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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Manzo'd with Children Ssn 2/Ep 7 - Dazed But Not Confused

Glenn Rowley


Remember when Albie announced he had gotten involved in that new plant growth product in the season premiere? Well this week, he's taking Chris on a cannabis tour in Colorado, and paying for it with blackjack money. Definitely not something anyone expected to see in the record of the life of Albie Manzo. Is it really a proud moment for Caroline? She's not getting a "Proud Mother of a Cannabis Enhancer" bumper sticker any time soon. Albie thinks the trip to Denver is necessary - he hasn't made any headway with his product over the phone from New Jersey. Sometimes the best way to move a business forward is to put in the face time and make some connections.


But before the boys leave for the Mile High City, it's time for family pizza night with Albie's on-again girlfriend Brittany included. Almost immediately, Lauren asks Brittany if she really told Jacqueline during the bridal shower that she wanted to marry Albie. Naturally, this sends Albie into a stuttering tail spin of "whoa, whoa, ok, alright, hold on now..." Albie's biggest priority at the moment is getting his career on track and he wishes his family would just let him and Brittany do their own thing. Brittany points out that she's 27 and the clock is ticking, but if she didn't think things could one day progress she wouldn't be with Albie now. So much for that whole no pressure, take it slow mentality.

The next day, the Manzo brothers arrive in Colorado, greeted at the airport by a limo courtesy of their tour guide. Albie reiterates to Christopher that this is a business trip. Who's ready for some back door espionage business dealings?


Back in New Jersey, Caroline is busy dusting her books (something my own Italian mother is also known to do) while Albert's working, and brings up Lauren and Vito's honeymoon plans. Apparently, they're going to Puerto Rico, but the couple's real dream was to spend their honeymooning days on the Amalfi Coast. Seeing one more opportunity to spoil his little girl, Albert offers to pay for the honeymoon to Italy. However, Caroline thinks it would be more fun to make it a family trip with the Scalias before the wedding, especially since Vito has never been to the motherland. The couple concocts a plan to surprise both families at the upcoming food tasting for the wedding at the Brownstone. Oh and Al has to pay for it, Caroline says, so thanks for keeping an open mind sweetheart.


In Colorado, Albie and Christopher head straight to Medicine Man, the largest marijuana growing facility in the state, for a tour. The boss, who's visibly excited to have two reality TV stars touring his facilities with cameras, is a little too excited about getting a selfie with the boys. Albie describes the pot operation as something like you've never seen - they make upwards of $1 million dollars a day. Towards the end of the tour, Albie manages to slip his new plant yield product into the conversation and the owner agrees to test it out for two months on 180 plants. Cha-ching!


Meanwhile, Albert and Caroline take Vito and Lauren out for some respective golfing and jewelry shopping. Lauren's desire is to be "draped in diamonds" on her wedding day, and while she's busy trying on earrings worth over $100,000, Albert is lecturing his future son-in-law about not letting Lauren "drag [him] around by the dick" when it comes to money. When she gets selfish or stupid, Vito has to be a man because he simply can't afford Lauren's current Bravo-funded lifestyle. The jeweler surprises Lauren with the news that she'll get to borrow the earrings for her wedding day, which sends the princess into a round of delighted squeals. Looks like Vito will have a long road ahead of him.


Following their cannabis tour, Albie and Chris sit down for lunch at Osterio Marco in downtown Denver. Between bites of arugula salad, Chris asks his brother what Brittany thinks of this whole pot business. Albie explains that, while she's been supportive so far, he feels pulled in two different directions. As much as he loves "hanging out" with the brunette vixen, he's definitely not in a place to get married and wonders at what point it becomes unfair to string her along and keep the relationship going. Uh-oh. This doesn't bode well for the future of Albie and Brittany.


The boys arrive back in New Jersey and the whole family meets Vito and his parents at the Brownstone for the food tasting. Very quickly, however, everyone realizes the gathering isn't about the food, as Albert reveals the surprise trip to the Amalfi Coast. He's booked a villa in Positano for four days next week. The families will all be staying together under one roof - a perfect excuse to bond before they're forever linked by the wedding. Vito's parents can't believe the surprise, with Denise responding "Italy Italy?? Now??" Lauren's also shocked, and worried that they can't afford to take off to Italy 10 days before her wedding. What about the seating chart? Albert tells her not to worry about it, the trip will be worth all the stress. Caroline closes out the episode in her confessional, explaining that when you marry someone, you truly marry their family. So far, the relationship between the Manzos and Scalias hasn't moved beyond something cordial and surface-level. What's a better way to get to know someone than to go away with them under stressful circumstances? Italy, here we come!