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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

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Manzo'd With Children Ssn 3/Ep 8 - California Dreamin'

Glenn Rowley


This week on Manzo'd With Children, the family heads to LA to watch Caroline's dreams come true as a guest talk show host. Plus, Lauren's birthday celebration involves a vineyard, a bus ride and one very long zipline adventure. Read on for a full recap of the family vacation...


Finishing up last week's adventures in San Francisco, the Manzos and their friend Greg Bennett hit up Twenty Five Lusk for a nice family-style lunch. Once appetizers are ordered, Chris Manzo decides it's the perfect time to bring up the idea that's been bouncing around his head about potentially moving. Couching the subject in a hypothetical scenario of how the family would react if Albie Manzo were to pick up and leave New Jersey. Unsurprisingly, Caroline Manzo responds with the classic Italian mother reaction of "kill me now. Kill. Me. Now." However, the real shock for Chris comes from his dad, who bluntly expresses just how disappointed he would be if one of the kids wanted to leave the nest. See, from Caroline and Albert's perspective, they've worked hard to create a family environment that the kids would want to be a part of, and having any of them pack up and ship off to somewhere far away would be a sign that they've failed as parents. Yikes. No pressure, Chris.


And with that, it's time for the Manzos to head to start the second leg of their trip, saying goodbye to Greg and San Francisco as they head to LA. It's officially Lauren Manzo's birthday, and Vito Scalia promises he's planned a day full of surprises for his wife (despite having to spend most the day in a large van). In fact, he dares the whole family not to be impressed with what he's cooked up by the end of the day - though his father-in-law won't be holding his breath to be blown out of the water. 


Three hours later, the bus stops in Santa Margarita for Vito's first surprise: ziplining! A 1500-foot-high zipline over the vineyards of Ancient Peaks Winery, to be exact. As someone with a well-documented phobia of heights, this is Caroline's worst nightmare come true. Yet, being the fabulous mom she is, the Manzo matriarch is willing to conquer her fear for the sake of Lauren's birthday. Plus, the mystery of the lump in her breast has provided added motivation that she appreciates every day because, as she points out, "life is for living!" Taking a leap of faith with tears in her eyes, Caroline proves to her kids that she can do anything she sets her mind to, and they each promptly follow her down the zipline.


The zipline adventure is followed by a special birthday luncheon for Lauren overlooking the vineyards, set up specifically by Vito. Points for Scalia! In fact, the scene is vaguely reminiscent of the trip to Napa featured on Season 4 of RHONJ, when the Housewives and their families celebrated Caroline's 50th birthday, but without anyone calling their wife the dreaded c-word in a mysteriously ill-timed phone call. Over lunch, the Manzo kids reminisce about how far they've all come since the early days of RHONJ. Lauren reveals that her real passion in life would've been following in her father's footsteps at the Brownstone, but Chris claims to be perfectly content with how everything in his life has turned out. However, at the end of the day, Caroline and Albert are proud of the family unit they've built - no matter what happens with her health scare, the Manzo mom can't say she has any regrets of not doing enough as a family.


The next day, having finally arrived in LA, it's time for Caroline's big day co-hosting FABLife. For some reason, the daytime chat fest only gave Caroline one seat in the audience, so she chooses to bring Chris with her - proving possibly once and for all that he's the favorite child. Caroline is nervous as the car pulls up to the studio, but this moment is a dream come true for her so she's going to soak it all in and just enjoy the ride. (Side note: while we see a teasing shot of her on the show's poster, Bravo superfan, walking goddess and FABLife co-host Chrissy Teigen is sadly nowhere to be found. You missed a perfect opportunity for a very meta crossover moment, Bravo!) It turns out the episode Caroline is co-hosting is the show's Mother's Day special, which is something she may have a teensy bit of experience in. And she knocks it out of the park, chatting with the hosts, cracking jokes and distilling her motherly wisdom on the masses of daytime TV watchers. Closing the episode, Caroline reiterates her mantra from earlier in the half-hour: life is for living, so you better appreciate it while you can - and that means reaching for the stars, making your dreams happen and living life to the fullest. And what a fab life it is...

What did you think of this week's Manzo'd? Can you believe Caroline conquered the zipline? WHERE was Chrissy Teigen?? Are you ready for next week's super-sized, two-episode season finale? Tell me in the comments!

