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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Tour Group Travelogue: Ep 4 - One Wedding and a Bat Erection

Glenn Rowley


Love is in the air on this week's Tour Group! As the travelers hit the Maldives for some fun in the sun, Jeff and Jetta decide to renew their vows in an intimate beachside ceremony, while Jared finally chooses between twins Jenna and Misty. Read on for the full travelogue of the episode...


The travelers are ready to say goodbye to Africa and head for the Maldives, even as residual drama continues to linger between Heather Marianna and Amy Grice. In fact, the tension is so thick that Heather refuses to sit anywhere near her former BFF on the plane ride out of Kenya, opting instead to relegate herself to the very back seat with replacement bestie Michelle Harvey by her side. After a grueling 30 hours of travel, the group finally touches down on Villingili Island in the Maldives ready for some serious rest and relaxation in the island chain's crystal blue waters. While Jetta Bates Vasilatos has a serious Beyoncé moment with the ocean at her back, we learn that the Maldives is one of the lowest-lying countries on Earth, and is in danger of disappearing completely in the next few years due to climate change and rising tides. 


The tour guides specifically planned this stop in the Maldives as a sort of resting point between the intensity of Africa and their future destinations, and the travelers waste no time changing into their swimsuits for some relaxing fun in the sun. Of course, drama and chatter are always close to the surface, and several members of the group manage to corner Jared Levy to ask about the status of his love triangle with twins Misty and Jenna Kingma. When pressed by his cast mates to choose one sister over the other, Jared reveals that he's more drawn to Misty, having realized during the detour to Rwanda that his connection with Jenna is nothing more than a friendship. Could this mean that the much-hyped love triangle is already resolved after just four episodes?


First up on the itinerary for the Maldives is scuba diving, yet once again Heather and Michelle opt out of participating. (This time, though, it's for an obvious reason: Heather can't swim.) While guides Brandon Presser and Sandhurst Miggins train the rest of the group on how to use the scuba equipment, Michelle opens up to Heather about the end of her marriage, revealing that a number of girlfriends she once considered family essentially jumped ship and cozied up to her ex-husband to get their hands on his money. Yikes. It's a revealing moment that explains some of Michelle's feelings and behavior, but I'm simultaneously finding myself laughing at the other travelers learning to scuba dive in a swimming pool.


Feeling adequately prepared following their tutorial in the pool, the guides take all the travelers (minus Michelle and Heather) to the ocean for a real scuba diving adventure. The activity actually becomes a big moment for Amy, who at first is overwhelmed by the prospect of being underwater with an oxygen tank and dangerous sea creatures like sharks. However, with the encouragement of Sandhurst, Amy manages to overcome her anxieties and ends up loving the experience along with the rest of the group. While scuba diving, the travelers are able to get up close and personal with all kinds of coral and fish, finally understanding the song from The Little Mermaid that there's an entirely different world deep under the sea...


After scuba diving, Jeff Vasilatos finds himself caught up in the romance of the islands as he and Jetta take a walk on the beach. Seizing the moment, Jeff rather spontaneously gets down on one knee and proposes to Jetta that they renew their vows while they're in the Maldives. At the same time, twins Jenna and Misty are discussing their love triangle with Jared while they relax in the pool. Misty admits to her sister that her crush on the playboy from New York City is getting real, and Jenna basically agrees to bow out of the unspoken competition and gives Misty permission to flirt and date to her heart's content. It turns out to be a nice moment between the twins, and gives us some hope that they can continue to rebuild their relationship after years of living on opposite coasts.


Later, while Jared finally works up the courage to stop by Misty's cabana to ask her on a proper date for that night, tour guide Rachel Grant goes for a walk around Villingili Island. On her excursion, the former Bond Girl manages to "climb" Mount Villingili Summit, the world's smallest mountain and the highest point in the Maldives at a staggering altitude of 16.7 feet. She also a particularly lustful flying fox, who hilariously gets a giant erection while staring at her as he hangs on a nearby tree. Thankfully, Rachel's able to get the entire encounter with the flying fox on camera, otherwise none of us would have ever learned just how gigantic a bat's erection can get...


