Brandon Presser digs in with enthusiasm, but only Michael Cook is willing to try every course...except the tofu. Jared Levy is also intent on eating the meal - seaweed included - but it might just be a way to distract himself from the awkwardness that's building between him and Misty Kingma.


Traveling back to Tokyo, the tour guides split the travelers into two separate groups. For an exploration in being people they're not, Brandon and Sandhurst Miggins take the guys to learn karate while Rachel Grant and the women dress up as Geishas and learn the history of the ancient Japanese Geisha houses. Being the sole woman of color on the trip, Jetta Bates Vasilatos feels uncomfortable with the idea of painting her face in the white makeup of the Geisha. Arriving at the geisha house, the ladies learn that Geisha history dates back to 300 years ago and that, contrary to popular belief, Geishas were not prostitutes. Their singular purpose was to entertain customers by dancing, playing Japanese guitars and serving sake. They were performers known for their beauty and grace. Also interesting to note: a Geisha wore white makeup because it made her easier to see in the dark before the advent of electricity. (Even today, about 100 Geishas still exist, though that number continues to dwindle as society advances.) Next, the women are outfitted in the traditional dress of the Geishas, which involve many more layers under their kimonos than the girls were expecting. When it comes time for makeup, Jetta submits to putting the white makeup on her face, but draws the line at fitting her mass of curls under the tiny wig. According to Jetta, it's called being an African-American Geisha and anyone who has a problem with it can just deal.


Meanwhile, the guys arrive at a dojo in Tokyo for an introduction to the ancient art of karate. The dojo master explains that karate originated in the city of Okinawa and the sport involves no gloves or protection pads of any kind. After running the guys through some basic moves and a series of exercises to focus on discipline and self-mastery, the instructor challenges them to break some wooden boards with their fists. Every single guy manages to punch through a board, and the exercise quickly becomes a competition between Michael and Jared over who can break the most boards at once. The boys add board after board until Jared breaks four at once, and the guys move on to breaking clay tiles. Michael bows out (citing the fact that he uses his hands cut hair) and it takes Sandhurst a couple tries to punch through one, but Jared lets out all his aggression by breaking two. Clearly the playboy is going through some stuff in his head...


After decompressing for a few hours at the hotel, the ladies head out to a traditional Japanese Host Club - where they're surrounded by a bevy of (mostly gay) Asian boys to wait on them hand and foot. As the drinks flow, the party eventually spills out into the streets of Tokyo and things between former besties Heather Marianna and Amy Grice take a dark turn. First, Heather sprays champagne on her frenemy. When Amy tries to return the favor by giving the Beauty Kitchen CEO a champagne shower, Heather flips out and ends up slapping Amy right across the face. Enraged, Amy lunges after Heather and - as 38 days of resentment come flooding out - the two divas get into a knockdown, drag out brawl in the middle of Tokyo. Shoes are thrown, bags are flung and the sign of the cross is even made before the rest of the women manage to break up the fight and send the former BFFs home in separate cars. Yikes. This is not going to do anything to fix the divas' fractured friendship.


The next morning, it's the last full day of the trip and things are at an all-time low between Heather and Amy. With Sandhurst attempting to mediate, the former best friends sit down in an attempt to talk things out, but the conversation goes nowhere fast. Before we know it, Heather is dropping bombshells left and right about Amy - that she had an abortion, that she needed a lawyer for some mysterious legal issue and that she's always calling Heather in a crisis. Amy fires back that Heather cheats on her fiancé and the fiery brunette storms out of the room after insisting that she's always been a good friend to Amy. (Besides, you know, outing her for abortion on national television.) It looks like the friendship between these two Vegas girls is about as dead in the water as it could possibly be.


At the same time, Jared finally works up the nerve to visit Misty in her room and air out his concerns about their relationship. It turns out that Jared got spooked when Misty's twin sister Jenna Kingma gave him a sisterly warning to be careful with his girlfriend's heart and inadvertently dropped the L-word into the conversation. Despite Misty's protestations that she doesn't actually "L-word" Jared because she's not one of those crazy, obsessive girls, Jared already has one foot out the door and essentially dumps Misty on the spot with the old "I don't want there to be any expectations" line. In a hotel room in Tokyo. Ouch. Immediately, Misty runs to her sister's room for comfort. Jenna's shocked that Jared ended the relationship with her sister so abruptly and Misty tearfully explains that she regrets spending the whole trip with Jared. Hindsight's always 20/20, I suppose. 


