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Real Housewives

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RHONY Ssn 8/Ep 14 - The Benefits of Friendship

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of New York City, tension start to build between Luann and the other 'Wives over her relationship with Tom after Sonja shares a surprising revelation. Plus the vagina problems continue for both Jules and Bethenny in what feels a bit like a filler episode. Read on for a full recap...


We start this week off with Bethenny Frankel prepping for the latest expansion in her business empire with the launch of Skinnygirl candy. For the big launch event at Dylan's Candy Bar in downtown NYC, Bethenny's planned something totally different, complete with a shrink-wrapped clutch made to look like a giant Skinnygirl chocolate bar and her rocking a bright red wig. Dylan's Candy Bar is peppered with gorgeous guys and girls wearing, respectively, t-shirts in signature Skinnygirl red emblazoned with the phrases "eye candy" and "arm candy" and the room is buzzing with excited customers ready to sample B's latest concoction. Out of all the Housewives, Carole Radziwill is the only one invited, though Bethenny also points out that both Ramona Singer and Dorinda Medley have been incredibly supportive in the wake of her medical crisis. The women have really shown up for her and she's finally found a few ladies whom she wants at any and all of her events. 


Following the Skinnygirl event, it's time for part three of "The NYC Vagina Monologues." First, newbie Jules Wainstein visits her plastic surgeon for a checkup on her healing lady parts. With his face rigid due to perhaps a bit much Botox, the plastic surgeon assures Jules that her vagina will soon go back to the "perfect little pistachio" it was before her freak accident with just a bit more rest. Thank goodness for that. At the same time, Bethenny's visiting a prominent female internist about her own vaginal issue. With the surgery to remove her fibroids just days away, B is understandably freaked out. So, with Carole in tow for moral support, she treks to the internist's office for a second opinion. Just like Jules, Bethenny gets the good news she's been hoping for: the doctor recommends not jumping straight into the operating room, advising instead to let the Skinnygirl give her body time to heal itself. This is music to Bethenny's ears and just like that, the emergency myomectomy is cancelled.


To celebrate, Bethenny invites Carole, Ramona and Dorinda over to her apartment the next day for a good old-fashioned Housewives hangout. Cuddled up next to the fireplace, the women chatter about everything from surgery and vaginas to old-fashioned birth control methods and Ramona's insistence on using the word "brassiere." (I know I say this in virtually every recap, but dear Ramona please never change.) Eventually, the conversation circles back around to the group's collective and individual problems with Luann de Lesseps. Carole's still harboring major trust issues with the Countess. Despite the sincerest apology Luann could muster at Ramona's holiday party a few episodes back, she has yet to reach out to Carole in any way since. Instead, it's been radio silence. Ramona and Bethenny both agree that Luann seems to be back on her Countess high horse, and she's become nothing but self-absorbed and narcissistic while blaming it on being head-over-heels in love with her "soulmate" Tom D'Agostino. Though Dorinda remains a silent observer in the corner, the other 'Wives have had it with Luann shoving her perspective down their throats while she floats around in Lu-Lu Land. 


The next morning, Dorinda invites Luann out for breakfast. Over two dishes of quiche lorraine, Dorinda promptly fills the Countess in on what the other ladies had to say at Bethenny's house. Luann is taken aback to hear that she's the subject of gossip - and claims to be particularly disappointed in Ramona for jumping on the Countess-bashing bandwagon so quickly. Dorinda encourages Lu to get back in the other girls' good graces by making more of an effort to be involved, but Luann dismisses the idea - firing back that maybe she doesn't want to be a part of the group anymore. Besides, she's sure that all the other ladies are just jealous she's so happy and in love. (Note to Luann: if you want to be on the show, you kind of have to engage with the other 'Wives.) In fact, the perfect opportunity to start reintegrating herself is that very night, since Dorinda's hosting a dinner party for all the ladies, and the hostess promises to be the mediator between Luann and the other women in case of a confrontation.


That night, the women all show up at Joanne Tratorria, a cozy Italian restaurant that happens to be owned by the parents of pop superstar Lady Gaga. Reluctant and suffering from a cold, even Luann decides to come by for a bit, and it dawns on me that this is only the second time all season that all seven Housewives have been in the same room. (The first and only other time was at Ramona's birthday luncheon in Episode 5.) At first, the meal is slightly awkward, with the Countess flanked on one side by nemesis Carole and the other by Ramona. She announces that she's moved into Tom's penthouse on the Upper East Side and an engagement is imminent, much to the ladies' collective murmurs of half-hearted congratulations. Surprisingly, Luann opines that only Carole seems to be genuinely happy for her, which is virtually unthinkable considering their two-seasons-long feud.


This meal is also the first time Bethenny and Sonja Morgan have seen each other since the massive fallout over their Skinnygirl/Tipsy Girl controversy. As the two awkwardly acknowledge each other across the table, Luann takes Ramona to task in the corner for turning on her behind her back and accuses her frenemy of not being happy for her. Ramona feigns innocence, insisting that she is happy for Luann and Tom, but cautions that the relationship seems to be going awfully quickly - particularly considering the two only met after Thanksgiving. Bethenny points out that Luann, Ramona and Sonja seem to exist in a very small circle: after all, they've all dated some of the same men. In a moment of perfectly terrible timing, Sonja inexplicably decides to reveal that she and Luann's boyfriend had been friends with benefits for over a decade before the Countess snatched him up. Sonja's history with Tom is news to everyone at the table, and an upset Luann proceeds to storm out of the dinner after once again accusing her friends of not being supportive. If it happened "B.L." (a.k.a. Before Lu), the Countess doesn't care, and simply expects her friends to be happy for her newfound love. But should Sonja really have to be supportive when she was just sleeping with the same guy weeks before he started dating her houseguest? As Luann makes an abrupt exit, "To Be Continued..." flashes across the screen, and we'll have to wait until next week to see how the dinner concludes.

