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Real Housewives

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RHONY S9/Ep 13 Recap - A Bronx Tale

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of New York City, Dorinda and Sonja face off over lunch in the Bronx to hilariously epic results. Plus, Bethenny takes all the 'Wives on a ski trip to Vermont, where Tinsley finds herself backed into a corner defending her life choices. Read on for a full recap of all the drama, confrontations and CLIP!-able moments...

And now for something completely different! In an effort to get the 'Wives out of their Upper East Side comfort zones, Bethenny Frankel organizes a lunch at Zero Otto Nove, the best Italian restaurant in the Bronx. (Fun fact from a New Yorker: the real Little Italy is the Bronx's Arthur Ave. Go check it out.) All of the women are invited other than Ramona Singer, for obvious reasons, and while a broad like Dorinda Medley fits right in to the restaurant's authentic wiseguy vibe, poor Tinsley Mortimer sticks out like a sore thumb in her black leggings, Mary Janes and prissy blonde curls. As the wine starts flowing, Bethenny proposes a ski trip to Vermont and all of the ladies jump at the chance, but everyone's thinking the same question: will Ramona be left out of the trip too?

Clearly the "salty broad" vibe of the Bronx starts rubbing off on the women because off-hand mention of Sonja Morgan's ill-fated Prosecco brand, Tipsy Girl, sets off the most hilarious fight of the season. First, Sonja claims that both Ramona and Dorinda wanted to get in on Tipsy Girl before she was approached by her BFF's former business partner, Peter Guimaraes. (You know, the guy Ramona went into business with on AOA Bar and Grill back in Season 7.) Dorinda shuts down this accusation, vehemently denying she ever wanted to be part of Tipsy Girl despite Peter reaching out to her multiple times. Sonja fires back that Dorinda's boyfriend John Mahdessian told Peter that Dorinda wanted to be involved with the brand and has the texts to prove it. Naturally, this sends Dorinda on a delightfully slurry rampage, insisting she would rather "chew [her] left leg off than be part of Tipsy Girl" and that her boyfriend can say whatever he wants because John Mahdessian does not speak for Dorinda Medley. 

As the entire restaurant looks on in a combination of amusement and utter confusion, Sonja pushes the issue just a little too far and sends Dorinda over the edge. Next thing we know, Dorinda's arms are flailing in classic form as she warns her frenemy to "back that s**t up" and invents a brand new way of telling Sonja to "shut the f**k up" in the form of screaming "CLIP! CLIP! CLIP!" across the table before she storms out of the restaurant. I kid you not, this may be the most hilarious thing the gangster Housewife has ever done. As Carole Radziwill points out with glee, "when Dorinda's bad, she's just so good."  

Honestly, nothing in the rest of the episode can come ever remotely close to topping the CLIP! CLIP! moment and we're only 25 percent of the way in. But let's move on, shall we? It's the Italian way. 

  • On their way out of the restaurant, an old Italian man at another table tells Carole Radziwill she looks like Melania Trump, which is just about the worst thing you can say to the diehard Hillary supporter of the group who broke down in tears at her own election party.
  • Tinsley cries through a session with her therapist, admitting she can't sleep and drinks too much red wine to cope with the trauma of the abusive relationship that led to her arrest.
  • Sonja manages to offend Luann D'Agostino over lunch at Sant Andrea Cafe by crudely pointing out that they've both had sex with the Countess's now-husband, Tom D'Agostino. 
  • Ramona manages to score an invite to the ski trip, but not before condescendingly reminding Lu and Sonja that she "only skis Aspen." 

Later, the women head to Stratton, Vermont, where Bethenny has rented a massive log cabin-style ski chalet. Before arriving, Ramona attempts once again to make amends with Bethenny, this time over text, but the Skinnygirl isn't budging. She can be civil, but she's not letting the Singer Stinger back into her life. Meanwhile, Dorinda's the first to arrive after Bethenny and Carole, and hilariously realizes she forgot to stop and pick up her luggage before driving to Vermont (on account of being distracted by pre-trip sex with John). 