Southern Charm Ssn 3/Ep 9 - Saint and Sinners

Glenn Rowley


This week on Southern Charm, the most infamous couple in Charleston welcomes a new bundle of joy into the world while the guys head off for a weekend in LA filled with bottles, models and wild nights. However, will Craig's penchant for partying get in the way of his budding career at the Gentry Group? Read on for a full recap of this week's drama...


While Whitney Sudler-Smith awaits his costars' arrival in LA for their boys trip and jokes with his German girlfriend Larissa Marolt about promise rings, a very pregnant Kathryn Calhoun Dennis hits the spa with K. Cooper Ray for pedis and facials. Kathryn's preparing for the imminent arrival of baby #2, but Cooper's concerned with where her head is at when it comes to her relationship with baby daddy Thomas Ravenel. The dapper dandy of Charleston lays down a serious reality check to Kathryn, pointing out that - in reality - the man she's now had two kids with is a 50-year-old playboy who's hit the age that most men start having a midlife crisis. So as much as Kathryn wants things to be copacetic with T-Rav, she needs to face the fact that he may not be what's ultimately best for her in the long run. However, I'm much more interested in finding out just exactly how big of a celebrity Whitney's girlfriend Larissa is on the other side of the pond. Like, are we talking the Caroline Fleming of Germany?


Meanwhile, Thomas is busy playing a friendly polo match with his best friend JD Madison. Anxious for some guy time before the new baby arrives and sends his whole world into another cycle of craziness, T-Rav laments that he can't go on the guys trip to LA. However, with Kathryn being induced three weeks earlier than expected, he has no choice but to stay in Charleston and miss out on the fun. J.D. finds the change in delivery day to be suspect, but it's fairly common knowledge that a doctor would make that decision, not Kathryn's. JD questions whether his best friend is going to demand Kathryn take another paternity test. The Gentry CEO thinks it's a good idea, but Thomas opines that most women take that kind of question as an affront to their personal integrity - Kathryn included. 


Craig Conover meets his girlfriend Naomie Olindo for a dinner of calamari and oysters on the half shell. Craig's particularly excited to jet off to LA with Shep Rose for a good old-fashioned weekend of debauchery with the boys, but Naomie questions how he'll handle his work responsibilities when he's on the other side of the country. The Gentry Bourbon launch is just days away, but Craig insists that he's got everything on his to-do list under control and that he got JD's blessing as his boss to go to LA. If everything for the brand's launch has been taken care of, then there shouldn't be any problems right?


Meanwhile, Landon Clements and Cameran Eubanks are busy improving their domestic skills by taking a candle-making class. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather just go down to Target and buy a new candle. Maybe that's just me? As they take a break for their wax to dry or harden or...something, Cameran presses Landon on a little theory she's been keeping close to the vest for a while now involving the smiley brunette and Shep. The show's voice of reason asks Landon how she feels about Sheppy dating his latest girl Bailey and finally manages the brunette to admit that she maybe, sort of, kind of has feelings for her longtime friend. As Cameran points out, it's about time! Landon admits that she's always harbored the fantasy in the back of her mind that she and Shep could end up together, but is afraid to risk their years-long friendship in an attempt to take things to the next level. Cameran thinks the idea of Landon and Shep getting together could be the best thing ever and encourages Landon to think about how to make it happen.


Shep and Craig arrive at Whitney's house in sunny LA ready for a good time. However, before the nonstop partying can commence, the fallout from Whitney and Craig's argument in the Appalachians needs to be addressed. As Shep retreats with the excuse that he's going to take a shower, the other two Charmers acknowledge the elephant in the room. Craig apologizes for causing the drama on the group's trip by bringing up his theory about Kathryn, but Whitney already considers it water under the proverbial bridge. As the boys and Larissa hit up a house party in the Hollywood Hills, Shep is particularly excited to be popping bottles of champagne surrounded by blonde models. However, Whitney surmises in his confessional that the LA girls won't likely fall for Sheppy's good old Southern boy act, and the golden boy of Charleston ends up going home without a single California girl on his arm...or in his bed. 