What did you think of this week's RHONY? Did it feel like filler to you? Is Dorinda stirring the pot between Luann and the other ladies? Does the Countess have a right to be upset at the other 'Wives? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

RHONY Ssn 8/Ep 9 - December: Berkshires County

Glenn Rowley


The epic battle in the Berkshires continues this week on The Real Housewives of New York City! In one of the most iconic episodes in quite possibly the history of the franchise, the ladies duke it out over the secret life of the Countess, who's breaking the almighty girl code and who called who a pedophile. The episode comes across much like a one-act play (hence the title's play on August: Osage County by Tracy Letts), so I've structured this week's recap a little differently to follow along as the drama unfolds scene by scene. Read on and enjoy for my full breakdown and commentary of all the holiday insanity...

Scene 1 - From Slumber Party to Slaughter Party


The scene in the Berkshires picks up right where we left off last week, with Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps getting into it over the dining room table at Blue Stone Manor. Just as the squabble dies down over who gets credit for coming up with the idea for Skinnygirl (for the record, it was 100% B), Luann tries asking about Bethenny's dating life - but B's not about to go there either. According to the Skinnygirl mogul, the Countess's questions always come with ill intent, so there's no way Luann gets to know anything about her personal life. However, an off-hand remark made by the Countess accusing Bethenny of copying her hairstyle is the insignificant straw (or hair) that breaks the camel's back and sends B into a rage. Seeing red, Bethenny rips into Luann for the double life she's been rumored to be living ever since the show started way back in Season 1 - from sleeping with married men and partying until 5 a.m. to starring in some twisted reimagining of Grey Gardens by moving into Sonja Morgan's townhouse. From B's perspective, Luann spends all her time hiding behind the arrogant Countess persona she's created, all the while lying about the way she really lives her life. 


Luann tries to brush off the barrage of accusations by joking that she's apparently the Samantha Jones of the group, but Bethenny fires back that at least the Sex and the City character owned her promiscuous behavior. According to B, it's time for Luann to get called out on her hypocrisy and she's the only one willing to do the talking. Perhaps the most damning revelation of all is that Luann broke the holy "girl code" she preached about all last season by essentially stealing her boyfriend Tom D'Agostino out from under Ramona Singer. The Singer Stinger confirms this herself, explaining that she went on more than half a dozen dates with Tom before Luann swooped in and said "me next..." literally! Bethenny proceeds to let loose every bad thing she's thought about the Countess for the last eight years, calling her "a slut, a liar, a hypocrite and a snake" all in a single breath. Naturally, Carole Radziwill arrives right in the middle of the madness and hilariously assumes that Bethenny is arguing with a man. would be funnier if she hadn't already used that joke during the trip to Slutty Island in Season 5. 


Following the confrontation, a furious Countess retreats to the house's patio for a smoke break with newbie Jules Wainstein. That's right, after eight years the producers have finally given us the gift of Luann de Lesseps smoking a cigarette on camera. I wonder if there's a chapter on the dangers of smoking in Class With the Countess... Poor Jules is in the midst of calling her father, who's in the hospital with pneumonia. Yet Luann doesn't seem to have a single ounce of empathy for the new girl, and turns the entire conversation into how horribly she's been slighted by Bethenny. As Jules says in her confessional, you're right Luann - being called a slut definitely trumps a sick dad, go right on ahead and talk about how hurt you are. Dorinda Medley comes out to check on the ladies and Luann promptly lays into the hostess for failing to step in and defend her against B. If she doesn't tell Bethenny to back off, the Countess threatens to leave. 

Scene 2 - Dorinda Made It Nice for You People!


Here's where things take an even stranger turn. After hearing her threaten to leave, Ramona pulls Luann into the kitchen to try to talk her down. However, Lu continues to question why she's even in the Berkshires if she's going to be verbally attacked. And weren't the 'Wives supposed to be celebrating Dorinda's birthday with this sleepover? Luann points out the homemade cake Dorinda's mother made for her on the table as evidence of this theory, just as the hostess walks into the kitchen herself. Overhearing Luann poking fun at her mom's birthday cake, Dorinda loses her last shred of patience for this madness and epically flies off the handle at all of her guests. Dorinda put a lot of work into cooking, cleaning and decorating to make this Christmas sleepover nice, so if the rest of the 'Wives can't "BETAVE" themselves then they can just go home! Poor Dorinda. Every time the ladies come to her house in the Berkshires they seem to go berserk.

Scene 3 - Feeling Zings Now?


Back in the Big Apple, Sonja Morgan is left to entertain herself after being uninvited from what she thinks is a fabulous time at Dorinda's house. So, while her friends are at each other's throats in the Berkshires, Lady Morgan is putting in time for some essential cosmetic maintenance. Since we're talking about Sonja, this is code for resurfacing her vagina. In the TMI moment of the episode, Sonja gets what's called a FemiLift, a new laser procedure that tightens the walls of her vajayjay. And it involves a gigantic probe being inserted into Lady Morgan's lady parts...Being a gold-star gay man, this is more than I ever really wanted to know about vaginal rejuvenation, but at least I'm learning it from the Housewives amiright? Thanks, Sonja!

Scene 4 - How Do You Spell "Pedophile?"


After a glorious flashback of the early conflicts between Luann and Bethenny, the conflict turns to the ongoing cold war between the Countess and Carole. Up to this point, Writer Girl has spent the whole season avoiding Luann but now that they're stuck under the same roof, she vents to Ramona that she can't believe Lu had the audacity to invite her to an upcoming holiday party. In what world would she go to the Countess's party after being called a pedophile by her last year for dating Adam? When Ramona brings this up to Luann, Carole grabs Jules and bolts for the nearest closet so she can eavesdrop. The newbie, however, turns out to be a rather terrible spy as she's more interested in inspecting the wallpaper inside the closet than actually letting Radzi hear what Luann is saying about her. Hilarious. (According to Carole, a wallpapered closet is the mark of a truly wealthy person. Good to know for my future penthouse.) Back in the dining room, Ramona encourages Luann to end the animosity once and for all by dictating a carefully worded apology text to send to Carole. The text reads as follows: "Sorry I called you a pedophile, hope you can come to my next holiday party." I'm using that sentence from now on for every invitation I send to all my future parties.


