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Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Shahs of Sunset Ssn 5/Ep 10 - Belize It Or Not

Glenn Rowley


The Shahs are taking over Belize! On this week's Shahs of Sunset, Reza concocts a plan for the group to go on vacation to Central America together in the hopes of healing Mike and Jessica's broken relationship, but drama erupts between GG and Shervin instead over accusations that Golnesa is exaggerating her rheumatoid arthritis. Read on for a full recap of all the drama in the Belizean jungle...


In the late hours following the Asa Kaftans fashion show, most of the Shahs gather at Shervin Roohparvar's gorgeous condo in LA for the unofficial afterparty. With so much drama going on within the group - particularly between Mike Shouhed and his estranged wife Jessica Parido - Reza Farahan has an idea: it's time to get away and go on a trip. He wants to get as far away from real life as possible and really disconnect, and the group eventually settles on the Central American country of Belize as the perfect vacation destination. Now they just have to get everyone on board. With the trip's location settled, Shervin pulls Mercedes "MJ" Javid aside for a serious chat about the status of her relationship with boyfriend Tommy Feight. At this point, Tommy has moved out and he and MJ are basically broken up, but she hasn't told any of her friends this tidbit of information. Shervin tries to check in with how MJ feels about the relationship and reminds her that there are always two sides to every story, and Mercedes admits that despite his "Neanderthal" side, maybe she was too hard on Tommy. Sherv surmises that MJ is self-sabotaging out of fear because the relationship is so serious, but MJ insists that's not what she's doing at all.


The next evening, Reza meets with Jessica for dinner under the pretense of asking her to come to Belize. Mike's not down with the idea that Reza could be meddling in his already-fractured relationship, but the mustachioed queen bee assures his friend that he's just trying to extend the vacation invitation to her. However, when Jessica arrives and Reza lets her know about the upcoming trip, she hesitantly drops the bombshell that she doesn't think she's going back to Mike. Reza is floored to hear this and when he asks why not, she finally caves and reveals that Mike cheated on her. It's the secret she's been keeping to protect her estranged husband, but the betrayal was bound to come out eventually. Jessica opens up about her marital issues with Mike and Reza promises that, for now, he'll keep the conversation solely between them. And somewhat surprisingly, he keeps his word, telling Mike on the phone as he leaves the restaurant that his conversation with Jessica was light and bright, and that she said she'd think about coming to Belize with the rest of the gang.


The doubt surrounding Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi's rheumatoid arthritis continues to grow. Following a trip to a doctor's appointment with her, MJ is questioning GG more than ever. Apparently, GG's story about needing chemotherapy to treat her RA was grossly exaggerated - the rheumatologist only suggested one treatment that had active chemotherapy ingredients, and the day GG claimed she was supposed to start chemo she merely got blood drawn for more tests. As MJ fills Reza in on this new development, neither of the Shahs are quite sure what to think about what's actually going on with GG and her illness. 


Soon enough, it's time to head to Belize and when the Shahs gather at Mike's house to head to the airport, GG is nowhere to be found. Apparently, she had an aggressive phone conversation off-camera with Shervin about all the gossip being talked behind her back, and Golnesa has decided to take a separate flight from the group. So, with MJ meeting them in Belize, Asa Soltan Rahmati and the boys head off to the airport and are on their way. Belize here we come! However, the trip to Central America is anything but simple. After landing in Belize City, the Shahs charter a small plane to fly them to San Ignacio, where they'll be staying. And when I say, small I mean "able to tap the pilot on the shoulder" small. Such cramped quarters aren't the most comforting travel accommodations for poor Reza, who spends most of the flight hilariously hyperventilating and holding onto the seat belt straps for dear life. 


Once they arrive at the resort where they'll be staying though, it's clear that the Shahs' stay in Belize is going to be quite a luxurious one. With multiple villas and constant service on hand, the resort certainly wasn't what I was thinking when I pictured a trip to Central America in my head. While Mike and Reza strip down and jump in the villa's pool (which might actually just be a fish-free koi pond), MJ starts leaving the first of many voicemails on Tommy's phone. It's not the best sign that all of her calls to her boyfriend are going straight to the answering machine, but Mercedes optimistically chalks it up to the spotty service she's getting in the jungle. 


All eyes are on Golnesa when she arrives later with her cousin Nima Nejat in tow, and makes the rounds of greeting her friends-turned-questioners. In her confessional, GG remarks about how weird it is that out of everyone in the group, she's currently closest to Mike. My, how much can change in a year's time. One thing that hasn't changed is GG's fearlessness regarding confrontation, though, and she decides it's the perfect time to confront Reza about the gossip he's been spreading behind her back. Reluctantly getting out of the pool and throwing on a robe, Reza sits down with GG in Shervin's bungalow away from the rest of the group and owns up to the fact that he's been casting doubt on her rheumatoid arthritis - though he's also quick to point the blame at MJ and Shervin too. Whether she's completely faking or just exaggerating her illness, Reza doesn't know but he senses something shady about the entire situation. To be questioned by her friend is both heartbreaking and enraging to GG. She informs Reza that her test results came in and she does indeed have to start chemotherapy to treat her RA, and invites him to come with her to the treatment just to prove herself. But will this really nip the issue in the bud before it spirals any further out of control?


For their first night in Belize, the Shahs head for what's supposed to be a nice, calm, sit-down dinner at their resort. However, things quickly head south when MJ suggests they go around the table and confess something to the group. GG's cousin Nima starts by confessing that he feels like he enables her when it comes to her RA, and Golnesa shuts down the conversation right then and there. No bones about it, GG informs the table that if one more person starts talking about her RA, things are going to get ugly. The way she sees it, everyone is turning against her and her back is against a wall. Shervin pipes in, and his comment sparks a screaming match with GG, who feels betrayed that Sherv let the other Shahs (read: Reza) get in his ear and plant doubt about her disease. However, Shervin's still angry at how Golnesa went off on him over the phone following the fashion show and then called back with a hurried, seemingly half-hearted apology. As voices raise and tensions boil over amidst a slew of "no YOU shut the f--- up's," Shervin pounds the table and GG gets in his face as they both fly out of their chairs. Then, as quickly as it started the situation is diffused as Reza and Mike end the dinner by heading for bed. Could this be the end of GG and Shervin's once-close brother/sister relationship? It sure looks that way...

What did you think of this week's Shahs of Sunset? Is GG exaggerating her RA? Should Reza be held accountable for gossiping about it? Is Golnesa's friendship with Shervin irreparable after that blow-up? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!