As always, the usual race for the best room kicks off once Ramona, Sonja and Tinsley arrive - but not before Ramona refuses to drink any Skinnygirl wine. Ramonja throw a tantrum that Dorinda got the biggest room and after nine seasons, the pair's act is getting tired. It's not cute; it's not funny; it's not a good look. Honestly. However, in a surprising turn, Luann hops on the bandwagon by complaining that no one thought to save her a nicer room since she just got married. Excuse me? Is the Countess serious? Sorry there isn't a honeymoon suite reserved for you, darling.

Over dinner on the first night, Bethenny announces that last season's cancelled Mexico trip is back on! Tequila, here we come! Conversation turns to Tinsley's dating life, which Sonja is quick to criticize by claiming it's not a good look to a boyfriend if you're living in your friend's townhouse. Suddenly, everyone seems to have an opinion about the choices Tinsley and her Lauren Conrad sidebraid are making for her life and the socialite starts feeling ganged up on by her new friends. Without warning, Tins starts to spiral and as her voice gets higher and higher, she demands that the other women "give [her] a goddamn second" to get over the trauma that's haunting her from Palm Beach. Ever observant, Carole points out via confessional that the newbie seems to live in a pattern of being put in situations where she's psychologically infantilized or controlled - first by her ex-boyfriend, now by living with Sonja - and as I watch Tinsley's tableside meltdown I'm starting think she's been through more than any of us possibly fathom.

What did you think of this week's RHONY? Can Dorinda get any more amazing? Is the ski trip off to a good start? Is Tinsley being controlled by Sonja? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

RHOP S2/Ep 9 Recap - A Host of Issues

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, Karen and Charrisse butt heads over which 'Wife is hosting the cast trip to Bermuda while Gizelle and Monique's attempt to put their issues to bed only deeps their feud. Plus, Ashley and Robyn reevaluate the future of their respective relationships. Read on for a full recap of the drama, confrontations and shade...

It's the morning after the critics' choice dinner at Oz and Ashley Darby is mustering up the courage to go through the comment cards left by the food bloggers, press and celebrity chefs who attended the event. With hot Chef Brad looking on, Ashley starts reading the reviews and to her surprise and relief, they're mostly positive! Whew! Her husband Michael is noticeably absent for the positive moment, only showing up afterwards with his tail between his legs. Pulling Ashley away from their employees, Michael makes the understatement of the week by pointing out that the couple's verbal assault on each other prior to the event was a "pretty bad" fight and tries to make Ashley promise that they'll never get that heated again. On the one hand, Michael seems remorseful for how he treated his wife, but on the other hand there's a definite undercurrent that he's once again trying to exercise control over her by dictating how she is to feel. Ashley visibly shuts down during the conversation, but thankfully refuses to back down in her confessional. 

Meanwhile, Karen Huger has talked Gizelle Bryant and Monique Samuels into a sit down at hip North Bethesda eatery Summer House Santa Monica to hash out their festering issues with one another. However, the grande dame, who insists on making it clear to the waiter that she is the person hosting this lunch, is less than pleased when Charrisse Jackson Jordan arrives as Monique's uninvited plus one. (Pay attention because Karen's disproportionate displays of pretentiousness and contempt for Charrisse will be important later...)

Gizelle and Monique immediately get into it, sparring back and forth over who wronged who first. The newbie claims Gizelle has been judgmental and hostile from the moment they met while the OG points out that Monique was the one who called her a "stuck up trick" behind her back after throwing Gizelle out of her home. According to Monique, the definition of trick is "childish" (it's not), but Gizelle thinks the language barrier here is that the new girl speaks "trick trash" and can't hold a mature conversation. Yeah, this isn't going well...The issue of Monique asking - or telling, depending on who you're asking - Gizelle for her number following the PAVE event then gets brought up and fingers start flying over a battle of semantics as the women snap at each other. (Note to Mrs. Samuels: telling someone you were going to apologize isn't the same as actually apologizing.) Ultimately nothing is resolved between the two, despite Charrisse's tearful urging that they get along for her sake.