After that text goes out to Carole, Luann decides to keep the apology tour going by composing one to Bethenny. Out of everything they just sparred about, the Countess apologizes if Bethenny thought she was trying to take credit for coming up with the idea for Skinnygirl and maintains that she didn't mean it like that at all. However, to be honest I'm much more interested in the earlier texts we can see that Luann sent both of the women - the one to Carole references her making an appearance on WWHL with Andy Cohen (presumably last season) and the one to Bethenny asks her out to lunch with the promise of no cameras. Fascinating stuff, really, to get a tiny peek into what goes on behind the Bravo curtain between the 'Wives. Obviously, neither of these apologies via text make any kind of impression on either Carole or Bethenny since they both end up giggling about it in one of the bedrooms together just a few feet away from Luann. Nice try, Countess but you're going to have to do much more than that if you really want to fix things.


Magically, Luann manages to change into her third top in as many hours as the women get ready for a festive dinner of Dorinda's famous lasagna. The hostess asks her what happened with Ramona, and Luann defensively explains her position in the argument over Tom. According to Luann, he just happens to like her better than Ramona, so sorry not sorry Singer. However, she still can't believe the blow-up with Bethenny and claims that the Skinnygirl seems to be on some sort of twisted mission to burn every bridge she can - first it was Dorinda's boyfriend John Mahdessian, then it was Sonja, now it's Luann. Yet right in the middle of Lu's tirade to Dorinda, Bethenny walks into the conversation (in a onesie!) and demands to know whether this little monologue is supposed to be part of the apology text she received just moments before. As the two OGs ramp up for round 2 of their Berkshires battle, the moment is interrupted by another "To Be Continued..." and it looks like we'll have to wait until next week for the conclusion of the drama. 

What did you think of this week's episode of RHONY? Are you Team Bethenny or Team Luann? Should Dorinda ever invite these girls to the Berkshires again? Leave your thoughts and opinions below in the comments!

RHONY Ssn 8/Ep 8 - All the Countess's Men

Glenn Rowley


It's Christmastime in the City! As The Real Housewives of New York City get into the holiday spirit, the fallout from last week's blow-out between Dorinda, John and Ramona lingers while Bethenny and Luann get into it in the Berkshires and Sonja finds herself on the outs. Read on for my complete breakdown of all the drama from the Big Apple...


The morning after the major confrontation at her boyfriend John Mahdessian's Madame Paulette party, Dorinda Medley engages in some serious retail therapy at Jonathan Adler with Jules Wainstein. Dorinda has plenty to say about her fight with Ramona Singer, and since Jules ran away from the action, she gets to hear all about it. When it comes down to it, I'm still baffled that this blow-up was about some random ex-fling of Luann de Lesseps. (Hint: here's the first instance where the episode's title comes into play.) Why Ramona would insist on coming to the defense of her costar's creepy quasi-stalker is simply beyond me. The two 'Wives are also casually looking for presents to bring to Bethenny Frankel's upcoming Secret Santa holiday party. When Ramona spots a collection of jars with labels like "Uppers," "Quaaludes" and "Prozac," Dorinda suggests that Jules gets them for Ramona's gift. But don't worry Doris, Jules is already 90% done with her gag gift for the temperamental OG. 


Speaking of Bethenny's holiday party, the Skinnygirl has her entire apartment decorated for the merry affair. She's even arranged  a giant spread of caviar to be served, although the Petrossian girl looks a bit more like Elsa from Frozen than a server at a holiday party. Before Dorinda shows up, Ramona rolls in with a bottle of pinot, ready to regale the room with the tale of her screaming match with Dorinda. However, as she lays out every salacious detail about Rey and reenacts John putting his hand in her face with the help of Carole Radziwill, Jules notes that Ramona conveniently leaves out any part of the fight that explains why Luann literally bolted from her deranged former paramour or makes her look bad. Just as Jules pipes up that there's another side to the story, Dorinda walks in and Ramotional promptly shuts down the entire conversation. 


Thankfully, Bethenny manages to intercept Dorinda before she overhears and sits her down for an impromptu pep talk prior making her grand entrance. Still reeling from the night before, Dorinda is feeling particularly vulnerable and opens up to Bethenny about just how much all this drama between her boyfriend and her friends is affecting her. Tearfully, the usually tough Dorinda explains that she's feeling lost. This feud with Ramona triggered something inside her and has left her wondering if maybe she doesn't have her life as under control and put together as she thought. For the first time, she's acting out of fear and can't quite tell how to get a handle on it. Bethenny advises her to take some time alone to ensure that she's taking proper care of herself and putting Dorinda first. For once, it's not about John or Ramona or anyone else - Dorinda needs to take care of Dorinda. 


The same night as the Secret Santa party, Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan are out on the town, rehashing the dramatic events of the showdown on Second Avenue. (Neither of the 'Wives seem to have scored an invite to B's party.) According to the Countess, this guy Rey was just a summertime fling she happened to go on a trip to Ibiza with one time. She insists to Sonja that he wasn't ever her lover, but he wasn't exactly just a one-night stand either. Somewhere in between, I suppose. Nowadays, Luann has a rotating door of male paramours, though one man in particular seems to be winning the race for Luann's heart. And let it be known that this mystery man sure is less of a hot mess than poor Rey. However, she's keeping her lover's identity a secret for now, considering that both Ramona and Sonja happen to know him and she's not sure where exactly their relationship is going. 


Conversation at the holiday party turns to the ladies' upcoming trip to Dorinda's house in the Hamptons. To mitigate the Tipsy Girl vs. Skinnygirl issue, Sonja won't be invited on the overnighter - though she doesn't know that yet. Carole remarks that she would rather not sleep under the same roof as Luann, but Dorinda insists that Blue Stone Manor is a big house and it should be easy for Writer Girl to avoid her nemesis over the course of the one-night trip. Carole may think she's over last season's drama with the Countess, but it's clear that she might not be. Ramona also takes a minute to apologize profusely to Dorinda for their latest fight, and quickly dismisses Doris's notion that maybe their relationship has changed. Ramona's not going anywhere and neither is Dorinda so forgiveness should be what's on the menu. The night ends on a positive note, as the women's Secret Santa gifts range from sentimental (Carole gives Dorinda a cute ornament for her tree) to downright hilarious (Bethenny's now the proud owner of a vibrating Thighmaster courtesy of Dorinda and Jules made Ramona an amusing kit to pregame with her wine.) Merry Christmas, and God bless us everyone?


