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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Don't Be Tardy Ssn 4/Ep 10 - A Big Splash

Glenn Rowley


This week, the Biermanns head to Lake Keowee for some fun in the sun at Slade's family lake house. However, before they head to South Carolina Brielle and Slade decide to sit Kim and Kroy down and let them in on their idea to move to LA together. The parents quickly put the kibosh on the impulsive plan - they certainly won't be footing the bill for the lovebirds to shack up across the country. (All this feels particularly ironic in the wake of Brielle and Slade's split last week.) Kim uses the old adage "why buy the milk if you get the cow for free" but Brielle doesn't quite catch the meaning of the phrase. No Brielle, it's not your boobs. The oldest Biermann child claims to be a little surprised her mom said no to letting Slade move with her, but were we really expecting anything different?


The family packs up for the trip to South Carolina, and are greeted by Slade's mom Toni when they arrive. KJ and Kash immediately announce they don't want to go in the lake because it has sharks and Slade and Brielle try to convince the adults to let them stay in the same room with Ariana and her friend. Kim says the only way the two are sleeping in the same room, on separate beds, is if Tracey stays with them. That's right, Bloom is in the building, y'all! Everyone hits the lake and Kim explains in her interview that Slade's dad happens to be an extremely wealthy businessman with patents for motion-sensor products. Kim likes Slade's relationship with his parents - as much as he may joke, he's respectful of them and has a close relationship with Toni. Once they're on the lake, Slade refuses to get in the water with Brielle. Is he on his period or something? Kim thinks it's clearly obvious that it's not very realistic for the couple to move to California together. They're just kids! Later that night, the families gather on the lake house's deck where Kim informs Toni of the California plan. Apparently, Slade failed to mention it to his family. Toni insists that he will stay in college and one day take over his dad's business. There will be no California if she has anything to say about it.


On day two, Kim, Kroy, Brielle, Slade, Ariana, KJ and Kash all go back out on the boat while Tracey and Toni stay back to cook and do fireball shots. Slade is the first one on the tube and Kroy decides to have a little fun with the cocky college boy, throwing him off the tube at 50 miles per hour. Kim also pulls Brielle aside on the boat for a mother-daughter chat, saying that the 18-year-old needs a loving reality check on her LA dreams. Realistically speaking, Slade won't be packing his stuff up to move to the West Coast - there's no way he could run his dad's company there in the future. Brielle insists if he stays behind in Atlanta, their relationship won't last, but Kim thinks it's more important for her to chase her dreams than to chase a guy. 

Meanwhile, Tracey offers to give Slade's mom a psychic reading. Since when is the chef a psychic? Apparently she's been giving reading since she was a teenager and they're usually dead on. Lighting the deck with candles, Tracey gets a lot of things right about Toni in her reading, divining that her parents are still alive, she got a couple stitches in her arm as a teen and dined and dashed once in Florida before she was married. Kim's skeptical - who hasn't dined and dashed, Miss Cleo? And no, Toni did not have a three-year relationship with a woman prior to meeting her husband. Tracey must've been picking up her own energy there. 


On the final night of the trip, Kim and Toni meet for a chat on the deck about their kids' future. Kim points out that Brielle has always had her there beside her as a support system, but that it's time for her to spread her wings a bit. Slade entering the picture may have changed things for her, but he needs to finish school and live his life too. Brielle may not want to accept reality yet, but the fact is that not even marriages survive in Hollywood let alone high school relationships. Kim wants Brielle to become independent like she was at 18 and not let a man distract her from achieving her dreams. Toni agrees that the pair need to spend the rest of the summer figuring out what they want to do, poignantly pointing out that long distance would either make or break their relationship and pave the road for Brielle and Slade's future. According to new developments last week, it looks like that future will be taking the couple in two separate directions.