Finally, the group gathers for one final dinner together on the last night of the trip. Somewhat awkwardly, Misty is flanked by Jenna on one side and Jared on the other, while Amy and Heather maintain as much space between them as possible. In one final toast, Brandon presents each of the travelers with a rock he picked up on a secret beach in Iceland and challenges each of them to someday bring their rock back to that secluded spot as a reminder to never stop traveling. He then asks the group to go around the table and express what each person took away from their trip around the world. Answers range from the importance of saying "yes" to new experiences and learning to be independent to overcoming fears and putting family in perspective. Heather even manages to say something nice to Amy about her future as a mother. And surprise! Jenna reveals that she'll actually be staying in Japan once the rest of the travelers head home - her own trip is just beginning.


The dinner ends with Jared changing into the panda costume he's been asking for since before the group got to Japan and everyone finally seems happy as the trip draws to a close. As the travelers finally part ways the next morning, we're given "Where Are They Now?" cards for each person. Jetta expanded her travel website, Jettasetting, while her husband Jeff Vasilatos is still living life the fullest in the wake of his life-threatening scooter accident. Heather dumped fiancé #13, moved right on to #14 and continues to travel the world with fellow diva Michelle Harvey. Amy's still working on restoring her relationship with her former BFF, but hasn't made much progress. The Georgia boys have continued traveling by visiting Jay Ward in California, and Michael hopes to build a chapel in Kenya. Jared and Misty reconciled when they made it back to the States, and are taking things slow as they trade off visiting each other on opposite coasts. And Jenna, now bicoastal to spend more time with Misty, created a new jewelry line inspired by her time in Japan. With that, the trip around the world has finally come to an end. I've very much enjoyed writing about Tour Group and have even added a few places to my personal bucket list in the process. Thanks for following along on this trip of a lifetime!

What did you think of the Tour Group finale? Which destination on the trip was your favorite? Do you think the show should come back for a second season? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

Tour Group Travelogue: Ep 9 - Maids, Hooters, and Condoms, Oh My!

Glenn Rowley


This week on Tour Group, the travelers head to their final destination of Japan. In Tokyo, they experience the culture shock of an owl cafe and a maid cafe before exploring the Harajuku District and Shibuya Crossing. Then, at a traditional Japanese inn in the shadow of Mount Fuji, Misty and Jared are forced to confront the reality of their travelers' romance. Read on for a full travelogue of the episode and all things Tokyo...


Putting Thailand in the rear view mirror, the tour group travels to their final destination of the trip: Japan. After spending the majority of day 35 flying across Asia and the East China Sea, the group arrives in Tokyo and is overwhelmed by the vastness of the cosmopolitan city. Lovebirds Jared Levy and Misty Kingma are ready to put the drama that plagued their showmance throughout Sri Lanka and Thailand to bed, while Misty's twin sister Jenna Kingma is hoping that Japan will complete the trip for her with a proper happy ending. On the bus ride to the hotel, lead tour guide Brandon Presser points out that Tokyo has an exact replica of the Eiffel Tower, except it's called Tokyo Tower, it's 13 feet taller and it's painted bright orange. As Misty succinctly says upon learning this fact, "Japan is basically the future."


On day 36, Brandon and his fellow tour guides have planned to explore the giant city essentially neighborhood by neighborhood in order for the travelers to get as much of a taste of Tokyo as possible. To start, he and Sandhurst Miggins will be taking the guys to one of Japan's famed maid cafes while Rachel Grant is bringing the girls to an owl cafe. On the way to the maid cafe, Brandon explains that the maids' purpose is to sell the fantasy that your wish is their command - though they draw the line at anything sexual or inappropriate. As the guys arrive at the maid cafe, they are baffled by the reality of it all. Everywhere you look there are women dressed in Japanese school girl outfits with their hair in pigtails, singing and speaking in cartoonish, high-pitched voices. The maid cafe is like manga come to life. Over the course of the experience, the guys don bunny ears and clap along with the rowdy music, swept away on a sugar high of candy and real-life Sailor Moon characters.


