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Real Housewives

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RHOBH Season 6 Wrap-Up

Glenn Rowley


After two dozen episodes rife with machinations, manipulations and spinning of webs, it's time to wrap up Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. For this week's feature, I'm breaking down my favorite parts of the season as well as what could and should change come Season 7...


  • The perfection that is Erika Jayne: I'll say it right now. Erika Girardi was the single best new 'Wife the Beverly Hills franchise since the original six Housewives first blasted onto our screens in 2010. Everything from her perfectly manicured nails and glam squad to her jaw-dropping fashion sense and the glitz, glam, boobs and heels of her alter ego Erika Jayne made for fascinating addition to the cast and the Housewives universe. Erika was not only gorgeous and hilariously full of one-liners, she didn't up with any B.S. and refused to back down in any situation. Whether she was standing up for Yolanda Foster or going head-to-head with fellow newbie Kathryn Edwards over her perception that Lisa Vanderpump was spinning a web, I could not get enough of Erika. Even more, based on my first impression I wasn't actually sure I would like the newbie, but thankfully I saw the light and was converted into an Erika Jayne superfan.
  • Fresh-squeezed O.J. (Simpson): In perhaps the most serendipitous pop culture moment of all time, the Beverly Hills 'Wives were arguing over their many connections to the O.J. Simpson trial just as The People vs. O.J. Simpson, FX's gripping retelling of the story of the century, was captivating viewers across the country. For a few glorious weeks this winter, I could watch Kathryn Edwards battle it out with the morally corrupt Faye Resnick over being dragged into the scandal by her juicy tell-all (which was published just as the jury was being selected), and then immediately switch over to Connie Britton as Faye herself. I literally could have watched the Housewives battle it out over O.J. Simpson all season long and been completely happy.
  • Beverly Hills takes the Hamptons: Personally, I loved every minute of the ladies' trip early in the season to the Hamptons to celebrate the opening of Kyle Richards's pop-up shop and the white party for Lisa Vanderpump's Bella Magazine cover. Not only will I own a house there one day, but from the start of Eileen Davidson and Lisa Vanderpump's feud to the dinner party clash between Erika and RHONY's Bethenny Frankel, it was pretty much everything I could dream of for a Housewives getaway. Plus, after so many years of knowing about their BFF status, it was amazing to see Kyle's decades-long friendship with Bethenny on screen. Two of my all-time favorite Housewives in one of my favorite places in the world? What more could I ask for?
  • The unwilling spiral of Lisa Rinna: Oh, Lisa Rinna. When both Brani Glanville and Kim Richards exited the show after the conclusion of Season 5, many wondered who would become the essential bad 'Wife of the cast, but in a way it makes sense that Lisa Rinna took up the mantle. When her opening tagline bragged about how much talking her well-known lips would do, I had an inkling we were in for trouble this season. However, the second she read the definition of the word "Munchausen" off her phone at Villa Rosa, I knew she was done for. All season long, Rinna preached about "owning" her stuff while incessantly gossiping about both Yolanda and Lisa Vanderpump, painting them as the show's master manipulators. All in all, her play worked, earning her the coveted hot seat next to Andy Cohen come reunion time. By season's end, Lisa Rinna had burned bridges with just about everyone in the cast except for Eileen, and the scariest part of the entire madness may be that the longtime actress still thinks she's in the right...She can cry "scapegoat" all she wants, but there's no denying that her own mouth was what got Rinna in a giant heap of trouble this year.