Good news! Karen and the black Bill Gates have sold their home in Potomac! And not only that, they received a cash offer from overseas. (Apparently the nation of China is buying the Hunger mansion. Does this sound shady to anyone else?) The bad news? The Hugers have just a few weeks to find a new house and move. Thus far in their hunt, nothing has met the grande dame's sky-high expectations, though her top two choices are homes in Great Falls, Virginia. Note, this means they are not in the prime Potomac zip code of 20854...As Charrisse so epically pointed out in the first episode of the season, don't let the zip code fool you, baby!

Following her heart to heart with Dr. Jeff, Robyn Dixon is finally willing to talk to a therapist about her complicated relationship with Juan. The question of whether the former high school sweethearts will move forward or move apart remains large and looming in Robyn's mind, though she avoids forcing the conversation with Juan. At first, Robyn seems to have a difficult time answering the therapist's questions personally, but eventually is coaxed to admit that yes, she does want love in her life. However, she doesn't know if she's ready to start dating other people, so the therapist gives her a homework assignment to go on one date with someone other than Juan as a way to find out what her heart is looking for.

Over at the Jordan mansion, Karen drops by for a poolside chat with Charrisse. (Emphasis on pool-side since the grande dame refuses to hop on a pink flamingo pool toy.) Karen suggests that all the ladies are ready for a vacation and enlists Potomac's resident social director to help plan the trip. She wants to go somewhere with sandy beaches and blue water - Charrisse throws out Bermuda as an option and we have a winner! In her confessional, Karen is very clear about the fact that Charrisse is helping plan the trip while she's the one hosting it, but when the two run to tell the other women, they both start taking credit for the vacation. Hmm...something's telling me this is going to be a problem...

Monique is throwing a birthday party for one-year-old Milani at her 26-acre, 5500 sq. ft. lake house in far-off Newburg, Md. Complete with a carnival and petting zoo, the pool party is also serving as a dedication ceremony for Monique's daughter and all the ladies are invited with the obvious exception of Gizelle. As the women gather by the pool, everyone's talking about how excited they are for the trip to Bermuda, and that's when Karen and Charrisse start clashing over who's actually hosting the trip. Karen claims Bermuda was her "brainchild" while Charrisse fires back that the only events the grande dame has ever organized were last season's "gala" in her living room and sad-looking couples yacht party. As shade and side-eye goes flying across the table, the tension between these two is thick and it looks like the Battle of the Bermuda Hostesses is officially on.

The next day, Robyn and Gizelle meet to get their lashes done in preparation for Bermuda. Robyn has the unlucky job of informing her bestie that she wasn't invited to Monique's lake house party. Gizelle, however, is entirely unbothered at this news, claiming she wouldn't have gone to the "Gizelle-hater's" party even if she had been on the guest list. At the same time, Karen and Charrisse are going another round over the Bermuda trip at the Huger residence. Calling Sha Sha her "assistant," Karen eventually compromises by allowing Charrisse to put together the itinerary for one day of the trip - as long as the welcome dinner upon arriving on the island is solely in the grande dame's hands. Never have I ever seen a Housewife be this possessive over the cast trip...

The episode ends with Ashley and Michael attempting to put the spark back in their relationship by going to a couple's pottery class a la Ghost. As with earlier in the episode, Michael is bending over backwards to get back in Ashley's good graces, even bringing up having kids as a way of sucking up to his wife. However, Ashley still has a wall up in the wake of their big blow-up at Oz, and squashes any baby talk by admitting she's not thinking about having kids these days. What she's more concerned about is the status of her relationship with her husband - yes, the Darbys love each other, but are they still in love with each other? As she jets off to the middle of the Atlantic, it seems that Little Miss Ashley may be running away from the problems in her relationship. Either way, the girls' trip to Bermuda can't come fast enough.

What did you think of this week's RHOP? Are you Team Karen or Team Charrisse in the Battle of Bermuda? Will Gizelle and Monique ever get past their petty issues? Should Ashley stay with Michael or run for the hills? Leave your thoughts and opinion in the comments below!

RHOP Ssn 2/Ep 7 Recap - Over the River and Thru the Woods

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, Karen shares a powerful secret with the world while Robyn confronts Ashley for spreading rumors. Plus, Juan drops a shocking bombshell off-camera and Monique's attempt to make amends with Gizelle hits an ice cold dead end. Read on for a full recap of all the inspiring and intense moments...

