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Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Shahs of Sunset Ssn 5/Ep 7 - Surprise! You're Married

Glenn Rowley


This week on Shahs of Sunset, Reza's surprise wedding is finally here! However, as our favorite group of Persians head to Palm Springs for the nuptials, Mike's marriage continues to crumble. Plus, will Adam even say yes as he's thrown into walking down the aisle? Read on to find out in my complete recap of this week's romantic episode...


After last week's "cat-astrophy," Mike Shouhed's marriage to Jessica Parido seems to be in shambles. Mike's still alone at home since Jessica is still living with her parents, so Reza Farahan stops by with a bag of groceries to check on his friend. Mike laments that he's screwed up big time in his relationship, and confides in Reza that he's been disrespectful, condescending and rude to his wife. Having Jessica move out has possibly given Mike the wake-up call he needed to realize that there's more to being a husband than just paying the bills and being a provider. As Reza so bluntly tells his friend "you suck at being a husband." If Mike wants to get Jessica back, he's going to need to do some major changing, but for now Reza's mostly concerned with everything being fine in time for his surprise wedding in Palms Springs. So Mike pretty much just needs to think happy thoughts and put a smile on for Reza's big day, OK?


In stark contrast to her fellow Shah's misery, Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi seems to be doing better than ever. The quasi-intervention her friends held during the camping trip did wonders for changing GG's perspective, and now she's all about positive thinking and enjoying life - rheumatoid arthritis or not. As she and her cousin Nima hit up a trampoline park (owned by Jim and Alexis Bellino perhaps?) dressed in monkey onesies, GG explains in her confessional that she's finally feeling back to her real, fun-loving self. And I don't know about you, but it makes me genuinely happy to see Golnesa in such a better headspace than the one in which she started the season. Now we just have to hope that this new/old GG will last...


Meanwhile, Reza is working out some last minute details for the surprise wedding - namely taking a trip to the local Persian tailor for the suit he'll wear for the ceremony. With the help of Asa Soltan Rahmati and Mercedes "MJ" Javid, the groom-to-be picks out a grey and pink aesthetic for himself, but scoffs when MJ asks whether his fiancé Adam Neely will be in a coordinated outfit. Reza's response is essentially this: "Of course he won't. Duh, MJ, it's a surprise wedding." Mercedes points out once again in her confessional that she doesn't think this whole surprise is exactly the best idea, and I agree with her. Mostly because I know how upset I would be if my boyfriend sprung a surprise wedding on me without any of my input, involvement or knowledge. However, at this point Reza is fully committed to the idea and ready to head to Palm Springs under the guise of throwing a housewarming party. The big elephant in the room, though, is whether or not Adam will actually say "yes" when it comes time for the vows.


While Reza and Asa hit the road for Palm Springs (with a convenient trip to In-N-Out, of course), Mike meets a closed-off Jessica for drinks. Immediately, the couple starts diving into their problems, and while Mike appears contrite and apologetic, Jessica isn't buying it. Basically reiterating what Reza said earlier, she pointedly explains that Mike's priorities are out of line, and accuses him of only caring about money and work. Mike counters that when they first started dating, Jessica loved his ambition, but she confirms Reza's earlier advice that being a provider isn't the only role of a husband in a marriage. Mike attempts to apologize, admitting that he's spoken to his wife rudely and been selfish, but Jessica demands to know if that's all he's done to be sorry for. it just me or is something deeper going on here that Mike doesn't seem to want to acknowledge on camera? Ultimately, the conversation between the estranged newlyweds does virtually nothing to fix their problems, and Jessica eventually leaves the restaurant by taking an Uber (solo) back to her parents' house.


The Shahs arrive in at Reza and Adam's house in Palm Springs ready for a weekend of fun, but little does Adam know just how big of a surprise he's in for. Before Mike gets there, the conversation naturally turns to what's going on between him and Jessica, with Asa specifically pointing out how awkward he might feel being around so many couples and so much love. GG has a rather unique approach to the situation: unless Mike reaches out, she's not involving herself in his marriage problems because it's none of her business. Adam opines that Jessica was an overly-eager bride when it came to marrying Mike, and compares his hesitation to get married to the now-estranged wife. Naturally, this prompts the Shahs to look around nervously at each other. Just one day before the wedding he doesn't know is happening, Adam is insinuating that he's not wanting to rush down the aisle. Is he going to say yes? However, when Mike does show up to the house, an even more important question dawns on me. Where is Shervin Roohparvar?? He was literally missing for the entire episode. Was he not invited to the wedding? Sherv, if you're reading this, just know I very much missed you and your muscles over the course of this hour. Bring back Alphasherv!


As the party moves to the vacation house Reza rented for his friends to stay in, MJ decides to announce to the group that her boyfriend Tommy Feight has moved in with her. Oh, and that they had a sperm analysis done to ascertain his level of fertility should she want to get pregnant any time soon. This poolside announcement doesn't quite get the reaction MJ was hoping for, as a sullen Mike points out that she hasn't been dating Tommy long enough to talk about having kids, and warns her to not date a man if he's missing any of the basic characteristics she's looking for. MJ shoots back that Mike's just being pessimistic because his own relationship is in shambles and that he basically needs to stop raining on her parade of love. Seeing that the tense conversation is only going to escalate further if he continues to engage, Mike excuses himself to go to bed and successfully puts a pin in the simmering drama. 


The next morning, the Shahs wake up and realize the day of the wedding has arrived! Unbeknownst to Adam, Asa and MJ tag along with Reza on a trip to a Palm Springs estate sale, where the soon-to-be groom talks the shopkeeper into selling him a fancy gold ring for his equally soon-to-be husband. Under the guise that they're going to be taking pictures, Reza talks Adam into wearing a pink suit and all the Shahs converge on the private dining room at the venue Reza booked last week. However, things get off to a bit of a rocky start as MJ immediately begins badgering Mike to get off his phone at the table, and Mike fires back that he could destroy her with the metaphorical Uzi worth of dirt he has on her. Thankfully, Tommy steps in to jokingly tell his girlfriend to leave Mike alone, and Reza calms the situation down so that once again, everything can go back to being about him for a minute. 


Finally, it's time for Reza to seize the moment, and he nervously stands to deliver a little poem he wrote in honor of Adam. Once he finishes reading the poem, out comes Asa's gold turban as she rises to officiate the ceremony. Before Adam even knows what's going on, the Persian priestess is asking him to stand and going through Reza's vows. As Reza says "I do," it finally dawn on Adam what is happening and he's stunned into a paralysis as Asa turns to recite the same vows to him. When she asks if Adam takes Reza to be his husband, the poor bearded white boy has no idea what to say, and asks Asa if they can speak in private for just a second. However, Reza points out that there's no time for that, and Asa explains that the answer to her question is either "you do or you don't." Taking one more moment to look like a deer in headlights, Adam finally blurts out an excited "YES!" and the two grooms are officially married as the room erupts into excitement and applause. Adam is still visibly shocked at the surprise wedding his now-husband managed to engineer, but Reza is just relieved that he actually said yes. Saying their goodbyes to the group, the new husbands ride off in the back of a limo with "Just Married" painted on the windows, ready to take on the world as an officially married couple.

What did you think of this week's episode of Shahs? Would you be happy with a surprise wedding? Did you think Adam would say yes? Did you miss Shervin as much as I did in this episode? And how fabulous was Asa's gold turban? Leave your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below!