  • A snoozy finale: After SO MUCH went down over the course of the season, it was beyond frustrating to see the finale amount to, well, pretty much a whole lot of nothing. Kyle's gorgeous house in Palm Desert set the stage for what could've been an electrifying event, but all we got was Lisa Rinna apologizing to Yolanda and throwing darts at Kim with the rest of the 'Wives basically refusing to engage. This may sound terrible, but I was almost grateful that Bravo decided to film more when Yolanda and David's divorce became public because otherwise the finale would've been entirely forgettable. 
  • Please, no more Munchausen: Dear Bravo, for the love of all that is holy, please never force us to hear the word "Munchausen" ever again. I feel confident that I'm speaking for every single fan out there when I say this. I really just can't take it anymore. I have sympathy for what Yolanda is going through, but enough is enough. When the Wives were talking about anything other than Munchausen, I loved the season. When they were obsessing over it, I didn't. While we're on the topic, can this please be the official end of "fake diseases by Bravo?" I'm talking to you, Evolution Media. We've endured a full season of Brooks Ayers faking cancer on RHOC and now another 24 episodes dominated by whether or not Yolanda's Lyme disease was real. The Housewives are over it, the audience is over it, even Andy is probably over it. Please let this be the end. 
  • Cast shake-ups: The one constant in the Bravo universe is the rotating door of Housewives. Season after season, some women are let go and new 'Wives take their place. It's a pattern as reliable as the sun rising or someone calling Lisa Vanderpump manipulative. Last season I questioned whether Kim Richards was in a healthy-enough state to continue filming, but had no idea that my wish for Brandi Glanville to finally be fired from the show would actually come true. This year, I think the most obvious choice for getting the ax would be newbie Kathryn Edwards. Not that I want this to happen - I love her - but out of all of the women, she's the most easily replaceable. However, I also wonder if either Yolanda or Eileen may take their final bows and exit stage left before Season 7. Yolanda went into this season with a single-minded goal to raise awareness for her Lyme disease, but the idea went sideways on her when it grew into rumors about her personal integrity and started involving her children in the gossip. Her Lyme storyline being dominated by the big, bad M-word was certainly not what she had in mind. As for Eileen, I adore her on the show and hope she comes back, but we all know she's far too sane and cool for all this craziness. As much as she turned into the bad guy this season, we all know Lisa Rinna is never going to walk away from the show until Andy personally pries the contract from her cold, dead hands. Therefore, my ideal cast for next season would be Kyle, Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna, Eileen, Erika, Kathryn, one newbie and maybe one official Friend of the Housewives.


  • Season 2: The sophomore season in Beverly Hills represents quintessential Housewives at both its best and darkest. Taylor Armstrong's tense, crumbling marriage and the allegations of domestic abuse going on behind closed doors dominated the season, and took the darkest turn possible when her husband Russell committed suicide prior to the season premiere. Kim Richards on-camera spiral into addiction and ill-fated relationship with the shady, enabling Ken Blumenfeld also cast a wide shadow on the season and her already strained relationship with sister Kyle. However, this year also gave us the gift of Queen Camille Grammer's awe-inspiring comeback from Season 1 villain to the patron saint of Season 2 as well as the introduction of Brandi Glanville and Dana "$25,000 sunglasses" Wilkey. Iconic moments from the season included the game night showdown between Brandi and the Richards sisters, the Malibu Beach Party from Hell and the clash between Taylor, Camille and Lisa Vanderpump at the latter's ill-fated tea party. The three-part reunion was also particularly epic. Kyle busted out her unforgettable line comparing friendship with LVP to playing chess with Bobby Fischer, the repercussions of which have reverberated all the way to the current day. Kim also missed the reunion taping altogether due to a trip to rehab, and only admitted during the final installment that she was an alcoholic. 
  • Season 6: Even given my criticism, I really loved this season. It went deep and wide, but without the toxic negativity of Brandi's drama. The Hamptons, Dubai, O.J. Simpson, Erika Jayne, the return of Faye Resnick...shall I go on? Now if only we could do something about Lisa Rinna's penchant for reading things off her phone and using the word "enraged."
  • Season 1: While it may seem tame by today's standards, Season 1 was - as Andy Cohen so eloquently stated in the Uncensored special - truly "lightning in a bottle." With Camille Grammer declared as the "Most Hated Housewife in America" by Life & Style at the time, the debut season gave us the iconic Dinner Party from Hell, Kyle Richards' epic "you're such a f***ing liar Camille" line and Alison DuBois' e-cigarette and set the high water mark for what a first season could be in the Housewives universe. 
  • Season 3: I had some issues with it at the time, but Season 3 has very much grown on me in the intervening years since it aired. While it was frustrating to watch the primary storyline revolve around damning information revealed by Brandi Glanville about Adrienne Maloof that was edited out for legal reasons, (it was eventually revealed that Adrienne used a surrogate for the birth of her twin boys), the season also swirled with intrigue and constantly-shifting alliances. Plus, we'll always have the Housewives' incredible trip to Paris.
  • Season 5: This time last year, I felt that Season 5 was possibly the best season of the show yet. But as a counterpoint to Season 3, my enthusiasm has waned significantly and it now finds itself on the bottom half of the list. I loved the addition of Lisa Rinna (at the time) and Eileen Davidson (always), but I realized how hit-or-miss the season really was when a friend asked me for a recommendation on which episodes were absolutely must-see. As I thought about her question, it dawned on me that after Kyle's White Party, the season was sluggish to really get rolling and the drama didn't start until around Episode 8. I eventually told my friend there were quite a few episodes she could skip altogether, and advised her to particularly focused on the back half of the season when things finally got good. That being said, the disastrous poker party at Eileen's house and the drama at Kyle's gay mixer are not to be missed and I loved the cast trip to Yo's homeland of Holland. Plus, the reunion had me on the edge of my seat the entire time, while this season's ultimately came up short.
  • Season 4: It's my ardent belief that this is the season Andy Cohen and all the other major players at Bravo would like to pretend never happened. The addition of Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud de Ohoven proved to be a disaster, with the majority of fans abhorring the former while finding the latter gratingly annoying. Plenty of die-hard LVP supporters are still bitter about Brandi Glanville's season-long smear campaign against her former BFF and the trip to Puerto Rico was kind of awful. By the start of Season 5, the show seemed to have hit the proverbial reset button and it's almost like the boring season only exists in our nightmares.