Back in Charleston, Thomas takes Kathryn to a wine and spirits bar. This doesn't seem to be the most logical place to bring a woman who is almost nine months pregnant but hey, what do I know? With the baby coming in just a few days, Kathryn is under an inordinate amount of stress and points out that this time around, it feels different without Thomas by her side to support her. In fact, in the middle of her opening up to him, Thomas gets a phone call from someone at his new house with some urgent reason for him to come home. In her confessional, Kathryn vents that Thomas isn't putting her or the baby first. After all, shouldn't she be his first priority right about now?


The next morning, JD's anxiously trying to reach Craig on the West Coast, but to no avail. After his calls go straight to the pretty boy's completely full voicemail, JD calls Shep and leaves a message for Craig on his phone. Still recovering from their wild night of partying, the boys in LA are hung over and a little worse for the wear, but Craig continues to insist that he did everything he was supposed to for work. Plus, he's going back to South Carolina the next morning just in time for the launch of Gentry Bourbon at the Charleston Cup. However, from JD's perspective Craig is passing up the chance he so desperately wanted to get more involved in the bourbon division just a few episodes ago. Instead, Craig is off in LA getting pampered with a massage from a girl who has her hands full trying to avoid Shep's flirtations as the poor woman tries to do her job. 


Craig arrives back in Charleston, but blows off setting up at the race track with JD with the excuse that he's not feeling well. Naturally, JD is less than pleased to have to do all the grunt work for the launch of Gentry Bourbon by himself out in the cold, and his wrath towards Craig starts to build. Eventually, Craig arrives along with Naomie, Landon, Cameran and recurring cast members Danni Baird and Jennifer Snowden, but manages to avoid talking to JD as the crew hits the red carpet at the Gentry tent. In the blustery cold, the Charmers gamble away their money on various horses, and both Danni and JD's wife Elizabeth come away the big winners of the event. As the races draw to a close, JD finally corners Craig and gives him a stern talking to about blowing off his responsibilities for the day. Craig maintains to his boss that he really wasn't feeling well (sinus infection or two-day hangover?) but admits in his confessional that he's starting to think that he's over working for the Gentry Group. In his mind, working for JD was a way to get back to Charleston, but wasn't the end-goal for #NewCraig's comeback.


While the rest of the Charmers are off at the Charleston Cup, Kathryn and Thomas are ready for the arrival of their little bundle of joy. While Thomas admits that he's a bit trepidatious about another baby Ravenel, the former lovers finally seem to be genuinely getting along for once. They head to the hospital holding hands and six hours later, St. Julien Rembert Ravenel is born! It's a tender, touching moment for the couple, and as Thomas holds the baby for the first time, he quietly voices his hope that St. Julien won't make all the stupid mistakes he's made throughout his life. Well, here's to hoping, but it's pretty safe to say that it would take baby Julien quite a bit of effort to wrack up a rap sheet of offenses even remotely comparable to that of his dear old dad's...

What did you think of this week's episode of Southern Charm? Could the birth of St. Julien bring Kathryn and Thomas back together? Is #NewCraig turning back into Old Craig? Leave your thoughts and opinions below in the comments section!

Southern Charm Ssn 3/Ep 8 - Whit's End

Glenn Rowley


This week on Southern Charm, the confrontation in the Appalachians reaches explosive levels and threatens to leave the group of Charmers even more divided than they already are. Read on for my complete recap of all the drama...


We pick right where last week's episode ended, with the confrontation between Craig Conover and Whitney Sudler-Smith in the Appalachians. Before an ominous "To Be Continued..." flashed across the screen, the pretty boy of the group bluntly insinuated that the reason Whitney had so much vitriol towards Kathryn Calhoun Dennis was because she left him for baby daddy Thomas Ravenel. Naturally, this accusation shocks the entire room into silence and sends Whitney into a defensive rage. To Craig, the theory holds water; why else would Whitney despise Kathryn so much? However, Whitney resorts to repeatedly calling the fiery redhead a "psychopathic, insane woman" and flatly denying he was ever even remotely serious with her.