The next morning, Luann and Sonja go full Grey Gardens in Lady Morgan's townhouse, waltzing into the kitchen for breakfast literally draped in furs. Luann spent the evening at a sleepover with her mystery man, but before Sonja can get any details out of her the Countess shrieks that they're in the New York Post! Turns out that the paper's infamous gossip column has picked up the drama from the Madame Paulette party, though it quickly becomes clear that with John described as a "dry cleaning magnate" and painted as the hero for kicking Ramona out on the street that the mafioso boy toy most certainly leaked the story himself. 


Later, Sonja meets Dorinda for a walk, and the latter breaks the news to Lady Morgan that she won't be joining the rest of the 'Wives on the trip to the Berkshires. Couching it in the excuse that the other women might gang up on Sonja, Dorinda explains that it's just not the right time for Sonja to go away with the rest of the Housewives. Instead, Dorinda proposes that the women are going to come up for one night and she'll invite Sonja up for some quality time one-on-one. Sonja is naturally confused and hurt by the dis-invitation. After all, wasn't Ramona the one Dorinda was screaming at the other night for making a giant scene at John's party? Plus, she argues that the other girls love having her around! She's the life of the party! The straw that stirs the drink! But her argument falls on entirely deaf ears - straw or no straw, Sonja is getting excluded from the weekend away.


Before the rest of the 'Wives head to the Berkshires, Luann is hosting an intimate dinner at Empire Steak House to introduce her new man to some of her friends. In her confessional, Luann explains that out of everyone in the group, she's only invited Dorinda and Jules with their significant others because she knows they're the two 'Wives who won't judge her. Plus, Dorinda happens to be the one who set her up with her new love! As the Countess arrives, it's revealed that the new man in her life is Tom D'Agostino Jr., a dashingly handsome bald guy who happens to share a romantic history with both Ramona and Sonja. (It turns out that "knowing" the two veteran Housewives meant much more than just being socially acquainted.) Tom seems lovely as he enthralls the table with the story of how Dorinda introduced him to Luann and Dorinda opines in her confessional that the two newly minted lovebirds are absolutely perfect for each other. Score one for Dorinda's matchmaking prowess!


The overnighter to the Berkshires is finally upon us and Dorinda has decorated her house top to bottom to be as festive as possible for the Christmas season. Ramona is the first to arrive, and Dorinda promptly reminds her that she wants this weekend getaway to be as calm and relaxing as possible - after all, Blue Stone Manor is her sanctuary away from the world. However, once Luann and Jules arrive, the Countess immediately begins chiding Dorinda for excluding Sonja - who's back in the city licking her wounds - from the trip. Dorinda's reasoning holds water for me, and technically as the hostess she's allowed to invite or not invite anyone she wants. Ramona agrees, arguing that Sonja shouldn't be around any drinking and really needs to take some time to work on herself, "spiritualation" included. Besides, it's just one night. How much drama can realistically happen? 


The answer to that question turns out to be "a lot." Bethenny is the next to arrive, and as she joins the other women at the table, Luann happens to mention that she's temporarily living with Sonja and trying to mentor her. Bethenny finds the assertion that the Countess can mentor anyone, let alone Sonja, to be hysterical, and Luann bristles at her suggestion that it would be like "the blind leading the deaf." Is that really what Bethenny thinks of her? Luann doesn't find this sentiment to be amusing at all, but when she shoots back that Bethenny has issues with Sonja over the Skinnygirl vs. Tipsy Girl controversy, B shoots her down. In fact, the Skinnygirl mogul found Sonja's latest business idea to be nothing more than a joke - she was just offended that Lady Morgan used her to stir up gossip about Tipsy Girl and drag her through the press.


Bethenny argues that Sonja can't play smart one minute by claiming she has a major "international lifestyle brand" and then stupid the next by playing dumb to the fact that Tipsy Girl sounds an awful lot like Skinnygirl. According to Bethenny, Sonja should've named the new Prosecco line "Stupid Girl" or "Drunk Girl" to be more on brand. No one pulls one over on Bethenny Frankel, sweetheart. As Bethenny points out that more than one person (and Housewife) has copied her business model for Skinnygirl, she jokes that Luann still thinks it was her idea way back in Season 2. The Countess maintains that she and Bethenny tossed the idea around late one night and B decided to run with it and make it happen. However, before the brewing tension can escalate into a full-on argument, we're left with a "To Be Continued..." cliffhanger and have to wait until next week to watch what happens. 

What did you think of this week's RHONY? How does this season just keep getting better and better? Leave your thoughts and opinions below in the comments!

RHONY Ssn 8/Ep 7 - Airing Your Dirty Laundry

Glenn Rowley


Wow. That may have just been the most entertaining episode we've seen in years on The Real Housewives of New York City. Possibly in the history of the entire Housewives franchise. As Bethenny clashes with Sonja over her "cheater" brand, Ramona, Dorinda and John get into an epic - and I mean EPIC - screaming match on the streets of the Big Apple. Read on for a complete recap of all the drama and chaos...


The Countess is officially moving into Lady Morgan's townhouse! Luann de Lesseps arrives on the Upper East Side with her luggage in tow, anxious to rehash the events of Sonja Morgan's birthday party the night before. She was supportive yet surprised by the announcement of Tipsy Girl, Sonja's line of Prosecco and rosé, at the party and asks whether Lady Morgan has mentioned the new business venture to Bethenny Frankel yet. Sonja hasn't said a word yet to the Skinnygirl mogul. While Luann points out the obvious similarity between the names of the two brands, Sonja thinks it's just a happy coincidence that they both have "girl" in their names. Besides, she's convinced that as her unofficial business mentor, Bethenny is going to be excited about the fact that she's getting into the alcohol business and be nothing short of completely supportive. 