The owl cafe turns out to be a decidedly quieter experience for the women. Filled with dozens of the birds, the atmosphere is tranquil and almost silent, as Rachel explains that Tokyo's culture has given rise to an entire industry of animal-themed cafes. They are basically the Japanese equivalent of having pets, since it's difficult to fit an animal into one of the tiny apartments that dominate the Tokyo housing market. Surprisingly, the owl cafe also brings out a much softer side of Heather Marianna, who up until this point has rather proudly been one of the trip's two divas along with Michelle Harvey. Misty points out that there's an irony in Heather loving the owl cafe after protesting at riding camels in Morocco and elephants in Thailand, but if the diva is happy then everyone can be happy.


After accidentally encountering and joining a traditional neighborhood Shinto festival in the streets of Tokyo, the guys reconvene with the girls and Brandon takes the entire group to experience Shibuya Crossing, which is the busiest intersection in the world. In fact, over 100,000 people cross it every hour! When the traffic lights change and the travelers take their first steps out into the complicated crosswalk, Brandon points out that Shibuya Crossing is actually a giant metaphor for their journey as a whole - it's the beauty, madness and unpredictability of travel in a singular, unforgettable experience. 


Next the group explores the Harajuku district of Tokyo, shopping for Japanese street fashion, giant and mini-sized condoms and one particularly interesting game of "toilet golf." As a jewelry designer, Jenna is particularly fascinated with all the Japanese jewelry she's finding in Harajuku and vows to immerse herself in the culture to use it as inspiration for her next collection. Back at the hotel, she informs Misty that she's thinking of staying in Japan for a while once the trip ends, before having a sisterly heart-t0-heart about the future of the latter's relationship with Jared. With the trip drawing quickly to a close, Misty isn't sure what the future will hold for the couple. After all, they live on opposite coasts with Jared in New York and her in California, and after the drama in Thailand she doesn't want to overwhelm him with thoughts of commitment and the future.


Early the next morning, the travelers pack overnight bags and board a bullet train to take them to Hakone, a mountainous town at the base of Mount Fuji. There, they'll be having one last big cultural experience by staying the night in a traditional Japanese inn, otherwise known as a ryokan. These traditional guest houses are known for top of the line service - Brandon tells the travelers they won't ever get such attentive service anywhere else for the rest of their lives - but also operate under a number of specific rules and customs that some members of the group may just trample over without knowing it. It also happens to be Mother's Day, which leads to Michelle having a bit of a pity party on the train as it's the first Hallmark holiday she's ever been away from her 10-year-old son Tanner and her now-deceased mother.


Arriving at the inn, the travelers are greeted by an all-female staff dressed in traditional kimonos, and are blown away by the breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji. The workers at the ryokan don't seem to speak a word of English, but Brandon's able to translate that the party will be splitting up into smaller groups of three and four to be brought to their rooms. Everything about Japanese culture emphasizes minimalism, so the travelers are astonished to find that each group of four will be sharing a room the size of a small cubicle and sleeping on mats on the ground. Rachel's all about this experience, joking with Jeff and Jetta Bates Vasilatos that it'll be like having a Japanese slumber party, but Misty is less than enthused that she and Jared have to share a room with Heather and Michelle. 


The staff of the inn helps the travelers get dressed in traditional Japanese obis before serving them a formal meal in the spacious dining room of the inn. Sitting on the floor and armed solely with a pair of chopsticks, the travelers are brought course after course of sushi and other authentic Japanese cuisine. Many of the dishes are unrecognizable to an American palate, but each plate is gorgeously crafted with special care given to every single detail. During the meal, the travelers marvel that the trip will soon be drawing to a close and it's obvious that certain cliques have been formed within the group. Jay Ward puts it bluntly in his confessional that while he'll miss Georgia boys Michael Cook and Steven Roberts and a couple of the girls, he's more than ready to bid the rest of the group farewell.


After the dinner, the travelers retire to their rooms for the evening, some of them enjoying a Japanese tea ceremony and toasting to the wonder of the experience. However, there's awkwardness fills the air in the room shared by Misty, Jared, Heather and Michelle as the two pairs quickly realize they have virtually nothing to connect over. Heather asks if Misty would consider moving to Dallas (where Jared's from) after the trip, but when she jokingly brings up babies and marriage the confirmed bachelor visibly blanches. That's obviously not the reaction Misty was hoping for, and it's clear that the couple is going to need to face their prospective future soon, before their time in Japan runs out for good. Will their relationship be just a showmance or is there potential for a real future after the trip is over? Next week is the finale, so we're likely to find out at least one of those answers sooner rather than later...