Was it in the new girl's contract that Bravo had to film at every one of her four houses? We start this week at Monique Samuels' original home in Ashburn, Virginia, where the rookie tells us all about how she needs two executive assistants to help in her role as "property manager" for all of the houses she and Chris own. But long before she starts lecturing her cousin/second assistant on work ethic and just how high her standards are, I've already tuned out. Child, please.

Meanwhile, Karen Huger is meeting with the founder of PAVE, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering victims of sexual abuse, violence and rape. Recounting her visit to a self-defense class last season before sending her daughter Rayvin off to college, the grande dame is ready to take her advocacy a step further by revealing to the world that she was raped as a college student. Now she's ready to use her platform as a way to shine the spotlight on PAVE's mission and help empower other survivors of rape by speaking at one of the nonprofit's events.

Robyn Dixon is still fuming over Ashley Darby spreading the rumor that her ex-husband Juan is seeing other people. Now that she's had time to think about the situation, Robyn's ready to confront Ashley and what better way to do it than ambushing little miss pot-stirrer at Oz with Gizelle Bryant as backup? Storming into the restaurant, Robyn delivers her message to Ashley loud and clear: shut your mouth and stay out of her business. Feeling backed into a corner, Ashley defensively fires back that no one can keep her from saying whatever she wants and the conversation quickly escalates into a shouting match with Robyn getting the younger 'Wife's face, finger pointing included. As Ashley forces the towering blonde besties to leave her restaurant, Gizelle can't help but stick up for Charrisse Jackson Jordan, who's also been at the receiving end of Ashley running her mouth. Reminding Ashley point blank that Sha Sha will drag her "over the river and through the woods," Gizelle storms out after Robyn - but not before getting in one last (hilarious) dig by shouting "who's eatin' emu?!?" to the crowded bar full of stunned onlookers. As Gizelle pointed out, maybe Ashley will focus on her own failing restaurant and failing marriage before diving into the other 'Wives' relationships next time...

 While Charrisse has a heart-to-heart with her youngest daughter about her crumbling relationship with estranged husband Eddie, Gizelle and Karen are out doing some good old-fashioned community service. Of course, in between planting flowers the grande dame has massive amounts of tea to spill and she promptly informs Gizelle of Monique labeling her a "stuck up trick" after the game night fiasco. Naturally, this is news to Gizelle, who had already been kicked out of the party by the time Motormouth Monique started running her mouth and now that it's noted, she is officially done with the new girl.

Far from Potomac, Robyn is hard at work putting the finishing touches on organizing Juan's youth basketball camps. However, when she starts to run down the list of to-do items with her ex-husband, the retired NBA star snaps back at her, clearly in a foul mood. Then, out of nowhere, Juan drops a bomb off-camera, admitting to a producer that if it wasn't for the kids he and Robyn share together, he'd be "gone already." Sitting obliviously in the kitchen while Juan admits just one room away that he wants to "share [his] life with somebody" must be slightly devastating for Robyn to watch back, but it's becoming increasingly clear at this point that both she and Juan want something more than their current not-together-but-kind-of situation.

Enter Charrisse, who takes it upon herself to introduce Robyn to her therapist Dr. Jeff over lunch a few days later. Robyn has been vocally resistant to therapy in the past, insisting she doesn't need fixing. But as Dr. Jeff reminds her that she deserves to be happy just like everyone else in the world, Robyn breaks down in tears and later admits that maybe therapy could help break down the guard she so permanently put up after Juan cheated and move forward towards real happiness.

The evening of Karen's PAVE event finally arrives and all the women don their best gowns and sequined dresses for the occasion, unaware that the event will be much more significant than a typical Potomac charity gala. Karen is visibly nervous at the thought of sharing her story with the other 'Wives and, by association, the entire world and made all the ladies promise to be on their best behavior for a drama-free night. Therefore, Ashley tiptoes around Gizelle and Robyn and makes small talk involving the word "libations" before making a hasty retreat.