With that, my coverage of Season 6 is officially, truly over. What did you think of the season overall? Do you agree or disagree with my ranking of the seasons? Let me know in the comments!

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 24 - Secrets Revealed

Glenn Rowley


After a three-part reunion, this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wraps up with the Secrets Revealed episode. In never-before-seen footage from the Bravo vaults, we see the Housewives conquer parenting challenges, cope with health issues (including botox injections) and release their inner bad girls. Read on for a full recap of all the surprising and hilarious moments...


The Secrets Revealed episode kicks off with a few more questions from the Season 6 reunion. Andy Cohen presses Kyle Richards on her newly-remodeled closet that takes up an entire room of her house, asks Erika Girardi whether she really uses the amazing chapel in her home (the answer is yes) and questions whether Lisa Vanderpump's swans fulfill the stereotype that the birds can be viciously mean. LVP claims that, despite the biting incident that happened on-camera, Hanky and Panky are both tame, but it's a different story when it comes to the other six swans that greet visitors at Villa Rosa. Plus, the veritable zoo of animals had to adjust to the additions of Diamonds and Rosé this year, the pair of miniature horses Lisa V. got Ken Todd for his 70th birthday. 


Speaking of animals, Kyle's daughter Portia has added horseback riding to her list of childhood accomplishments. Kyle's enrolled her youngest in lessons where she not only learns to ride the horses, but is also responsible for everything from grooming and feeding the animals to cleaning their horseshoes. As a naturally curious seven-year-old, Portia has a wide variety of interests she wants to explore, and horseback riding is just the newest fascination behind acting and playing the piano. As Kyle points out in her confessional, the key to successful parenting is exposing Portia to as many positive opportunities as possible until she finds something that makes both her and Kyle happy.


At the reunion, Erika revealed the music video for her latest Erika Jayne single, "How Many F***s?" and in never-before-seen footage, we get to see more of the rehearsal from her gig in San Diego. With the help of her creative director Mikey Minden, Erika and her bevy of attractive back-up dancers block the show, practicing everything from choreography to all the lighting and sound cues for the performance. Erika explains in her confessional that while she's good at performing, she's constantly working to improve. After all, no pop star is born a superstar and it has taken a lot of work to become Erika Jayne. However, I keep getting distracted during this inspirational monologue as her gorgeous dancers start taking off their shirts and gyrating to the music. Also, for the record, I'm dying to get my hands on one of those official Erika Jayne tank tops. I love her so much I would literally wear it every single day if I could.


Next, we get a trio of scenes focused on healthcare. While Lisa Rinna plays nurse when her daughter Amelia Gray gets her tonsils removed, Yolanda Foster is busy going to her appointment with a holistic doctor to treat her Lyme disease. Dr. Kang seems to be the Beverly Hills version of Shannon Beador's trusty Dr. Moon on RHOC, and he does muscle testing with Yolanda to determine which medicines and treatments she should be taking. Then, Lisa Vanderpump tricks Ken into visiting a cosmetic dermatologist under the guise of getting her shoulders checked for skin cancer. However, the real reason for the appointment is so that Ken can get some botox in his face. As LVP points out in her confessional, if you don't need botox when you're 70 years old, when will you need it? Ken rather grudgingly lets the doctor stick a needle in his face because as long as Lisa's happy, nothing else matters, right?