What did you think of this week's Tour Group? What's the first thing you would do in Tokyo? Would you rather visit a maid cafe or an owl cafe? Could you handle staying at a traditional ryokan? And do you think Misty and Jared's relationship has a shot of surviving past the trip? 

Tour Group Travelogue: Ep 8 - The Elephant in the Room

Glenn Rowley


This week on Tour Group, the travelers further explore Thailand as they experience the largest transgender cabaret show in Asia, zipline through the jungle and visit an elephant sanctuary. Plus, Jared and Misty's relationship issues reach a new low while cruising the Chao Phraya River. Read on for a full travelogue of the episode...


It's day 32 of the trip and the travelers are still in Bangkok, Thailand. As Amy Grice FaceTimes with her very attractive, younger boyfriend back home, Jetta Bates Vasilatos and her husband Jeff take a rickshaw to explore the city's many temples and other sights. To combat the travel hangover after more than a month of jumping from continent to continent, head tour guide Brandon Presser brings a few of the travelers to get clothing made at a high-end Thai tailor. Apparently in Thailand, you can get custom suits, jackets and anything else you could want at an insanely low price compared to anywhere in the Western world. New York financier Jared Levy is more than a little excited about this opportunity to add to his wardrobe, but the dynamic with his girlfriend Misty Kingma remain awkwardly strained after their argument in the hotel room about the red light district. Satisfied with their purchases, the travelers head back to their hotel when Brandon reveals the surprise he's cooked up for the evening: they'll be taking a dinner cruise down Bangkok's Chao Phraya River!


That evening, the group (minus Heather Marianna and Michelle Harvey) sets sail on a Thai rice barge, now refitted into a luxury river boat. Initially the cruise seems to be going well until Jay Ward puts it all on the table by bringing up the tension between Jared and Misty. Did Jared really get a happy ending in the red light district? What's going on with the trip's lovebirds? Misty's twin sister Jenna Kingma tells everyone to mind their own business, but Jared addresses the awkwardness and starts venting about how much pressure the trip has put his new relationship under. And once he starts, it's like he can't stop, telling the entire group that he can't seem to live up to Misty's expectations or know how to deal with their constantly changing dynamic. Ouch, abort Jared, abort! The playboy's pent-up tirade leaves everyone in the group speechless, particularly Misty, and ends what was supposed to be a magical night on a surprisingly sour note. 


Early the next morning, the travelers take a 90 minute trip to explore Pattaya, which tour guide Sandhurst Miggins describes as Thailand's city of all things "exotic and erotic." Hmm...this should be an adventure. The group is heading to Pattaya to attend Tiffany's, Thailand's premier Vegas-style ladyboys show. In fact, it turns out to be the first and biggest transgender cabaret show in all of Asia. Before the performance, the travelers get a backstage pass and split into three groups to learn about the ladyboys' costumes, makeup and choreography. Tour guide Rachel Grant explains that in Thai culture, ladyboys are considered something of mainstream celebrities and icons - beyond even famous drag queens in America. As Jeff and Heather take turns trying on the ladyboys' massive headdresses, several of the performers put Jared, Jay and Georgia boys Michael Cook and Steven Roberts in the chairs to get their makeup done. 


Dressing up as ladyboys is about as far out of the Georgia boys' comfort zone as anything could be, but they take it in playful stride learn more about the stories of the transgender performers. The show itself is an absolute spectacle of dancing, cabaret and drag that would rival anything seen on the stages of Las Vegas. Towards the end of the performance, one of the ladyboys comes down into the audience and snatches Michael and Steven up onto the stage, still in full makeup and wigs. The Georgia boys are taken aback by being in the spotlight but are goodnatured about participating, even pulling out a good old-fashioned Southern hitch and kick for the crowd. In the end, the entire crew walks away from the experience with a better understanding and appreciation for being trans in a predominantly cis-gendered society and what it means to feel different than everyone around you.


The morning of day 34, the guides split the travelers into two groups for very different activities: Brandon and Sandhurst are taking the boys to zipline through a national park while Rachel and the girls visit an elephant sanctuary. The gender divide was completely voluntary, but if it was me, I'd be first in line to see the elephants. The zipline adventure turns out to be a major moment for Jeff, who came on the trip to celebrate life after getting in a nearly-fatal scooter accident. The zipline platforms end up being much higher off the ground than any of the guys anticipated, and both Jeff and Jay are forced to conquer their fears as they fly through the jungle's tree-line. Confronting the "chasm of death" in front of him is a very proud moment for Jeff that Jetta would've surely loved to see. 


