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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Don't Be Tardy Ssn 4/Ep 7 - The Biermann Carnival

Glenn Rowley


Brielle's graduating! That's right, even with a major case of senioritis, Kim's oldest has officially made it to the end of high school with a diploma. Kim wants to throw a giant, carnival-themed grad party to celebrate Brielle's accomplishment, but naturally, hasn't done anything yet and graduation is right around the corner. She reached out to her Instagram fans for help finding a party planner but the price tags were outrageous, ranging from $68,000 to $200,000.


Kroy is convinced that a few major cons exist in life and one of them is the concept of hiring a party planner. He's convinced he can put together Brielle's graduation party better than any fancy party planner, so he'll be doing it himself. After all, what is a carnival other than "lines of sh** on a dirt field?" Kroy will TP the house in streamers and ta-da, Brielle's got a carnival. Besides, it doesn't have to be nice or beautiful. According to Kroy, the entire reason to have a graduation party is for people to bring money. Kim and her gorgeous side braid aren't so sure she and her hubby are on the same page about the kind of carnival she wants, but is willing to give Kroy's idea a chance. There isn't much time for other options anyway...

The next day, Kim is already getting so many RSVPs to the graduation party that it's overwhelming. In the midst of the planning Gloria delivers some bad news: she won't be able to get a monkey for the party. Apparently, monkeys are hot commodities around Atlanta? The hilarious kicker is that she's not getting a monkey because Chef Tracey told her not to get one. Kim is dumbfounded. Did she tell Gloria not to get the monkey? Did Kroy? So get the monkey! Brielle's been talking about the monkey for weeks, her biggest wish for the party is to take a selfie with it. When confronted, Tracey denies telling Gloria to cancel the monkey. Cut to her interview where she admits she did - but why did Gloria listen to her? Tracey could've told her to cancel the entire party! What would've happened then? Kim also lets her staff in on a secret present for Brielle: she's reached out to her people at E! to help Brielle get her foot in the door for her dream career. Now, don't get it twisted. Kim would still be perfectly happy to have Brielle under her roof for the rest of time, but Brielle wants to do this so Kim's helping her chase her dream. However, Brielle doesn't know, so everyone needs to keep it quiet.


Brielle's graduation day arrives and Kim is an emotional wreck. Brielle tells her to stop freaking out, saying her mom should be happy she's graduating and doesn't have to be in school eight hours a day. (Raise your hand if you think Brielle went to school for eight hours a single day in her high school career. No one?) They need to celebrate because no one thought Brielle would make it this far. However, this is not a day of celebration for Kim. Not a single bone in her body is excited. Donning her cap and gown, Brielle is anxious to get going - she can't be late! - but Kim is doing everything to keep her in the house for just a bit longer. Kim's willing to do anything Brielle needs that will get her to sit down because she's dreading the next hour of her life so much. As Brielle heads out the door with Slade, Kroy's advice is "don't fall, walk slow, love you!" but poor Kim is in tears.


In her confessional, Kim tearfully explains that she and Brielle have been through so much together, nothing could have prepared her for this moment. She's so proud of who Brielle has become, but that doesn't make it any easier. As a young mom, Brielle was always Kim's biggest motivation to accomplish everything she did - from nursing school all the way to marrying Kroy. After going through so much together, Kim can say she and Brielle have truly made it together. Ariana promptly interrupts the moment by reminding Kim it's a graduation, not a funeral, and calling her an ugly crier. At the graduation, Kim calls the moment watching Brielle cross the stage to receive her diploma as surreal, and she's crying so much that her eyelashes are hanging on by a thread.

The next day, the family throws Brielle's graduation carnival. Slade's busy helping Kroy set everything up and Kim's rocking a "teenybopper" outfit and puffy eyes from all the crying. The party has everything a real carnival could possibly have from jugglers, fire dancers and midway games to a mechanical bull, dunk tank and a clown. The Prancing Elites from Oxygen's Prancing Elites Project are there along with all of Kim and Brielle's friends. Shun the stylist takes a ride on the mechanical bull, with Kim teasingly saying it's the first ride she's had in a long time. Kim says she can tell why Shun is single: she can't stay on top of the bull! The whole party goes perfectly and it's heartwarming to see Brielle so grateful for everything her family has done to help her celebrate her accomplishment. 


A couple days after the party, Brielle is hanging with KJ and Kash in the pool when Kim comes outside to spill the surprise about the trip to California to visit E! News. Kim got her in the door and whatever happens once they get there will be up to Brielle. The graduate is shocked - she wasn't expecting this to happen so soon, but Kim encourages her to research as much as she can before the trip and just be honest with the E! people. What does she have to lose by telling them it's her dream? This is Brielle's chance at 18 to start building a brand for herself, and if Kim has her way, that's what Brielle will be doing until she has a ring on her finger. As a mom, Kim is certain that Brielle is going to do big things with her life. After all the tears and heartache, she's finally excited about Brielle's future.