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Spinoffs & Other Shows

Recaps, opinion pieces and analysis of Bravo TV shows including Don't Be Tardy, Manzo'd With Children, Ladies of London, Tour Group, Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm.

Don't Be Tardy Ssn 4/Ep 9 - Moving On, Moving Out

Glenn Rowley


As this week's episode of Biermann shenanigans starts, Kim's eating a balanced lunch of cookies and a salad and little KJ is outfitted up in his chef's hat wondering why his mom gets to eat cookies as a meal. Kim informs us that the precocious three-year-old notices everything - from saying bad words to drinking wine at 11 in the morning, she has to watch everything she does around him.


Meanwhile, Tracey seems to be in a strange mood. Kim surmises that something has to be going on, and when she asks how things are between Tracey and her girlfriend Brooklyn, the chef announces that after ten years of being off and on, they split for good. It's obviously a major bummer but there's a silver lining: Tracey can finally go through on the deal she made in Destin and get the chef leprechaun tattoo the family designed! Apparently, Brooklyn had nixed the idea when they got back to Atlanta, saying it would be a huge mistake. Tracey's also ready to get back out there and play the field, so Kim suggests she and Shun take her out. Tracey's all about this idea because newsflash: she thinks Shun's a secret lesbian. Kim's hesitantly on board - she tried setting Shun up with her trainer and her landscaper, why not try her lady chef?

Meanwhile, Brielle, Slade and Ariana are out to lunch, where Brielle's having trouble pronouncing big words like "filet mignon." All Brielle can think about it going to LA, and she's officially decided it's a better option that going to college. Ariana's sure that if Brielle really moves to LA, Slade will follow. However, Slade points out that there's no way Kroy and Kim will be at all OK with the two of them living together, but Brielle thinks her parents can be persuaded. In her 18-year-old mind, she doesn't see any good reason not to live together. After all, her parents wouldn't want her to move across the country without a man to protect her, right? Slade wisely suggests that if they really want to shack up in Hollywood, they should probably sit down with Kim and Kroy to see what they think first. 


Back at the house, Shun arrives for some girls' time with Kim and Tracey. The chef doesn't believe in beating around the bush (ha-ha), and immediately starts asking Shun if she's ever been with a woman. Or if a woman has ever been with her. Or if she's ever slept with a guy she wasn't attracted to. See, all Tracey wants to do is try slow-dancing with Shun. Another major benefit of being with a chef: Shun would never be hungry with Tracey's nightly original recipes. The stylist doesn't quite know what to make of this. Is Tracey joking or serious? Kim's always thought love has no gender (remember Tracy the DJ from RHOA Season 3?), and tells Shun not to knock it till she tries it. But just let Kim know first so she doesn't find her chef and her stylist canoodling in her cedar closet, OK?


The next day, Kim, Kroy, Brielle, Slade and Ariana meet Tracey at a tattoo parlor to see her get the tattoo from their deal in Destin. The tattoo doesn't seem too impressed with the "I ham lucky" leprechaun but Tracey thinks it's hilarious. In her interview, she plays it tough saying she won't be a baby about a couple of needles, but the second the process starts, she's crying and swearing like a sailor. She's sure the lady is doing it harder than usual to hurt her on purpose and Kim is no help in this kind of situation. She can't handle pain - it's why she quit nursing! - so she sends Kroy to comfort Tracey while she orders pizza. Food makes everyone feel better, right? Kim's impressed that Bloom held true to her word, and the chef thinks the tattoo is super cool. Let's hope she still thinks it's cool in the morning because "I ham lucky" is now etched into her body for the rest of time.

Later, Slade and Brielle are driving around town in her Jeep and Slade is still worried about asking Kim and Kroy (mostly Kroy) about moving with Brielle to LA. To solve that problem, Brielle thinks they should just kidnap Kim and hold her hostage until Kroy gives in, but Slade reminds her not to bite the hand that feeds her. Besides, Kroy is already going to be upset when he finds out Brielle missed the deadline to apply to Kennesaw State. They can ask and believe all they want without actually receiving. However, Brielle is hellbent on going to LA and that's that. 


Kim, Tracey and Shun go for a night out at Village Tavern to help Tracey pick up some girls. Cheers to lesbians! Kim isn't exactly keen on seeing Tracey woo women, but the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else, right? Bloom's gaydar is still pointing to Shun, but before Kim knows it, she's made a round of the bar and brought two women back to the table. Kim doesn't even want to know what Tracey might be thinking - anyone who plays a cult leader in the bedroom has to be slightly off her rocker. Next thing we know, she's got one of the girl's numbers. Single Tracey is definitely scarier than monogamous Tracey.


After cleaning up the dog poop she ran over in the driveway, Brielle finally tells her parents about her college situation. Kim asks if she applied to Kennesaw late on purpose and Brielle says probably but doesn't know for sure. She doesn't really see the point in going to college nowadays. Don't people just go to college so they can spend four years drinking? (Try more like six years as the national average...) Either way, Brielle just wants to skip that step and go to California. Kroy is not on board with this plan. If she does get an internship at E!, what did she do to earn it besides come out of Kim's womb?


Kim points out that she may not even need to intern - in this business sometimes it's all about who you know. This sets Kroy off even more. Of course she'll have to intern! Brielle won't be able to just walk into E! News and know what to do. He didn't come out of high school and go straight into the NFL, hard work and preparation needs to be put into any goal. Kim tells him not to shoot Brielle's dreams down, but Kroy insists he's just trying to get her to be realistic about how to reach them. The argument ends with both Kim and Kroy walking away from the fight; their two perspectives on the issue simply won't line up. Meanwhile, Brielle's sure she will be the exception to the rule and be able to do things her own way, especially with Kim in her corner willing to do whatever it takes to help her follow her dreams.