Arriving at the elephant sanctuary, Rachel explains that the elephant is one of the sacred symbols of Thailand and the animals have played a crucial role in Thai culture for centuries. The sanctuary the travelers are visiting is specifically for abused elephants, which is just a heartbreaking thought. The women take turns feeding bananas to the baby elephants and the joy in the air is palpable. The playful baby elephants are full of love for the travelers, showering the girls with kisses and affection. I'm in love. Ever the animal activists though, Michelle and Heather protest when the trainers start having the elephants perform tricks for the ladies and don't like that the sanctuary employees are using canes as training tools. When it comes time to ride the adult elephants, the trip's self-proclaimed divas decide to pass in the name of their morals and leave Rachel, Jetta, Jenna, Misty and Amy to experience the elephant ride without them. 


As both cultural excursions come to an end, the tour guides gather the travelers around them to announce the last destination of the trip. For the final days of the journey around the world, the tour group is heading to Japan! Heading back to the hotel to pack their luggage and say goodbye to Thailand, Heather and Michelle bond over their mutual love for each other and how they feel so misjudged by the rest of the group, while Misty and Jared sit down to put their issues from Thailand to bed before moving on to the trip's final leg. Goodbye Thailand, hello Tokyo!

What did you think of this week's Tour Group? Are you ready to visit Thailand? How amazing was the ladyboy show? Would you rather go ziplining or hang out with elephants? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

Tour Group Travelogue: Ep 7 - Not So Happy Endings

Glenn Rowley


This week on Tour Group, the travelers conclude their adventures in Sri Lanka before heading to Thailand, where drama starts to erupt over a visit to the Red Light District and an R-rated rendezvous in a hotel room. Read on for my complete travelogue of the episode...


It's the start of Day 24 and it's the travelers' last day in Sri Lanka. Rather than some rest and relaxation, the tour guides have a couple of very different surprises left before the group says goodbye to Galle. For these final two Sri Lankan cultural excursions, the travelers must separate into two groups: Rachel Grant and Sandhurst Miggins are taking half of the travelers stilt fishing while head tour guide Brandon Presser brings the rest to get their palms read by a Tamil fortune teller. On the drive over, Brandon explains that the practice of Tamil fortune telling originated in the region of India of the same name and has been passed down through bloodlines for generations.


Arriving on the ramparts of an old colonial-era fort, the travelers each take a turn having their fortunes told while overlooking the ocean. The old Tamil fortune teller's predictions for the future are a bit of a mixed bag. Via interpreter, she tells Misty Kingma that she will have five children and predicts that Misty's boyfriend Jared Levy will move one more time for his wife (perhaps cross-country to where Misty lives in LA?). The fortune teller also informs Misty's twin sister Jenna Kingma that she lives life like a child, while Michelle Harvey doesn't agree with the reading that her ex-husband is a "good person" or that she has a short fuse when it comes to her anger. (Michelle can protest all she wants but the cameras may tell the truth when it comes to that pattern of behavior.) However, most out of left field is Jay Ward's reading, whom the Tamil fortune teller predicts has two possible women to choose from in his future. Sorry, but Jay doesn't swing that way and I'm pretty sure his partner back home wouldn't exactly appreciate being left for a woman... 


Meanwhile, stilt fishing turns out to be a completely different change of pace for the other group. The activity gained popularity in the 1940s and is unique to the country of Sri Lanka but since much of the coastline was ravaged by the 2005 tsunami, stilt fishing has become something of a dying art. The local fishermen explain that it's easier to see the fish in the shallows when you're sitting on the stilts - so easy that they don't even have to use bait! - and with that, the travelers are hoisted up on the sticks to get their fishing on. It turns out, though, that what I mean by "getting their fishing on" actually involves sitting on the stilts for hours, waiting for fish to bite. After nearly two hours of sitting in the sun, Jetta Bates Vasilatos decides she's had enough and gets down from her stilts to fish while firmly planted on the ground. In the end, only Steven Roberts, one-half of the Georgia boys, and Sandhurst manage to catch a single fish each. At least everyone else can chalk it up to a cultural experience?


