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Real Housewives

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RHOBH Season 7 Premiere Recap - Stronger Than Ever

Glenn Rowley


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back for Season 7! Having suffered from a severe case of OC burnout and snoozing through a very stale Atlanta, I'm ecstatic my glittering and sophisticated Beverly Hills beauties have returned - and (hopefully) without a trace of last year's messy M-word slog. (I refuse to write it.) But before laying out the recap of the premiere, let's grade the new taglines, shall we?


We have a brand new intro, with the 'Wives sparkling in their best glittery, gold (and the lightest pink) palette. As a group, the ladies' taglines this season are strong and memorable, and I'm giving my vote for best of the bunch to miss Erika Girardi for "I may be two people, but I'm not two-faced." Not only does it perfectly capture the dual nature of her alter ego Erika Jayne, but it wins most improved from last season's enigmatic, cash-wrapped riddle. Thoughts on the others: Lisa Vanderpump boldly asserts her status as queen bee of Beverly Hills, but I fear that the moment the crown is acknowledged atop her head is the moment it doesn't deserve to be there any longer. Lisa Rinna's is characteristically aggressive but I really like it for a couple of reasons: first, she's moved on from referencing her lips and second, the "hustler" double entendre is so tongue-in-cheek I can barely handle it. Eileen Davidson leans on a well-worn idiom with the "hear/speak/see no evil" reference, but it pretty perfectly communicates her place in the cast as the kind, observant voice of reason. Newbie Dorit Kemsley seems defensive of her (faux?) accent but looks stunningly pretty, so maybe it's a draw? And last but certainly not least, Kyle Richards revealed during the season's press tour that her new tagline actually came from the mind of a fan, but now I just need to know who she's identifying as the resident "fake" in this year's cast...


It's perfect that Erika has my favorite tagline because the premiere opens on her birthday! Miss Jayne is turning the big 4-5 and while she jokes that it's all downhill from here, the diva seems better than ever. Her life as pop star Erika Jayne has absolutely exploded in the last year (thanks in large part to the Housewives platform) and her massively successful lawyer hubby Tom has lovingly gifted her with an original Chagall painting AND a $78,500 Panthère de Cartier ring - her second of three by the way. Seems like entering into your mid-forties isn't so bad when you're Erika Girardi.


Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle and their husbands meet newcomer Dorit and her husband PK Kemsley for dinner at Pump. The new 'Wife is a friend of LVP's, who's known her talent manager husband for longer than he and Dorit have even been married. PK happens to be the manager for iconic 80s pop star Boy George, who also happens to be the Kemsleys' permanent houseguest and godfather to their four-month-old daughter. (This connection instantly endears her to Kyle, who just finished competing on the new Trump-less season of Celebrity Apprentice with the singer.) From the looks of it, Dorit lives a luxuriously charmed life, with a full-time staff that includes a baby nurse, multiple nannies, three housekeepers and an assistant. It's a brief introduction but my first impression is very positive. This newbie is drop dead pretty and I like what she's bringing to the show - affected quasi-European accent and all.


The next day, Kyle meets Erika and Eileen for a separate lunch where topics ranging from family tragedy and death to TV pilots and Housewives drama are on the menu. Eileen reveals that her mother passed away right before the Season 6 reunion, but the only 'Wife she told was bestie Lisa Rinna because she didn't want the news to affect the rest of the women's behavior toward her on the couches. Kyle's career continues to take off with the development of American Woman, a new show  on TV Land based on her life as a 70s child star. Kyle also brings up the lingering issues Lisa Vanderpump is holding onto with Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. However, I agree with Kyle that we never need to hear the words "manipulative," "own it," or that other "hauschen mauschen" m-word ever again so let's just leave it at that. 


For her birthday, Erika is throwing a raucous Studio 54-themed bash, complete with Pussy Control of Prince-adjacent fame taking names at the velvet rope. The 'Wives are all decked out in sequins and big hair - Rinna's sporting a long wig, LVP's in a sky-high half-pony and the birthday girl is rocking a waist-high slit - but the tension is palpable as Erika's party is the first time they've all been together since the reunion. Eileen gives Erika the guest part of her choice on The Young and the Restless, which officially makes the soap actress the best gift-giver in the history of birthdays. Lisa Vanderpump makes the rounds to introduce Dorit to the group but doesn't seem all too pleased when her nemesis Eileen engages in warm, friendly conversation with her pal. 


LVP exchanges awkward pleasantries with Lisa Rinna, including a jab by the Vanderpump about ripping her frenemy's wig off and Rinna warning Dorit not to put too much stock in the OG's opinions of her and the other 'Wives. However, in the end Lisa Rinna sees the interaction as a step in the right direction. At least the Lisas are back to playfully ribbing each other. That has to count for something, right? To me, Lisa Rinna has the right attitude: life is too short for petty squabbles and she's letting last year's drama go, regardless of LVP's steely ability to hold a grudge. As the women hit the dance floor to the tune of Erika's single "PAINKILLR," Lisa Vanderpump vows that she's coming back to the group stronger than ever. I have a feeling the same can be said for this fresh, new season in the 90210. 

Are you as happy as I am that RHOBH is back? Do you think the 'Wives can really let last year's drama go? What was your first impression of Dorit? Let me know in the comments below!

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 24 - Secrets Revealed

Glenn Rowley


After a three-part reunion, this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wraps up with the Secrets Revealed episode. In never-before-seen footage from the Bravo vaults, we see the Housewives conquer parenting challenges, cope with health issues (including botox injections) and release their inner bad girls. Read on for a full recap of all the surprising and hilarious moments...


