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Real Housewives

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RHOP S2/Ep 11 Recap - The Grande Dame Sham

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, the battle of the hostesses comes to a head in Bermuda and the women strip Karen of her grande dame title upon learning she's moved out of Potomac. Read on for a full recap of all the drama...

We're back in Bermuda and the tension is thick. Charrisse Jackson Jordan is livid with Karen Huger for secretly hosting an exclusive sailing excursion on the day she was supposed to plan for the 'Wives. Under the guise of fixing the bad blood between Gizelle Bryant and Monique Samuels, it was surely an underhanded move on the grande dame's part and Charrisse is ready to confront her rival on a sunset cruise. Unsurprisingly, Karen refuses to apologize for her sneaky power play and the conversation quickly devolves into a verbal sparring match between the two. Karen calls the sunset cruise her nemesis planned just "OK" compared to her "fantastic" event and Charrisse fires back that she spent more on the yacht than the Hugers' net worth before telling the grande dame to take a swim off the side of the boat. As Gizelle points out in her confessional, Charrisse lives for a good Karen fight and she's definitely winning this one. 

Later that night, a defensive Karen vents to Monique about her fight with Charrisse, declaring their friendship officially done regardless of how genuine it was in the past. At the same time, Charrisse off-handedly drops a bombshell that the Hugers bought their Potomac mansion when it was in foreclosure, adding fuel to the speculation that all isn't what it seems when it comes to the finances of Black Bill Gates and family. Maybe this is another reason why Karen is being so cagey and secretive about her move?

The next day, the women soak in Bermuda by attending a traditional game of cricket. It may be one of the island's most popular sporting events, but the game goes entirely over the ladies' heads. Charrisse and Karen spend the afternoon giving each other the cold shoulder, but it turns out that Robyn Dixon is one hot commodity on the island. The men of Bermuda seem to flock to her, entranced by her exotic features and bright green eyes. Yet, despite her therapist's assignment to go on a date with someone other than Juan, she's not feeling it with any of the guys and realizes that this trip is making her reevaluate what she wants back home with her ex-husband. Robyn loves Juan and that's that, homework assignment be damned. 

On the last night in Bermuda, Karen does a complete about-face and comes to Charrisse's hotel suite to offer an unexpected apology. Claiming the two "got off on the wrong foot" in co-hosting the trip, Karen now wants to make up and claims she and Charrisse need to provide a "unified front" in being the alpha females of the group. This is all well and good, but one has to wonder how Charrisse would be taking this mea culpa if she knew all the nasty things Karen said about her that were caught by a hot mic at the end of last week's episode...Either way, the trip ends with an impromptu pajama party in Charrisse's suite and the women even get competitive in a hilarious freestyling rap battle led by Monique. Cheers to Bermuda!

Finally back in Potomac, Ashley Darby is forced to confront the issues with Michael she was running away from by going on the girls trip. The couple's restaurant remains the giant emu-shaped wedge in their relationship. However, Michael reveals that he's already made changes to Ashley's role at Oz while she was away in Bermuda. Without consulting her. Once again, this move by her husband leaves Ashley feeling disrespected and undermined, but the good news is that she'll no longer be in charge of managing the day-to-day operations of the restaurant. Michael's made her just an owner with the hope that this decision will eliminate some of the tension in their relationship and honestly, Ashley doesn't seem too upset about the change.

Charrisse has finally completed the renovations on her brand new champagne room and all the women gather at the Jordan mansion for the room's grand unveiling - complete with a white-gloved butler answering the door and fancy ribbon cutting ceremony. However, a huge piece of gossip is on everyone's lips at the party: word on the street is that Karen came back from Bermuda to a new house in Great Falls, Va. That's right, under the cover of darkness, the Hugers have moved out of Potomac and left the prestigious 20854 zip code behind. This is certainly a far cry from what Karen told the ladies while they were in Bermuda and now the grande dame is going to have some serious explaining to do. 

