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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Southern Charm Ssn 3/Ep 14 - Reunion Part 2

Glenn Rowley


In Part 2 of the Southern Charm reunion, Kathryn and Landon go head-to-head over their hatred for each other, while Thomas must face the consequences of his tirade at the dinner party from hell. Plus, Cameran relives her past on MTV's The Real World and a pregnant Jennifer Snowden joins the couches for some much-deserved redemption. Read on for a full recap of the drama...

Kathryn Shuts Down the Haters


Part 1 of the reunion ended with Kathryn Calhoun Dennis walking off the set after Landon Clements alleged that she had failed a drug test in the wake of her custody battle with baby daddy Thomas Ravenel. However, the dramatic moment turns out to be unnecessarily short-lived (at least with editing), as Kathryn returns to her seat on the couches before we even see the title sequence of the episode. Upon her return, Andy Cohen asks Kathryn point blank if the drug test rumors are true, but she refuses to comment on anything relating to the custody of Kensington and St. Julien. Andy also gives the redhead the opportunity to clear up any other rumors and she promptly shuts down the misconception that she doesn't want to co-parent peacefully with Thomas - insisting that she simply wants what's fair for the kids' sake. Kathryn also addresses the drama from the disastrous family day at the polo fields, explaining that she was angry because certain sketchy friends of Thomas (who aren't cast members) happened to be present. 

Pregnancy Complications and Manipulation


Moving on, Andy brings up a viewer's suggestion that Kathryn faked a pregnancy complication in order to manipulate Thomas into cosigning the lease on her house, but both she and T-Rav deny such a suggestion. Landon, however, stands by her comments throughout the season that Kathryn uses the kids as pawns to get what she wants from Thomas. No matter how much heat she's taken from viewers over her "callous" attitude, Landon doesn't back down - though it's pointed out that bleeding during pregnancy isn't something to scoff at. Either way, the on-off couple agrees that they have a love-hate relationship with each other and several of the other Charmers suggest that they'll likely end up with each other years down the road.

Jennifer Snowden Redeemed


Next, recurring cast member Jennifer Snowden joins the couches. Heavily pregnant and glowing in a chartreuse and purple maxi-dress, Jennifer finally has a chance to tell her side of the story regarding her alleged affair with Thomas while Kathryn was pregnant with Kenzie. According to the mama-to-be, she and T-Rav never dated and nothing salacious was done on her part (though she refuses to confirm or deny whether she and Thomas ever slept together.) Since she never felt she did anything wrong, Jennifer had no problem befriending Kathryn, and ultimately became the fiery redhead's strongest ally among the group. Jennifer also calls Landon out for exacerbating problems between Thomas and Kathryn by purposely touching on the latter's hair triggers, and she's probably not wrong. Once again, Landon plays innocent and argues she has the right to post pictures with T-Rav on social media, but Jennifer accuses her of pouring gasoline on the fire by trying to get under Kathryn's skin. Surprisingly, Thomas's feelings about Jennifer have changed drastically since their clash at Patricia Altschul's flamingo party, and the former politician apologizes for lashing out at her. Things for Jennifer seem rather copacetic these days, and the blonde admits that it feels nice to be validated after so long that she's not really the villain Thomas tried to make her out to be. (P.S. congrats on your bundle of joy, Jennifer!)

Charleston's Dinner Party from Hell


After a quick yet unremarkable tangent into the life of Whitney Sudler-Smith, Andy brings up one of the most contentious moments of the season: Thomas's explosive dinner party, in which each and every cast member came under the orator's fire during his opening toast. First, Landon and Kathryn spar over Thomas insisting the brunette be invited to the party in the first place. Did Kathryn lock him in the room? No. Did he need to jump out the window to avoid the conversation? Also no. Talk about overdramatic. Naturally, Cameran Eubanks's husband took major issue with Thomas calling his wife "self-righteous" and "sanctimonious" during the dinner, though she's forgiven him. (And note to Craig Conover, I didn't know what sanctimonious meant either...) Landon once again denies being "catty" toward Kathryn - which Thomas accused her of - but the clips from the season pretty much speak for themselves. In hindsight, Thomas recognizes that he was out of control that night, and admits his actions during the dinner party were an example of terrible breeding. Ultimately, he retracted everything negative he had to say about the group and everyone seems to have moved on.

Landon & Thomas: Did They Or Didn't They?


Finally, the Charmers arrive at the crux of the season's major tension: did Landon and Thomas hook up on their trip to London? Did Landon really proposition T-Rav? Sparks immediately fly as last season's dramatic trip to Jekyll Island gets brought up, but Andy quickly puts a pin in the that conversation by threatening to murder himself if the Charmers go too far down the Season 2 rabbit hole. Changing the subject to their showdown at the Founder's Ball, Andy presses Kathryn on the reason she wanted to confront Landon in the finale, and the redhead bluntly accuses her nemesis of refusing to take accountability for sleeping with Thomas. According to Kathryn, Thomas took Landon on the trip to London he had planned with her for Valentine's Day, and she alleges to know the truth behind what happened regardless of Thomas and Landon's protestations otherwise.


Several of the other Charmers surmise that the pair sleeping together wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility, and Andy points out Landon's friend Robyn giving the final word in the finale that they did indeed sleep together. However, Landon continues to deny anything ever happened, drunk pineapple selfie on Instagram notwithstanding...With Kathryn not knowing who to trust and both Thomas and Landon firmly insisting nothing happened, we may never know the truth about their alleged hookup, at least until Season 4 rolls around.

Final Thoughts


Andy closes out the reunion by asking the Charmers for their final thoughts on the season. Cameran reveals that Kathryn and Whitney shockingly made peace during the break, even going as far as hugging it out and agreeing they don't need to hate each other anymore. Though Landon remains annoyed that her integrity is continually called into question, the rest of the Charmers agree that their time on the couches has been mostly cathartic and that progress towards some type of peace has finally been made. Shep Rose ends the reunion with a toast to Charleston, and to his fellow cast mates all being good people in his book. And just like that, the best season yet of Southern Charm comes to a relatively happy end.

What did you think of the final reunion installment? Did Thomas and Landon really sleep together in London? Should the Charmers forgive T-Rav for the dinner party from hell? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!