The Secrets Revealed episode kicks off with a few more questions from the Season 6 reunion. Andy Cohen presses Kyle Richards on her newly-remodeled closet that takes up an entire room of her house, asks Erika Girardi whether she really uses the amazing chapel in her home (the answer is yes) and questions whether Lisa Vanderpump's swans fulfill the stereotype that the birds can be viciously mean. LVP claims that, despite the biting incident that happened on-camera, Hanky and Panky are both tame, but it's a different story when it comes to the other six swans that greet visitors at Villa Rosa. Plus, the veritable zoo of animals had to adjust to the additions of Diamonds and Rosé this year, the pair of miniature horses Lisa V. got Ken Todd for his 70th birthday. 


Speaking of animals, Kyle's daughter Portia has added horseback riding to her list of childhood accomplishments. Kyle's enrolled her youngest in lessons where she not only learns to ride the horses, but is also responsible for everything from grooming and feeding the animals to cleaning their horseshoes. As a naturally curious seven-year-old, Portia has a wide variety of interests she wants to explore, and horseback riding is just the newest fascination behind acting and playing the piano. As Kyle points out in her confessional, the key to successful parenting is exposing Portia to as many positive opportunities as possible until she finds something that makes both her and Kyle happy.


At the reunion, Erika revealed the music video for her latest Erika Jayne single, "How Many F***s?" and in never-before-seen footage, we get to see more of the rehearsal from her gig in San Diego. With the help of her creative director Mikey Minden, Erika and her bevy of attractive back-up dancers block the show, practicing everything from choreography to all the lighting and sound cues for the performance. Erika explains in her confessional that while she's good at performing, she's constantly working to improve. After all, no pop star is born a superstar and it has taken a lot of work to become Erika Jayne. However, I keep getting distracted during this inspirational monologue as her gorgeous dancers start taking off their shirts and gyrating to the music. Also, for the record, I'm dying to get my hands on one of those official Erika Jayne tank tops. I love her so much I would literally wear it every single day if I could.


Next, we get a trio of scenes focused on healthcare. While Lisa Rinna plays nurse when her daughter Amelia Gray gets her tonsils removed, Yolanda Foster is busy going to her appointment with a holistic doctor to treat her Lyme disease. Dr. Kang seems to be the Beverly Hills version of Shannon Beador's trusty Dr. Moon on RHOC, and he does muscle testing with Yolanda to determine which medicines and treatments she should be taking. Then, Lisa Vanderpump tricks Ken into visiting a cosmetic dermatologist under the guise of getting her shoulders checked for skin cancer. However, the real reason for the appointment is so that Ken can get some botox in his face. As LVP points out in her confessional, if you don't need botox when you're 70 years old, when will you need it? Ken rather grudgingly lets the doctor stick a needle in his face because as long as Lisa's happy, nothing else matters, right?


This leads into a pair of scenes featuring Housewives and their daughters. First, Gigi Hadid crashes a sit-down between Yolanda and David Foster and the Girardis. During the conversation, the supermodel quickly connects with Erika's husband Tom over his work as a high-profile plaintiff's attorney - the most successful in the country, in fact. Before she got distracted by her career as the biggest supermodel in the world, Gigi was studying criminal law and psychology at NYU, and Yolanda maintains that she could see her oldest daughter returning to university in a few years to complete her degree. Tom promises to take Gigi on a trip to the courthouse soon, that is, after she comes back from her upcoming modeling shoot in Australia. Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna is starting to play momager to her oldest daughter Delilah Belle. Following Yolanda's formula, Rinna finally let Delilah try modeling after she turned 17, and the mother and daughter peruse some of her latest test shots. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I can't quite shake the feeling that Lisa Rinna desperately wants to use the show as a platform to help turn her daughters into the next Gigi and Bella. Do you agree?


Meanwhile, Kyle is stuck in a bit of a parenting mess. Apparently, Portia managed to inadvertently rack up a five-digit credit card bill while playing a game on the iPad. Guess those coins she was buying for the game cost actual money...oops. Like any seven-year-old, Portia is terrified of what her dad will do when he finds out, despite Kyle, Farrah and Sophia's insistence that Mauricio won't even be mad. In her confessional, Kyle explains that she and Mauricio never really have to discipline their kids. Yes, they put them in time out as toddlers, but as the girls got older, it became more about having a discussion about the mistake they made and what they can learn from it to not do it again. According to Kyle, Mauricio has the patience of a saint, and has never once lost his temper with any of the girls. It's so sad to watch Portia bawling her eyes out in fear, though, and my biggest question is this: did Kyle get her money back?


One of my favorite parts of the dynamic between the 'Wives this season was how much of a fan Eileen Davidson was of Erika and her pop star alter ego. In a pair of scenes from the Bravo vault, we get to see the two continue to bond as Erika visits the soap star on the set of The Young and the Restless and takes her shopping to release her inner "Eileen Jayne" with some sexy swimwear. (We also get a juxtaposed scene of Lisa Rinna and Kathryn Edwards shopping, but I have the feeling it was only included for the express reason that without it Kathryn would've been entirely absent from the episode. She's rocking that orange shift dress, though.) On the soap opera set, Eileen hatches a plan to get Erika a bit part on the show, maybe as a nun, and while buying her a swimsuit, Erika opines that many of the women underestimate just how cool Eileen actually is. I wholeheartedly second this opinion! Eileen Davidson is low-key the absolute coolest of all the 'Wives in Beverly Hills, and if you disagree you're wrong.