After the grand unveiling, Karen finally reveals her move to the 'Wives, trying to couch it in "I live in Great Falls now, remember?" No, grande dame, they don't remember. Because you never told them where you were moving. Karen provides yet another cockamamie story about her "private sale option" that's really just code for the fact that she's renting the new house in Great Falls. Naturally suspicious, the women are quick to question the inconsistencies: if Monique could purchase a $5 million mansion in Potomac, why are the Black Bill Gates and the grande dame renting? Ashley gleefully points out that this means Karen will no longer hold the title of "the grande dame of Potomac" but everyone knows Karen won't be giving that title up until someone pries it from her cold, dead hands. Karen argues that the only way she can be stripped of the title is if she chooses to bestow it on someone else but as the conversation turns into a full-blown confrontation, Robyn takes charge and jokingly dethrones the grande dame, tossing her imaginary crown to the ground. Karen doesn't take well to this unceremonious dumping and fires back at Ashley by snapping that she refuses to listen to the opinion of "the idiot on the end of [the couch]." And with that, we get a "To Be Continued..." placard leading into the season finale...

What did you think of this week's RHOP? Has Karen been dethroned as the grande dame of Potomac? Did Charrisse win the battle in Bermuda? Who's the real alpha female of the group? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

RHOP S2/Ep 10 Recap - Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, the women head to Bermuda where Karen brokers a peace treaty between Gizelle and Monique while excluding the rest of the 'Wives from a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Plus, the battle of who's hosting the trip continues as Charrisse butts heads with the grande dame, leading to a bombshell accusation off-camera. Read on for a full recap of the many battles in Bermuda...

The 'Wives are ready to jet off to Bermuda but before they leave, a few items of business are left to attend to. Gizelle Bryant is nervous to inform her mother that she's planning on breaking up with Kevin, her quasi-boyfriend. After making an effort to date, she simply doesn't know if she can get him out of the friend zone in her mind and, to Gizelle's surprise, her mom is supportive. Meanwhile, en route to the airport Karen reveals that she and the black Bill Gates are moving to a house she found in Great Falls, VA. That's right, the grande dame is leaving Potomac but she's not ready to tell the rest of the 'Wives just yet that she's vacating the posh 20854 zip code. 

The ladies land in Bermuda, and it quickly becomes apparent that the drama over who's hostessing the trip has followed them from Potomac when their driver appears at the airport holding a sign emblazoned with "Huger + Guests." Then, upon arriving at their fancy luxury resort, the women each receive a welcome basket with a note from Karen - and only Karen - attached. All of the 'Wives are utterly confused over who is hosting this trip and Charrisse Jackson Jordan certainly isn't pleased with being sidelined and given no credit by Karen. All I know is if Sha Sha got a condescending welcome basket, she's going to be ready to throw down with the grande dame. 

However, Karen isn't done quite yet. Next, she treats the ladies to a fancy welcome dinner, complete with an impromptu performance by traditional Bermudian Gombey dancers. During the meal, tension remains thick between the battling hostesses and conversation veers toward a number of controversial topics - from Robyn Dixon's "homework assignment" to go on a date with someone other than Juan to Gizelle not being invited to nemesis Monique Samuels' party last week. Finally, the topic of the Hugers' move comes up, leading Karen to cryptically share that her home sold thanks to a cash offer from overseas. Yet, when the women ask point blank where she and the black Bill Gates are moving, Karen clams up and refuses to answer. Hmm...that's not mysterious at all...

The following day, Charrisse, Robyn and Ashley Darby are ready to hit the beach, only to discover that Karen had yet another trick up her sleeve. The grande dame has secretly arranged a sailing excursion with Team Japan of the American Cup in an effort to get Gizelle and Monique to put their bad blood to rest and move forward. Naturally, finding out they weren't invited on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity leaves the other women feeling blindsided and left out. Wasn't Karen just barely preaching about how this trip is all about sisterhood and bonding at dinner the night before?