Following these last two activities, the tour guides have some major news for the travelers: they'll be leaving the next morning for Bangkok, Thailand! However, the first thing the tour group needs to know is that Thailand has very unique customs and traditions when it comes to public behavior. Brandon explains that the most important rule of etiquette in Thai culture is the concept of "saving face" - which basically involves not losing your temper or yelling in public (hence Thailand's nickname as the "Land of a Thousand Smiles.") Hmm...any bets on how well our travelers will be able to save face and smile through their feelings towards each other?


To celebrate their last night in Sri Lanka, Michael Cook has arranged to grill out and cook dinner for his fellow travel companions. Michael's idea for a cookout may have involved steaks and kegs of beer, but since we're in Sri Lanka he gets the new experience of grilling up some gigantic shrimp, prawns and other native fish. While one Georgia boy cooks, his half-brother Steven seems to be getting himself into some trouble with Michelle and Heather Marianna. By the time dinner is served, Steven shows up for the meal with some scandalous gossip about getting naughty with the trip's two divas during nap time. Michelle has preached far and wide the whole trip about how PG-13 she is, but Steven claims that boobs came out in the bedroom and - as they apparently say in the South - he "sucked some titties." This salacious piece of gossip spreads like wildfire among the other guys, and when Michelle overhears Steven telling Sandhurst and Jared Levy, the look of rage in her eyes could turn the breathtaking Sri Lankan sunset to stone.


Early the next morning, the travelers jet off to Thailand, but when they arrive in the heart of Bangkok and pile into two limos, Michelle is still fuming about the rumors from the night before. As the limousines wind their way at a snail's pace through the traffic of Bangkok, Michelle turns her ire on Sandhurst, ripping into him for listening to Steven's story. Umm, hello...Michelle? As Brandon so clearly reminds us in his confessional, didn't we just have a conversation about the importance of saving face? You could literally get arrested for yelling at your tour guide. Poor Sandhurst has no other recourse than to sit in the back of the limo and take the verbal beating from Michelle while repeatedly telling her that he's over the drama. 


The group's first stop in Bangkok is at Sompong Thai Cooking School, where they'll be dividing into two teams to learn how to make some traditional Thai cuisine. Now this is my kind of cultural experience! The catch is that the travelers are being put into pairs with people in the group whom they wouldn't normally choose, so naturally Michelle and Steven are paired together. Half the travelers don red aprons to make spicy green curry, while the others grab blue aprons to make papaya salad. Turning tomatoes into roses looks like the most complicated part of either lesson, but in the end the food looks delicious and Michelle and Steven are even able to put their tension to bed by creating a papaya salad together. Talk about the joys of cooking!


Arriving at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok, the three guides discuss how to possibly contain Michelle's pattern of angry outbursts while the first thing Heather does is upgrade her room to a suite. For the group's first dinner in Thailand, Brandon reserves a gorgeous private veranda and all the travelers come together to enjoy the stunning view of the city. There are no set plans for the evening, so Jared suggests that the group take the night to go explore Patpong, Bangkok's infamous Red Light District. This suggestion is met with wide-eyed chagrin from Misty, but before she can protest too much her boyfriend is off with the guys for a night of Thai debauchery. Not much of the Red Light District is caught on camera because it seems that Bravo's crew didn't come along, but the recording Rachel caught being given an authentic Thai massage by a hulking, shadowy figure in the dark seemed appropriately terrifying. 


Early the next morning, Steven, Sandhurst and Jay are recapping the eye-opening events of the previous night's adventure when Misty drops by Jared's room to give him an already-scheduled fashion makeover. (The playboy regularly looks like he's dressing for a summer on the Jersey Shore, so this is very much needed.) However, Misty can't help but bring the night before in the Red Light District and the newly minted couple gets into their first fight of the trip...and of their two-week relationship. Misty is obviously upset that Jared ditched her without even talking about it, but Jared argues that both Misty and Jenna have mentioned to him that they want to spend some more time together. After storming out of the room once, Misty explains that she feels Jared is attacking her, and the pair trade barbs about their respective dating histories. However, the couple ultimately decides to laugh the incident off and move forward. When in Bangkok, right?

What did you think of this week's adventures in Sri Lanka and Thailand? Do you think Steven's telling the truth about his naughty encounter with Michelle and Heather? Will Misty and Jared's new relationship last the remainder of the trip? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below...