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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Ladies of London Ssn 3/Ep 2 Recap - A Tale of Two Stanburys

Glenn Rowley


The drama continues this week on Ladies of London as Caroline Stanbury questions the loyalty of both sister-in-law Sophie Stanbury and longtime friend Adela King. Plus, a family matter makes headlines across Denmark when Caroline Fleming commits an innocent faux pas on a red carpet. Read on for a full recap of all the drama from across the Atlantic... 


One week after her emergency delivery, Marissa Hermer is still a patient at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. The good news is that baby Sadie is finally healthy and stable. The bad news is that Marissa's surgery turned out to be much more complicated than expected and doctors were forced to perform a total hysterectomy when her placenta couldn't be removed on its own. This means that Marissa won't be able to have any more children, but despite all the health risks and the emotional and physical toll, Marissa explains that she would do it all again just to have baby Sadie. 


Meanwhile, Julie Montagu is feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of running Mapperton, the 2000-acre estate that's been in her husband's family for centuries. As the next Earl and Countess of Sandwich, Julie and her husband Luke recently took over the full-time management of the estate from his parents. As a small-town girl from the Midwest, the aristocratic life she married into is completely foreign to Jules and despite a healthy dose of trademark American optimism, all of her internal anxieties are screaming "you're inadequate!" She doesn't want to be remembered in the Montagu family history books as the American who came in and royally screwed everything up. However, for all of her good ideas - like adding branded mugs and tea towels to the Mappeton gift shop - the estate's employees are resistant to any change or innovation, and it's looking to be an uphill battle for poor Lady Hinchingbrooke.


After teasing us with a peek at the plans for a palatial estate of her own in Dubai (complete with six roof terraces, a home movie theater, a Mariah Carey-sized dressing room and much, much more), Caroline Stanbury turns to Friend of the Ladies Adela King to vent about her unexpected drama with sister-in-law Sophie Stanbury. Naturally, Sophie's having a similar conversation with Marissa over rosé and it's clear that each Stanbury sister feels slighted by the other. Caroline is questioning her sister-in-law's loyalty after Sophie ended up in the middle of the Caroline's ongoing feud with Julie while Marissa points out that it seems Sophie is treated more like a minion than a family member by the queen bee. To Caroline's dismay, Adela actually sticks up for Julie's point of view, with the newbie vowing in her confessional not to let her old friend steamroll her like she has the other Ladies in the past. Obviously, this angers Caroline, who snaps that Adela should learn the facts before taking Julie's side and stop being so "pathetic." There truly is no wrath like a Caroline Stanbury scorned and it seems she and Sophie are headed for a sister-in-law showdown.


As for Caroline Fleming, she's invited Juliet Angus along on a trip to Copenhagen, where she's presenting at the Danish Elle Style Awards. It's easy to forget amidst all her endearing quirkiness that the baroness is a member of the Danish royal family and is basically as revered as Princess Diana or Oprah in her home country, but Juliet and the rest of us are quickly reminded as she is swarmed by press, fans and Danish power players alike at the event. On the step and repeat, Caroline is caught off guard by a reporter's question about her father and before thinking twice she reveals to the press that her father is suffering from a serious form of cancer. By the time she and Juliet arrive back at their hotel following the event, the news has been blasted onto headlines across the country and Caroline immediately starts preparing to do damage control with her über-private family, who won't likely be forgiving over her casual slip of the tongue. 


Back in London, Sophie drops by Caroline Stanbury's new rental house for a playdate and as soon as the children hit the jungle gym, the sisters-in-law begin airing their grievances with each other. Caroline is furious that Sophie would repeat anything she said in confidence to Julie and feels betrayed that her comment about the viscountess being "dangerous" was made public. However, Sophie refuses to let Caroline put all the blame squarely on her and rightly points out that she's already apologized more than once for letting anything slip. Again, Caroline questions her sister-in-law's loyalty, telling her point blank that she's learned she apparently can't trust her family. The argument is taken too far, though, when Caroline starts shouting about Sophie's impending divorce within earshot of the children, who still don't know that Sophie and Caroline's brother Alex are splitting up. By argument's end, each Stanbury sister is left feeling hurt and betrayed by the other and it appears this brewing family feud is far from being resolved any time soon.

What did you think of this week's Ladies of London? Could this be the end of the Stanbury sisters? Are you Team Caroline or Team Sophie? Let me know in the comments!