However, word of the new business has already reached Bethenny courtesy of an article in Page Six about the similarities between Skinnygirl and Tipsy Girl. She meets Carole Radziwill and Ramona Singer for dinner at NoMo in the heart of Soho and Ramotional fills the other two 'Wives in on all the details from Sonja's birthday party. Bethenny finds being dragged into the press by the Page Six story to be an annoyance to say the least, and thinks Sonja's only using her to get publicity for her latest fake business. Ramona wonders aloud if Sonja really knows what she's doing, but both Bethenny and Carole believe Lady Morgan is precisely aware of the game she's playing. Bethenny calls the move "disgusting" and chalks it up to Sonja being narcissistic, then informs the other 'Wives that Sonja dropping by the Skinnygirl offices the next day. However, Bethenny's already hurt that Sonja would so blatantly attempt to rip off the brand she's spent years building, so Lady Morgan might not love the visit she's in for. Bethenny also declares that it's the last conversation Sonja's going to have with her - as Carole points out in her confessional, Sonja bumbling her way into this shady business deal may have just cost her a friendship.


The next morning, Dorinda Medley invites Ramona to breakfast at iconic NYC eatery Sarabeth's Bakery. The restaurant holds lots of history for the longtime pals, and Dorinda's hoping that the setting will remind Ramona of the importance of their friendship, which is currently being strained by Ramotional's constant drama with her boyfriend John Mahdessian. Dorinda spends much of the meal advising Ramona over her floundering friendship with Sonja, but at the same time is trying to get the OG to see how her advice also applies to the two of them. Eventually, Dorinda comes right out and tells Ramona that, for the sake of their friendship, the constant John-bashing has to stop. She explains that she would always be supportive of the choices Ramona makes - especially when it comes to dating - and she's simply asking for the same thing in return. Even if Ramona has to fake it, she needs to be nicer to John. 


Sonja arrives at the Skinnygirl office somehow under the impression that she's walking into some sort of business meeting with Bethenny. She's excited to tell her unofficial "mentor" all about Tipsy Girl, but Bethenny is ready to give her a cold, hard reality check. As soon as Sonja starts talking about her new Prosecco and all the distributors she and her partners are working with, Bethenny demands names. When the only thing Sonja can come up with is "all the distributors," B goes in on her hard, calling her a "fraud" who's managed to create smoke and mirrors around "six fake businesses." Bethenny calls B.S. on everything Sonja's done - from the toaster oven and the Caburlesque to the Gold and White Diamond Collection and the Nigerian football team that never was. The Skinnygirl educates Sonja on the fact that when someone deliberately rips off another person's successful business idea, it's called a "cheater brand" and accuses her of doing exactly that with Tipsy Girl. Sonja's defense is that she's merely trying to get back to where she was before filing for her chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sonja starts breaking down in tears as she tries to explain that she looks up to Bethenny and just thought that breaking into the alcohol industry would be a good way for her to get ahead too, but B isn't buying it. Once Sonja stops crying, Bethenny declares that she's done with the conversation and sends Sonja down the elevator in an entirely different type of walk of shame than she's used to taking. 


We get a brief respite from the drama courtesy of Jules Wainstein, who's interviewing for a new nanny after her previous one up and left without so much as a goodbye to the kids. Within 10 seconds of the interview, I'm laughing out loud as Jules grills her prospective nanny on whether she's willing to stand in line for hours at the Bonpoint sample sale and if she can do blow-outs. The interview turns into an impromptu test when Jules asks the would-be nanny to hypothetically put together an outfit for two-year-old Rio and while the applicant passes with her outfit in shades of gray, she fails for not being able to speak Spanish fluently. Back to square one, Jules.


Meanwhile, Carole's back in domestic bliss now that her hot boyfriend Adam Kenworthy has returned from Ethiopia. The couple has decided to combine their respective talents as a chef and a writer by penning a cookbook together, tentatively titled "The Reluctant Vegan." This is very interesting, but I'm too distracted by how amazing Adam's long mane of hair is to pay more attention to his actual vegan diet. As for the book of essays Writer Girl was supposed to be working on all last season? Yeah, she's decided writing a cookbook about her love of processed foods is more fun, so she and her editor mutually decided to part ways and revisit the other project at a later date. As it turns out, Carole didn't seem to be enjoying her process with that book last season anyway, and I'm fine with whatever allows for Writer Girl to pen her weekly blogs for


That night, Luann meets Ramona and Sonja downtown for dinner at Sushi Roxx, which has been referred to by the New York Post as NYC's "most bizarre new theatrical dinner experience." It's the trio's first stop of the night, and Ramonja spend much of the meal breaking wine glasses and gossiping about Luann's revolving door of male paramours. (This is apparently happening off-camera.) In fact, the Singer Stinger can't resist but repeat a vulgar tidbit of information she learned from former Housewife Aviva Drescher's ex-husband Harry Dubin about the Countess's proclivities in bed. It's too forward to write in this recap, but feel free to go back and re-watch the episode if you're dying to find out. But as Ramotional would say, when it rains, it pours and when you're wet, you're wet. Changing the subject from this lively, salacious subject, Sonja fills Luann in on her terse exchange with Bethenny over Skinnygirl vs. Tipsy Girl. The Countess claims she can't believe Bethenny would be so aggressive, but earlier in the episode she specifically commented on how nonchalant Sonja was being over the similarities between the two brands. 


Leaving Sushi Roxx, the three 'Wives head to Madame Paulette's, where Dorinda and John are throwing a party to showcase the designs of fashion designer Malan Breton. Dorinda is shocked to see Ramona show up - considering the event is at John's place of business, Dorinda specifically chose not to send the OG an invite to the party. However, Luann is even more stunned to see someone else at the party: some creepy guy named Rey whom she had a summer fling with in Ibiza. After a tense exchange where Luann questions whether her ex is sober and an obviously inebriated Rey claims he's having a mental breakdown upon seeing her at the party, Luann hightails it out of the event and hails a cab back to Sonja's. Seeing the Countess in such obvious distress, Ramona naturally invites Rey over to see if he has any dirt. He's very drunk and very obnoxious, as he drunkenly gets in Sonja's face, calls her a bitch and begs the pair of 'Wives not to tell Luann about his "super-hot" girlfriend. How exactly did this guy get into the party? Seeing Rey starting to cause a scene, John walks over with Dorinda to ask him to leave, and this is where things take a disturbing, chaotic turn. For some reason, Ramona decides that now is the appropriate time to insert herself into the confrontation by sticking up for Rey. The argument quickly escalates as Ramona takes a stand against Dorinda's boyfriend, and John decides to kick Ramona out of the party along with the creepy ex-boyfriend and puts his hand in her face to make his point.