Cameran Eubanks sides with Whitney in the ensuing argument, claiming that if Craig really thinks Whitney is secretly in love with Kathryn or somehow jealous of Thomas, she doesn't know who he is anymore. As the host of the trip, Shep Rose is simply upset that this drama is unfolding at his peaceful home in the mountains, but also points out in his confessional that Whitney's outsized reaction might signal some truth to Craig's theory. As Shakespeare would say, dost thou protest too much, Whitney? Eventually, Whitney storms away from the conversation and slams the door to his room, leaving the rest of the Charmers to head to bed still reeling from the fight they just witnessed. Before the night ends, Cameran tries to halfheartedly mediate between the two warring men, but while Craig apologizes if he upset Whitney's feelings, he still stands behind his opinion. Early the next morning, Whitney and Cameran are still both upset with Craig for the previous night's explosive fight, and the pair decide to head back to Charleston before anyone other than Landon Clements is awake in an effort to avoid more drama. However, it seems the damage has already been done.


In Charleston, Kathryn's at home taking care of Kensington, oblivious to the contention going on in the Appalachians about her. As she FaceTimes Thomas, Kensie blurts out "dada" - did we just catch baby Ravenel's first word on camera? Kathryn's reaching out to her off-again baby daddy to inform him that her doctor has moved up her induction date. Since this second pregnancy has been so high-risk (she's been on modified bedrest for a couple of episodes now), it's apparently a smarter, safer decision to induce labor and have the baby a bit earlier. Though confused, Thomas seems OK with this plan, though maybe I was too distracted by how badly Kathryn's phone was shattered to notice his real reaction.


In a rare moment of descent from her throne, Whitney's mother Patricia Altschul decides to visit her son at his rock-and-roll loft. According to the queen of kaftans, Whitney's current loft looks exactly like the last two did, which is apparently what Patricia thinks ISIS prison camps look like all because there are paint stains on the floor. She asks Whitney how the trip to North Carolina went, and he throws out a couple of vague statements about how nice Shep's mountain house was, but curtly informs his mom that they won't be discussing the trip. Instead, he'd rather talk about the upcoming boys weekend he's planned at his house in LA. Whitney's invited Shep and Thomas to join him, but as far as he's concerned, Craig is no longer on the guest list. 


Speaking of the trip to LA, Kathryn's found out about Thomas's plans to run off to California with Whitney and she is obviously less than pleased. Despite repeated attempts to contact her, Thomas can't get ahold of Kathryn. He finally manages to get Kensie's nanny Dawn on the phone, who explains that Kathryn's avoiding his phone calls because she's so upset. In fact, when she got the text from Thomas telling her he'd be going to LA for a few days, she was so surprised that she dropped the phone. And now Kathryn's up and disappeared - she's not answering her phone and Dawn doesn't know where she went. Thomas thinks his erstwhile lover is being melodramatic about the trip, but Dawn points out to him that Kathryn's due date is just weeks away now, and if something were to happen while Thomas was off in Hollywood, there would be no way he could get back in time. 


Meanwhile, Craig has invited Cameran to lunch at a diner inside a pharmacy to try to put their fight in the Appalachians behind them. Over a lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and Cheetos, Craig apologizes for causing the blow-up over the weekend, and Cameran tries to explain where her opinions on the matter come from. According to the show's resident voice of reason, Whitney isn't holding a grudge against Kathryn because she chose Thomas over him - he just plain doesn't like her. Thankfully, the two manage to make up but Craig's damaged friendship with Whitney will be another story. 


The next day, Craig drops by Kathryn's house to update her on everything that went down on the weekend getaway. Kathryn is shocked to hear about Whitney's explosive reaction, and surmises that his dramatic outburst does nothing but prove that what she said was true. Pointing out that she has no reason to lie, Kathryn explains that she only told Craig because he asked her specifically - up until he put the pieces together, no one knew the extent of Whitney's whirlwind quasi-romance with Kathryn during Season 1. However, Craig explains that at this point, he's removing himself from the drama in order to maintain his relationships with both Kathryn and the rest of the group. At this point, it seems that Team Inclusive's crusade to get Kathryn back on the good side of the rest of the Charmers is pretty much dead in the water. 


Whitney arrives in LA to the news that Thomas can't come on the trip anymore; the situation is causing too much drama with Kathryn, so T-Rav would rather just sit this one out. The good news is that Whitney's model/actress girlfriend Larissa Marolt is visiting from Germany. She's apparently uber-famous across the pond, and Whitney admits in his confessional that he's incredibly insecure about their relationship. Dating a famous German model, Whitney's always wondering if Larissa will leave and never come back. The aspiring rocker even wrote her a song to try to woo her further, which happens to be titled "I Love You, I Love You So F---ing Much." As Whitney rocks out on the guitar, Larissa seems simultaneously amused and horrified at the rockabilly tune and I'm struck with the thought for the first time that Whitney might think he's the secret love child of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley.


