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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Shahs of Sunset Ssn 5/Ep 11 - Trouble in Paradise

Glenn Rowley


The adventure in Belize continues on this week's Shahs of Sunset. However, not everything is sunshine down in Central America as MJ confronts her floundering relationship with Tommy and Mike finally admits the secret he's been trying to hide all season long. Read on for a full recap of the drama...


The morning following their blowout fight at dinner, Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi goes to Shervin Roohparvar's casita to clear the air between them. Sherv maintains that he's been completely honest with GG and only came to her with the group's doubts about her rheumatoid arthritis out of concern. On the flip side, GG feels like Shervin wasn't a loyal friend for not sticking up for her at the Asa Kaftans fashion show. She was blindsided that Shervin wouldn't come straight to her if there was an issue instead of listening to the rest of the group (read: Reza Farahan) plant seeds of suspicion in his ear, and is particularly hurt because she feels so much closer to Sherv than the other Shahs. Thankfully, the pair is able to reach an agreement that in the future come to each other to talk about any issues that may arise and are able to hug it out. Woo hoo for conflict resolution!


Meanwhile, Mercedes "MJ" Javid is still stressing out that her boyfriend Tommy Feight isn't taking her phone calls, and admits to Asa Soltan Rahmati that they've been having major issues as a couple. Issues to the point that they're kind of broken up, and it all stems from the fact that MJ seems to be slowly morphing into a clone of her harshly judgmental Persian mother, Vida. The drama has left Mercedes wondering if she's meant to live alone for the rest of her life, but Tommy has a major surprise up his sleeve: no sooner has MJ opened up to Asa about their troubles does her boyfriend show up in Belize! It turns out he wasn't answering the phone because he was busy traveling halfway around the Americas to surprise MJ! Their reunion is surprisingly sweet and I think I'm officially on the Mercedes/Tommy bandwagon of love. I mean, the guy loves her more than the Mets!


Mike Shouhed is more than a little disappointed that the surprise arrival isn't his estranged wife, Jessica Parido, whom Reza actually put the entire trip together for. To take his mind off his marital woes, Mike decides to go cave tubing with Shervin, GG and her cousin Nima Nejat, but can't escape without some of the other Shahs (read: Reza, again) badgering him about the state of his marriage. When Reza confronts him with Jessica's allegation that he cheated, Mike once again denies doing anything wrong, and chalks it up to a misunderstanding over a shady text from a girl. It's not Mike's fault that girls just throw themselves at him! However, the more his friends press him, the angrier Mike gets and he eventually storms away from the conversation, leaving Reza, Asa and Shervin more confused than ever by his reaction. 


While the others are off exploring the cave tubes of Belize, Asa talks MJ and Tommy into doing a naked photoshoot in the villa's pool as part of her latest couples portrait photography project. (This is after, of course, she and Reza sneak up on the couple getting nasty in bed to the sweet sounds of Jewel.) With flowers tastefully covering their private bits, Asa directs the couple in a series of very revealing, risqué pictures, and all I know is that no one should ever dip a toe in the water of that Belizean koi pond ever, ever again.


Before Mike and the others get back from their cave tubing adventure, Reza makes it a point to call Jessica for more dirt. With Asa listening in, Jessica spills more details on the string of texts she found on Mike's iMessage that revealed he'd been cheating for quite a while. The messages were so specific that the allegations of infidelity seem undeniable - down to Mike telling some unknown girl what he wanted her to wear when they met up for a tryst. Yikes. Just gross. These are texts that a married man shouldn't be sending. With irrefutable ammunition, Reza is more motivated than ever to get the truth out of Mike. But either way, Jessica insists that she won't be getting back together with her estranged husband.


Mike is in a jovial mood when he returns from his day with GG, Shervin and Nima, but Reza wastes no time cornering him in their room to inform him about the phone call with Jessica. Even when confronted with the specific details of his cheating, Mike claims there's nothing to admit, and turns the blame on Reza for crossing a line by reaching out to his wife. The conversation gets quickly shut down, but when he catches Reza talking about it outside, Mike starts to lose it. Before anyone can say anything, Mike is storming around the resort, shouting "I'M DONE!," huffing on a cigarette and threatening to leave the trip altogether. The conversation turns to Farsi as Reza tries to get Mike to calm down, but when he's left alone, the armor Mike has worn all season finally starts to crack. 


As the rest of the group readies to head to dinner and wonders what all the yelling is about, Mike pulls Reza back into their room for another private chat. After a moment's hesitation, Mike finally comes clean, admitting to Reza that Jessica was telling the truth about the text messages and he did, in fact, cheat on her. (He also admits this in his confessional and I'm really curious to know how many times producers had to ask him the question before they got a truthful answer.) Getting emotional, Mike explains that he's trying to do anything he can to make Jessica happy and make up for his infidelity, but it seems that the damage has already been done. All season long, the guilt has been eating him up inside - particularly with Bravo's cameras in his face as he tried to put up a facade that things were fine. Reza expresses that he loves his friend and isn't turning against him. All Reza wants is for the couple to get back together and urges him to have this conversation with his wife. However, it seems that Mike coming clean may be a case of too little, too late...

What did you think of this week's Shahs? Are you relieved Mike finally came clean about his cheating? Was Reza trying to help or was he just meddling? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!