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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Manzo'd with Children Ssn 2/Ep 6 - Brothers of the Bride

Glenn Rowley


This week's Manzo shenanigans are all about Lauren's wild bachelorette and "snatchelor" parties. The episode starts with Caroline and Lauren discussing the impending bachelorette party being thrown by Greg as part of his "bridesman" duties. Caroline rightfully thinks a mother, daughter and penis should never be in the same room together, but Lauren insists that she wants her mom at the party. The boys too happy with being left out of the festivities as they jealously wish Lauren good luck with the hand she's been dealt, but remind her that had they thrown her party, she would have much more fun. Caroline gives out some motherly wisdom in her confessional, explaining that Albie and Chris are happy for Lauren but at the same time, their protective antennas are on high alert. Secretly the brothers just want to hold onto their sister for as long as they can.


Sporting her biggest hoop earrings and surrounded by a bevy of nameless female friends, Lauren's ready to get the party started when Greg calls, saying he's outside with her first surprise of the night. Leaving Albie and Chris behind to pout in the kitchen, Lauren boards the party bus with a reluctant Caroline in tow, and Greg announces they're going to one of his favorite gay bars in the city for drag queen bingo. Woot? Don't get me wrong, I love a good drag queen, but should you really be playing bingo to celebrate the last night of your single life? On their way to the city, Caroline and Lauren what the boys are doing back at home.


Having a Scottish boys' night with Albert, Vito and Rob, of course, complete with scotch tasting and bagpipes to help them get in touch with their Scottish roots. Not Italians allowed tonight! Naturally, Christopher marches downstairs in full Scottish regalia - kilt included - and starts the night off by attempting (miserably) to blow some bagpipes. The goal of the night is to be fat, drunk and Scottish! Over scotch that's way too strong, the boys wishfully predict that Lauren isn't having any fun at all at her party, and hatch a plan to kidnap her the next day for a real "snatchelor" party in Atlantic City. After all, she deserves a proper sendoff before putting herself in Scalia prison for the rest of her life. Then, Chris sends everyone running with his war cry of "they can never take our FREEDOM!" while flashing the full monty under his kilt. Thank goodness he wasn't turned towards the camera...

Meanwhile, Lauren is gleefully downing shots at her party, while Caroline observes from the sidelines. Greg is sure the night will be a blast because Lauren is a fun, giggly and lovey drunk, and he fully expects her to be overcome with emotion for how he went the extra mile - make that 3000 miles - to come all the way from California. By the end of the night, Lauren is officially plastered and ready to go sleep for the next five days.


The next morning, the covert op is officially going down. As Greg packs a bag for Lauren upstairs, Chris and Albie explain the concept of a "snatchelor" party to Caroline. It's very simple really, all you do is snatch someone up and take them to their party. As the boys rush into Lauren's room, she's massively hung over, groggy and confused. Dragging her down the stairs in her blankets, all the bride-to-be is worried about is where they're going. Oh, and where are her shoes? With that, Greg races back into the house to grab Lauren's bag and Caroline's meatballs from the stove. Think they'll bring Lauren back in one piece?


That night, Caroline and Albert spend the evening looking through old photo albums for pictures of Lauren that Denise can use for a montage at the wedding. With all the kids gone for the night, Caroline asks Albert if he's had a little cry yet over the impending nuptials, and he gruffly tells her his tears over his only daughter getting married are none of her business. In her confessional, Caroline says she feels lucky to have created such a close family dynamic with her kids, a lifestyle in which they all celebrate everything together. The apron strings were cut a long time ago (tell that to Albert's American Express card), but the kids still genuinely want to spend time with their parents. Caroline wishes more people would think like that.


The kids arrive at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City and are ready to party for one of Lauren's last nights out as a Manzo. The boys have booked a gigantic suite and Rosie Pierri, Rob and a few others are already waiting for them. Let the "snatchelor" party begin! Rosie wants to know what it is they'll be snatching tonight. In the words of Chris, "you tell me, baby girl!" A strict no cell phone/no camera policy will be enforced during the night to ensure there will be no proof of the night's debauchery...besides, you know, the camera crew following them around. It's time to get sloppy because they have a wedding to ruin.


After hitting the casino, where Albie wins a bet to have Chris come with him on a business trip to Denver, the group gets dressed up for dinner at Fin. Once seated, Lauren pulls out her contraband cell phone to start texting Vito, breaking the one major rule of the night. Besides, Chris asks, has she ever even talked to Vito? He's not that exciting. During the meal, Albie and Christopher both give touching toasts to their sister. In her interview, Lauren explains how nice it is for her brothers to have planned this party for her. Being the only girl, they easily could've blown it off as not their responsibility, but they went above and beyond to make her feel special.


Going back to the room, Lauren's ready to call it a night when - surprise! - Vito's there! And the's decked out her suite with candles and rose petals galore. Lauren is happily shocked to see her fiancé, but Albie declares the scene to be the worst soap opera he's ever been forced to witness. This is a "snatchelor" party and those candles need to be blown out right away. Vito ruins everything! In their confessional, Albie and Chris admit that while they love to give Lauren a bad time, at the end of the day she's a good sister and they love her. Make that all of the days. Aww...