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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Don't Be Tardy Ssn 4/Ep 6 - The Kim's Speech

Glenn Rowley


As this week starts, Kim and Kroy are out on the back porch and the house is uncharacteristically quiet. Where is everyone? A quiet house makes Kim nervous. Brielle and Slade show up - there was an assembly at Brielle's school today about skipping...which she skipped. Kim says she doesn't care how Brielle gets there, she just needs to graduate. Kroy asks the senior what her plan is after graduation, and Brielle informs her parents that she wants to be the next Giuliana Rancic, interviewing stars on red carpets and at awards shows. To get there, she plans on following the Ryan Seacrest plan by getting her degree in communications and broadcasting. From the way she pronounces "Achilles," Kroy thinks she may need Hooked on Phonics first. Either way, Kim encourages her to reach for the stars - even if it would take more than a lifetime to get to one. 


Later that day, Kim and Chef Tracey are in the basement trying to come up with a signature drink for Kim. Should they call it the Gold Digger? Kim's assistant/nanny comes down to inform her that the organizers of the Atlanta Women's Expo called asking if Kim would be one of the event's keynote speakers. Kim balks at the suggestion - she doesn't do public speaking engagements. Contrary to what people may think, she doesn't like all eyes on her. Doing a meet and greet with fans is different, talking with them and answering their questions. Standing in front of a crowd to deliver a speech is another story. Kroy thinks it's a great idea but Kim's not budging. Does she ever make him do things he doesn't want to do? Duh, all the time, Kroy replies. How about all the times she's made him watch her try on clothes or be her guinea pig with makeup and nail polish? Kroy asks if Kim seriously won't do it and she again refuses, telling Gloria to politely decline any and all speaking opportunities in the future. And no, her answer won't change while she's drinking, so don't even think about trying to get her liquored up.


The next day it's Brielle's first interview with a real celebrity. To give her a taste of it, Kim has arranged for Brielle to interview R&B singer Monica of "The Boy is Mine" fame. In her confessional, Brielle admits she's more than a little nervous - so far she's only practiced interviewing Kroy and Shun. What if she's not interesting enough to hold a conversation with an artist who's sold more than 20 million records worldwide? Once they arrive at Monica's and sit down, the singer tells Brielle that the key to a good interview is to get your subject to give answers viewers haven't heard before without being invasive. It's a careful balance. With Kim watching from the corner, Brielle's nerves are palpable as she scrolls through her phone to find the one question she wrote down. However, she eventually gets her first question out and the conversation starts flowing. She asks Monica about everything from how her career affected her personal life growing up (she didn't get to do typical high school things like go to prom) and who her biggest artistic influence is (Whitney Houston, RIP) to what fans can expect from her upcoming album, Code Red. Kim explains in her confessional that watching Brielle laughing and engaged during the interview motivates her to help her daughter achieve her dreams as much as she can. 

The Women's Expo people aren't giving up, even though Kim already turned them down. While the family is hanging out in the front yard, Gloria comes out to let Kim know the expo organizers called again - they really want her to do it. Kim asks how long she'd have to talk for. The speech is supposed to be 30 minutes, which she says is a freaking long time to stand on a stage and talk about yourself. What's she supposed to say? Kroy, Brielle and Ariana force her to get up and do a practice speech for them. Kim gets literally 23 seconds into the fake speech before asking the time. This could be a nightmare - can she drink there? Brielle, however, says people need to learn how to ask, believe and receive, and Kim's the one who can teach them. Kroy reminds her that even if she gets on stage and messes up, the experience isn't really a make-or-break one, so why not try? With her family's encouragement, Kim decides to do the speech to be a good example to her kids about overcoming your fears. Someone call Shun because Kim's going to need a speech-worthy new outfit.

The morning of the Women's Expo arrives and Kim is hungry, nervous and stressed. It's not a day to mess with her. After seeing the Virgin Mary in her waffle, Kroy asks how much she's prepared and the answer is not at all. Kim plans on introducing herself and then just winging it. Kroy suggests starting with a quote from a card she gave him: "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." The family arrives at the expo and it's already standing room only to see Kim speak. Two minutes before she takes the stage, the organizers inform her that her 30 minute speech is now supposed to be 48 minutes. No pressure, Kim is now officially freaking out. Taking her last sip of wine, the mic goes live and Kim takes the stage.


For one second, she's a deer in headlights. Kim launches into her speech, starting by explaining how she's never spoken publicly before but she's reached a point in her life where life begins at the end of her comfort zone. With Kroy, the kids, Shun and Tracey beaming from the audience, Kim delivers an epic speech, talking about how she discovered she was a "manifester" at a young age, telling herself she would one day be famous and on TV because she was being bullied by a girl named Lisa. In the most touching moments we saw, she touched on the long road she's taken to get to the successful place she's in now: when Ariana was born she was still on state Medicaid. As a toddler, Brielle loved Applebees, and Kim would drink at the restaurant so her daughter could eat what she wanted. Kim feels incredibly connected to the audience, glad she didn't bring notecards to distract herself from the experience. She closes out her speech by talking about what the world would be like if women all shared what they knew with each other rather than competing against one another. She even manages to go a few minutes over the 48-minute limit that seemed so impossible when she took the stage. The crowd goes wild as Kim leaves the stage, having overcome her fears and inspiring hundreds of women and viewers watching the show in the process.