The Secrets Revealed episode ends with some extra footage from the trip to the Hamptons, with the 'Wives returning to their vacation house after Kyle's pop-up shop event. Over glasses of wine in the backyard, the women try to get Lisa Vanderpump to admit what makes her cry at night, but the British OG would rather talk about what makes everyone laugh. Erika then turns the conversation to the Househusbands of Beverly Hills, admitting to Lisa Rinna the major crush she had on Harry Hamlin in Clash of the Titans. Rinna rightfully opines that the 90210 is filled with some serious eye candy in the husband department, and Erika tells the women the story of how she and Tom met and fell in love. It's a nice button on the episode, and the season, and on that lovely note, Season 6 of RHOBH has officially come to an end.

What did you think of this year's Secrets Revealed episode? Are you sad the season is over or are you glad to see it go? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 21 - Reunion Part 1

Glenn Rowley


After a grueling season full of confrontations, manipulations and scandalizing accusations, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finally sit down with Andy Cohen to rehash their dramatic and fascinating sixth season. In the first part of the three-party reunion, the ladies of the 90210 debate everything from O.J. Simpson and the fabulousness that is Erika Jayne to the end of Yolanda's marriage and the shocking allegations made against her Lyme disease. Read on for my full break-down of all the drama from Part 1...

On the Couches


First, let's overanalyze the seating arrangement on the couches. This was going to be fairly controversial regardless of where anyone sat, and about halfway through the season I wondered if Bravo might actual break out three couches to make clear the real alliances in this season's almost maddeningly complex dynamic. Essentially, Bravo's job was to place three different loyal pairs in the most effective formation possible: Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson and Yolanda Foster and Erika Girardi, with Kathryn Edwards as a kind of free agent. Ultimately, they settled on the left couch being Lisa V, Kyle Eileen and Erika and Lisa R., Eileen and Kathryn on the right. It's interesting to note that with LVP in the prime spot next to Andy, this marks the first reunion in six seasons that Kyle hasn't been seated in the coveted position. She also has the somewhat unenviable position of acting as a buffer between sworn enemies Vanderpump and Yolanda. Yo's placement is also somewhat surprising - some viewers speculated that she would get one of the center spots on the couches because of how her storyline dominated so much of the season. (The third spot on the left couch is also the seat she's occupied in three of her four reunions on the would've been downright revolutionary to see her on the right couch for once!)


However, looking at the bigger picture, Yolanda is in the place that actually makes the most amount of sense. In just one season, Lisa Rinna's lips have gotten her promoted from the very end of the right couch all the way to the center spot next to Andy. As her unwavering ally and BFF, it's expected that Eileen is next to her with newbie Kathryn rounding things out on the end. After how much gossip Lisa Rinna spread throughout the season about Yolanda, her Lyme disease and the dreaded m-word (which we'll get to in a minute), there is absolutely no way Yo would be sitting anywhere on that side of Andy.

Ranking the Housewives' Looks


The ladies of Beverly Hills are giving us some serious springtime vibes for this reunion, and my vote for best dressed easily goes to Erika for her glittering gold Balmain minidress. The seductive songstress's style has been absolute perfection all season and she continues her hot streak at the reunion by looking like she just walked out of an Erika Jayne music video. The others are a mixed bag. Lisa Vanderpump looks fabulous in her metallic Tom Ford dress, but gets docked points for it being a near-exact copy of Erika's confessional look from the season as Andy so shadily pointed out. Lisa Rinna's dusty pink Victoria Beckham frock would've looked lovely on its own, but pales next to Eileen's bright pop of red. Green is certainly Kathryn's color, but the cut of her dress is more than a bit conservative for a Housewives reunion - a friend of mine thought she looked like she was going to traffic court. Kyle's look is a total miss for me - the horizontal stripes of green cut her in the most unflattering places and she's too short to pull off the style. Love her shoes though. As for Yolanda, I get that she was going for something slightly edgy and abstract, but I'm almost positive that dress was thrown together with ACE bandages and nylon material. Erika wins the award for best dressed far and away. 

The Business of Being Erika Jayne


The newbie is also the first 'Wife in the hot seat as a package of clips from the season plays dedicated to the double life of Erika Jayne - devoted wife by day, pop vixen by night. She points out that being on the show has brought her alter ego a whole new level of notoriety - when Erika Jayne once existed only in the gay nightclub scene, she's now being broadcast into living rooms across America on a weekly basis. Even forty-something women are coming up to her on the street and asking her to "pat the puss." (For the record, Erika didn't invent the dance move, it comes from the music of Caribbean and Jamaican dancehall.) However, there's also a whole other side to Erika we didn't see this season. The woman who gave us "PAINKILLR" also happens to be a mother to a twenty-something-year-0ld police officer in the LAPD. Erika explains that she and her son are both completely supportive of each other in their respective careers.


After showing Andy and the ladies how to "pat the puss," Erika also takes some time to defend herself from some of the incredibly misdirected haters. When one viewer calls her music videos pornographic, she claps back that while poor Mary from Provo, Utah may have given up in life, Erika Jayne has not. Yaaaas hunty! As for anyone who questions the dynamic of her marriage to famed attorney Tom Girardi, Erika insists that being respectful to her husband does not mean she's "subservient" to him. Besides, it's been working for over 17 years now so the relationship basically speaks for itself. Bye haters!

The End of Yolanda & David


Switching gears, Andy turns his focus to Yolanda for what's sure to be the first of many times during this reunion. Addressing the biggest elephant in the room, Andy tries getting Yo to open up about the demise of her marriage to super-producer and musical legend David Foster. However, while citing her chronic illness as a major contributing factor in the end of their marriage, Yolanda remains fairly tight-lipped about the actual cause of the couple's divorce. She has only good things to say about her ex, insisting that people shouldn't criticize him for seemingly abandoning her in her time of need.


