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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Shahs of Sunset Ssn 5/Ep 3 - Oy Vey, MJ!

Glenn Rowley


This week on Shahs of Sunset, our favorite Persians make up, break bread and celebrate the Jewish Shabbat together. But the religious event is not without some drama, as secrets are spilled and gossip is spread about cake-throwing, drinking problems and surprise weddings...


After agreeing to get together to hash out their issues in the season premiere, we finally get the sit-down we've been waiting for between Mike Shouhed and Reza Farahan at, of all places, a private cigar club. In his confessional, Reza explains that he's going into the meeting wanting to fix things with his old friend, but also wants to see that Mike has changed from who he became last season. Immediately, Mike takes ownership of how his behavior last year contributed to his estrangement from the group, but also points out that it was difficult to be himself when he had to be on the defensive all the time. However, both men agree that the root of all their issues stems from their decision in Season 3 to go into business together. Never mix business with friendship, people! Moving forward, Mike is committed to stepping up and doing more than just charming his way through life, and that includes his friendships with the Shahs. Mike finally apologizes to Reza and the boys are officially back together! No more missing important life moments. And that starts with Mike inviting the rest of the gang over to his and Jessica's house for a long overdue Shabbat dinner.


The day has finally come for Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi to get the stitches from her rheumatoid arthritis surgery removed from her hand, and she's brought Shervin Roohparvar along f0r moral support. Getting the stitches out is a painful (and graphic) process involving a scalpel and lots of screaming and swearing from GG. According to poor Golnesa, the procedure feels like her vagina is being pulled up through her body and out of her mouth, which...I'm not even sure what that means. After more than a few tears and a couple of breaks, the stitches finally come out, but the arthritis still continues to spread to more joints of GG's body.


A few months ago, Mercedes "MJ" Javid froze her eggs in the hopes of having a family some day, and now that her boyfriend Tommy has come along, she's thinking it may have been perfect timing. So now, she wants to have Tommy's sperm count tested to make sure they will be able to have perfect little Tommys and MJs running around some day. To help assist in the process, MJ wants to take some sexy pictures for Tommy to bring to his doctor's appointment and has enlisted an unwitting Reza to be her photographer. Clad in patent leather Louboutins, lingerie and more than a few dessert toppings, MJ serves up a portfolio of naughty pictures to help inspire her boyfriend. Never mind that I now have the term "baby batter" permanently etched in my brain or that I can't help but feel badly for what MJ did to that poor banana. 


After an amusing scene of Asa Soltan Rahmati and her mother Zinat shopping for the turban she'll wear to officiate Reza wedding, MJ and GG meet for dinner at Berri's. MJ has been keeping her distant from GG and her partying lately, and just to be safe she specifically chose a restaurant that doesn't serve alcohol. However, before their food even arrives, an argument starts between the two when GG asks if MJ is treating her relationship with Tommy the same as her past failed relationships. Naturally, MJ doesn't take too kindly to this remark and accuses GG of throwing shade at her relationship, but GG innocently claims she was merely trying to make conversation. The argument escalates as the subject of family and DNA somehow gets dragged in, and MJ walks out on GG before the food even arrives with a dismissive "enjoy your meal." Well. This clearly didn't do anything to smooth things over between GG and her fellow Shahs...


While Mike and his wife Jessica Parido prepare ghormeh sabzi (herb stew) and bademjaan (eggplant) for their Shabbat dinner and MJ and Tommy meet with the fertility doctor, Reza takes his fiancee Adam Neely to look at a house seemingly made out of concrete and glass. However, what was supposed to be a fun, creative way of dreaming up their future home quickly turns into yet another argument about how Reza makes all the decisions in the relationship. Adam is constantly left feeling that his opinion doesn't matter, and the inequality is causing a divide in their relationship. The conversation continues at home as the couple gets ready for Mike's Shabbat. Eventually, Adam admits that MJ talked to him and made it seem like their relationship wasn't quite as good as he thought. Ah-ha! Now that Reza knows the reason behind the tension with Adam, he's ready to tell MJ to zip it when it comes to interfering in his relationship. 


The entire gang (other than GG) arrives at Mike and Jessica's house for Shabbat and the couple is anxious for the dinner to serve as their sort of "coming out" party to the group. Even a demoted Asifa Mirza and her boyfriend Bobby are there, and the Shahs are ready to get drunk - per the Jewish commandment about Shabbat. However, as everyone takes their seats, conversation quickly turns to GG and her erratic behavior. Asifa is still angry about the cake fight from Shervin's birthday party and the general consensus is that GG needs some sort of serious help to reign in her drinking and partying. Asifa argues that there's no reasoning with Golnesa when she's angry, but Reza presses her to fix the issue and make things right. 


However, issues with GG are the last thing Mike and Jessica want to talk about, and Jessica loudly puts a stop to the conversation by telling everyone to leave the past in the past and move forward. If not, feel free to leave and get out of her life. Asa gets the final word on the subject, eloquently stating that everyone in the group needs to be more sensitive to how they treat each other and not act out in crazy ways. End of story. As dinner begins, Reza pulls MJ aside to tell her to stop meddling between him and Adam, but she asks whether Reza has decided not to go through with his plan for a surprise wedding. Since they're only about 10 feet away, Adam hears his name brought up and naturally wants to know what Reza is "going through with." On the spot, Reza has to come up with a lie to keep the surprise wedding a secret, and tells his fiancee that the conversation was just about building a house. Somewhat hilariously, this white lie sets Adam off, who's now irritated at MJ for supposedly telling Reza not to buy a house for them. If only he knew what the real conversation was about...


Reza quickly tries to do some damage control, explaining the cover story in Farsi so that MJ will go along with it. However, as soon as Adam and Reza are inside the house, MJ gathers the rest of the group and spills the secret about the surprise wedding plan. Bad move, MJ. Five seconds later, Shervin is asking Reza about the plan and now he's upset that the secret is out. Reza doesn't need MJ's big mouth throwing a wrench in his plan to surprise Adam. Putting a pin in the drama, Mike gathers all the Shahs for the Shabbat prayer, which effectively brings everyone back to the reason they're all there. Thankfully the episode ends on a heartwarming note, with Reza pointing out how grateful he is that this group of Persian Jews and Muslims can co-exist and share such a spiritual ritual together, even if it's just for one night. Shabbat Shalom!