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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Southern Charm Ssn 3/Ep 3 - Hold Your Horses

Glenn Rowley


Polo and horses and outbursts, oh my! This week on Southern Charm, a family day at the polo fields sparks a war between Thomas and Kathryn, while the rest of the Charmers are - to differing degrees - ready to take on the world and become responsible adults.


It's Craig Conover's first day at his new job and it looks like #NewCraig is here to stay. After putting a gallon of hairspray on his perfect locks and having girlfriend Naomie Olindo fix his collar for him, Craig heads off to work at the Gentry Group. Craig's working as a project manager - with a fancy office and all - and is anxious to make a good impression on recurring cast member JD Madison, who's his new boss. JD advises the pretty boy to keep a spare change of clothes at the office, in case he'll need to go out to construction sites and get his hands dirty. This isn't exactly what Craig had in mind when he accepted the job title of "project manager," but if that's what the new version of Craig has to do to prove he's grown up, then he'll do it.


Also getting back into the working life is Shep Rose, who's decided to reactivate his real estate license and go into business with Cameran Eubanks. It turns out that Cam's business is booming, so much so that she's having to give away business. To fix such a wealthy man's problem, she's teaming up with Shep to keep the profits in the Charm family. In her confessional, Cameran opines that Shep mostly spends his life not living up to his potential. If he can persuade a woman to go to bed with him within 10 minutes of meeting at the local bar, surely he can manage to persuade one to buy a house. All Cameran's worried about is Charleston's golden boy charming the literal pants off his clients...


Kathryn Calhoun Dennis has finally found a house she likes and is ready to move off her parents' plantation, Monck's Corner. However, in order to guarantee the lease, she needs to find a co-signer and turns to Thomas Ravenel for help. Sure, the off-again couple's contentious relationship has been nothing but a roller coaster lately, but Kathryn figures that the least he can do is help provide a good home for her, Kensington and their unborn baby. Since Kathyn has complete control over custody and visitation rights, (per South Carolina's laws regarding children born out of wedlock) Thomas is willing to do pretty much anything to stay on her good side and see his kids more. After agreeing to cosign on her lease, Thomas invites Kathryn to bring Kensie out to his polo match the following weekend, calling it a nice little day of family bonding.


Meanwhile, resident queen mother of Charleston society Patricia Altschul is planning a flamingo-themed party just for the fun of it. She explains to her party planner that the idea came to her as she was staring at the giant flamingo pool float in her backyard and thought "why not?" Patricia has recently been offered a book deal on Southern entertaining and this party fits right in with what the publisher is looking for. One person who won't be on the bright pink guest list? Kathryn - despite Thomas's begging, pleading and all around schmoozing of Patricia to try to coax an invitation out of her. The queen of the kaftans is refusing to budge and that's final. Patricia does, however, get the last word in by pointing out that Kathryn should be staying home and taking care of the baby instead of worrying about which party in Charleston she is or isn't being invited to.


Out in Mount Pleasant, SC, Landon Clements is hitting the driving range at Patriots Point Links with her dad, Michael. In stark contrast to the tense dynamic we saw with her mom last season, Landon's dad is her biggest cheerleader. As she explains in her confessional, his life advice always boils down to the same question: "what will make you happy?" Over drinks at the clubhouse, Landon excitedly explains to her dad all of the creative ventures she wants to start: a pop-up shop, a members only bourbon bar and an online magazine targeted at Charleston's gentlemen of leisure and ladies who lunch. Her dad wisely points out that each of these projects will take roughly 18 months to two years to get off the ground, and that she needs to be doing something now to pay the bills. Never mind that she's getting a big Bravo paycheck for the show, Landon refuses to believe she can't do it all. However, in order to accomplish all of her dreams, Landon needs capital, and hits her dad up to invest in her ideas. In her confessional, Landon admits that one day she'll wake up feeling like she can go out and conquer the world, and the next day she won't even be able to get out of bed. I feel you, girl. Oh do I feel you.


The new version of Craig is also ready to take his relationship with Naomie to the next level, and he recruits Cameran to come ring shopping with him. Don't get too carried away now, it's just for a promise ring. Cam points out in her confessional that six months ago she would never have guessed she be going along with Craig to look at rings for his girlfriend, but things certainly can change quickly. After looking at a few options, Craig eventually settles on a gorgeous ring for the small price of $2,500. Cam jokingly guesses that Craig's willing to put so much money down because he recognizes that Naomie is so far out of his league that he needs to lock it down ASAP. 


The day of Thomas's polo match arrives and he heads out to the Aiken Polo Grounds to rep for Brookland Plantation. In attendance are Thomas's best friend JD Madison and his wife Elizabeth, who happen to be Kensington's godparents. Kathryn arrives with recurring cast member Jennifer Snowden and is immediately less-than-pleased to see the couple. Since she and Thomas have broken up, she claims they have barely reached out to her or Kensie, and that it's difficult to distinguish if their supposed friendship was all just a show because she was dating Thomas. After just a few minutes of awkward small talk, Kathryn starts spiraling into a full-blown emotional breakdown and decides to leave - taking Kensington with her. The whole ordeal seems to come out of left field, but I think Kathryn probably thought she was walking into some sort of trap or ambush upon seeing JD and Elizabeth there with Thomas. Was this even supposed to be a family day to begin with? Naturally, this outburst doesn't go over well with Thomas when he comes off the field to discover she's taken the baby with her. He angrily throws out that two can play this game of petty revenge. If Kathryn wants to try taking Kensie away from him, good luck finding another co-signer on her new house. Is this where the war between Kathryn and Thomas officially begins? Judging by the angry fits and threatening words, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet...