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Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Shahs of Sunset Ssn 5/Ep 8 - Six Persians Walk into a Bar

Glenn Rowley


After two weeks away, our favorite Persians are finally back for some post-wedding bliss! This week on Shahs of Sunset, a newly married Reza goes after his next big dream, while Mike and MJ's continual sparring over his relationship problems starts to show cracks in her relationship with Tommy. Read on for my full recap of the drama...


Still in Palm Springs, the Shahs are all coming down from the emotional high of Reza Farahan and Adam Neely's surprise wedding. As the two grooms ride off into the night in the back of a limo painted with "Just Married" and a rainbow flag on the back, their friends can't help but get into an argument as they get ready to leave. Once again, it starts when a tipsy Mercedes "MJ" Javid gets on Mike Shouhed's case for being on his phone. She thinks he needs to be present in the moment with the rest of the group, but the reality is that he's talking to Jessica Parido, his estranged wife. Mike doesn't take kindly to MJ's badgering and tries to diffuse the tension by taking a separate car back to the house, but when MJ's boyfriend Tommy Feight takes his side in the argument, she starts spiraling. Packed in the back seat of an SUV with Tommy and Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, MJ tries to open the door and exit a moving vehicle. Emotions are still running high when everyone gets back to the house - MJ and Tommy are at odds, Mike's barricaded himself in his room and GG is left trying to play peacemaker. However, at this point the smartest thing to do is simply call it a night. Worst wedding afterparty ever?


Early the next morning, MJ and Mike are still avoiding each other when the newlyweds arrive for what's supposed to be a celebratory post-wedding brunch. Reza even got a catered omelet bar! However, as soon as everyone sits down for brunch, Reza addresses the elephant at the table about why MJ got so heatedly aggressive the night before. She argues that she got frustrated when Mike started burying himself in his technology, but the real root of the issue here is that she's mad he's not being open about his marital issues. In MJ's opinion, Mike should be forthcoming about what's really going on in his marriage, but he shoots back that he'll share it when he wants to talk. Again, the conversation escalates as MJ gets up from the table and starts screaming that she's allowed to speak her mind. Mike has no interest in hearing it though, so she can go speak her mind somewhere else. Tommy jumps in to defend Mike and tries to calm his girlfriend down, but his efforts merely add more gasoline to the already blazing fire. As Mike points out in his confessional, MJ seems to be morphing into a younger version of her aggressive mother Vida more and more as the weekend goes on. 


Reza hits the pause button on the fight and shepherds all of his friends into the house to keep the issue from boiling over in front of the other guests. MJ's argument remains that she can't be close to Mike if he doesn't let her know what's going on in his life, while Mike feels like he's been picked on ever since the retirement party for Asa Soltan Rahmati's mom a couple of episodes back. Rightfully, Mike is still upset that MJ rather loudly and repeatedly spouted out that his wife had left him in front of everyone. Thanks to a reality check from Tommy that this weekend was supposed to be about Reza and Adam, Mike and MJ are eventually able to talk things out to reach a fragile detente and hug it out before everyone heads home to Tehrangeles.


Now that Reza's huge risk in throwing a surprise wedding has paid off, he's ready to go after some more dreams. Specifically, Reza wants to become a stand-up comedian. Apparently this has been a secret wish of his for a long time now, so Asa arranges for him to meet her friend Luenell, a professional comedian to get a few tips. The first thing Luenell points out is that in order to be a successful stand-up comedian, more people than just you and your friends have to think you're funny. Your jokes have to land. That being said, Reza is confident that he's hilarious and is ready to give this stand-up thing a shot with Luenell offering to be his mentor and advocate in the world of professional comedy.


At the same time, MJ and Tommy are out on the town for a date night, but their romantic dinner isn't exactly going according to plan. Tension is still thick between the couple, with MJ starting to question their relationship. The lovebirds are starting to drive each other a little cuckoo and MJ particularly doesn't appreciate Tommy's habit of constantly making things a joke. Mercedes takes her opinions seriously, OK? However, I was more interested in the fact that Tommy has gotten his very own confessional, in which he explains that if he made a list of everything MJ did that bothered him, their relationship would be over faster than you can say "Vida told you so." When Tommy points out that MJ doesn't seem to understand how crazy she is, it's clear that these two seem to be headed for a rocky road. However, they agree to go to therapy in an attempt to work on their issues.


Meanwhile, Mike meets Shervin Roohparvar for dinner and boy am I glad to see my Alpha Sherv back in the mix. I missed that sexy face of his in last week's episode. As I stare at his handsome self, Shervin brings up an article he read online that said over half of recent divorce filings contain the word "Facebook" somewhere in their reasoning for breaking up. This naturally turns the conversation to Mike's preoccupation with social media that MJ spent the entire weekend complaining about in Palm Springs. (But seriously, why wasn't Shervin invited to the wedding?) However, Mike has some big news: he's deactivated all of his social media accounts - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, you name it. Apparently, his social media habits were part of what was causing problems between him and Jessica, down to the pictures of other girls he was looking at and double tapping. Now that he doesn't exist in the world of social media, will their relationship start getting any better?


After sending out invitations to the rest of the crew courtesy of a little person lookalike armed with a bottle of silly string, Reza's ready for his first open mic night at the iconic Hollywood Improv Club. Of course, all of his friends come out to support his big night. Mike even has a couple of special surprises for the evening: first, he shows up rocking a "Reza is My Homeboy" shirt from his True Gold apparel line and second, he brings Jessica! Well, maybe it was more of convincing her to show up than it was actually bringing her, but hey his wife is in the building. This gig is supposed to gauge Reza future as a stand-up comedian, but if the open mic night is any indication, his future isn't looking so bright. While he has the support of his friends cheering him on in the front row, the majority of Reza's jokes fall entirely flat and awkward silence permeates the room. At most, he gets a few forced, uncomfortable laughs from the audience. Ouch, Rez. Better luck next time, I suppose.


After the improv night, the gang is still ready to celebrate Reza for putting himself out there, and it's nice to see the whole group laughing and joking over champagne and hot wings. At first, Jessica seems uncomfortable being around Mike's friends again, but everyone seems genuinely happy to have her there. Before you know it, she's laughing along with the rest of the gang and being flashed by GG's new pair of boobs. Eventually, she also warms up to Mike, even agreeing to pose in a couples' photo series that Asa is putting together as her next project. When the group leaves the improv night to hit a club, Mike and Jessica actually seem to be getting to a better (if still complicated) place. As the rest of the Shahs go into the busy nightclub, the newlyweds are left kissing out in the street before running off hand-in-hand back to the car...Maybe things are better after all?

What did you think of this week's Shahs? Is Reza destined for a career as a stand-up comedian? Are you Team Mike or Team MJ? And we're all Team Tommy, right? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!