Back in South Carolina, Shep meets Craig for lunch at his dive bar, the Palace Hotel. Craig fills Sheppy in on everything that's happened since the group got back from the mountains, but openly laments that he got himself disinvited from the upcoming trip to LA. However, Shep reveals that he's been working his peacemaker magic behind the scenes and convinced Whitney to still let Craig come on the boys trip as long as he promises to behave himself. And if he doesn't, Shep will take personal responsibility for whatever goes wrong. This should be interesting. After all we all know that the last time Shep, Craig and Whitney went away together to visit Craig's parents in Delaware, things went so perfectly well...

What did you think of this week's episode of Southern Charm? Are you on Team Craig or Team Whitney? Do you think the trip to LA will be as disastrous as the weekend in the mountains? Leave your thoughts and opinions below in the comments section!

Shahs of Sunset Ssn 5/Ep 4 - Are We Out of the Woods Yet?

Glenn Rowley


The Shahs of Sunset are going camping! In the first trip of the season, our favorite Persians come together for a retreat in the woods courtesy of GG. Little does the hostess know, however, that her friends are planning on turning the weekend excursion into an intervention about her volatile behavior. But first, we have to actually get to where the nature actually is...


Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi is still struggling with her rheumatoid arthritis and admits in her confessional that she's pushed everyone away because of how much pain she's in. However, Asa Soltan Rahmati isn't about to give up on her favorite "monkey" and arrives on her doorstep with a bowl of her famous green sauce. According to the Persian priestess, the top secret recipe's magical properties are both the glue and the healing balm for her group of friends. Any time there's trouble, Asa's green sauce can help. Lounging on the couch, GG runs an idea past Asa: she wants to take the group on her favorite kind of getaway. For GG that can only mean one thing...camping! Hopefully by getting out and communing with nature together, the Shahs can mend some strained relationships, reconnect and remember why they all loved each other in the first place.


Meanwhile, Mercedes "MJ" Javid is revamping her real estate career with a new goal to become the undisputed "Condo Queen of West Hollywood." MJ's first step is to get new regal-looking business cards, and she brings her boyfriend Tommy Feight along. MJ quickly nixes Tommy's idea to include a scepter and throne in her new brand as Condo Queen, but her New Yorker boyfriend thinks it's an obvious choice. Don't Persians think they're all royalty anyway? As they're browsing designs for business cards, MJ fills Tommy in on her screw-up during last week's Shabbat dinner. Apparently she wasn't supposed to tell anyone about Reza Farahan's plan for a surprise wedding, and now he's all kinds of ticked off at her for spilling the secret to the entire gang. Oops?


Over at Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido's house, cracks are starting to show in their "just married" sheen. Lounging around in his robe like a Persian Hugh Hefner, Mike bickers with his new wife over finances and their spending habits. While he's busy trying to launch his new shoe company, Jessica's apparently out shopping for $5000 tea sets at GEARY's Beverly Hills and racking up a $550 phone bill. From Mike's perspective, no matter how hard he works he simply can't seem to get ahead of the spending, and it's starting to cause a bit of tension in the marriage. Add that to the fact that he can't seem to put his phone down at the dinner table and it seems like the honeymoon phase might be over for this pair of newlyweds...


To help kickstart her new title as Condo Queen of Weho, MJ gets invited to co-host drag bingo night at Hamburger Mary's. (According to MJ, the only other person to have ever co-hosted with Roxy the drag queen is President Obama, so there's that.) With her mom Vida, Asa and Jessica in tow, MJ arrives in a pair of metallic pink leggings and starts calling out letters and numbers faster than you can say, well...BINGO! Asa can barely keep up with the game's rapid pace and isn't so sure she's a fan of this bingo thing. Wasn't this supposed to be a game for old people? While her daughter passes out business cards left and right to customers, Vida hilariously manages to get a false bingo, which somehow results in MJ getting spanked with a paddle in lieu of her Persian mother. 