Both Gizelle and Monique are less than pleased to discover they're being forced to spend the day together - the look on Gizelle's face when Monique stepped onto the bus says it all. On the way to the marina, the OG and the new girl waste no time once again airing their grievances with each other, (reminder: Gizelle thinks Monique is insecure and Monique thinks Gizelle is jealous), but Karen is determined to force the two to get along despite Gizelle telling her nemesis point blank that she "wouldn't be here" without her husband and his bank account. However, Karen's grand plan works! Once the women get out on the sailboat, they are encouraging and kind to one another, and Gizelle helps Monique overcome her fear of being on the water. By the end of the excursion, the pair even share a hug! It's a Potomac miracle!

However, Karen still has to face the wrath of the other 'Wives when she returns from the sailing expedition. Charrisse has planned a sunset cruise for the evening, but before they set sail, Robyn decides to confront the grande dame in her hotel room for hanging herself, Ashley and Sha Sha out to dry. Karen tries to defend actions by claiming that she would've been in a lose-lose situation had she shared anything about the American Cup beforehand, but Robyn takes her to task by pointing out that excluding half the group only made the grande dame look like a hypocrite. Then, as Robyn storms out, a hot mic catches Karen dropping an off-camera bombshell. Just when she thinks the cameras are down, the grande dame unleashes a vitriolic tirade about Charrisse, whom she mistakenly blames for Robyn's ambush. Calling her frenemy "jealous," "evil" and a "New Jersey harlot," Karen spews out that she's not the one going around Potomac "screwing the fireman" and threatens to post a picture of the still-married Charrisse and the mysterious boyfriend who spawned the cease-and-desist letter to Gizelle as the season began if she comes for the grande dame one more time. And with that earth-shattering revelation, the episode ends with an ominous "To Be Continued..."

What did you think of this week's RHOP? Are you Team Karen or Team Charrisse? Can you believe Gizelle and Monique made up? Do Robyn, Ashley and Sha Sha have a right to be angry for being left out? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

RHOP S2/Ep 9 Recap - A Host of Issues

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, Karen and Charrisse butt heads over which 'Wife is hosting the cast trip to Bermuda while Gizelle and Monique's attempt to put their issues to bed only deeps their feud. Plus, Ashley and Robyn reevaluate the future of their respective relationships. Read on for a full recap of the drama, confrontations and shade...

It's the morning after the critics' choice dinner at Oz and Ashley Darby is mustering up the courage to go through the comment cards left by the food bloggers, press and celebrity chefs who attended the event. With hot Chef Brad looking on, Ashley starts reading the reviews and to her surprise and relief, they're mostly positive! Whew! Her husband Michael is noticeably absent for the positive moment, only showing up afterwards with his tail between his legs. Pulling Ashley away from their employees, Michael makes the understatement of the week by pointing out that the couple's verbal assault on each other prior to the event was a "pretty bad" fight and tries to make Ashley promise that they'll never get that heated again. On the one hand, Michael seems remorseful for how he treated his wife, but on the other hand there's a definite undercurrent that he's once again trying to exercise control over her by dictating how she is to feel. Ashley visibly shuts down during the conversation, but thankfully refuses to back down in her confessional. 

Meanwhile, Karen Huger has talked Gizelle Bryant and Monique Samuels into a sit down at hip North Bethesda eatery Summer House Santa Monica to hash out their festering issues with one another. However, the grande dame, who insists on making it clear to the waiter that she is the person hosting this lunch, is less than pleased when Charrisse Jackson Jordan arrives as Monique's uninvited plus one. (Pay attention because Karen's disproportionate displays of pretentiousness and contempt for Charrisse will be important later...)

Gizelle and Monique immediately get into it, sparring back and forth over who wronged who first. The newbie claims Gizelle has been judgmental and hostile from the moment they met while the OG points out that Monique was the one who called her a "stuck up trick" behind her back after throwing Gizelle out of her home. According to Monique, the definition of trick is "childish" (it's not), but Gizelle thinks the language barrier here is that the new girl speaks "trick trash" and can't hold a mature conversation. Yeah, this isn't going well...The issue of Monique asking - or telling, depending on who you're asking - Gizelle for her number following the PAVE event then gets brought up and fingers start flying over a battle of semantics as the women snap at each other. (Note to Mrs. Samuels: telling someone you were going to apologize isn't the same as actually apologizing.) Ultimately nothing is resolved between the two, despite Charrisse's tearful urging that they get along for her sake.