In an effort to help her participate in more activities for the remainder of the trip, Sandhurst offers to give Heather a basic swimming lesson in the pool. However, the guide also has an ulterior motive to get the beauty entrepreneur to start working through her issues with Amy. Between putting her face in the water and teaching her not to hold her nose, Sandhurst asks Heather about her childhood, and she explains that she's had to rely on herself for her entire life. Having no relationship with her parents, Heather was raised by her grandmother and she claims that the most important people in her life are her friends, who are really her adopted family. Sensing an opening, Sandhurst asks point blank what is going on between her and Amy, and Heather emotionally explains that she doesn't actually know why her former bestie is acting so strange. Opening up more about her past, Heather says in her confessional that she refuses to use her upbringing as an excuse to fail. Instead, she approaches life with the mentality to get up, do her best every day and push through the problems that get thrown her way. As for her issues with Amy, Heather insists that the responsibility lies with her friend-turned-foe to get things figured out and decide whether their relationship is worth continuing.


That evening, Jared picks Misty up for their date while the rest of the travelers eat dinner together. Jared has thrown together a private table complete with a bottle of wine and romantic lighting, and Misty opens up about the difficulty of dating in LA and the complicated dynamic that exists between her and Jenna. Seeing as Jared's developed a friendship with her sister, Misty tells him she wants to keep whatever's going on strictly between them and wouldn't want him going to Jenna to talk about their developing relationship. Of course, the pair's absence is noticed at dinner by the other travelers, and Jay Ward accidentally lets it slip that they're on a date. Oops, so much for keeping it a secret...Jared and Misty end the night by sneaking back to Jared's room for some food and more wine, and end up sharing a romantic kiss (and maybe more) in bed.


The next morning, Misty fills a supportive Jenna in on everything that happened during the date with Jared. Jenna explains in her confessional that this type of girl talk is new territory for the twins - in the past Misty has always kept quiet about her sex life. Jenna also explains what exactly is going on with her now ex-boyfriend back home. When the group arrived at their first stop in Morocco, Jenna found a note from her boyfriend in her luggage basically breaking up with her, but he's since taken back what he wrote and wants to stay together. Misty points out the obvious fact that her sister deserves to be with someone better than a boyfriend who would waffle back and forth about staying together, but it seems that for now, Jenna's love life is somewhat up in the air.


The travelers' final day in the Maldives is also the afternoon of Jeff and Jetta's vow renewal. As Michelle (who happens to be a barber and male grooming expert) helps Jeff get ready, she gets all the details on the couple's love story. Jeff and Jetta have been married for 16 years and following his life-threatening scooter accident last year, Jeff is particularly focused on making every moment with his wife count for the next 16 years and beyond. The travelers gather on the beach to witness the intimate ceremony, which is officiated by a freshly-ordained Sandhurst and features a procession of traditional Maldivian musicians before Jetta walks down the aisle in a gorgeous red, authentic Maldivian gown with a matching headpiece. In a sweet moment, the couple renew their vows to each other, promising to continue building their love story and growing a life together. Then Sandhurst pronounces that Jeff and Jetta can kiss, and it's time to party! 


Following the ceremony on the beach, the travelers are treated to a celebratory feast put together by the resort in honor of Jeff and Jetta. During the meal, Jared catches Misty texting a friend back home about their budding relationship, and the texts reveal that the couple definitely did more than kiss on that date! As toasts are given, Sandhurst stands to reveal the group's next destination upon leaving the Maldives. The next morning, they'll be headed to...drumroll please... Sri Lanka! The travelers seem mostly excited about this prospect, even if some of them don't know quite where Sri Lanka is on a map (hint: it's just south of India). The evening ends with a fun moment where all the travelers are gathered in a tight-knit circle, dancing the night away as a united group of friends on the adventure of a lifetime.

Next week, Sri Lanka! What did you think of this week's episode of Tour Group? Are the Maldives officially on your bucket list as a honeymoon destination? Are you surprised Jared chose Misty over Jenna? Do you think their relationship will last? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!