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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Southern Charm Ssn 3/Ep 4 - Birds of a Feather...

Glenn Rowley


Just when we thought we'd seen every type of party there possibly was, Southern Charm gave us a party dedicated entirely to flamingos courtesy of Patricia Altschul, queen of Charleston's high society. And what a dramatic (and pink) flamingo party it was...


After last week's disastrous family day outing at the Aiken Polo Fields, Thomas Ravenel has some thinking to do about his situation with Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and drops by recurring cast member JD Madison's house for some advice. Following Kathryn storming off at the polo game and taking baby Kensington with her, Thomas decided to strike back by refusing to co-sign the lease on her new house. However, this led to yet another (off-camera) blowout between the erstwhile lovers that apparently triggered Kathryn to start bleeding and sent her to the emergency room. Now their unborn baby is at risk to arrive prematurely and Thomas is willing to do anything Kathryn wants to alleviate the stress and keep her happy - including signing the lease. JD hits the pause button on Thomas' train of thought and warns him not to be manipulated into letting Kathryn get her way just because she's suddenly in the hospital. What if it's a bluff? Bluff or not, Thomas's main priority is the health of the baby and if that means helping his baby mama get a house, then so be it.


In happier news, Shep Rose pays a visit to the Gentry Hospitality Group headquarters downtown to be there when Craig Conover submits his application to finally take the bar exam. After graduating from law school at the start of Season 3, Craig's career as a prospective attorney got derailed by his irresponsible partying, but #NewCraig is ready to get through this last hurdle and pass the bar. The only question left to answer is whether he should submit his passport picture using a glue stick or a piece of velcro...Once everything is in the manila envelope, the two leave to take it to the post office, or as Craig calls it the "mailing center." Next thing we know, Craig will be able to bail Sheppy out of jail...As long as he's not sitting in the cell next to his partner-in-crime!


Cameran Eubanks is also downtown and meeting her girlfriends Danni and Leva for lunch. When Leva opts out of a midday cocktail because she and her husband are trying for a baby, the girls' conversation turns naturally to pregnancy. More importantly: when exactly is Cameran going to board the baby train? Out of all the Charmers, Cam has always been the show's resident voice of reason and tries to explain to her friends that she doesn't feel emotionally ready for motherhood. Yes, her life may look picture perfect on the outside - what with the doting husband, successful real estate career and supportive families, but she's actually actively trying every month not to get pregnant. Cameran chalks her hesitation up to her problems with depression and anxiety, and she wants to make sure that her indecision over having a child isn't a choice that's being rooted in fear. 


Meanwhile, Landon Clements picks up Craig for a quick midday trip to the spa. Man, I think I need to get a job in Charleston if I can go for pedicures and lunch with my friends in the middle of the work day. As they're on their way, Craig gets a call from Jennifer Snowden to let him know that Kathryn had been checked into the hospital. Landon rolls her eyes at Jennifer's dramatic interpretation of events, saying in her confessional that people go to the hospital every day so everyone should just calm down. It's not like Kathryn was going to die or anything. Craig, on the other hand, is much more concerned by the news, particularly when Jennifer mentions that Thomas didn't even show up at the hospital. Clearly Kathryn isn't getting the kind of support she needs from Thomas, or the rest of the Charmers, and Craig feels a responsibility to look out for her. 


Patricia's flamingo party is upon us and all the Charmers (minus the non-invited Kathryn) don their very best pink ensembles for the affair. Craig continues his streak of rocking pink this season with his Gatsby-esque look while Cameran arrives wearing an actual stuffed flamingo on her head. Oh hey, Whitney Sudler-Smith, forgot you were on the show for a second. Landon and Thomas show up together, adding fuel to the rumor that they've been secretly hooking up, while Shep and his much younger date proceed to strip down to their underwear and jump in the pool filled with tiny inflated flamingos. There are towers flowing with rosé and a tarot card reader and everything has been meticulously photographed for the pages of Queen Patricia's upcoming book on Southern entertaining. Everything seems to be going along swimmingly, but it wouldn't be a proper Charleston party without its fair share of drama, which starts when Craig innocuously asks Thomas about not going to the hospital to visit Kathryn. Astonished, T-Rav flatly denies this allegation, claiming he went straight to the emergency room when he got the call and stayed for two hours. Uh oh...Thomas officially has a bone to pick with his former mistress Jennifer Snowden.


Trouble is also brewing for the hostess, who gets unexpectedly pulled aside by Charleston's resident dapper dan and recurring cast member K. Cooper Ray. The pair used to be, to borrow the immortal words of Caroline Manzo, "thick as thieves," but Cooper's been hearing that Patricia is upset with him over his budding friendship with Kathryn. Patricia claims Cooper is entitled to fraternize with anyone he chooses and insists it didn't bother her, but her confessional tells a different story. Calling her former bestie a "poor man's Truman Capote," the kaftan queen explains that his association with Kathryn is quite unbecoming and is choosing to keep her distance. For his part, Cooper claims in his own interview that Patricia feels threatened by Kathryn because she sees a version of herself in the redhead, back when she was in her 20s and could turn the head of every powerful man in Charleston. It looks like the cracks in this once-close friendship are only going to get deeper the more Cooper gets involved with the Scarlet Letter in Patricia's life.


Fashionably late, Jennifer Snowden arrives to the party in a pair of flamingo antlers, unaware of Thomas's brewing rage toward her. No sooner does she have a drink in her hand than Thomas makes a beeline for his former mistress. Pulling her away from the party, the disgraced politician demands to know why she told Craig he didn't visit Kathryn in the hospital when he clearly was there. Jennifer is confused, and insists Craig must have misunderstood her because she merely told him Thomas didn't stay the night. Thomas angrily blames Jennifer for constantly riling Kathryn up against him, but the recurring cast member sternly points out that if Thomas wants to blame someone for putting Kathryn's health at risk, he should look in the mirror.


The argument continues to escalate with both Thomas and Jennifer insisting that they're both just looking out for what's in Kathryn's best interests. Jennifer goes for the jugular by throwing out that it would be better for Kathryn if the father of her kids had been anyone other than Thomas and he furiously storms away after trying one last time to pin all the problems on his adversary. After making a scene, Jennifer retreats to Patricia's porch to call Kathryn, but as she's explaining the argument Whitney and Thomas admonish Patricia to eject Kathryn's "spy" from the party. As the rest of the Charmers look on in stunned silence, Jennifer exits the flamingo party with Thomas's still-burning rage in her wake.