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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Shahs of Sunset Ssn 5/Ep 6 - A Cat-astrophic Night

Glenn Rowley


The claws come out on this week's Shahs of Sunset as the issue's in Mike's marriage are revealed during a cat-themed retirement party for Asa's mom. Plus, MJ takes her relationship to the next level and Reza's plan for a surprise wedding is full steam ahead. Read on for my full recap of everything that went down...


Now that the group's camping trip is over, Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi is back to fighting her battle with rheumatoid arthritis, and invites Reza Farahan to a spa day. GG explains in her confessional that at this point, she's willing to try pretty much anything to relieve her pain. So, if sitting in a spa in a room made of salt brick is supposed to help, she'll do it. As the pair de-robe for a soak in a salt bath, GG reveals that her RA has gotten progressed to the point that her doctor wants her to do chemotherapy to treat it. Reza is astounded by this news. He and the rest of the Shahs had no idea GG's disease had gotten so bad, and he explains that the situation has officially reached a "no man left behind" level of commitment to their friend. Maybe now he'll stop talking so condescendingly about her in his confessionals?


Over at Mercedes Javid's, the Condo Queen of Weho's palace has a new court jester. That's right, her boyfriend Tommy Feight has moved in and the pair of lovebirds are officially living together. As MJ anxiously tries to figure out where to put all of Tommy's things, he informs her that he got a call from the doctor saying the results of his sperm analysis have arrived. Naturally, MJ drops everything and calls the doctor back right then and there. While I question why exactly the doc was allowed to give her the results over the phone rather than, you know, the actual patient, he explains that Tommy's sperm count was extremely low in the sample. Tommy sheepishly admits that this is probably due to the fact that he rubbed one out just the day before, and MJ forces him to make another appointment - except this time he has to stay completely celibate for at least two to five days beforehand.


Meanwhile, Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido's marriage has hit the rocks. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Shahs, Jessica has moved out and the couple is in therapy together to try to save their marriage. Mike explains to the therapist that Jessica is not happy and claims he's trying to be patient and understanding with her. From Mike's perspective, he's worked hard over the last four years to be the provider and breadwinner in their relationship. However, Jessica admits that she's lost herself over the course of their relationship - her identity got swallowed up in trying to prove that she was good enough to become Mike's wife. Now, they've only been married for about six months and the cracks behind the newlywed facade have started to appear. 


While Shervin Roohparvar's mom comes to town for dinner with him and GG, Reza takes Asa Soltan Rahmati on a trip to Palm Springs to plan his surprise wedding to Adam Neely. Even though Asa points out that Adam isn't great in spontaneous situations and could get overwhelmed by having a wedding dropped on him suddenly, she's supportive of Reza's plan and helps him choose a venue for the group dinner and all the other details for the surprise. As the pair plan out the weekend's itinerary, it dawns on Reza that he doesn't actually know whether or not Adam will say "I do" when the time comes. Even though his bearded boyfriend hates surprises and may not like the timing, Reza is convinced that Adam wants to marry him so everything has to work out. Right?


Next, Shervin goes on a date with a sexy, blonde Australian named Annalise. It's the first proper date the Persian dreamboat's been on since his last failed relationship, and it quickly becomes clear that his charming game is more than a little rusty. Over the course of the meal, he repeatedly pokes fun at Annalise's accent and how she pronounces simple words like "no." At first the teasing comes across and charming and cute, but eventually it grates on the Aussie's nerves and she sarcastically points out that Shervin must not go on very many dates. Burn. Shervin realizes the hole he's dug for himself is nearly impossible to get out of and this date is rapidly circling the drain. Better luck next time, Alpha Sherv...


Good news! Tommy's second round of test results came back with more than enough swimmers to get MJ pregnant, so now she has the unenviable task of filling in her mom Vida. Ever the doting Persian mother, Vida comes over to MJ's to teach her daughter how to make her favorite khoresh karafs, otherwise known as celery stew. As her mom cooks the celery and onions, MJ casually mentions that Tommy will probably want some, but Vida promptly ignores the comment and pretends not to know who MJ's boyfriend even is. MJ calls this classic "Perisan Parent Denial Syndrome" and refuses to let her mom brush Tommy's existence under the rug, telling Vida that Tommy moved in. Vida is baffled by this news and can't believe MJ didn't consult her before making such a big (obviously wrong) decision. Vida doesn't waste a second telling MJ that Tommy is clearly not a match for her and "everyone can see it," but at this point it's clear Tommy is here to stay and Vida and "everyone" else will just have to get used to it.


To celebrate her mom Zinat's retirement, Asa is throwing a cat-themed party for her favorite cat lady/sorceress. All of the Shahs show up in their best kitty cat outfits and immediately put Ashley Darby's birthday party from last season's RHOP to complete and utter shame. Bonus points to Adam for rocking a suit made of head-to-toe cheetah print. Reza comes to the party with an agenda though, and asks Zinat for an impromptu Turkish coffee grounds reading. He wants to know whether Adam will say yes during next week's surprise wedding, but the coffee grounds don't give a specific answer. They do hold a specific warning for Reza though, and Zinat explains that there's a woman close to him who's out to ruin his secret plans. Hmm...MJ perhaps?


Mike arrives at the party conspicuously without Jessica on his arm, and claims she just happens to be out of town. However, a tipsy MJ demands to know what's really going on with the couple and Mike eventually caves, admitting that they're having serious issues and Jessica has decided to stay with her parents for a time. Inebriated, MJ takes this admission as news that Mike and Jessica are separated and immediately starts spreading it to anyone within earshot. As she repeatedly tells GG and Asa "his wife left him" over and over like a parrot on a broken record, Mike loses his temper and shouts for her to shut up from across the party. Somewhat inexplicably, MJ claims in her confessional that the couple's crumbling marriage leaves her feeling lied to and "used" by their love story. This assertion makes no sense to me whatsoever, particularly considering that MJ didn't even go to Mike and Jessica's wedding. Thankfully, before the conversation can get any worse, MJ removes herself from the situation and hails a cab home for the night. Sadly though, this dustup seems to be just the tip of the iceberg that is bound to sink Mike and Jessica's relationship for good...

What did you think of tonight's episode? Would you go out on another date with Shervin? Do you think MJ caused unnecessary drama for Mike at the cat party? Leave your thoughts and opinions below in the comments!