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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Southern Charm Season 3 Finale - Founder's Brawl

Glenn Rowley


It's time for the Southern Charm season finale, and after the chaos of last week there are more than a few questions that need answering. However, the drama is far from over as the second annual Founder's Ball sets the stage for a major confrontation between Kathryn and Landon over Thomas. Read on for my full breakdown of all the drama from Charleston...


The finale picks up right where last week left off in the aftermath of Thomas Ravenel's dinner party turned verbal assault on his cast mates. As the rest of the Charmers ride off on a golf cart into the night, T-Rav storms around his estate like the Mad King in his castle after driving away his last remaining friends and advisors. Converging at Landon Clements's house, the other Charmers are still in shock by Thomas's vitriolic outburst.  While the guys wonder if Thomas has finally lost it, the show's resident voice of reason Cameran Eubanks sees the dinner party as a planned attack. Either way, the damage has been done. There just might no longer be any kingdom for Thomas to lord over.


The next morning, Craig Conover meets with his boss JD Madison at the Gentry headquarters, but both are still reeling from the events of the dinner party from hell. T-Rav has already started making the apology rounds via phone, but Craig has more pressing issues to discuss than Thomas's meltdown. #NewCraig has reached a professional crossroads with a major decision to make. While working for JD was a good way to get back to Charleston, overseeing construction of the Gentry Group's new hotel isn't his career ambition. He wants to get back to his original goal of practicing law, and informs JD that he needs to take time to study for the bar exam. As such, Craig will be putting his time with the Gentry Group in the rearview mirror, but at least this season he's leaving on good terms.


Meanwhile, Cameran has a follow-up appointment with her therapist to rehash her fears and insecurities surrounding having a baby. This time, she's come to the appointment with a list of pros and cons she put together with her husband Jason about what life would be like with or without a child. Once again, it becomes clear that the couple has entirely different perspectives on what starting a family will do to their life, but ultimately Cam's therapist is able to help her understand that she's acting out of fear by refusing to have a baby. It's not that she flat-out doesn't ever want to have kids, it's that she's approaching the idea with anxiety because she's a child of divorce. Breakthrough! 


At The Commodore, the latest addition to his fledgling dive bar empire, Shep Rose invites Landon to have a rather personal heart-to-heart. The topic at hand? Her surprising love confession for a couple episodes back. Shep's been doing quite a bit of thinking since his old friend's admission of unrequited love and has come to some major conclusions. As gently as he possibly can, Shep tells Landon that she deserves more from a guy than he's willing to give to a relationship - it's the old "it's not you, it's me" excuse. Landon, however, tells Shep she doesn't want him to wake up at 50 and have a Thomas-like midlife crisis where he haphazardly tries to start a makeshift family with the first young girl who catches his eye. While the idea of Landon and Shep getting a happily ever after may work on paper, the reality is that Shep simply doesn't feel the same way Landon does, and nothing she can do or say is bound to change that reality.


While Craig informs his girlfriend Naomie Olindo about his decision to quit his job and pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer, JD and Whitney Sudler-Smith hold an impromptu intervention for Thomas at Sermet's. Following his outburst at the dinner party, Thomas is feeling great, and completely justified in putting the rest of the Charmers on blast. His real excuse is that he was standing up for Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, who's been excluded by the group at pretty much every turn throughout the season, but JD warily reminds T-Rav that he doesn't want to find himself alone in that big empty house because he set fire to every single bridge in his life. If anyone can talk some sense into Thomas, it's these two and by the end of the meal, they seem to have set him back on the path toward attempting to make up with all this friends. 


It's time for everyone in Charleston to start prepping for the second annual Founder's Day Ball. Sitting down with Thomas, Kathryn's revved up. In no uncertain terms, Kathryn explains to Thomas that she's reached the conclusion that - for the sake of their renewed relationship - he can no longer be associated with Landon. Kathryn still has plenty of questions about the pictures Landon posted all over social media with Thomas while the couple was off, and she's mentally steeling herself for an inevitable confrontation with her nemesis at the Founder's Ball. Landon, meanwhile, has enlisted the help of Patricia Altschul as her real-life fairy godmother to get ready for the ball. The queen of Charleston high society has decided to take the younger woman under her wing and still has hopes that she can help Landon catch Shep's eye in a new light. For the special occasion, she loans Landon a gorgeous Dior dress and a bright purple fur coat. After teaching the brunette how to properly sit in a real fur coat, Patricia sends her off to the ball dripping in diamonds. 


The annual Founder's Ball, organized by recurring cast member K. Cooper Ray, is meant to bring together the creme de la creme of Charleston society to celebrate the city's beginnings, and amid the parade of gowns and champagne, the Charmers warily eye each other from all corners of the ballroom. Landon came alone to the grand affair, but is visibly devastated to see that Shep brought a date, her friend Robyn. Ouch. It's definitely not going to happen, Landon. As Thomas and Kathryn make their grand entrance together, with the latter ravishing in a bright red gown with matching cape, an icy chill seems to descend upon the room of partygoers. While Kathryn takes a seat with the likes of allies Jennifer Snowden and Danni Baird, Thomas begins to work the room. However, when Landon sidles up to say hello, Kathryn inevitably sees red and everyone can sense the impending explosion as the fiery redhead's face goes dark and she makes a beeline for the pair. 


First, Kathryn pulls Landon out into the foyer for a private conversation, but the discussion quickly goes nowhere. Despite Landon's protestations to the contrary, Kathryn refuses to believe that nothing went on between the brunette and Thomas when they mysteriously went to London together before the season started filming. Eventually, Thomas also gets dragged into the fight and sides with Landon in telling Kathryn that nothing has ever happened between them, but she vehemently claims to know otherwise. In Kathryn's eyes, Landon is nothing more than a social climber who set her sights on Thomas as the successful and prestigious man about town who would help her get a proper foot in the door of Charleston high society. 


As the two women verbally brawl, Craig and Shep step in to make a valiant, but ultimately pointless, effort to mediate. Draped in furs, jewels and gowns, the ladies come face to face one last time outside the party and barbs are thrown as Kathryn demands that Landon fess up to what she did with Thomas. However, Landon continues to deny that she's done anything wrong, to which Kathryn replies that her rival must be crazy to think she's blameless. Ten minutes later, the arguing is still going on - this time between Kathryn and Thomas - while Shep's date wonders aloud if Landon will just come clean that she slept with Thomas. What?? And then, all of a sudden, the screen cuts to black and the finale ends on the kind of tense cliffhanger that literally had me screaming at the television. What happened next?? Guess we'll have to wait until the sure-to-be epic reunion to hopefully get some answers...

What did you think of the Southern Charm finale? Did Thomas go off the deep end? Did Shep do the right thing in turning Landon down for the sake of their friendship? Do you believe Kathryn's right that Landon slept with Thomas? Leave your thoughts and opinions below in the comments!