While the girls are at bingo night, Mike and Reza meet for a bros-only dinner. In his confessional, Reza explains that having Mike back in his life means more to him than any of the viewers will ever be able to understand - it's like his long-lost brother has returned home. Over drinks, Mike laments the sad status of newlywed life to his gay bestie - Jessica's got him on a tight leash and sex isn't happening nearly as much as it used to. Apparently even blowjobs are off the table at this point. Plus, Mike reveals that he's been out clubbing with Shervin Roohparvar and his wedding ring apparently acts like a magnet to all the thirsty single girls in the club. Reza points out that it's not the best idea for a married man to be out clubbing with his single friends and asks point blank why Mike would even put himself in that situation. Hmm...this could be a serious red flag in the foreshadowing department...


To prep for the camping trip, Reza recruits Asa to join him at the local camping supply store to stock up on equipment and supplies. But here's the thing - having never been camping in their lives, the Persians have absolutely no idea what to even bring on the trip. Will they need a megaphone? Knives? A taser for when GG inevitably gets out of control? Will it be cold? Yet, despite having no knowledge of what they need, Reza and Asa still manage to spend $200 on camping stuff because, as every good Persian knows, you have to look the part. Plus, Asa manages to talk the guy at the register down to an even $200 price tag, so it's a win-win for everyone.


Meanwhile, MJ and Shervin meet for lunch in matching yellow to discuss the upcoming trip to the wilderness. MJ is nervous to go - the only time she ever went "camping" was when Reza and GG kidnapped her for last season's river rafting adventure and she has no desire to ever go again. Shervin has a more positive attitude about the trip and insists that it will be a good time for the entire group to go away together and try to reconnect. MJ argues that she's tried multiple times to reach out to GG and every time it ends in disaster, but Shervin won't let her give up on the once-close friendship. After all, MJ keeps saying that GG has been out of control for the last nine months right? According to Shervin that means that 10 months ago, she wasn't acting out like this - so let's get back to that point shall we? Goodness, how is Shervin so sexy while so full of wisdom at the same time?


Down on the beach, Asa has organized a photoshoot to put together a lookbook for Asa Kaftans. They're shooting at the golden hour, which means it's absolutely perfect lighting outside, but the sun is sinking rapidly so they don't have much time. Asa wants to get five solid looks out of the shoot that will best represent her brand to buyers and retailers, and with the help (and sometimes distraction) of her family, she manages to bang out the photoshoot in record time. Running Asa Kaftans as a family business has its unique challenges, but Asa is determined to help provide an even better life for her parents and brother after everything they sacrificed to leave Iran and come to America. 


It's time for the camping trip and GG piles the rest of the Shahs into the old Winnebago she rented for the drive down to Morro Bay State Park. No one knows what to expect on this weekend getaway and everything either packed way too much or way too little for a couple days in the woods. To pass the time on the drive, Reza decides it's a hilarious idea to douse the RV's bathroom in liquid poop and stink up the entire vehicle. Now, this road trip is already dangerous enough with GG insisting on driving the giant tin can at high speeds down the freeway, but add in a wretched smell and the RV is now swerving all over the road with the Shahs screaming and gagging inside of it. Way to put yourself and all your friends at risk of dying on the freeway all for a prank, Rez.


Thankfully, the Shahs reach their campsite in one piece and all proceed to kiss the ground upon exiting the RV. As GG marches around with her knives setting up camp, Reza proceeds to smoke the two straight guys in getting his tent set up first. However, he also points out that for some reason he, MJ and Asa are all sharing a tiny tent while Mike, Shervin and GG each have their own. Oh well, the one thing we do know is that Mike is keeping his tent as far away from GG's as possible after last year's shocking accusations about how he tried to hook up with her against her will in Turkey. Once everyone gets set up and night starts to fall, the Shahs gather around the fire pit to light their first fire. As Asa points out in her confessional, when you're with people you love and you light a fire together, something magical starts happening. The Shahs join hands around the fire as Mike says a few heartfelt words about how he hopes they all get everything they're looking for out of this weekend in the woods. Who knows, maybe this camping trip won't just help GG...maybe it will heal them all.

What did you think of this week's episode? Was Reza's RV prank hilarious or just plain dumb? How do you think GG will react to the Shahs turning her camping trip into an intervention next week? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below...