Lisa Vanderpump takes a turn subbing in as the reunion's host by peppering Yolanda with a string of questions about her relationship with David. Was the marriage crumbling during filming? Did she know or was she blindsided? Was David the reason she was crying the night of her dinner party at Wally's? Yolanda insists that nothing happened until November 2, the night the couple got in a disagreement weeks after filming had ended. (Keep in mind they announced their divorce on December 1, 2015.) Andy does get Yolanda to admit to being blindsided by the end of the marriage, saying she would have preferred to get completely healthy and start working on their issues. Yo tries to put a pin in the discussion by saying she doesn't want to analyze her marriage, but does admit that if she had been healthy, she and David would probably still be together. The other women all express their dismay at the sudden end of Yo's marriage as well, with Erika refusing to comment on whether Yolanda confided in her out of respect for their friendship. As for what her future holds, Yo predicts that she won't ever get married again - the most important thing to her now is getting to the finish line of her recovery from Lyme disease and supporting Gigi, Bella and Anwar as they take over the worlds of modeling and fashion.

Kathryn vs. Faye Resnick & the O.J. Simpson Trial


Up next in the hot seat is Erika's fellow newbie Kathryn, who arrived eight episodes into the season in a cloud of O.J. Simpson-related controversy. Though she's now married to Donnie Edwards, the undisputed hottest husband in the Bravoverse, the former model was once married to Simpson's best friend and teammate Marcus Allen. Because of this connection to the Trial of the Century, Kathryn had a scandalous history with Kyle's friend and recurring cast member Faye Resnick. To refresh your memory, here's the quick backstory. At the time of the grisly double murder, Faye was best friends with Nicole Brown Simpson, and had even been living in her guest house up until a few days before the killings took place. During the trial, Faye published a scandalous tell-all about Nicole's life titled Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, n which she alleged that Kathryn's husband Marcus had an illicit affair with Nicole, to which the rookie Housewife turned a knowingly blind eye. Because of these scandalous allegations, both Kathryn and her then-husband were unwillingly dragged into the trial and the glaring spotlight that came with it.


This long-brewing history between the two women came to a head when Kathryn joined the show, putting her at odds with both Faye and OG Kyle. Despite how her friend came across on the show, Kyle sticks up for an absent Faye on the couch, insisting that viewers (and her fellow 'Wives) don't know the real Faye at all. Andy stirs the pot by saying that Kathryn seemed to chicken out over confronting Faye at Kyle's BBQ, but the newbie states that she merely decided to be the bigger person and rise above the more than two decades-worth of ill feelings between the two. Kathryn maintains that what Faye wrote about her took a toll on her life, her marriage and her friendships, but a protective Kyle shoots back that while she may think she had a hard time, the new 'Wife has no idea what Faye has gone through. However, Kathryn suggests that Faye brought it on herself by writing the book in the first place, and refuses to back down or "discount" what she experienced by being dragged into the ordeal. Then Kathryn drops a bombshell: she and Marcus were actually married at O.J.'s house after he and Nicole had divorced! The conversation moves on to Kathryn joking about Lisa Rinna having an eating disorder and opening up about her father's suicide, and it looks like we may never get any final resolution to this gripping and fascinating O.J. drama...

Munchausen Manipulations


Finally, Andy brings up the season-long storyline of Yolanda's illness and the Munchausen accusations that were brought up by Lisa Rinna early in the season. After showing a package of clips, Andy opens the topic up for discussion and the 'Wives immediately jump into Yo's "sick selfies" on Instagram and debating who said what and when. However, one thing all the women want to clarify is that they never doubted whether she had Lyme disease, they just wondered if other things could be contributing to it. Yolanda concedes that when a friend gets sick it's normal to ask questions, while also calling her battle with Lyme disease her "full-time job."


Lisa Rinna is forced to address her comments during the season that Yolanda using her illness to her advantage and immediately starts backtracking. However, despite Rinna suddenly trying to be copacetic about the situation, Yolanda says she is cautious about her friendships with the women and claims her frenemy had absolutely no basis for spreading the gossip and lies she did all season. To Yolanda, the women's constant questioning and throwing words like "Munchausen" out into the universe called into question her personal character and integrity on a global platform in front of millions of people. And as we know from her Season 5 tagline, to Yolanda "character isn't what you have, it's who you are." However, Lisa Rinna tries once again to shift the blame by pointing the finger at Lisa Vanderpump for manipulating her into bringing up the Munchausen issue. In fact, she's brought a folder of evidence to back up her claims against LVP, including a list of phone records to show 10 calls between them in the early part of the season.


The most unintentionally hilarious moment comes when Yolanda incredulously asks Lisa Rinna how she possibly could have faked her medical records if she really had Munchausen. Yolanda, darling, just head down to Orange County and ask Brooks Ayers. It's not that difficult but millions of viewers will catch you on it and your reputation will be forever ruined. Lisa Rinna continues to get riled up against LVP, revealing that the entire plan was set in motion at her birthday party in the season premiere. According to her story, when Yolanda showed up without any makeup and Lisa Vanderpump's husband Ken commented on how bad she looked, Lisa Rinna's husband Harry Hamlin jumped to Yo's defense by stating that she was sick and admonishing the cast to stand by her. At that point, LVP apparently snapped her fingers and proclaimed "there goes our f---ing storyline." Never mind that this story directly conflicts with what Lisa Rinna said on Heather Dubrow's podcast early in the season, Lisa Vanderpump obviously denies the story, pointing out that cameras were there the entire night and would've caught the moment on film had it happened. The two Lisas continue to argue back and forth until Yolanda can't take it anymore, tearfully walking off set and barricading herself in a dressing room as Part 1 of the reunion ends...

