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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Southern Charm Ssn 3/Ep 7 - Blue Ridge Mountain Blues

Glenn Rowley


This week on Southern Charm, the gang heads to Shep Rose's mountain home in the Appalachian Mountains, but accusations fly as the truth comes out about invite-gate and Craig Conover unearths the root of all the bad blood between Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and the rest of the group. Read on for my full breakdown of all the drama from the mountain getaway...


The day after last week's bourbon tasting, Craig meets Shep for brunch. Over a bowl of peanuts and a super-manly fruit plate, Craig vents to his buddy over the reality check JD Madison gave him about his inability to lead the Gentry Bourbon division. Shep commiserates with Craig about his feelings, but is also quick to point out that Craig doesn't have any experience in the bourbon industry and should really be focused on preparing to take the bar exam anyway. To cheer Craig up, Shep fills him in on the group's upcoming trip to Shep's family's house in the Appalachian Mountains. Of course, Craig's first question is which of the other Charmers are on guest list - and more specifically if Kathryn is invited. Shep tells him that a few other people in the group are more than a little resistant to Kathryn being on the trip, (even going as far as to say they wouldn't come if she did), but Craig reminds Shep that they're supposed to be the ones on Team Inclusive when it comes to the redhead. Eventually, Shep caves and calls Kathryn to extend an invitation, but she explains that while she appreciates finally being included, her doctor has put her on modified bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy and she can't go anywhere. In the end, everything works out: Kathryn gets invited but it won't cause any problems with the rest of the group. As Shep says in his confessional, thank you karmic universe...


Meanwhile, Cameran Eubanks is meeting for the first time with a therapist to confront her fear of having children. Having been married for a couple of years now, Cam's husband Jason is increasingly ready to start a family, but she's not feeling particularly maternal. Cameran opens up to her therapist that she fears having a child would disrupt and change her life - and the thing is, she really likes her life right now. The therapist prods Cam about her childhood, and the show's resident voice of reason explains that, growing up, her mom wasn't the traditional Southern woman who stayed at home and followed the rigidly traditional expectations of society in the South. The therapist also surmises that Cam's more effected by her parents' divorce when she was a kid, but the Charmer insists in her confessional that she's way past any childhood angst over her parents splitting up. Hmm...


Back from her trip to New York City, Landon Clements pays a visit to her sister Bam's house to tell her all about the pitch meeting at Vox Media. The media conglomerate's editorial director will be visiting Charleston soon, so Landon only has a few weeks to get the website prototype for her online travel magazine put together for him. Somehow, the brunette manages to turn the conversation to Kathryn, throwing some serious shade at her nemesis by snidely insinuating that the only kind of work the redhead knows how to do is on her back. Yikes...didn't Landon just say one second ago that she tries not to look down on anyone?


Speaking of Kathryn, Craig drops by her house under the guise of wanting to visit, but is really there to do some digging. For the past few episodes, Craig's been determined to get to the bottom of why certain members of the group (ahem, looking at you Whitney Sudler-Smith) have such harshly negative feelings towards Kathryn and the pretty boy is finally putting on his detective's hat to get some real answers. Now, get ready because we are about to go deep into the show's history. Kathryn explains that way back in Season 1, she slept with baby daddy Thomas Ravenel once before striking up a relationship with Whitney a week later. While it was only alluded to at the time by a few comments from Whitney's mom Patricia Altschul and evidence of the redhead's clothes around his room, Kathryn tells Craig that her relationship with Whitney went a lot deeper than either of them let on at the time. In fact, it got to the point where she was staying over at Whitney's house, in his room, and spending time with both Patricia and their Season 1 houseguest Robert. Then, Kathryn went to cast member Jenna King's pool party with Whitney specifically in an attempt to make Thomas jealous, but actually ended up leaving the party with her future baby daddy rather than his best friend. The next day, she got a text from Whitney saying all of her stuff was outside his house and to come pick it up. Finally knowing all the backstory, Craig feels confident he's finally cracked the code on why Whitney and Patricia seem to have so much animosity towards Kathryn and have branded her with the scarlet letter of Charleston.


Sans Kathryn, the rest of the Charmers are ready to hit the Appalachians and, in classic fashion, Sheppy has rented a party bus to get them there. Thomas even got the OK from Kathryn to go up for one day as long as he doesn't stay overnight (because of Landon's presence on the trip.) The crew's first stop is in Asheville, North Carolina, where Shep hopes to help his friends get all of their "urban desires" out of their systems before heading to the mountains. After doing a pub crawl of all the best bars and haunts Asheville has to offer, the Charmers end up at some sort of nightclub where Thomas gets tipsy and starts hitting on girls left and right. While I'm slightly weirded out by the disgraced former politician's seeming fetish over tattoos and piercings, the girl who threatens to cut him with a pocketknife when he comes on a little too strongly is officially my hero. Watch out Thomas, these Asheville girls clearly know how to withstand your charms...