CNN anchor Don Lemon, another survivor of sexual abuse, gives a moving speech before Karen is introduced as the evening's final speaker. With the rest of the women looking on, an emotional Karen bravely shares her story of being raped as a college student and her dedication to helping empower other victims and survivors to speak out and break the stigma of sexual violence. It's a vulnerable, powerful moment that presents the grande dame of Potomac in a whole new light. Bravo, Karen for your courage and choice to use the Housewives platform so responsibly!

As the 'Wives leave the PAVE event, Monique and Ashley pull Charrisse and Gizelle aside and it's back to the drama. First, Ashley attempts to engage Charrisse in conversation, but quickly gets shut down when Sha Sha won't even look in her direction. Then, Monique sets her sights on Gizelle, putting her phone in the OG's face and requesting her number so they can have a chat some time soon. Of course, no one tells Gizelle Bryant to do anything, so this move on Monique's part does nothing but backfire as her nemesis icily stares her down and refuses to give out her number. Looks like a reconciliation between either pair of feuding 'Wives will be happening any time soon. Better luck next time...

What did you think of this week's RHOP? How powerful was Karen sharing her story? Were Robyn and Gizelle right to ambush Ashley at Oz? Did Juan's off-camera confession surprise you? And how should Monique have approached Gizelle to make up? Let me know in the comments!

RHOP Ssn 2/Ep 4 Recap - Mother Knows Best

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle and Monique clash once again over cigar and hookah while Ashley meddles in Charrisse's marriage. Plus Eddie makes a rare surprise appearance on camera! Read on for a full recap of all the shade thrown during the squabbles...


It's date night in Potomac for the grande dame and the black Bill Gates. Now that both of their kids are off to college and out of the house, Karen Huger and her husband Ray are reacquainting themselves with each other. Now, the Hugers have never struck me as having a stale marriage, but the flirtation seems to be turned up to 11 over a candlelight dinner. The date even ends with an impromptu slow dance in the middle of the restaurant, complete with a dip. Maybe this is Ray's way of persuading Karen to follow his lead in downsizing their house?


With Monique Samuels back in town after last week's trip to Alabama, Charrisse Jackson Jordan invites the rookie and Ashley Darby over for some good, old-fashioned backyard day-drinking. Monique downloads the other women on the behavior of her aggressive mother-in-law, and bonds with Ashley over their respective use of the pull-out method. (Note to all readers: this is NOT effective birth control no matter what these women say.) Eventually, the conversation turns to the Preakness, where Ashley lets slip that Gizelle spent much of the event discussing the new girl's penchant for leading with talk of her multiple homes and material wealth. The OG was clearly less than impressed with Monique's introduction to the group and now that the rookie knows it, beef is officially brewing between the two. 


Later, Charrisse is busy planning her daughter's sweet sixteen party, complete with the hostess reluctantly agreeing to allow catering by Ashley's restaurant Oz. (Turn out, teenagers don't want kangaroo sliders at their birthday parties...) The event is in full swing when - seemingly out of nowhere - viewers are gifted with something even rarer than a Bigfoot sighting: Charrisse's husband Eddie Jordan. Is at the party. On camera. And our collective jaws are on the ground. Now, just to clarify, Eddie would've had to sign some sort of release with production in order for his face to be shown on camera, yes? My first thought was honestly shock that it wasn't blurred out like several other guests at the party. Either way, seeing Eddie in the flesh was one of the last things I ever anticipated to occur on this, or any, season of RHOP.


Little Miss Ashley is as baffled as the rest of us by Eddie's sudden appearance. Unlike the viewing audience, however, the youngest 'Wife goes into overdrive and immediately begins stirring the pot. Pulling Charrisse to the bar, Ashley asks for an introduction and proceeds to initiate a conversation with Eddie sitting just over her shoulder 15 feet away. Charrisse uncomfortably sips her champagne as Ashley yammers on about her estranged husband, and rather than take the bait she proceeds to drag the younger 'Wife out of the room, walking right past Eddie without so much as a word. The entire scene is incredibly awkward to witness and - as Charrisse points out in her confessional - why is Little Miss Ashley trying so hard to be messy? Stay in your lane, girl.