Good news! Karen and the black Bill Gates have sold their home in Potomac! And not only that, they received a cash offer from overseas. (Apparently the nation of China is buying the Hunger mansion. Does this sound shady to anyone else?) The bad news? The Hugers have just a few weeks to find a new house and move. Thus far in their hunt, nothing has met the grande dame's sky-high expectations, though her top two choices are homes in Great Falls, Virginia. Note, this means they are not in the prime Potomac zip code of 20854...As Charrisse so epically pointed out in the first episode of the season, don't let the zip code fool you, baby!

Following her heart to heart with Dr. Jeff, Robyn Dixon is finally willing to talk to a therapist about her complicated relationship with Juan. The question of whether the former high school sweethearts will move forward or move apart remains large and looming in Robyn's mind, though she avoids forcing the conversation with Juan. At first, Robyn seems to have a difficult time answering the therapist's questions personally, but eventually is coaxed to admit that yes, she does want love in her life. However, she doesn't know if she's ready to start dating other people, so the therapist gives her a homework assignment to go on one date with someone other than Juan as a way to find out what her heart is looking for.

Over at the Jordan mansion, Karen drops by for a poolside chat with Charrisse. (Emphasis on pool-side since the grande dame refuses to hop on a pink flamingo pool toy.) Karen suggests that all the ladies are ready for a vacation and enlists Potomac's resident social director to help plan the trip. She wants to go somewhere with sandy beaches and blue water - Charrisse throws out Bermuda as an option and we have a winner! In her confessional, Karen is very clear about the fact that Charrisse is helping plan the trip while she's the one hosting it, but when the two run to tell the other women, they both start taking credit for the vacation. Hmm...something's telling me this is going to be a problem...

Monique is throwing a birthday party for one-year-old Milani at her 26-acre, 5500 sq. ft. lake house in far-off Newburg, Md. Complete with a carnival and petting zoo, the pool party is also serving as a dedication ceremony for Monique's daughter and all the ladies are invited with the obvious exception of Gizelle. As the women gather by the pool, everyone's talking about how excited they are for the trip to Bermuda, and that's when Karen and Charrisse start clashing over who's actually hosting the trip. Karen claims Bermuda was her "brainchild" while Charrisse fires back that the only events the grande dame has ever organized were last season's "gala" in her living room and sad-looking couples yacht party. As shade and side-eye goes flying across the table, the tension between these two is thick and it looks like the Battle of the Bermuda Hostesses is officially on.

The next day, Robyn and Gizelle meet to get their lashes done in preparation for Bermuda. Robyn has the unlucky job of informing her bestie that she wasn't invited to Monique's lake house party. Gizelle, however, is entirely unbothered at this news, claiming she wouldn't have gone to the "Gizelle-hater's" party even if she had been on the guest list. At the same time, Karen and Charrisse are going another round over the Bermuda trip at the Huger residence. Calling Sha Sha her "assistant," Karen eventually compromises by allowing Charrisse to put together the itinerary for one day of the trip - as long as the welcome dinner upon arriving on the island is solely in the grande dame's hands. Never have I ever seen a Housewife be this possessive over the cast trip...

The episode ends with Ashley and Michael attempting to put the spark back in their relationship by going to a couple's pottery class a la Ghost. As with earlier in the episode, Michael is bending over backwards to get back in Ashley's good graces, even bringing up having kids as a way of sucking up to his wife. However, Ashley still has a wall up in the wake of their big blow-up at Oz, and squashes any baby talk by admitting she's not thinking about having kids these days. What she's more concerned about is the status of her relationship with her husband - yes, the Darbys love each other, but are they still in love with each other? As she jets off to the middle of the Atlantic, it seems that Little Miss Ashley may be running away from the problems in her relationship. Either way, the girls' trip to Bermuda can't come fast enough.

What did you think of this week's RHOP? Are you Team Karen or Team Charrisse in the Battle of Bermuda? Will Gizelle and Monique ever get past their petty issues? Should Ashley stay with Michael or run for the hills? Leave your thoughts and opinion in the comments below!

RHOP S2/Ep 8 Recap - War of the Darbys

Glenn Rowley


It's a battle for Oz this week on The Real Housewives of Potomac as Ashley and her husband face off over the future of their restaurant...and their marriage. Read on for a full recap of all the high-stakes relationship drama ahead...

"You've been yelling at me all f*cking day, you f*cking insane a**hole!" With that loving declaration we open smack dab in the middle of an all-out war between Ashley Darby and her husband Michael. She's threatening divorce, he's stomping around outside of their restaurant Oz while swatting at Bravo's cameras and it looks like complete curbside chaos for the couple. But how in the world did we get here?

Rewind to eight days earlier. With profits continuing to flatline and Michael refusing to budge, Ashley's decided to revamp Oz herself. With the help of her chef Brad and his glorious mane, she's bringing the struggling restaurant out of the 1980s and into the 21st century with an updated menu, a new marketing plan and a fresh approach. In an effort to capitalize on the changes, she's hosting a critics' choice dinner for prominent food bloggers, press and the other Housewives, where she'll be unveiling the new menu and other fruits of her labors. Something tells me Michael won't be too happy with his wife going rogue with all these unauthorized changes...

While Robyn Dixon and her ex-husband Juan work together at the first day of their youth basketball camp, Karen Huger has organized a day at Top Golf, sparsely attended by only Ashley and Monique Samuels. While the newest 'Wife is envisioning the golf ball as Gizelle Bryant's head, Little Miss Ashley is still reeling from her back-to-back confrontations with both Charrisse Jackson Jordan and the double team of Robyn and Gizelle. As the self-appointed grande dame of the group, Karen is determined to play peacemaker and wastes no time offering her unsolicited two cents on how each of the younger 'Wives should settle their conflicts with the other women. Specifically, she advises Ashley to check herself, which frankly is something the youngest OG has needed to hear all season long.

Next, Gizelle and her quasi-boyfriend Kevin go on a double date with the grande dame and the black Bill Gates. After racing go karts (Ray came in last place), Karen pulls Kevin aside for a private interrogation, leaving Gizelle to suffer through advice from Ray Huger on how to attract men "while she still can." Kevin admits to Karen that he has long-term commitment on his mind when it comes to Gizelle - his intentions are to end up married just like the Hugers. do we think Gizelle will feel about this information? 

Meanwhile, Ashley's filling her husband in on the restaurant's new menu and her plans for the critics' choice dinner. Michael is taken aback at his wife's initiative in making changes to Oz without his approval, and is more than a little skeptical that she'll be able to successfully pull of such a major event involving bloggers, press and the other Housewives in just a few days. However, Ashley now has something to prove, not only to the rest of the ladies but to her husband as well, and is determined to succeed at saving the land of Oz with or without the Wizard's permission.

The only thing worth mentioning about Karen's boudoir photoshoot for Ray is the perfection that was Gizelle's leopard-print catsuit. Next!

The day of the critics' choice dinner at Oz has arrived and with just one hour before the press arrives, tensions between Ashley and Michael are boiling over. Following an angry phone call Michael peels into the restaurant in an Australian rage, swatting Bravo's cameras away and Ashley is ready for a fight. The war of words between the couple starts in the parking lot: Michael wants to shut down the critics' choice dinner because he disagrees with the new menu but Ashley isn't backing down. She will not be "minimized" or "diminished" and threatens point blank that if Michael shuts down her event, he can kiss their marriage goodbye. And when he pulls the "well, it's my restaurant" card, Ashley storms off fuming. 