This sends Ramona into a rage as she screams at both Dorinda and John that she never wants to be in the presence of the mafioso dry cleaner ever again. However, even as Ramona storms out of the party with Rey on her heels, the fight isn't over. Continuing the screaming match out on Second Avenue, Dorinda can't believe Ramona had the audacity to ruin yet another of her parties, especially after she promised to be kinder to John just the day before. Ramona shrieks that she doesn't even know how the altercation happened and it's not her fault, at which point Dorinda redirects her rage towards a sloppy Rey. The entire situation devolves into chaos as Dorinda threatens to call the cops on Luann's creepy ex if he doesn't walk away, all while Ramona's still screaming about how everything was John's fault. Once she angrily forces Ramona to leave the event, Dorinda decides she's done too and hails a cab. As John begs her to stay (while at the same time calling Ramona "not even a woman"), Dorinda lashes out at him as well, slurring that he should know better than to put his hand in a woman's face. The episode ends with emotions all around at an all-time high and viewers left wondering what exactly what kind of brawl they just witnessed on the sidewalks of Midtown...

What did you think of this week's episode of RHONY? Are you Team Skinnygirl or Team Tipsy Girl? Who's to blame for the blow-up at Madame Paulette's: Ramona, John, Dorinda, Rey or all of them put together? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

RHONY Ssn 8/Ep 6 - Tipsying Point

Glenn Rowley


Things are beginning to get tipsy on The Real Housewives of New York City! While drama once again boils over between some of the 'Wives at an ill-fated psychic reading, another celebrates her birthday with a surprising announcement that may put her in the crosshairs of a business empire. #businessbyBravo, right? Read on for my complete break down of this week's episode...


Over on the Upper East Side, Sonja Morgan starts her morning with a typical facial made out of human stem cell from the infamously gossipy Satoko Yamazaki. The facialist laments no longer being able to get human placenta from the black market, which might seem like something you don't want to admit on national TV, but Satoko has never been known for her subtlety. (Just ask the Countess.) Always the queen of multi-tasking, Sonja's busy planning her upcoming birthday party while she's laying on the massage table. Satoko doesn't make the guest list for the party, but for some reason Sonja assumes that even though some of her cast mates have yet to RSVP to the affair, they'll still be there. I may need to dust off my etiquette books from when RHOP ended, but I'm pretty sure that's the exact opposite of what an RSVP actually means...


Meanwhile, Carole Radziwill has invited most of the other 'Wives to her chic apartment in the West Village for a good, old-fashioned psychic reading. After last season's hauntingly successful trip to the Turkish coffee grounds reader, Dorinda Medley is particularly jazzed about this next encounter with the paranormal courtesy of famed psychic medium Kim Russo. Based on numerous past experiences, otherworldly figures seem to positively adore our Dorinda. Bethenny Frankel and Jules Wainstein, on the other hand, are more than a little skeptical about the activity - what with the former being the most natural cynic of the bunch and the newbie's devout Jewish faith putting psychic readings strictly on the no-no list. As the ladies gather in Carole's living room, Kim Russo starts with Jules, picking up energy that the newbie is connecting with her life's mission to be a role model for other women. Jules is touched by this, explaining in her confessional that she hopes opening up about her past eating disorder can help make a difference in other people's lives. 


However, Kim Russo quickly moves on to Dorinda with news that someone named John is trying to contact her. Turns out that Dorinda has more than a couple Johns in her life - including her boyfriend John Mahdessian, her father, her brother AND her grandfather just to name a few. In an instance of hilariously perfect timing, Ramona Singer arrives late, barging in and interrupting the reading before any John can get his message delivered. At this point, a pair of brothers reach out to Kim Russo, and they turn out to be Dorinda's late husband Richard and his brother Robert. After a touching moment where the psychic validates a promise Richard made to Dorinda before his death, she asks whether the gangster 'Wife wants to know what Richard thinks of John. Kim Russo then proceeds to tell Dorinda that Richard thinks her current boyfriend is "good for now" but can't provide her with the safety and security she needs long-term. She also predicts that Dorinda will one day get married again, but it won't be to John. This revelation prompts a classic, unfiltered response from the Ramonacoaster, who lets slip a relieved "thank God."


Naturally, this side comment sets Dorinda off, and she lets Ramona have it. Sick of hearing all the negativity about John, Dorinda points out that if Ramona was a good friend she would be supportive of their relationship, and tells her to keep her mouth shut. Furthermore, Dorinda informs Ramona that John isn't exactly her biggest fan either - in fact, he thinks she's nothing more than a "bitch." When will the Housewives learn their lesson? Do not say a bad word about John Mahdessian around Dorinda. It's really as simple as that. To drive the point home, Dorinda rather snidely hits below the belt, tauntingly reminding Ramona that Mario left her for a younger woman. Ouch. Kim Russo awkwardly moves on to Ramona, predicting that she'll also get married again and sending her a message from her late father, but the damage has been done and tensions remain high for the rest of the reading. Dorinda is clearly heartbroken by all the negativity and feels it's ruining her 20+-year friendship with Ramona.


The next day, Carole visits Jules at her apartment in the Flatiron District to rehash all the surprising drama and revelations from the psychic reading. (Quick side note: apparently Jules doesn't know what an iPod is? Or how to make tea? Seriously?) Carole asks Jules if she understood what the medium was talking about when she said she'd be a role model to other women, and the newbie confides in Writer Girl about her past struggles with an eating disorder. In her confessional, Carole admits she isn't exactly surprised by this news - considering Jules's "unnaturally thin" frame and preoccupation with food. Even during this chat, she's set out an entire table's worth of food that the two of them couldn't possibly finish by themselves. Jules opens up to Carole that she hopes sharing her life experience can inspire the younger generation of girls who are struggling with their own eating disorders. Carole eloquently explains that everyone's mission in life essentially comes down to one thing: "to articulate your suffering in a way that emancipates you and empowers [others]." She then encourages Jules to think about how she wants to articulate her journey to others, whether that's through giving speeches, working with university students or even writing a book. And if she needs a good ghostwriter, Writer Girl might just be able to recommend one...


