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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Don't Be Tardy Ssn 5/Ep 3 - Animal House

Glenn Rowley


It's even more of a three-ring circus than usual on Don't Be Tardy this week. When Tracey convinces the family to visit the local animal rescue, they ponder whether to add another pooch to their growing brood. Plus, Brielle Biermann surprises Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann with her latest, potbellied birthday gift. Read on for a full recap of this week's animal-themed craziness...


The center of life in the Biermann home is the kitchen and this week is no different. As chef Tracey Bloom is busy cooking away, the family debates over which crossbreeding technique would produce the best dog. Is it a Husky-Boxer mix? Tracey balks at the idea of breeding a new puppy, especially when there are so many that already need to be adopted to good homes. It turns out the chef spends every weekend volunteering at the humane society, and she invites Kim, Kroy and the kids to come along to see what it's like the following weekend. Never one to shy away from an adventure, Kim promptly accepts Bloom's invite and it looks like the Biermanns will be taking the animal rescue by storm. 


Meanwhile, Kim is still hard at work developing her new skincare line, Kashmere. The idea for the new business venture actually came to the RHOA alum when she was pregnant with KJ, Kash and twins Kane and Kaia. Wanting to avoid stretch marks, Kim started making random concoctions on the stove using whatever she happened to have on hand. Turns out, her stovetop potions actually worked, so she decided to turn it into a full fledged skincare line. Now the biggest question on Kim's mind is whether the products should have a fresh, lemony smell to them or more of a "strippery" scent. The crucial decisions for any start-up, you know?


Once the weekend rolls around, Kim and Kroy pack up all six kids to volunteer with Tracey at the local humane society. The family's volunteering assignment for the day is to cuddle with puppies as an excuse to get them "socialized" and right away Kim and the kids start falling in literal puppy love left and right. In fact, Kroy is the only one dead set against bringing another dog home and somehow manages to resist the relentless pleading of Brielle, Ariana, KJ, Kash, Kane and Kaia for permission to get a new puppy. When Kim spots a baby black lab, however, everyone in the family rallies against Kroy and basically have their minds made up - even when Kroy drags them out of the humane society without the puppy in tow.


Cut to just a few days later and Brielle walks into the house with the puppy in her arms. It turns out she went back to the humane society after the family left and adopted the dog (whose name is Norma Jean after Kim's idol Marilyn Monroe) as a "surprise." However, this is not the kind of surprise Kroy wanted in the least, and bluntly reminds his oldest daughter that she will be the one responsible for taking care of and paying for everything the puppy needs. This includes feeding, potty training and the whole nine yards - even hiring a dog trainer out of her own pocket if necessary. And no, Brielle, they don't make puppy Advil for when Norma starts teething. Looks like potty training is going to be a blast for Brielle...


Meanwhile, Kim and Kroy pay a visit to a reproductive specialist to begin the process of freezing her eggs. Except that the first thing the doctor recommends is that the couple creates embryos rather than putting Kim's eggs on ice. (Apparently it's simpler that way.) Of course, this would require Kroy to surgically reverse or bypass the vasectomy he had after the twins. It also opens up the question of what the Biermanns would do with their embryos if they chose not to use them in the future. While Kim can't imagine just throwing the embryos in the trash, she visibly balks at Kroy's suggestion that they donate them to a couple in need. There are plenty of things Kim's will to do to help people, but sharing her eggs and Kroy's sperm is the line where her generosity stops. And no, she doesn't give a flying hoot if you think that makes her selfish. Little Kim/Kroy embryos are not going into some stranger's body. The only way an embryo is getting made is if it means little Kreed is joining the family as baby number seven.


Later, since her mom loves when things come in pairs of two, Brielle decides to surprise her family with a second new pet: a potbellied pig her friends gave her as a birthday present named Chester Jorge. This second surprise, however, doesn't go over as well as adopting Norma did because Kim and Kroy were most definitely not looking to add a pet pig to the family. Kim gets particularly freaked out by the hoofed oinker trotting around her kitchen, and as Kroy chases her around the house with Chester, she puts her foot down that Brielle has to take the pig back to its original owners. Sorry Chester. The Biermann house may be a constant circus, but even Kim has her limits.

What did you think of this week's Don't Be Tardy? Should Kim and Kroy freeze their embryos? Would you rather adopt a puppy or a potbellied pig? Tell me in the comments below!