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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Ladies of London Ssn 2/Ep 4 - One Royal Hangover

Glenn Rowley


Last week ended with an ominous "To be continued..." card and this week in London, we pick up right where we left off on New Year's Eve. With the women still in animal onesies, #HumpGate begins to escalate. In the blue corner we have Juliet, angry at Caroline for straddling her husband in her bright blue unicorn outfit. In the red corner, we have the Stanbury sisters(-in-law) - Caroline thinking she did absolutely nothing wrong and Sophie backing her up, albeit a bit tipsily. Feeling ganged up on when she's the one who has the right to be upset, Juliet retreats by kicking all the women out of her room to continue the party elsewhere. Annabelle's also calling it a night - she wanted to start 2015 off on a different foot than by watching her friends argue about humping unicorns.


With the party relocated to another suite, Caroline's now free to vent her frustrations about Juliet to anyone who will listen. The queen bee doesn't understand what all the fuss had to be about, she was just having some fun. It's New Year's Eve! However, with so many flare-ups focused on her - first Julie, now Juliet - Caroline's starting to wonder if maybe she's in the wrong. Caroline Fleming, however, is quick to defend her friend by saying that when there's drama, it belongs to the person who created it, which in her mind is everyone but Caroline. And just when we thought it was over, Juliet's back in the ring. After giving it a little more thought, Juliet wants to try to fix this issue quickly. So she comes back to the party, this time in a bathrobe and a "Happy New Year" crown. However, "fixing" the mess actually turns out to be a code word for more arguing: Caroline wants to continue her evening without Juliet nagging in her ear, but Juliet's not done talking. Watching round two from the sidelines, Marissa explains via confessional that she can see Juliet's blood level start to rise. There needs to be some serious kissing and making up before she loses it and the fireworks really start. 


The Stanburys once again manage to turn the entire situation around on Juliet, with Sophie insisting that Gregor actually loved being straddled by a unicorn. In fact, he told her it was the highlight of his night. Juliet goes on the attack, pointing finger and accusing Sophie of instigating the argument further and further. However, Sophie insists that Juliet's the one overreacting. It was a joke! Doing her very best Taylor Armstrong impression, Marissa shouts that she's had enough, and tells all warring women to zip it. The fight needs to be done. Juliet retreats once again, saying she doesn't want to hear another word about the unicorn who humped her husband. Happy New Year?


The next morning, pretty much everyone is suffering through a massive hangover with the exception of Julie, who's teaching a packed yoga class at 11 in the morning. As she arrives back at the hotel, the rest of the women are dragging themselves out of bed, with Marissa announcing that she feels as though she's been hit by a double-decker bus. Marissa, Julie and Annabelle all congregate in Annabelle's suite, where conversation turns to whether or not Julie feels she made up with Caroline over the whole yoga teacher dig. Julie admits to having HSP - highly sensitive personality and was hurt, but Caroline offered what she saw as a sincere apology so it's all good. Cut to Caroline - still in her unicorn onesie - relaying the entire night's events to Luke the sexy makeup artist and saying that on second thought, she's not sorry at all because she still doesn't understand what she did wrong. In fact, she finds Julie's entire reaction "quite pathetic."


Eventually, the ladies dust off last night's confetti and meet for brunch in Juliet's suite. Caroline is confused why Juliet is acting like everything is perfect between them, but Juliet says in her interview that she felt she spent much of the night fighting for no reason and is ready to put the whole thing in the past. However, Caroline can't resist rehashing the drama by proclaiming that she was a "bull in the china shop" and couldn't seem to do anything right. Julie thinks they should all blame it on the alcohol and says she appreciates Caroline's apology, but the queen bee shocks everyone by explaining that she retracted the apology after thinking about it some more. Actually, she's not sorry. Julie questions in her interview whether Caroline even thinks she's worthy of an apology while Annabelle calls the move "ungracious" and calls Caroline out. If you say you're sorry, you have to actually mean it. Who does that? Fed up, Annabelle bows out of brunch, refusing to stick around while Caroline disrespects her BFF.


A couple days later, the Carolines meet up for some quality time to go dog-walking. After all the chaos of New Year's Eve, they have some serious catching up to do. Caroline S. tells the Baroness that Juliet has been driving her insane, calling incessantly and getting on her last nerve. She finds the entire thing pathetic (seems to be her word of choice for the night) and thinks Juliet was looking for a fight that night. The drama gets put on pause, though, when Caroline S. sees what's in the Sunday Times business section: Marissa's face with a giant hot dog for a smile promoting the launch of Top Dog, her new American street food restaurant. Caroline finds the article laughable; she's been in the paper plenty of times, but would never be caught dead with a weiner in her mouth. Much like Caprice's baby/surrogate story last season, word spreads among the ladies like wildfire, with Annabelle calling Marissa the "queen of PR" even if the image is slightly phallic. Meanwhile, Marissa and her husband Matt are celebrating the good press. Top Dog is Marissa's opportunity to step out from Matt's shadow to open a restaurant all on her own merits. 


While Marissa's on her way up in the business world, Caroline's still fighting to stay at the top. Venting to Luke the sexy makeup artist, she explains that every day at Gift Library is unbelievably stressful. The year couldn't have started out worse, Gift Library has lost major deals and Caroline is quickly running out of funding. The best case scenario is for a management team to swoop in and help Caroline manage everything. Worst case? Everything has to be liquidated. She continues unloading her frustrations later that night on a date at Piccolino with her husband Cem. Caroline's working "bloody hard" but at what cost? It feels like everything she's built is now slipping through her fingers. Oh, and by the way she also may have told Juliet over the phone that if she kept bothering her, Caroline would wipe the floor with her. Just your average threat between friends...


After a heartwarming scene of Caroline Fleming's trip home to Denmark to visit her adorable grandmother, the episode ends with Julie, Juliet and Annabelle meeting for lunch. Over a feast of french fries, kale and zucchini linguine, the three rehash their New Year's Eve issues with Caroline Stanbury. Well, two of them do. Annabelle hilariously claims Caroline plays the "North Korean card a bit" and Julie still can't believe the audacity at Caroline's retracted apology to her, but Juliet dismisses the entire unicorn humping debacle as some harmless fun. What? Annabelle and Julie are confused - this isn't the tune Juliet was singing when she called Julie and told her how Caroline had threatened to ruin her reputation in all of London society. For some reason, Juliet gets angry with Lady Hinchingbrooke for telling Annabelle what Caroline said, but Julie thought she was just being a supportive friend. Further, Julie doesn't understand why Juliet isn't telling the truth about what happened with Caroline, saying it seems she's more concerned about her relationship with the queen bee than anything else.


In her confessional, Annabelle accurately surmises that Juliet is falling back in line with all of Caroline's other pawns and she can understand why. Being Caroline Stanbury's pawn is the easier and safer place to be. Juliet defensively says she's allowed to deal with issues without bringing the entire group into it, but Annabelle calls her out for saying one thing earlier and a completely different story now. Is Juliet lying? Annabelle absolutely thinks so. Julie jumps on, saying it almost seems like Juliet is afraid of Caroline's wrath and being on her bad side. However, Juliet's not changing the party line. She doesn't need Annabelle and Julie's advice about how to deal with Caroline Stanbury, thank you very much.