Next, Dorinda meets John at Il Mulino Prime for a fancy dinner date. After being burned by the drama with Ramona at the psychic reading, Dorinda comes to the restaurant still feeling upset, and just wants John to be an empathetic ear she can vent to. However, as she opens up about what happened with Ramona, it quickly becomes clear that John's much more interested in making the drama all about him. As he repeatedly interrupts her story, Dorinda loses her patience and declares that she's officially done with the drama, storming out of the restaurant. As an unabashed fan of Dorinda, it's hard to watch her feel like no one is really on her side. In my recap of her very first episode as a Housewife, I specifically pointed out that she was empathetic and compassionate as she supported Ramona through her issues with Mario. She deserves the same type of respect and support back from the important people in her life.


While Bethenny braves the rain to launch her new Skinnygirl Bars and Protein Shakes, the night of Sonja's birthday party arrives and all of the 'Wives show up other than B and Carole. (Because that's what it means when you don't RSVP.) As the party begins, Ramona gathers Sonja, Jules and Dorinda to regale them with the story of the re-gifted necklace Luann de Lesseps gave her on her birthday. Of course, the Countess manages to make her grand entrance just as the story is wrapping up and pulls Ramona aside with an entire different bone to pick with the Singer Stinger. Luann wants to know why Ramona's so opposed to the idea of her staying with Sonja, and Ramotional rather abruptly blurts out that the Countess moving in will turn Sonja's townhouse into a veritable brothel. Harsh, but true? An insulted Luann counters that her fellow OG is being hypocritical about her own Turtle Time, but I think Ramona has a point here. With the reputation Luann has developed as a major partier with a penchant for bringing random men home with her at all hours of the night - a la last season's trip to the Turks and Caicos - it's probably not the best environment for Sonja to bring into her home. However, the most hilarious part of this argument is Jules managing to eavesdrop on the conversation with the help of her husband.


As the argument concludes, Dorinda asks Luann if it was about the necklace, at which point Ramona is forced to confront her over the gift in front of all the other girls. Luann can't believe what she's hearing, but Ramona thinks it was in awfully poor taste for her to present Bethenny with an engraved, monogrammed Carlos Falchi purse at the Ramonacoaster's own birthday party while she gave the actual birthday girl a necklace for the second time. In her confessional, the Countess amusingly points out that Ramona isn't even using the term "re-gift" correctly: it's actually when someone gives you a gift and you turn around and give it to someone else. But that's neither here nor there. Either way, Dorinda finds the conversation to be hilarious and so do I. Please never change, Ramona Singer. 


At this point, John quiets the room for Sonja to make a birthday toast. However, Lady Morgan has more than just a speech up her sleeve. Raising her glass, Sonja announces that she's launching a new line of Prosecco as her latest business venture. She she says, anyone who knows her, knows she drinks an awful lot of the Italian sparkling wine. Oh, but that's not all! The name of the new Prosecco line is Tipsy Girl. Ramona and Jules are both quick to point out, Sonja's branding sounds an awful lot like Bethenny's Skinnygirl empire. And we all know how protective Bethenny is when it comes to the brand she's built. While Dorinda thinks there's room for everyone when it comes to starting companies and opines that Bethenny won't care, Jules asks Sonja point blank if she talked to the Skinnygirl before starting such a similar brand. I mean, Bethenny even has her own Prosecco! Sonja claims she can't wait to get the business maven's opinion and wishes she had come to the party, but we'll have to wait until next week to find out how Bethenny reacts to the news. (Hint: it's not going to be pretty.)

What did you think of this week's episode of RHONY? Do you believe in psychics or are you more skeptical? Do you side more with Luann or Ramona in the great re-gifting debate? How do you think Bethenny will feel about Sonja's new Tipsy Girl brand? Leave your thoughts and opinions below in the comments!

RHONY Ssn 8/Ep 4 - BBQ, Brunch or Bust

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of New York City, we're in the Hamptons for a weekend of BBQs, brunches and awkward confrontations. Whether it's Bethenny vs. John, Carole vs. Luann or a newly brewing feud between the Skinnygirl and newbie Jules, this wasn't exactly the relaxing celebration some of these 'Wives had in mind...


It's the weekend of Bethenny Frankel's tailgate-chic birthday BBQ and all the 'Wives are in the Hamptons to celebrate. Dorinda Medley and her boyfriend John Mahdessian are staying with Jules Wainstein and her husband Michael at their Water Mill home, and Dorinda's still anxious about the residual fallout between her boyfriend and B. As they get ready for the party, Dorinda says point blank that John needs to apologize to Bethenny for his drunken assault at the bra party earlier in the week. However, Jules has perhaps the best solution for an conflict that may arise at the BBQ: just stuff your face with food.


Meanwhile, Bethenny's prepping for the party at her gorgeous house in Bridgehampton. (For the record, the Skinnygirl mogul's house is literally my dream home. And Bethenny, if you're reading this, can I really come over any time I want?) In between setting up the giant mobile BBQ and the fire pits, Carole Radziwill arrives with her dog Baby. Sitting on the front porch, she and the birthday girl commiserate over their respective dramas with Luann de Lesseps and John.  Carole's plan is to maintain a friendly distance with her nemesis throughout the afternoon, but seeing as this is the first time Luann will be joining the rest of the Housewives at an event this season, things are bound to get interesting. 


The rest of the Housewives arrive and the party gets into full swing with an open bar of Moscow Mules and Spiked Hot Chocolate (featuring Skinnygirl liquor, of course.) Ramona Singer's in a cowboy hat and there's a whole lot of plaid going on, but when Dorinda and John arrive with Jules and Michael, it quickly becomes apparent that Bethenny is in no mood to have any kind of conversation with Dorinda's dry cleaner boyfriend at her party. In fact, she avoids him at all costs, telling some of the other partygoers that it feels like there's an obstruction in her home that she has to move around. With the hostess refusing to give him so much as a greeting, John is left to sulk in the corner with his Skinnygirl-branded cup, looking like an awkward, lonely puppy dog.


