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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Don't Be Tardy Ssn 5/Ep 6 - Ask, Believe, Receive, Gamble

Glenn Rowley


This week on Don't Be Tardy, Kim gambles big at the casino, which puts her in hot water with Kroy. Plus, Brielle dips her toe back into the dating pond for the first time since her breakup with her longtime boyfriend. Read on for a full recap of all the hijinks and hilarious moments...


The Biermanns are back from Montana and things have returned to a semblance of day-to-day life. Which means the little ones are running around like crazy, Tracey Bloom is back in the kitchen and Brielle Biermann is running errands as her mom's assistant. Meanwhile, Kim Zolciak-Biermann is ready to take part in her favorite pastime: some good, old-fashioned gambling. After watching her hubby relive his small-town life in rural Hardin, she needs to be in a casino, and she's taking Kroy Biermann and Tracey along with her for an adults-only getaway. Brielle also has big news: she's going on her first official date since breaking up with her boyfriend of last season, Slade Osborne. Cue the inevitably awkward conversation about premarital sex and Brielle's suddenly magically motivated to run the errands she's been procrastinating. 


The next day, Brielle's playing pool with her best friend Zach Baus, and drops the bomb that she actually ran into her ex-boyfriend just a few days earlier. Since then, he won't leave her alone, so she's looking forward to the date with her friend Bennett so she can really and truly move on from Slade. As for poor Zach, Brielle admits in her confessional that she knows her BFF harbors feelings for her but she vows nothing romantic will ever happen between them. Sorry Zach, you've been friendzoned with the classic excuse that you're too nice of a guy...


Meanwhile, Kim, Kroy and Tracey arrive at Harrah's Cherokee Valley River Casino ready to win big. With everyone sprayed in sage for good energy and Kroy acting as the responsible banker, Kim promptly withdraws $25,000 to play $100 slots. (Having never gambled before in my life, this seems insane but I guess you have to spend big to win big?) Immediately Kroy's on a bit of a streak, while Kim's luck eventually takes a turn for the worse. Kroy responsibly trying to cut her off doesn't go over well either, sparking a mini-spat between the couple when Kim demands that the way her hubby's treating her is "unacceptable." Message to Kroy: don't get between Kim and her slot machines.


After a pre-date pep talk with her younger sister, it's time for Brielle's date with Bennett at the local bowling alley. Despite her disapproval of Bennett's style and his insistence that she wear the bowling shoes, the date actually seems to be going relatively well. Brielle confesses in her talking head that the way to her heart is by buying her food, so really this whole bowling idea was basically unnecessary. While she doesn't see a future with Bennett romantically, going on her first date since Slade was major progress for Brielle and she's ready to keep moving forward in the single lady direction.


After going for broke at the blackjack table, Kim returns home down seven grand but with a wealth of lessons to pass on to Brielle. Kim's still living by the rule that you have to spend big to win big. And also that you keep playing until you get it back. While talking about Brielle's date, Kim advises her oldest daughter to follow a rule made specifically for her: never eat on a date. However, Brielle announces that she's happy to stay single for a while, and when she does find a guy, he'll like her for every part of her - eating habits and casino-addicted mother included. 

What did you think of this week's Don't Be Tardy? Would you ever take out $25,000 at a casino? Should Brielle keep dating or pursue the single life? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!