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 12 - Hearing Problems

Glenn Rowley


This week's episode kicks off back in San Diego and Kathryn Edwards invites the 'Wives to her and Donnie's house for lunch before heading back to Beverly Hills. The Edwards split their time between their condo in Brentwood and the San Diego property, which is absolutely gorgeous - with a built-in infrared sauna and an oven vent made of imported stone from Jerusalem. As a viewer, I'm really in love with Kathryn's home in San Diego, so much in fact, that I actually made a point to tweet about that Jerusalem stone during my live-tweet of the episode. Ridiculous, I know, but I basically want to live in that kitchen.


Over lunch, Eileen Davidson immediately puts the question of who told Yolanda Foster out on the table - it's time to get to the bottom of this. Erika Girardi finally comes clean that she relayed to Yo the conversation Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump were having about Bella and Anwar's Lyme disease. And with that, Erika deftly changes the conversation to how great the salad is and whether or not Lisa Rinna actually eats. Naturally, this brings up last season's feud between Rinna and Kim Richards, which quickly snowballs into a conversation about Kim's substance abuse problems. Obviously, for the millionth time, this is not something Kyle wants to be discussed but I feel that every time Lisa Rinna has the opportunity to bash Kim, she takes it. At this point, it's just disrespectful and uncalled for - both to Kyle and Kim. If Lisa R. was really Kyle's friend or had any human compassion for Kim, she wouldn't be referring to her as a "f***ing lunatic" or a "rabid dog" in her confessionals or continuing to blatantly gossip about her in front of Kyle. Lisa Rinna's behavior is what's disgusting in this situation - not Kim's addiction. Thankfully, Erika and Kathryn step in to defend Kim and stick up for Kyle, who's so upset that she leaves the table.


Seeing the two newbies stand up for a former 'Wife they don't even know may seem random, but it makes me love the pair even more than I already do. Once Kyle excuses herself, followed by Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna continues to rehash her issues last season with Kim - from the poker night disaster all the way to the glass-shattering dinner in Amsterdam. However, Kathryn isn't about to put up with the harsh word choice and labels Lisa Rinna is insisting on using, particularly when the situation is over and Kim is seeking the help she needs. Eileen asks Kathryn why addiction is such a hot button issue for her, and the new 'Wife explains that her father committed suicide when she was 13 after a long battle with substance abuse. Wow. This just got even more real. Kathryn passionately explains that no one at that table has the right to label someone else's addiction that they, thankfully, know nothing about. Preach, Kathryn! When she and Lisa V. finally come back to the table, Kyle explains that she's finally taking baby steps in her relationship with Kim - they're talking and texting now! - so hearing negative talk about her sister makes her feel, rightfully, defensive and guilty. With that, this unexpectedly emotional lunch ends and it's time to head home to the Hollywood Hills. 


Back in Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne the pop star reverts back to Erika Girardi the housewife and invites Lisa V. and Ken on a double date, all in the midst of planning a Beverly Hillbillies-themed BBQ for the ladies. Over dinner at Chaya, the foursome seem to hit it off well, with LVP and Tom in particular trading sassy barbs across the table. Is Lisa Vanderpump's spirit animal really an alligator? Mr. Girardi seems to think so. Erika also fills Lisa in on her conversation from last week with Lisa Rinna about confessing to Yolanda. LVP tries to point out that Yolanda makes her Lyme disease very public on social media, and therefore invites scrutiny from not only the other women but the world at large. However, Erika is clearly loyal to Yo and isn't having any of that excuse. 


Meanwhile, Kyle is meeting a familiar face for lunch at Il Cielo: OG Housewife Adrienne Maloof! The pair laugh off the faux pas that they both wore the same shade of maroon and Adrienne reveals that she's now working on a skincare line...with her ex-husband Paul Nassif. What?? After their contentious divorce and the subsequent custody battle that followed, saying it's a miracle that Paul and Adrienne are getting along (let alone doing business together) is basically the understatement of the century. But it's a very welcome surprise - I was so distraught when they announced their separation at the end of Season 3, so it makes me genuinely happy to hear that the Bickersons have reached a better place in their relationship. 


After filling Kyle in on her life, Adrienne asks how things are between her and Kim, and Kyle can only describe it as a "rough year." Adrienne points out that the sisters' turbulent relationship has gone on at least since she has known them, (she was stuck in the middle of the infamous Season 1 limo fight after all), but advises Kyle to always keep the door open for a reconciliation. Adrienne also reveals that she's been in contact with Kim, which is definitely positive news. As Kyle tearfully opens up about Kim's struggles, Adrienne admits that it's difficult to see the pair of sisters go through such an intense and painful struggle, but reassures Kyle that things can get better between them.


The day of Erika's BBQ arrives and it's my kind of party - full of carnival games and her army of gay boys in tiny swimsuits. I firmly believe we should get more tastes of how Erika Jayne does things, please. She really is the Queen of Everything. On the way to the party, a glammed out Eileen fills Lisa Rinna in on her visit with Yolanda two days prior, and it turns out Yo is more than a little angry. Eileen explains that when Lisa R. spilled the Munchausen conversation, Yolanda didn't exactly understand what it meant. However, after Rinna left, she had her nurse read her the definition and boy is she fired up. Lashing out, Yolanda told Eileen that she easily could've labeled Lisa Rinna as unstable or bipolar after last year's Amsterdam trip, but she wouldn't sink that low. On her own limo ride with Kyle, Yolanda insists that she's coming to the party to have a good time, but warns that Lisa Rinna better not get her started because she won't hesitate to defend her integrity. Looks like a storm is headed for this BBQ...


