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Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Shahs of Sunset Ssn 5/Ep 5 - Back to Nurture

Glenn Rowley


This week on Shahs of Sunset, the group's camping trip continues with more pranks, a challenging bonding activity and the intervention we've all been bracing ourselves for. Read on to find out how GG took being confronted by her friends...


It's night one of the camping trip, and the Shahs are settling in for the night. Once their tents are set up and the fire is lit, conversation between within the Persians takes a serious turn as Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi addresses Mike Shouhed. As the rest of the group holds its collective breath, GG shocks them by telling Mike she wants to start their long friendship over with a clean slate following last season's epic falling out. GG points out that her anger towards Mike stems from a multitude of issues - particularly the way he talks down to her. For his part, Mike apologizes and accepts blame for creating the rift with GG. All he wants to do is let go of the toxicity and move forward. To Reza Farahan, this peace treaty is a good sign about the state of mind GG is in on the trip. Maybe she won't react negatively to the intervention her friends have planned after all.


With the first heart-to-heart behind them, Reza is ready to add some fun and chaos to the trip again. And this time his prank goes above and beyond. He calls Mike and Shervin Roohparvar over to the RV and shows them what he "found" in Mercedes "MJ" Javid's purse: a positive pregnancy test, info and directions to an abortion clinic in Mexico and roughly $25 worth of pesos. Of course, Reza planted all of this in his BFF's purse, but manages to persuade Shervin that MJ is pregnant and talks the newest Shah into confronting her over putting the health of her nonexistent baby at risk by drinking. MJ quickly puts two and two together that Reza set her up, but Shervin's the one who ends up as the real butt of the joke. Welcome to the world of Reza's pranks, Sherv. 


Later in the evening, MJ calls a family meeting around the fire while Mike steps away to take a tense phone call with his wife, Jessica Parido. However, the family meeting MJ had in mind quickly gets derailed by a drunk Golnesa. GG wants to talk about the rift between her and MJ, but in her intoxicated state she's unable to do much more than angrily mumble about the pair's issues and get emotional. As GG gets more and more agitated, Asa Soltan Rahmati tries to mediate the situation, but her efforts merely irritate GG even further. Tearing up, GG drunkenly tells Asa to get away from her and throws out that the inflammation caused by her rheumatoid arthritis has "reached [her] heart." I'm not sure if that's actually possible or if Golnesa was being metaphorical due to her inebriation, but it's clear that we've reached the limit on deep conversation for the evening. When GG gets drunk, it's time to go to bed.


The next morning, Asa has a bonding experience planned for the group by taking them to a team-building ropes course. The Persian priestess particularly wants GG to participate and prove to herself that she can overcome the physical limitations of her RA. Suiting up in harnesses and helmets, the Shahs work together to conquer the levels of the obstacle course, which vary in degrees of difficulty. Despite the challenges of using her inflamed hands, GG manages to successfully complete the first level before calling it quits and cheering her friends on from the ground. Ultimately, Mike, Reza and Shervin are all able to make it to the end of the most difficult level, which only 10% of people even attempt in the first place. The ropes course activity ends with a nice moment between the Shahs as they each go down a massive zip line and feel bonded through their teamwork. However, I'm too distracted by how great Shervin's arms look in the tank top he's wearing to think too much about how heartwarming it is that the friends can successfully work together.


Back at the campsite, it's time for the Shahs to start the intervention for an unwitting GG. However, tensions are already running high since Reza made a comment about GG's drinking on the way back from the ropes course and she got into a bit of a tiff with MJ over dinner at a local diner. GG's dressed in a pair of Hello Kitty pajamas as her friends gather around her at the fire and start bringing up her erratic and aggressive behavior as of late. GG admits that she's pushed everyone away and isolated herself because of how much physical pain she's in, and laments that none of the other Shahs can really understand what it's like to live a day in a body with rheumatoid arthritis. Shervin in particular has gone above and beyond for this intervention by having GG's family members write letters to her about how much she's changed. However, when he pulls a letter from GG's father out and tries to read it aloud, she bolts from the scene, saying she doesn't want to hear what her dad has to say. 


Sherv and Asa both run after GG and eventually manage to convince her to come back to the fire and hear out the letter. Shervin promises that her dad's words will make her happy, and if they don't, GG can punch him in the balls. As Shervin reads the message from Golnesa's dad, she breaks down in tears. However, as promised, the letter is full of hope and optimism, with her dad pleading for her to let people back in and come back from the camping trip happier and more like the old GG. Ultimately, GG realizes how her behavior has affected the many relationships in her life and vows to get things back on track with both her family and the other Shahs. Who knew an intervention in front of Bravo's cameras could ever go so (relatively) well? As the Shahs pack up and prepare to head back to Tehrangeles, I have to say this camping trip was for all intents and purposes a pretty indisputable success.

What did you think of this week's episode? Will GG really change for good? Could you have completed the ropes course? Leave you thoughts in the comments below!