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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Shahs of Sunset Ssn 5/Ep 12 - Is It Too Late to Say I'm Sorry?

Glenn Rowley


This week on Shahs of Sunset, the gang's trip to Belize concludes with a massive blowout between GG and Reza while exploring the Mayan ruins. Plus, Mike enlists MJ's help on his quest to win his wife back and Asa sees Golnesa's RA treatments firsthand. Read on for my full recap of the drama all the way from Central America to LA...


Waking up the morning after Mike Shouhed's confession, it seems like a weight has been lifted off the entire gang. He's finally admitted to the fact that his philandering ways were the real cause behind his estrangement with wife Jessica Parido and it's time to explore Belize! If there's one thing everyone must do when vacationing in Belize, it's a visit to the Mayan ruins. First, the Shahs are in for a horse ride, yet not all of them are expert equestrians despite Reza Farahan's insistence that Persians and ponies are a perfect mix. Mercedes "MJ" Javid is particularly amusing atop her stallion, especially since she has to take off her sky-high stilettos in order to participate.


Reaching the ruins of Xunantunich, the Shahs dismount their horses to climb to the top of the ancient temple. With a stunning view of the entire valley below them, the group takes a moment to reflect on life but Reza Farahan can't help from noticing that Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi is lagging far behind everyone else. In her confessional, GG claims the reason she's struggling up the ruins is her rheumatoid arthritis, but Reza rather snidely retorts that it's really because she spent the previous night drinking and partying in the club. Tension between the two has been creeping in for weeks (ever since Reza started casting doubt on GG's RA) and it finally decides to spill over at the Mayan ruins of all places. The argument starts when Asa Soltan Rahmati asks Golnesa to pose for her latest art project, which started as a collection of photos of couples but has since expanded to include all the people around the Persian Priestess. Overhearing, Reza incredulously questions why Asa would want GG involved in a project about couples, and the conversation quickly devolves into a screaming match with Asa stuck awkwardly in the middle. Reza accuses GG of being fake and exaggerating her RA symptoms while Golnesa fires back that he should keep his unsolicited comments and opinions to himself. GG rather correctly points out that Reza is constantly making a point to nose his way into everyone else's business, but shockingly none of the other Shahs step in to break up the argument. 


On the way back to the resort, GG is fuming and decides to fill MJ in on a secret she's been keeping. Apparently, Golnesa has a friend who has a video proving that Reza's been cheating on his new husband Adam Neely (a.k.a a sex tape). However, MJ has no comment for this kind of allegation, staying silent in her confessional and pointing out that GG's simply on the attack because she's angry. Later that evening, emotions are still running high during the group's last dinner in Belize and the tension remains thick despite Golnesa pointing out how beautiful the trip has been. When Shervin Roohparvar brings up Mike's situation with Jessica, a tipsy GG blurts out that the subject is "boring" before storming away from the table in another fit of anger. Yikes. And with that, the trip to Belize ends rather abruptly without any type of resolution...


Back in LA, GG debates starting chemotherapy treatments with her parents while Mike enlists MJ to help with Operation: Win Jessica Back. Now that he's finally come clean about cheating, Mike's determined to do whatever it takes to fix things with his estranged wife and realized his friends can be there to help him. For the first step of the mission, MJ brings him to a flower shop and instructs him to order a massive flower arrangement of five dozen long-stemmed roses full of hot colors to represent his "blood, love and passion" for Jessica. The reason for the five dozen is obvious to MJ, and has something to do with the biblical meaning behind 5 x 12...or something. Apparently Jews like the number 26 and it involves the two digits reversed and it's just a lot of roses to say Mike is really sorry, OK? 


Meanwhile, Reza's ready to take another stab at his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. While his last foray onto the improv stage was a giant bust - seriously, not one person so much as cracked a smile during his disastrous debut - Reza feels like he has the right material to work with and isn't ready to give up. This time, he's only inviting Adam and his two main girls, Asa and MJ, instead of the entire crew. At first, his sophomore attempt seems to be going quickly the way of his debut as the crowd sits stone-faced while he tries mightily for a joke to land. However, the attitude of the audience shifts when he makes a crack about an Erykah Badu lookalike in the front row and the nightly is ultimately chalked up as an improvement. (Still, I'll argue that the reason Reza is having such a difficult time taking the stand-up comedy route is that he's the only person who actually thinks he's funny...)


The episode ends with Asa sitting in on GG's first chemo treatment at the hospital. While Reza can accuse her of faking all she wants, Golnesa points out that she can't exactly exaggerate the IV sticking out of her arm or her doctor's explanation on camera that she's being treated with the same drug as cancer patients, just a different dosage. It's hard for Asa and GG's family to see their beloved "Monkey" suffering through the treatment, but the doctor assures them that the side effects will be different than someone with cancer (i.e. her hair won't fall out). However, when Asa asks the doctor if GG can make any adjustments to her lifestyle to assist the treatment, he bluntly states that she should stop smoking. First of all, it's 2016 so I thought everyone knew that, but when her mom presses her on the issue, Golnesa once again gets angry. Even though she believes it will help, she's not going to stop smoking simply because she doesn't want to, and storms out of the hospital insisting she doesn't want a lecture about it right after getting chemo. Is it just me or does it seems like this RA treatment is going to be one step forward, two steps back?

What did you think of this week's Shahs? Are you Team GG or Team Reza? Now that we've seen her getting treatment, do you think GG is exaggerating about her RA? Let me know in the comments section below!