As the women arrive, it's air kisses all around but the tension between Yolanda and Lisa Rinna is palpable in the air. After playing some carnival games and admiring the parade of half-naked men, Lisa R. calls a summit with all the 'Wives to get everything out in the open. She starts the conversation by saying she wishes Yo would've let her know if she had another problem with her, but Yolanda openly balks at this suggestion. Lisa Rinna really thinks Yo should've reached out to her after what Rinna put out in the universe about the M-word? But now that Yolanda knows the definition of Hauschen Mauschen, she's ready to go on the attack and another apology from Lisa Rinna simply isn't going to cut it. However, Yo also has some signals crossed, because she seems to think she's being accused of Munchausen by proxy, which refers to the abuse of a child for the purpose of gaining sympathy or attention for the abuser. When Lisa V. tries to step in and correct her, Yolanda explodes. However, Lisa Rinna isn't about to just sit back and take it, and she tries to defend herself by reiterating that she merely read the definition to Kyle and Lisa V. because she felt guilty for engaging in the conversation with someone. Yolanda accuses Rinna of falsely labeling her, just like she did to Brandi last season by calling her an alcoholic and heatedly explains that she thought the women she called her friends would be the ones to have her back on this journey instead of doubting her. Simply put, Yolanda finds the word Munchausen to be a massive insult to her integrity and Lisa Rinna was the one who started the chatter among the girls. 

Yolanda is officially fired up and demands that if Lisa Rinna has any balls, she tell her who accused her of having Munchausen syndrome. Lisa refuses, saying that it wouldn't be fair to the person and besides, it's not anyone Yolanda knows personally. At this, Erika explodes as well, screaming across the table at Lisa to tell Yo who said it. According to Erika, Yolanda has the right to confront her accuser. If someone's out there saying she has Munchausen, then who is it? By this point, the rest of the women start jumping into the fray, with Kyle trying to explain that people have questions because there are so many discrepancies and Eileen pointing out that Yo simply wants unconditional support from her friends. From the other 'Wives point of view, the bottom line is that they all care about Yolanda and want her to get better, no matter how convoluted the story seems. But at the end of the day, Yolanda just wants to know she's surrounded by a group of girls who will have her back, and so far she's not feeling that. The argument ends with Yo and Rinna hugging it out, but it feels as if this truce is simply putting a band-aid over the wound and ignoring the problem. Either way, it appears that the old Yolanda is back and in fighting form. 

What do you think? Did Yolanda have the right to be outraged at Lisa Rinna over the Munchausen conversation? Whose side are you on? Let me know in the comments!

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 6 - Hamptons, 90210

Glenn Rowley


Hamptons, here we come! You guys. I love the Hamptons. And I love the Hamptons on Bravo. The last time we saw the New York hotspot, the RHONY ladies were battling over dueling brunches and wearing lots of sweaters. Now, the ladies of Beverly Hills are heading there to celebrate Lisa Vanderpump's Bella Magazine cover and Kyle's pop-up shop. But first, a packing montage! While Portia's gleefully watching Kyle deal with collapsing clothing racks, Lisa Rinna is headed to Philadelphia to promote the Lisa Rinna Collection on QVC. 


Meanwhile, Erika is packing for her performance at Chicago's Gay Pride before meeting the women in the Hamptons. While Mikey Minden and her assistant essentially pack her plethora of costumes for her, Erika gives Mikey the low-down on the rumors surrounding the validity of Yolanda's illness. To the newbie, calling anyone's illness into question is not something a friend should do, and she calls for more compassion and mercy from the other 'Wives. In fact, she'll be stopping in Cleveland on her way home from the Hamptons to pick up Yo post-surgery in one of her TWO private planes. That's right, the Girardis have a little plane and a big plane. 


Lisa Vanderpump is packing too. (So much packing in this episode!) However, while she's deciding on what white and pink dresses to load into her luggage, Lisa has a much more pressing issue to talk about with Ken: Kim Richards was arrested for attempting to shoplift $600 worth of toys from Target. What?? When this news broke over the summer, I was completely shocked. I mean, Kim had just finished three months in treatment. What in the world is going on with her?? A stunned Lisa calls Kyle, who is rightfully devastated and so emotional that she can't even talk through her tears. Kyle explains in her confessional that she first heard about her sister's arrest when it was reported on TMZ. At the time, she and Kim weren't even on speaking terms, so the situation threw their already-fragile relationship into even more turmoil. Lisa points out that the family drama has reached a point where she thinks Kyle needs to focus on taking care of herself first and handling the chaos second. 


After Eileen and Vince bicker over a $500 dress (is it just me or does Vince come across as constantly grouchy this season?), Yolanda - the only 'Wife not going to the Hamptons - is getting ready to go under the knife in Cleveland. So much Ohio this season, am I right? Like who knew it was such a popular place in Beverly Hills? Yolanda jokes that after the surgery, she'll be a boobless, toothless, brainless wonder, which is exactly what David thought he was marrying. It's so uncomfortable watching scenes of David and Yolanda knowing now that their relationship was circling the drain during filming. In particular, seeing David grope Yo's breast during the car ride was a little stomach-turning. However, it won't be the worst thing we'll see by episode's end. Not by a long shot.