This week's group event is girls' night of hookah and cigars at D.C. hotspot Cloud Lounge. Hosted by Ashley, there's a strict B.Y.O.A. policy, so all the women arrive toting their own alcohol - Monique makes sure the others know her red wine was originally $250 (while she name-drops President Obama) and Robyn hilariously brings a half-drunk bottle of Ciroc. The shade starts flying before the hookah is even puffed as Ashley casually spills that Eddie made an appearance at the sweet sixteen party, much to Charrisse's obvious discomfort. With barely suppressed rage bubbling under the surface, Sha Sha warns Little Miss Ashley not to push her luck. One more whining declaration of wanting to meet her friend's estranged husband and Ashley is going to officially find herself on Sha Sha's bad side. (Also, Sha Sha's "bad side" is apparently a Jamaican gangster? Just go with it...)


Changing the subject, Charrisse drops the bomb that she's been celibate for the past two years and regales the women with an awkward tale of her swollen ladyparts following a scooter accident in the eighth grade. Not wanting to hear any more of that story than necessary, Gizelle sets her sights on Monique, pointedly asking if the newbie has anything else she'd like to share with the group since it's quite clear she likes to talk about herself. Well, isn't that a friendly invitation? Deciding to use the moment to her advantage, Monique demands to know who among the cast took issue with her having multiple homes. Not missing a beat, Gizelle cops to being turned off by the way Monique introduced herself to the group - saying "I'm Monique and I have four houses" isn't exactly the best way to make a good first impression. The newbie and the OG go tit for tat over who actually initiated that topic during high tea, but the root of the issue is clear: Gizelle and Monique do not like each other. According to the other, Gizelle is standoffish and rude and Monique is long-winded narcissist obsessed with material wealth. Thankfully Karen steps in to diffuse the situation but as the two frenemies smile at each other through clenched teeth, it's clear this feud is just heating up.


The episode ends with Charrisse meeting with her therapist, Dr. Jeff (of RHOA fame!) via Skype to discuss her crumbling marriage. As Charrisse recounts the moment she realized this divorce would be the severing of her family at Skylar's sweet sixteen party, it's a sad coda to the squabbles from the hookah lounge. Charrisse has come to terms with the fact that her relationship with Eddie is over for good, and has realized she will never progress or be happy without changing the situation. The new normal may be more divided for Charrisse, but as tears fall down her face you can't help but hope she's on her way to a brighter future. 

What did you think of this week's RHOP? Is Ashley meddling too much in Charrisse's marriage? Were you shocked to see Eddie on camera? Are you Team Gizelle or Team Monique? Tell me in the comments below!

RHOBH Ssn 7/Ep 3 Recap - Going Commando

Glenn Rowley


Conflict is sparked this week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when a minor fashion moment leads to major tension between Erika Girardi and Dorit Kemsley. Plus Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards hit the Big Apple with their daughters! Read on for all the white party drama...


We open in New York City. Wait...which Housewives am I watching? In the magical happenstance of reality TV, both Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna are in the Big Apple for business trips with their daughters. After the runaway success of her pop-up boutique last season in the Hamptons, Kyle's decided to open another Kyle by Alene Too on the Upper East Side and has brought 16-year-old Sophia along for the trip. Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna is hustling to launch Delilah Belle's modeling career. I've said all along that Rinna wants her daughters to become the next Gigi and Bella to come out of RHOBH and getting a foot in the door for her eldest and blondest is the first step in the master plan. Via confessional, Rinna admits that sometimes she wishes she could turn to former 'Wife Yolanda Hadid for advice on how to pageant mom a modeling career or two, but after last season's M-word mess, that bridge has officially been burned. 


Back in Beverly Hills, Dorit Kemsley helps Lisa Vanderpump find the perfect birthday gift for her husband Ken Todd's birthday on Rodeo Drive while Erika Girardi visits the rehearsal for her latest Erika Jayne video, "Xxpensive." Out of the dozens of sexy, sassy hopefuls, Erika and creative director Mikey Minden selected four backup dancers who now must learn and perfect the song's choreography. An insane amount of work still has to be done before the actual video shoot, including wardrobe fittings, hair and makeup, a tech scout and wig consultations. I, for one, am just counting down the days until we get to see Erika Jayne drop into the bikini-clad split we've been promised.