This leads into a pair of scenes featuring Housewives and their daughters. First, Gigi Hadid crashes a sit-down between Yolanda and David Foster and the Girardis. During the conversation, the supermodel quickly connects with Erika's husband Tom over his work as a high-profile plaintiff's attorney - the most successful in the country, in fact. Before she got distracted by her career as the biggest supermodel in the world, Gigi was studying criminal law and psychology at NYU, and Yolanda maintains that she could see her oldest daughter returning to university in a few years to complete her degree. Tom promises to take Gigi on a trip to the courthouse soon, that is, after she comes back from her upcoming modeling shoot in Australia. Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna is starting to play momager to her oldest daughter Delilah Belle. Following Yolanda's formula, Rinna finally let Delilah try modeling after she turned 17, and the mother and daughter peruse some of her latest test shots. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I can't quite shake the feeling that Lisa Rinna desperately wants to use the show as a platform to help turn her daughters into the next Gigi and Bella. Do you agree?


Meanwhile, Kyle is stuck in a bit of a parenting mess. Apparently, Portia managed to inadvertently rack up a five-digit credit card bill while playing a game on the iPad. Guess those coins she was buying for the game cost actual money...oops. Like any seven-year-old, Portia is terrified of what her dad will do when he finds out, despite Kyle, Farrah and Sophia's insistence that Mauricio won't even be mad. In her confessional, Kyle explains that she and Mauricio never really have to discipline their kids. Yes, they put them in time out as toddlers, but as the girls got older, it became more about having a discussion about the mistake they made and what they can learn from it to not do it again. According to Kyle, Mauricio has the patience of a saint, and has never once lost his temper with any of the girls. It's so sad to watch Portia bawling her eyes out in fear, though, and my biggest question is this: did Kyle get her money back?


One of my favorite parts of the dynamic between the 'Wives this season was how much of a fan Eileen Davidson was of Erika and her pop star alter ego. In a pair of scenes from the Bravo vault, we get to see the two continue to bond as Erika visits the soap star on the set of The Young and the Restless and takes her shopping to release her inner "Eileen Jayne" with some sexy swimwear. (We also get a juxtaposed scene of Lisa Rinna and Kathryn Edwards shopping, but I have the feeling it was only included for the express reason that without it Kathryn would've been entirely absent from the episode. She's rocking that orange shift dress, though.) On the soap opera set, Eileen hatches a plan to get Erika a bit part on the show, maybe as a nun, and while buying her a swimsuit, Erika opines that many of the women underestimate just how cool Eileen actually is. I wholeheartedly second this opinion! Eileen Davidson is low-key the absolute coolest of all the 'Wives in Beverly Hills, and if you disagree you're wrong.


The Secrets Revealed episode ends with some extra footage from the trip to the Hamptons, with the 'Wives returning to their vacation house after Kyle's pop-up shop event. Over glasses of wine in the backyard, the women try to get Lisa Vanderpump to admit what makes her cry at night, but the British OG would rather talk about what makes everyone laugh. Erika then turns the conversation to the Househusbands of Beverly Hills, admitting to Lisa Rinna the major crush she had on Harry Hamlin in Clash of the Titans. Rinna rightfully opines that the 90210 is filled with some serious eye candy in the husband department, and Erika tells the women the story of how she and Tom met and fell in love. It's a nice button on the episode, and the season, and on that lovely note, Season 6 of RHOBH has officially come to an end.

What did you think of this year's Secrets Revealed episode? Are you sad the season is over or are you glad to see it go? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 23 - Reunion Part 3

Glenn Rowley


It's Part 3 of the reunion this week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and everything from the Munchausen rumor and spinning webs to the drama in Dubai is on the table. Plus, the ladies get a sweet message from one wine-guzzling former Housewife and Andy Cohen tries to get to the bottom of whether Lisa Vanderpump is the master manipulator once and for all. Read on for my full recap of all the drama from the couches...

Vulnerable Vanderpump


The final installment of the reunion picks up right where we left off, with Lisa Vanderpump's shocking admission that she had been in an abusive relationship at the age of 19. As the Brit tearfully opens up the teensiest bit about the experience, Andy questions why she didn't empathize more when Eileen shared her similar experience in the Hamptons. Lisa explains that her story didn't even come to mind at the time, and several of the women wonder if she has a problem with opening up and being truly vulnerable. Even Kyle Richards is quick to point out that her fellow OG likes to live in a fantasy land where life is all diamonds and rosé. As the topic reignites Eileen Davidson's beef with Lisa, newbie Kathryn Edwards opines that the issue between the two women is simply lost in translation. It's also amusing to point out that when LVP tells Eileen she's hurt her feelings, the soap actress sincerely apologizes within seconds...which is really all she wanted from her fellow 'Wife from the second she mentioned the "affair" in the Hamptons. See, Lisa? It's that easy!