Erika, rocking a va-va-voom leopard print dress, convinces to take a break from conquering the legal world to meet for a quick lunch at The Palm. Seriously, I'm obsessed with that dress. While they're sipping on iced tea, their meal is interrupted by the chief of police coming to say hello. Being a Girardi means you have friends in high places within the community, and Erika points out the legal world is a very small circle. (Tell that to Making a Murderer.) Once Tom leaves to go back to the office, Erika chows down on a giant piece of chocolate cake and calls Lisa Vanderpump to let her know she won't make it to the Bella party because she's performing at Gay Pride in Chicago. Signing off with a playful "talk to you later diva," Erika shows yet again that she can go toe-to-toe with LVP in the sass department. I must say, I'm really loving this girl so far.


Next we get a quick (and kind of random) juxtaposition between Lisa Rinna hawking her clothing line at QVC in Philadelphia and Yolanda going through pre-op procedures with her explant surgeon, Dr. Feng. Lisa Rinna is in hog heaven in the QVC warehouse as she rubs elbows with fashion giants like Dennis Basso (who designed the bridesmaids dresses for Nicky Hilton's wedding) and legendary designer Isaac Mizrahi. Meanwhile, Yolanda says FaceTimes Gigi in Australia and says goodbye to David. The explant surgery ends up lasting for over seven hours, as Dr. Feng talks through the procedure with cameras and Daisy the health advocate in the operating room. Apparently, the leakage was so bad in that silicone granuloma had developed all the way up to her clavicle, under her arm and deep in her chest cavity, creating a constant immune response in Yolanda's body. Easily the worst part of this package was seeing Yo's bloody implant laid out on the table after it had been removed. Definitely not something I needed to see. But I used it as a visual in this recap to have it burned in all your brains anyway.


The other ladies finally arrive in the Hamptons for the small cast trip of the season, but Kyle and Eileen don't exactly receive the warmest welcome. After taking the red eye from LAX, they discover that the hotel the magazine has put them up in is the "hottest nightclub experience in Southampton," complete with nonstop music starting at 9 a.m. and partying by the pool right outside their rooms. On top of that, there's no room service or restaurants open. As I said while I was live-tweeting the episode, loud partying till 4 a.m. plus no food does not equal a relaxing vacation in the Hamptons. So, before Lisa Vanderpump even arrives, Mauricio has come to the rescue with a gorgeous house the ladies can rent for some peace, quiet and relaxation. Naturally, when Lisa Vanderpump arrives and discovers they've bailed on the hotel, she is none too happy. I don't quite understand why Eileen left a handwritten note at the front desk instead of just, ya know, shooting Lisa a text, but I do understand why they wanted to find a more comfortable place to stay. 


Once Lisa Rinna arrives after spending five hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic from Philadelphia, the ladies all throw on their best white looks and head to the Bella party to celebrate LVP's cover. Upon their arrival, Lisa Vanderpump confronts Kyle, Eileen and Lisa R. on the red carpet about ditching her at the hotel, but none of them are budging. And if LVP thinks they are being "high maintenance," maybe she should think back to all the times in the history of the show that she's complained about travel accommodations (Italy and Puerto Rico to name just a couple). Once the ladies grab cocktails and sit down, conversation turns to the situation with Kim. Clearly it's a sensitive topic that Kyle doesn't want to discuss, yet the 'Wives (particularly LVP) seem hellbent on bringing up Kim's issues at every turn. An exasperated Kyle tries once again to shut down the conversation surrounding her sister, explaining that she hasn't talked to Kim but of course is trying to do what she can to help. Lisa V. continues to press the issue by citing the $600 worth of toys, and Kyle quickly jumps to defend her sister, saying that she clearly was not of sound mind during the incident. Kyle ends the episode by questioning in her interview whether the other women want her to start bringing up all the topics they don't want discussed. Seriously, how about having a little more respect for a sensitive and hurtful family matter in Kyle's life...

Next week, more fun in the Hamptons and a Housewives crossover event with Bethenny Frankel!

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 5 - Will Power

Glenn Rowley


This week's episode starts off with Lisa Rinna dropping into Kyle by Alene Too. For her birthday, Mauricio generously offered to buy her any item she wants in Kyle's entire store and the hustling queen of the 90210 has come to collect. As she's perusing the store, Lisa Rinna reflects on Belle Gray, the boutique she opened in 2003, but closed when the recession hit and the store got robbed three times in six weeks. Meanwhile, Kyle's store continues to flourish: the new children's clothing she's selling is flying off the shelves and she even opened a pop-up shop in the Hamptons. She also mentions that Lisa V. landed the cover of Bella Magazine, and is being thrown a party to celebrate in the Hamptons, so they're making it a girls' weekend for all the 'Wives.  


Meanwhile, there's sickness all over in Beverly Hills, and it starts with a sickly pet swan. Apparently the former half of Hanky & Panky has come down with a stomach infection and Lisa Vanderpump wants to get him feeling better before she leaves for the East Coast. Ken awkwardly loads the temperamental bird into the Range Rover, escaping with only a few bites. He and Lisa take Hanky to the vet, at which point I'm wondering if the animal doctor was ever properly trained in goose-related stomach maladies. Apparently she was because next thing we know, Hanky's getting a tube of some foul-looking concoction shoved down his beak with the promise that he'll be all better soon.