Later that evening, Lisa Rinna and Kyle meet at a rooftop hotspot for dinner with their daughters. Delilah Belle recounts her cringeworthy meeting earlier in the day with iconic magazine CR Fashion Book, at which her mother dazzled the room with a story involving her narrow hips, birth canal and Delilah's elongated head as a newborn. Never change, Lisa Rinna. Other topics of conversation on the rooftop include Rinna's plan to leave her two teenage daughters in New York City by themselves for two days while she jets off to Pennsylvania for a QVC appearance and 18-year-old Delilah Belle matching with mystery 35-year-olds on dating apps for the rich and famous. (Don't worry, the 45-year-old producer just off-camera in the girls' confessional is too old for her.)


Over the course of just a couple years, Eileen Davidson has suffered six deaths in her family, including her sister, her father-in-law and most recently her mother. The sheer amount of tragedy has thrown the soap actress for a loop, and she's decided to meet with a therapist to process her feelings. In the session, poor Eileen admits to feeling embarrassed about how many people in her life have died - as if they're a maximum amount of death that's allowed to happen within a certain period of time. The therapist helps Eileen identify that, in her life, the emotion of sadness often gives way to embarrassment, which creates internal shame. This is a cycle that goes back as far as Eileen can remember, even to feeling shame as a young child that her parents were always fighting. After such an important breakthrough, hopefully Eileen can begin to heal and break the shame cycle that's been operating so pervasively throughout her life.


Kyle's finally back from NYC, so she and a few of the other 'Wives are headed to a White Party at LVP's West Hollywood hotspot PUMP. (Sorry not sorry, but like I said during my livetweet, there ain't no white party like a Kyle Richards white party.) Dressed in her best white, Kyle meets LVP, Ken, Dorit, PK and Erika at the Sofitel for pre-party drinks before realizing her white underwear is showing through her dress. Oops! When Lisa Vanderpump jokes about the faux pas in her classically cutting way, a small spat breaks out between the women over British vs. American humor. Erika suggests she and Kyle start adopting fake British accents so they can insult people, but when Dorit chimes in that Americans need to "calm down" with their sensitivity to British humor, Erika bluntly checks the newbie by reminding Dorit that she was born in Connecticut.


This somehow opens the conversation up to Dorit's initial impression of Erika, whom she describes as "very poised" and "a bit guarded," which she finds shocking considering the general fabulousness of Erika's alter ego. As we've learned, Erika is simply cautious when meeting new people, choosing to operate under the "respect is earned, not given" way of thinking and describes herself as a naturally shy introvert. Dorit, however, doesn't buy this explanation, describing her fellow 'Wife via confessional as "snooty," "cold" and "frigid." Changing the subject, LVP playfully reaches up Erika's skirt and asks if she has any underwear Kyle could borrow, to which Miss Girardi reveals she isn't wearing any. After all, who would want to break up a stunning Thierry Mugler design with a panty line?


The next day, Dorit and PK are discussing the party at home and it quickly becomes apparent that Erika's commando moment has snowballed into what will forever be known as #PantyGate. According to PK, Erika didn't have her legs crossed during drinks and (being the straight male that he is) he couldn't resist taking peeks up her skirt like her ladyparts were being served on a silver platter. Excuse me? His excuse is he was simply distracted by Erika's inadvertent flashing throughout the evening but he apparently didn't have the courage to mention it to Erika, deeming it too "inappropriate." Then, in a shining moment, PK questions what he was supposed to have said, particularly when he "didn't mind the view." Again, EXCUSE ME? Dorit seems rather unfazed by her husband's misogynistic reaction, choosing instead to lay the blame on Erika for having an "unladylike" moment. If it had been Dorit, she claims she would've done everything possible to keep her legs crossed. However, she plans to have a laugh about it with Erika the next time they're together and it seems that #PantyGate is just getting started...

What did you think of this week's RHOBH? When it comes to #PantyGate, are you Team Erika or Team Dorit? Was PK in the wrong? Leave me all your thoughts and opinions in the comments!