Round two begins just a few minutes later as Michael follows his wife into the restaurant and demands that the argument is not over just yet. What comes next is a frank, no-holds-barred conversation in front of the cameras about how Michael leverages his power over Ashley to treat her like a child rather than a partner. For some reason, Michael thinks he's the one who is owed an apology from his wife while following that up with yet another threat to shut down the event because he's the one in charge. As Ashley fights back tears in a supply closet, it's clearer than ever before that her husband holds all the power - not only at the restaurant but in their relationship as well.

However, the show must go on and, as guests and critics arrive for the event, Ashley has no choice but to put on a brave face. The rest of the Housewives show up as well, and Robyn's the first to admit that ambushing her meddling frenemy last week got ugly and she's come to show her support. The event begins and as comment cards get passed around with the new menu items, the drama shifts gears to the bad blood between 'Wives. Ashley attempts to apologize to Charrisse for their dust-up while shopping for dresses, (you know, the one where Sha Sha threatened that she was "'bout five seconds from f*cking [Ashley] up?"), but Charrisse holds her ground that the younger Housewife had no business sticking her nose into everyone else's relationships. 

Ashley calls out what she sees as the rest of the ladies' hypocrisy - specifically that Gizelle can blurt out the fireman rumor about Charrisse on WWHL but she can't spill the tea she heard about Juan dating other people. Fairly, Robyn points out that this isn't the first time Ashley's dug up dirt on her personal life (last season's "$25 in their bank account" Google gossip drama, anyone?) and questions how genuine Ashley's entire 'being a concerned friend' act is. However, when Karen steps in and asks what is going on in Ashley's personal life to make her behavior so messy, the pot stirrer finally caves and admits to all the issues going on with her marriage, the restaurant and her blow-up with Michael. Finally, Little Miss Ashley has a moment of self-awareness, recognizing that she's taking her personal turmoil out on the other women and everyone finally understands what's been going on. Ultimately, the episode still ends on a questionable note, with Ashley admitting in her confessional that if Michael continues to disrespect and diminish her, the relationship will still be over...

What did you think of this week's RHOP? Will Ashley and Michael's relationship survive owning a restaurant? Do Ashley's personal issues justify or excuse her meddling in the lives of her friends? Would you eat Australian food?? Let me know in the comments below!

RHOP Ssn 2/Ep 7 Recap - Over the River and Thru the Woods

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, Karen shares a powerful secret with the world while Robyn confronts Ashley for spreading rumors. Plus, Juan drops a shocking bombshell off-camera and Monique's attempt to make amends with Gizelle hits an ice cold dead end. Read on for a full recap of all the inspiring and intense moments...

Was it in the new girl's contract that Bravo had to film at every one of her four houses? We start this week at Monique Samuels' original home in Ashburn, Virginia, where the rookie tells us all about how she needs two executive assistants to help in her role as "property manager" for all of the houses she and Chris own. But long before she starts lecturing her cousin/second assistant on work ethic and just how high her standards are, I've already tuned out. Child, please.

Meanwhile, Karen Huger is meeting with the founder of PAVE, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering victims of sexual abuse, violence and rape. Recounting her visit to a self-defense class last season before sending her daughter Rayvin off to college, the grande dame is ready to take her advocacy a step further by revealing to the world that she was raped as a college student. Now she's ready to use her platform as a way to shine the spotlight on PAVE's mission and help empower other survivors of rape by speaking at one of the nonprofit's events.

Robyn Dixon is still fuming over Ashley Darby spreading the rumor that her ex-husband Juan is seeing other people. Now that she's had time to think about the situation, Robyn's ready to confront Ashley and what better way to do it than ambushing little miss pot-stirrer at Oz with Gizelle Bryant as backup? Storming into the restaurant, Robyn delivers her message to Ashley loud and clear: shut your mouth and stay out of her business. Feeling backed into a corner, Ashley defensively fires back that no one can keep her from saying whatever she wants and the conversation quickly escalates into a shouting match with Robyn getting the younger 'Wife's face, finger pointing included. As Ashley forces the towering blonde besties to leave her restaurant, Gizelle can't help but stick up for Charrisse Jackson Jordan, who's also been at the receiving end of Ashley running her mouth. Reminding Ashley point blank that Sha Sha will drag her "over the river and through the woods," Gizelle storms out after Robyn - but not before getting in one last (hilarious) dig by shouting "who's eatin' emu?!?" to the crowded bar full of stunned onlookers. As Gizelle pointed out, maybe Ashley will focus on her own failing restaurant and failing marriage before diving into the other 'Wives' relationships next time...