The next morning, the rest of the group continues on to Shep's house in Linville, NC while Thomas heads back home to Charleston - but not before informing Shep that he caught Landon in a blatant lie about inviting Kathryn to Shep's birthday party a couple of episodes back. It turns out that, despite her previous insistence to the contrary, Landon didn't actually send Kathryn an invitation to the party and purposely chose to exclude her despite Shep's wishes to have everyone in the group there. A blindsided Shep doesn't know what to think of Landon's lie, but it looks like she has some serious explaining to do about this whole invite-gate fiasco...


Upon arriving in Linville, the Charmers are positively blown away by the magnificence of Shep's mountain home. In fact, it's much more like a mansion than a regular house. In her confessional, Cameran points out that she's never even heard Shep talk about Linville in all the years she's known him, but to her recollection it's at least the fourth property his family owns. Leave it to Sheppy to keep quiet about just how much wealth he comes from. While the rest of the group relaxes and naps before dinner, JD ropes Craig into an awkward conversation about work outside. Craig reiterates how disappointed he is that things didn't work out the way he was expecting with Gentry Bourbon, but JD is quick to remind him that just because things didn't happen right away doesn't mean they won't ever. However, JD also asks Craig to plant the seed in recurring cast member Danni Baird's head sometime on the trip that she should join the team at Gentry Bourbon. JD's already offered her a position as VP of the bourbon division, but Danni's concerned about how Craig would feel if she came on board and essentially took the job he wanted. Needless to say, this was not a conversation Craig wanted to have on vacation.


Back in Charleston, recurring cast member Jennifer Snowden pays a visit to a very pregnant Kathryn to catch up. Have we seen Jennifer at all since her altercation with Thomas at the flamingo party? Off the top of my head I don't quite recall. Jennifer is taken aback when Kathryn tells her she gave Thomas the OK to go to North Carolina with the rest of the cast, especially considering that Landon was there, but she's even more surprised that things seem to be fairly copacetic between the erstwhile lovers. Yes, Jennifer has every right to think that Thomas is a complete jerk based on his past behavior, but Kathryn admits that he's actually been helping her quite a bit. He even came over to put the crib together for the new baby! However, even though the tumultuous former couple are getting along at the moment, I wouldn't place any bets on the idea that they've turned some sort of permanent corner and by the look on Jennifer's face, she wouldn't either.


As Craig cooks dinner for the gang, Shep decides to pull Landon aside to confront her about the invitation mess. He fills her in on everything Thomas told him at the hotel, and while at first Landon continues to insist she invited everyone, she eventually cops to the fact that she never invited Kathryn. In his confessional, Shep points out that Landon does have a catty side that seems to be coming out in regards to Kathryn and it's not the best look on his long-time friend. (Interestingly, when I said something about this in my live-tweet of the episode, I got blocked by Landon on Twitter. She's officially become number two on the list of people who've blocked me on social media after Faye Resnick. Oops.) It's clear that Landon doesn't exactly feel bad for excluding Kathryn from the birthday party, but apologizes to Shep after she's caught in a lie.


The conversation is interrupted when dinner is served, and all the Charmers gather around the table for a hearty-looking steaks prepared by Craig. After Whitney throws a tantrum over how Craig cooked the meat, conversation turns to why Thomas had to leave after just one day. Craig points out that while it would've been nice to have T-Rav there, it simply would've stressed Kathryn out too much. JD pipes in that Kathryn seems to have it out for Landon, but Craig thinks Thomas made the right decision by going back to Charleston. When the rest of the group starts questioning why Thomas is so concerned that something could happen to the unborn baby, Whitney starts bashing Kathryn - even going as far as calling her a "lying, psychopathic, insane woman." Upon hearing this insult, Craig throws out that Whitney's just mad because Kathryn started sleeping with his best friend a week after staying with him, which promptly shocks the entire table into silence and wipes the smile right off of Whitney's face. With Whitney's mouth agape, the episode ends with an abrupt "To be continued..." and it looks like we'll have to wait until next week to see the rest of the confrontation.

What did you think of this week's episode of Southern Charm? Now that we know the backstory, does it make sense that Whitney has it out for Kathryn? Do you think he really had feelings for her? Leave your thoughts and opinions below in the comments section!