Always one to make an entrance, Luann arrives fashionably late and saunters into the party with a hula hoop on her arm. She's quick to bust out her hula-hooping skills and all I can wonder is "how has she not used this party trick before?!" Carole, however, is less than impressed with the Countess's ploy for attention and thinks she should've left the hula hoop at home. Carole immediately flees the scene and now this party has two low-speed chases going on: John's after Bethenny and Luann wants to force a conversation with Writer Girl. In fact, at one point the Countess's path crosses with the show's resident voice of reason like two ships passing awkwardly in the night, and point blank tells Carole she can't keep avoiding her forever. Hilariously, Carole's response is that actually...she can. 


Eventually, the two 'Wives come face-to-face over the fire pit, where everyone except Luann is roasting s'mores (the Countess does not eat marshmallows, darling). With Luann eyeing her from across the fire, Carole shoots out "I don't know what you're looking at, Lu," which finally opens the door for a confrontation between the two former friends. The Countess wants to have a conversation away from the group, but Carole insists that whatever she has to say can be said in front of everyone. When Luann tries to start by saying how nice it is to finally see Radzi after such a long time, the latter shoots back that of course it's been a long time - the last time they were together, they were screaming at each other at the Season 7 reunion. Luann claims that the pair said quite a few hurtful things to each other last year, but Carole immediately counters that there's no "we" in this situation. From her perspective, Luann was the one who had a lot of hurtful and nasty things to say about everything from her relationship with Adam to herself as a person. To prove her point, Carole challenges the Countess to come up with one single thing the writer said about her, and Luann dismisses the idea by insisting she doesn't want to rehash the past. 


Switching gears, Luann brings up the lengthy social media war the two engaged in as their drama played out on TV, but again Carole points out that she was only trying to defend herself. After all, the Countess was the one who accused her of being a pedophile, made up stories about her relationship with Adam and claimed that the chef had still been dating her niece when Carole "broke them up." Luann insists she wants to move forward, but Carole simply has no intention of being friends with her erstwhile pal again. As the conversation continues to go in circles, the two Housewives refuse to see eye-to-eye and eventually just agree that they'll never be friends again, but to be polite when they see each other. I mean, they do have a show to film over the next several months right? They might as well get used to being forced into interacting once in a while...The big secret here is that if Luann had just given Carole a genuine apology and said "I'm sorry," I think their confrontation could have had a much more positive outcome. Maybe they can try again at Jules's brunch the next day?


With the disastrous party winding down, Bethenny finally agrees to give John five minutes of her time for Dorinda's sake, but the conversation doesn't exactly go well either. John attempts to apologize for barging into his girlfriend's lingerie party and attacking Bethenny, but the Skinnygirl points out that he probably has very little recollection of what he actually did or said that night. She pointedly reminds him that he came into the party thinking he had a giant smoking gun to take her down by accusing her of stealing her brand's name from the founder of Skinny Cow. But here's the thing: when you attack Bethenny's business, the claws are going to come out. Not only were John's allegations incorrect, they were flat-out uneducated and ignorant. John defends himself by claiming that he was just trying to protect Dorinda after all the horrible things Bethenny had said to her about him, but the Skinnygirl once again puts him in his place by pointing out that he doesn't even know what she said to Dorinda. Was telling Dorinda to stop selling John so hard to the other ladies such an awful thing to say? However, John goes back to his excuse that he was just protecting the woman he loves and the discussion ends with a petulant apology. 


Obviously, this wasn't how Dorinda envisioned the conversation going between her boyfriend and her friend, and comes close to breaking down in tears that the situation somehow just keeps getting worse. As Luann and Jules attempt to calm an emotional Dorinda down, Bethenny realizes that she has to put aside her feelings about John for the sake of her budding friendship with her cast mate. I personally love Bethenny and Dorinda together so I'm relieved that the Skinnygirl wants to make this difficult situation work so they can continue being friends. At some point a petty feud with a boyfriend isn't worth all the anguish and tears it's causing for poor Dorinda. As she states in her confessional, Bethenny has to find a way to wrap this giant problem up into some kind of bow so that her guests stop crying and don't spend the evening in a mental institution. So, she marches right up to John and pronounces that they can be completely fine from here on out for the sake of his girlfriend. The clean slate is all for Dorinda. And with that, the most awkward BBQ birthday party in the history of Bravo finally comes to an end.


The next morning, Jules and Michael host a brunch at their expansive home in Water Mill for most of the other 'Wives except Ramona, who went back into the city for a date. Mario who? Needless to say, after all the awkward confrontations at the BBQ, Bethenny and Carole are less than thrilled to be there and vow to duck out as quickly as possible. Upon arrival, Bethenny doesn't make the most gracious impression on her hosts, offering her unsolicited opinions on the massive construction projects going on in their home. Getting a taste of B's know-it-all tendencies rubs Jules the wrong way, and the new 'Wife demands to know in her confessional who gave Bethenny the right to judge her house. Stay in your lane, B. However, Bethenny sees more than just the seven-year construction zone the Wainsteins seem to be living in. The Skinnygirl takes note that Jules doesn't seem to be eating anything at the schmear, opting instead to push copious amounts of food onto her guests. The new 'Wife's ultra-skinny stature has come up more than once already this season, and Bethenny sees this behavior as a textbook red flag that there might be a serious issue with Jules and an eating disorder. Yikes, I have a feeling we've heard far from the end of this subject and there is no way it can end well.


Once Luann arrives with a date in tow, Carole is ready to hit the road and she and Bethenny plan a quick escape from the Wainsteins' schmear. Taking a quick tour of the room that will eventually house an indoor pool, B and Radzi make a beeline for the exit, avoiding nails, sawdust and dog poop on their way out. This mean girl escape doesn't sit well with Jules, who wonders openly to Dorinda why Bethenny had to be such a Debbie Downer during the whole meal. As Bethenny and Carole drive away giggling, it would appear that perhaps battle lines are being drawn between the new girl and the OG. Watch out Jules, the Skinnygirl is not a foe you want to mess with...

What did you think of the episode? Was that just the most awkward BBQ and brunch you've ever seen? Leave your thoughts in the comments below...