 While Charrisse has a heart-to-heart with her youngest daughter about her crumbling relationship with estranged husband Eddie, Gizelle and Karen are out doing some good old-fashioned community service. Of course, in between planting flowers the grande dame has massive amounts of tea to spill and she promptly informs Gizelle of Monique labeling her a "stuck up trick" after the game night fiasco. Naturally, this is news to Gizelle, who had already been kicked out of the party by the time Motormouth Monique started running her mouth and now that it's noted, she is officially done with the new girl.

Far from Potomac, Robyn is hard at work putting the finishing touches on organizing Juan's youth basketball camps. However, when she starts to run down the list of to-do items with her ex-husband, the retired NBA star snaps back at her, clearly in a foul mood. Then, out of nowhere, Juan drops a bomb off-camera, admitting to a producer that if it wasn't for the kids he and Robyn share together, he'd be "gone already." Sitting obliviously in the kitchen while Juan admits just one room away that he wants to "share [his] life with somebody" must be slightly devastating for Robyn to watch back, but it's becoming increasingly clear at this point that both she and Juan want something more than their current not-together-but-kind-of situation.

Enter Charrisse, who takes it upon herself to introduce Robyn to her therapist Dr. Jeff over lunch a few days later. Robyn has been vocally resistant to therapy in the past, insisting she doesn't need fixing. But as Dr. Jeff reminds her that she deserves to be happy just like everyone else in the world, Robyn breaks down in tears and later admits that maybe therapy could help break down the guard she so permanently put up after Juan cheated and move forward towards real happiness.

The evening of Karen's PAVE event finally arrives and all the women don their best gowns and sequined dresses for the occasion, unaware that the event will be much more significant than a typical Potomac charity gala. Karen is visibly nervous at the thought of sharing her story with the other 'Wives and, by association, the entire world and made all the ladies promise to be on their best behavior for a drama-free night. Therefore, Ashley tiptoes around Gizelle and Robyn and makes small talk involving the word "libations" before making a hasty retreat.

CNN anchor Don Lemon, another survivor of sexual abuse, gives a moving speech before Karen is introduced as the evening's final speaker. With the rest of the women looking on, an emotional Karen bravely shares her story of being raped as a college student and her dedication to helping empower other victims and survivors to speak out and break the stigma of sexual violence. It's a vulnerable, powerful moment that presents the grande dame of Potomac in a whole new light. Bravo, Karen for your courage and choice to use the Housewives platform so responsibly!

As the 'Wives leave the PAVE event, Monique and Ashley pull Charrisse and Gizelle aside and it's back to the drama. First, Ashley attempts to engage Charrisse in conversation, but quickly gets shut down when Sha Sha won't even look in her direction. Then, Monique sets her sights on Gizelle, putting her phone in the OG's face and requesting her number so they can have a chat some time soon. Of course, no one tells Gizelle Bryant to do anything, so this move on Monique's part does nothing but backfire as her nemesis icily stares her down and refuses to give out her number. Looks like a reconciliation between either pair of feuding 'Wives will be happening any time soon. Better luck next time...

What did you think of this week's RHOP? How powerful was Karen sharing her story? Were Robyn and Gizelle right to ambush Ashley at Oz? Did Juan's off-camera confession surprise you? And how should Monique have approached Gizelle to make up? Let me know in the comments!

