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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Ladies of London Ssn 3/Ep 4 Recap - Tantrums and Titles

Glenn Rowley


The madness at Mapperton continues on Ladies of London as Caroline Stanbury's feud with Sophie Stanbury and Adela King worsens. Plus, the Ladies voyage out on a fishing trip and gossip about Marissa Hermer starts spreading back in London. Read on for a full recap of all the posh drama...


The episode picks up right where last week's "To Be Continued..." left off, with Caroline Stanbury storming out of Mapperton in the wake of her tiff with Adela King. Ever the loyal friend, Juliet Angus is the only person to go after her, despite a few of the other Ladies urging her to stay and let the queen bee throw a tantrum on her own. (Cue Juliet accusing Adela of "slaughtering" Caroline and screaming "DO I HAVE A LEASH?" before running after her bestie.) As hostess and resident lady of the manor, Julie Montagu tries to mediate the situation and calm Caroline down, but to no avail. Accompanied by Juliet and makeup artist Luke Henderson, the queen bee goes back to her hotel in tears and calls it a night. I repeat: Caroline Stanbury is shedding tears. This Mapperton weekend has officially descended into madness.


The next morning, despite tensions remaining high, Julie forges ahead with her plan for a fishing trip off the Dorset coast with the Ladies. Caroline, however, refuses to join the group - opting instead to stay behind at the hotel and avoid any interaction with her frenemies for the day. Sophie Stanbury tries desperately to coax Caroline from her bed but at this point, all the queen bee wants is for her estranged sister-in-law to get out of her face and leave her alone. At the same time, Juliet and Adela are squaring off outside for round two, with the blogger now using words like "annihilated" to describe the Friend of the Ladies' treatment of Caroline the night before. According to Juliet, Adela's true colors are quickly being revealed and she doesn't think it's a pretty sight.


While the rest of the Ladies set sail on their fishing trip down the coast - turns out Caroline Fleming is an accomplished, natural fisherman, because of course she is - Caroline Stanbury vents her frustrations to Luke on a walk along the beach. The queen bee describes herself as "traumatized" from the weekend and feels betrayed by both Sophie and Adela - the two women in the group she expected to be the most loyal. Now she's back into a corner with only Juliet on her side and the relationships with her sister-in-law and longtime friend seem to be crumbling. From Caroline's perspective, her impending move to Dubai can't happen fast enough.


Later in the day, Caroline Stanbury deigns to grace the Ladies with her present over a fish and chips lunch but manages to butt heads once again with Sophie, who's about ready to throw the towel in on this relationship. As hostess, Julie pulls Caroline aside for a heart-to-heart and summons everything she can inside herself to connect with the queen bee. Caroline reiterates that all of Julie's rules as lady of the manor do nothing but stifle and anger her - having grown up in the strict, regimented world of estates and aristocracy, Caroline doesn't ever want to be told what to do. By anyone. She manages to leave the trip on a good note with Julie, having seemed to squash their issues (for now), but she's still completely isolated from most of the other women. 


Back in London, the Ladies return to their daily routines, which for Caroline Fleming means inviting Juliet and her friend Kim over for an in-home yoga session. However, somewhere between downward dog and headstands in the living room, the girl talk turns to gossip about Marissa Hermer. Juliet reveals that her ex-bestie turned frenemy decided to jet off to the Hamptons for her mother-in-law's birthday party, leaving baby Sadie behind mere days after being released from the hospital. Caroline Fleming is visibly aghast at this news, a reaction which Juliet naturally revels in. After the panic surrounding baby Sadie's emergency visit to the hospital, the women openly question why Marissa would choose to fly across the Atlantic and leave the baby in the care of an at-home nanny rather than stay by her side. Yet, Caroline Fleming puts her feelings about the situation the most diplomatically: "Everyone else can do whatever they want. I, personally, wouldn't have done that."


Meanwhile, the bad blood between the Stanbury sisters-in-law has begun to affect their whole family. Sophie and her estranged husband are throwing a birthday party for three-year-old Finn, but Caroline and her kids are nowhere to be found. An upset Sophie vents to Adela that she and her sister-in-law had exchanged rather heated words over text since coming home from Mapperton, but Adela can hardly believe that would be reason for Caroline to skip out on her nephew's birthday. Even her brother Alex managed to show up and he's the one getting divorced from Sophie! As the episode ends, Sophie promises Caroline's parents she'll work out whatever these issues have snowballed into, but it appears the Stanburys are more fractured than ever.

What did you think of this week's Ladies of London? Is Caroline Stanbury justified in feeling betrayed? Should her feud with Sophie be affecting the rest of the family? Let me know in the comments below!