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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Southern Charm Ssn 3/Ep 8 - Whit's End

Glenn Rowley


This week on Southern Charm, the confrontation in the Appalachians reaches explosive levels and threatens to leave the group of Charmers even more divided than they already are. Read on for my complete recap of all the drama...


We pick right where last week's episode ended, with the confrontation between Craig Conover and Whitney Sudler-Smith in the Appalachians. Before an ominous "To Be Continued..." flashed across the screen, the pretty boy of the group bluntly insinuated that the reason Whitney had so much vitriol towards Kathryn Calhoun Dennis was because she left him for baby daddy Thomas Ravenel. Naturally, this accusation shocks the entire room into silence and sends Whitney into a defensive rage. To Craig, the theory holds water; why else would Whitney despise Kathryn so much? However, Whitney resorts to repeatedly calling the fiery redhead a "psychopathic, insane woman" and flatly denying he was ever even remotely serious with her.


Cameran Eubanks sides with Whitney in the ensuing argument, claiming that if Craig really thinks Whitney is secretly in love with Kathryn or somehow jealous of Thomas, she doesn't know who he is anymore. As the host of the trip, Shep Rose is simply upset that this drama is unfolding at his peaceful home in the mountains, but also points out in his confessional that Whitney's outsized reaction might signal some truth to Craig's theory. As Shakespeare would say, dost thou protest too much, Whitney? Eventually, Whitney storms away from the conversation and slams the door to his room, leaving the rest of the Charmers to head to bed still reeling from the fight they just witnessed. Before the night ends, Cameran tries to halfheartedly mediate between the two warring men, but while Craig apologizes if he upset Whitney's feelings, he still stands behind his opinion. Early the next morning, Whitney and Cameran are still both upset with Craig for the previous night's explosive fight, and the pair decide to head back to Charleston before anyone other than Landon Clements is awake in an effort to avoid more drama. However, it seems the damage has already been done.


In Charleston, Kathryn's at home taking care of Kensington, oblivious to the contention going on in the Appalachians about her. As she FaceTimes Thomas, Kensie blurts out "dada" - did we just catch baby Ravenel's first word on camera? Kathryn's reaching out to her off-again baby daddy to inform him that her doctor has moved up her induction date. Since this second pregnancy has been so high-risk (she's been on modified bedrest for a couple of episodes now), it's apparently a smarter, safer decision to induce labor and have the baby a bit earlier. Though confused, Thomas seems OK with this plan, though maybe I was too distracted by how badly Kathryn's phone was shattered to notice his real reaction.


In a rare moment of descent from her throne, Whitney's mother Patricia Altschul decides to visit her son at his rock-and-roll loft. According to the queen of kaftans, Whitney's current loft looks exactly like the last two did, which is apparently what Patricia thinks ISIS prison camps look like all because there are paint stains on the floor. She asks Whitney how the trip to North Carolina went, and he throws out a couple of vague statements about how nice Shep's mountain house was, but curtly informs his mom that they won't be discussing the trip. Instead, he'd rather talk about the upcoming boys weekend he's planned at his house in LA. Whitney's invited Shep and Thomas to join him, but as far as he's concerned, Craig is no longer on the guest list. 


Speaking of the trip to LA, Kathryn's found out about Thomas's plans to run off to California with Whitney and she is obviously less than pleased. Despite repeated attempts to contact her, Thomas can't get ahold of Kathryn. He finally manages to get Kensie's nanny Dawn on the phone, who explains that Kathryn's avoiding his phone calls because she's so upset. In fact, when she got the text from Thomas telling her he'd be going to LA for a few days, she was so surprised that she dropped the phone. And now Kathryn's up and disappeared - she's not answering her phone and Dawn doesn't know where she went. Thomas thinks his erstwhile lover is being melodramatic about the trip, but Dawn points out to him that Kathryn's due date is just weeks away now, and if something were to happen while Thomas was off in Hollywood, there would be no way he could get back in time. 


Meanwhile, Craig has invited Cameran to lunch at a diner inside a pharmacy to try to put their fight in the Appalachians behind them. Over a lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and Cheetos, Craig apologizes for causing the blow-up over the weekend, and Cameran tries to explain where her opinions on the matter come from. According to the show's resident voice of reason, Whitney isn't holding a grudge against Kathryn because she chose Thomas over him - he just plain doesn't like her. Thankfully, the two manage to make up but Craig's damaged friendship with Whitney will be another story. 


The next day, Craig drops by Kathryn's house to update her on everything that went down on the weekend getaway. Kathryn is shocked to hear about Whitney's explosive reaction, and surmises that his dramatic outburst does nothing but prove that what she said was true. Pointing out that she has no reason to lie, Kathryn explains that she only told Craig because he asked her specifically - up until he put the pieces together, no one knew the extent of Whitney's whirlwind quasi-romance with Kathryn during Season 1. However, Craig explains that at this point, he's removing himself from the drama in order to maintain his relationships with both Kathryn and the rest of the group. At this point, it seems that Team Inclusive's crusade to get Kathryn back on the good side of the rest of the Charmers is pretty much dead in the water. 


Whitney arrives in LA to the news that Thomas can't come on the trip anymore; the situation is causing too much drama with Kathryn, so T-Rav would rather just sit this one out. The good news is that Whitney's model/actress girlfriend Larissa Marolt is visiting from Germany. She's apparently uber-famous across the pond, and Whitney admits in his confessional that he's incredibly insecure about their relationship. Dating a famous German model, Whitney's always wondering if Larissa will leave and never come back. The aspiring rocker even wrote her a song to try to woo her further, which happens to be titled "I Love You, I Love You So F---ing Much." As Whitney rocks out on the guitar, Larissa seems simultaneously amused and horrified at the rockabilly tune and I'm struck with the thought for the first time that Whitney might think he's the secret love child of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley.


Back in South Carolina, Shep meets Craig for lunch at his dive bar, the Palace Hotel. Craig fills Sheppy in on everything that's happened since the group got back from the mountains, but openly laments that he got himself disinvited from the upcoming trip to LA. However, Shep reveals that he's been working his peacemaker magic behind the scenes and convinced Whitney to still let Craig come on the boys trip as long as he promises to behave himself. And if he doesn't, Shep will take personal responsibility for whatever goes wrong. This should be interesting. After all we all know that the last time Shep, Craig and Whitney went away together to visit Craig's parents in Delaware, things went so perfectly well...

What did you think of this week's episode of Southern Charm? Are you on Team Craig or Team Whitney? Do you think the trip to LA will be as disastrous as the weekend in the mountains? Leave your thoughts and opinions below in the comments section!