RHOP Ssn 2/Ep 6 Recap - Messy Games

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, the rumor mill around Potomac causes huge question marks about Robyn and Juan's relationship. Plus, Charrisse gives Ashley and her meddling ways a piece of her mind. Read on for a full recap of all the drama - from the dress shop showdown to the unexpected "Juan-tervention"...

We pick up smack dab in the middle of Monique Samuels' game night. Gizelle Bryant has made her exit after being kicked out of her new nemesis' home, so the drama sets its sights on a new target. And with Ashley Darby spilling tea to all the other women that her ex-husband Juan may be dating other people, it seems that target is Robyn Dixon. Poor Robyn walks right into a conversation about her as Ashley fills Karen Huger and Charrisse Jackson Jordan in on the gossip and manages to maintain her composure on account of the fact that Juan is sitting at the card table just a few steps away. Charrisse steps up for her friend by pointedly advising Little Miss Ashley to focus on her own relationship instead of digging once again into Robyn's, but the youngest 'Wife fires back that Charrisse is the one who's stayed in a miserable long-distance marriage for years and might not be an expert on happy relationships. Ouch. Before the shouting can devolve into even more chaos, Monique breaks up the conversation by dragging everyone onto the dance floor to end the night. Everyone, that is, except for Juan, who opts to sit back and watch Robyn get down with the other women and their husbands from the sidelines.

Back in Potomac, Karen and her husband meet with their real estate agent to discuss the progress on selling their Potomac home. It turns out the grande dame's mansion has lingered on the market without a single bite, which has prompted the selling agent to lower the price below $2 million and contemplate holding a dreaded open house to stir up interest in the Hugers' outdated kitchen. No surprise, Karen is deeply offended by all of this and refuses to allow "bottom-feeders" to traipse through her home during an open house. Shudder at the thought! But does the grande dame not understand that she can't control who actually purchases her house when she's the one who's leaving it behind?

The next day, Gizelle rehashes the game night drama with her friend Kal while Charrisse meets Ashley to go gown shopping for ball-and-gala season. Sha Sha is still fired up about Ashley's insensitive meddling at game night and isn't afraid to put the former pageant queen on blast. Charrisse accuses the "little girl" of spreading lies about Robyn and Juan and once again questions her bizarre need to constantly put her nose in everyone's business. Ashley claps back that all Charrisse ever wants to talk about is her failing marriage and she's sick of seeing Sha Sha cry all the time. At this point, Charrisse makes it crystal clear that she's "about five seconds from f***ing [Ashley] up," prompting the younger 'Wife to storm out of the dress shop in anger with Charrisse lobbing insults at her back.

While Robyn and Juan do radio interviews to promote their upcoming youth basketball camps, Monique and her husband Chris meet with their pastor and his realtor wife to sign the papers on house #5, a $4.75 million Potomac mansion. More importantly, Monique is in serious need of some spiritual guidance regarding her feud with Gizelle. She gets teary-eyed (and a little bit pouty) as she explains how tired she is of being judged for having four houses and a rich athlete for a husband, but her pastor reminds her that she's the one who needs to apologize to Gizelle for calling her a "stuck-up trick." Your move, Monique!

Finally, the episode ends with Charrisse and Gizelle sitting Robyn down for a private intervention regarding her relationship with Juan. No one knows whether to believe the rumors Ashley is spreading about Juan and a side piece and Gizelle asks point blank how the gossip made Robyn feel. Robyn claims the kids come first to the ex-couple, but that doesn't answer the will-they/won't-they question of Robyn and Juan's relationship. Once again, the PR maven reiterates that her ex-husband would like them to be in a relationship, but puts the onus on herself for still having a wall up about taking that step. Charrisse reminds her friend of the years she and Eddie have wasted being unhappily tied to each other. The point is this: if Robyn is fine with where she and Juan are at, then her friends need to trust her judgement. She may not have a plan for the future, but eventually something has to give, right?

What did you think of this week's RHOP? Were Gizelle and Charrisse right to sit Robyn down for a "Juan-tervention?" Is Ashley's meddling causing too many problems? Let me know in the comments section below!