To help integrate Erika to the group, Yolanda invites Kyle to go walking with them in the park. Fresh off her Canadian vacation with David, Yolanda seems to look and feel better. However, she makes a point to remind Kyle that the battle for her health is a day-to-day challenge, so on a day she's feeling good, she's going to take a walk in the park with her friends. In her interview, Kyle vows not to bring up Lisa Rinna's Munchausen's allegation from last week - that responsibility lies solely with Rinna's lips. Erika and Kyle seem to take to each other right away over their common interests and kids, while Yolanda brags about her friend's eight "disco hits." It's called the Billboard dance chart, Yo. As conversation turns inevitably to Yolanda's Lyme disease, Kyle brings up how she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and depression after her mom's passing, saying that often symptoms tend to mimic other diseases. Yolanda is quite to shut this topic down before it goes any further, saying in her interview that you can't compare Lyme disease with anything else. Yolanda wants Erika to meet the rest of the ladies before she leaves for her surgery in Cleveland. Apparently, an MRI showed silicone leakage on Yo's lymph nodes and in her chest cavity, so she's going to Ohio to have her implants and all the other silicone that's been leaking for years removed.


As the women debate the wisdom of breastfeeding with implants, Yolanda drops a bombshell: Bella and Anwar have both been diagnosed with Lyme disease as well, and have been struggling for the past two years. A baffled Kyle finds it improbable that three members of the same family would have been bitten by a tick, but Yolanda explains that with the family growing up on a ranch before their move to Malibu it's not too far-fetched. This revelation helps explain why Yo has been fighting so furiously to find a cure that works. Not only is she fighting for her own health, she's fighting for Bella's and Anwar's too.

In this week's TMI moment, Lisa Rinna gets her vagina and backside waxed on national television before heading off to Canada to meet Harry and the girls. And...thank goodness that's over now. If only I could destroy that image that has now been burned in my brain.


With Rinna off to the Great White North, Eileen invites Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump to come take a tour of the set for The Young and the Restless. Lisa Vanderpump is determined to pull an All About Eve and steal Eileen's role as Ashley Abbott for the day. Once she realizes showing the pair the costume section is like herding cats, Eileen takes them to her dressing room to help her run some lines. While Lisa butchers her attempt at reading lines, Kyle fills her and Eileen in on her walk with Erika and Yolanda. Since the conversation is out on the table once again, Lisa reiterates how uncomfortable the Munchausen's conversation was at her house. All three women are quick to defend Lisa Rinna - pointing out that she's not malicious nor is she creating gossip herself. However, all three also agree that if Lisa R. feels bad about what she said, she needs to tell Yolanda herself. 


A bit later, Yolanda and Erika arrive at the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills so the newbie can meet the rest of the women (minus Lisa Rinna) over drinks. Lisa Vanderpump arrives first and Erika greets her with a very formal handshake. Wait, is this a job interview? Lisa's first impression of Erika is that she might be a human Barbie doll - what, with her long blonde hair, short skirt and $189,000 Cartier panther ring. Erika immediately takes Lisa's wicked humor in stride as the OG tells her she can't come into the group wearing any pink. Everyone knows that's Lisa owns the color pink. Today Yolanda is feeling sick, yet she's out to drinks. Kyle brings up the news that Bella and Anwar both have the disease, which leaves Lisa utterly astounded. After all, she's known Yolanda's ex-husband Mohamed and the kids for years, and has never heard a thing about it. Hmm...not quite sure what to think about that. Soon enough, Yo is going to have everyone thinking they have Lyme disease - it'll be like Munchausen by proxy for friends!


Eileen arrives fresh from taping in a pretty teal dress and conversation turns to the upcoming Hamptons trip. Yolanda won't be able to come because of her surgery in Cleveland, but Kyle invites Erika to join them after she's finished performing at Gay Pride in Chicago. Erika, you're in girl. As the 'Wives get the new girl talking, they're increasingly intrigued by this flashy disco dance queen. As she explains her backstory, Erika spills the beans - her husband is 76 years old. The other ladies' poker faces upon hearing this tidbit of information are laughably terrible. No one can hide their shock at the 32-year age difference between Erika and Mr. Girardi. (Strangely, it seems from Erika's statement that she's in it for the long haul or she'll get half that the couple doesn't have a prenup. Weird for one of the most famous lawyers in America, right?) 


Once the 'Wives have given Erika an appropriately hard time, they start telling her about Ken's recent 70th birthday party, which leads Lisa to bring up Taylor Armstrong and her big mouth. Yolanda jumps on this, mentioning that she heard Taylor was questioning her Lyme disease at the party. The former 'Wife is chump change to Yolanda, who hasn't even seen her in over three years. Kyle tries to diffuse the rumor before it gains momentum, but Eileen manages to somehow misconstrue the conversation and starts bringing up Lisa Rinna's gossip, (thankfully without any mention of the M-word). As Eileen tip-toes around the subject while trying to defend Lisa Rinna, Kyle and Lisa V. are like a couple of deer in headlights. This gossip is news to Yolanda, and the other women are immediately on damage control, shutting down any hints of Lisa Rinna's "betrayal" while telling Yo that Lisa R. wants to set things straight and explain the situation herself. With no time for gossip about her condition, Yolanda excuses herself from the group and gracefully bows out, leaving the ladies worried that they crossed a line. 


Back in Malibu, Yolanda has gathered Gigi, Bella, Anwar and her mom for a serious talk before her surgery. After the kids lug a giant pot of soup up the hill behind their estate, Yo sits down with them and brings out a giant manila envelope with their names on it. It's Yolanda's will. Naturally, all three kids start getting emotional, bewildered at the idea that their mom thinks something could go wrong in the surgery. If she thinks she'll be fine, then why trot out the will? Yolanda tries to explain that she's simply preparing for all possible outcomes and wants to make sure her family is taken care of. She assures her now-scared family members that the surgeon she's going to in Cleveland has performed over 600 explant surgeries and nothing has ever happened. It's all going to be OK...right?