War of the Rookies


Moving on, Andy brings up the lengthy feud between Kathryn and her fellow newbie Erika Girardi that started with a singular conversation about whether or not Lisa Vanderpump is a sniper from the side who spends her time spinning a web. At the time, I was fairly outspoken that - while I honestly love them both - I was on Team Erika on this one. Regardless of what she said about LVP, it wasn't OK for Kathryn to tell her she wanted to be her first genuine, female friend and then run straight to Lisa V. to spill the tea. Obviously, Erika still feels this way about the situation as well, and even Kathryn admits to the fact that she was wrong in how she handled the situation. However, Erika remains burned by the experience, and calls Kathryn out for listening "with intent," going straight to LVP to tattle on her and then admitting at Erika's contentious dinner party that she did it to get a reaction out of both Erika and Lisa Vanderpump. Further, Kathryn clearly didn't give any kind of good first impression at the dinner party, arguing with Erika's husband Tom and borderline shouting at nearly every other guest to get her various points across. Erika then asks if she should spill about some of the things her fellow newbie has told her and dramatically reveals that Kathryn referred to Lisa Vanderpump as a "harmless old lady." Ouch.


Kathryn denies ever saying this - and for the record, Lisa V. is neither old nor harmless - but Erika insists that she used the terminology over the phone during an off-camera conversation. When Erika calls her desperate (hunny), Kathryn deflects by bringing up all the trash-talking Erika did about the other ladies in Dubai. Erika pointedly remarks that there's a difference between talking smack and having an opinion, but the question once again boils down to this: who do you believe? Over the course of the season, it's been clear that Erika is always observing and remains intensely aware of what's going on around her, so my gut instinct is to believe what she says. That's not to say I think Kathryn is dishonest, but it would make sense that she would want to deny saying something even slightly derogatory about the powerful OG with whom she's worked to align herself all season long. If there's one thing every Housewife and fan knows, it's that you don't want to be on the wrong side of Lisa Vanderpump.


Also up for debate is Erika's liberal use of her certain favorite c-word. While "see you next Tuesday" isn't my favorite word either, I think there's a definite difference in the way she uses it and the way some now-former Housewives of the past have thrown it around (ahem...looking at you, Brandi Glanville and Carlton Gebbia...) Even still, Kathryn took offense to Erika calling her the c-word in her confessional after they had made up, but Erika justifies her comment by saying that what her costar did was a "c*** move." As for Eileen getting the two to talk things out at the Habitat for Humanity project, Erika actually thanks Eileen for doing it because the two newbies came to a resolution that has since lasted, reunion notwithstanding. After that day painting a house, the two never argued again and even bonded while sharing a room in Dubai. Both Erika and Kathryn can agree that they are on their way to building a real, genuine friendship with each other, and I for one hope it sticks. 

Putting the "B" Back in Beverly Hills


Next, Andy has a special surprise for the ladies: a video message from former Housewife Brandi Glanville! The show's most iconic villain has been watching the season very closely and has something to say to pretty much every one of the 'Wives. To Kyle, she says she has an "odd soft spot" for her former nemesis, but accuses her of being one person when she's around Lisa Vanderpump and a different person when she's not. I'll give you three guesses about which version of Kyle Brandi likes more. She applauds Kathryn for locking down a hot younger man in Donnie, and shockingly offers a backhanded apology to Eileen for how she treated her last season. Now that Eileen had the guts to stand up to LVP, Brandi respects her more. Oh and her hair looks great this season! (That's one thing I can agree with Brandi on, you're stunning Eileen!) B's also come to the conclusion that Lisa Rinna isn't actually bipolar - she's just "nuttier than squirrel sh**." Additionally, she lays down a new rule for Rinna that I think every single Housewives fan can agree on: no more saying "own it" or "deflect." Please. Brandi knew she liked Erika the moment she referred to LVP as a sniper from the side. Too bad it took B five years to figure out what Erika say in just a couple minutes. And to her former BFF, Brandi has only good backhandedly good things to say. She claims LVP is "genius" when it comes to changing the narrative to make herself look good. Brandi also throws fuel on the manipulation fire by claiming Lisa V. was her "puppeteer" when they were friends - one who manipulated the self-proclaimed "truth cannon" into doing her dirty work for her.


The video doesn't get quite the reaction Andy and Bravo were likely hoping for. Immediately, Lisa Vanderpump questions why they are giving Brandi a platform to bash the rest of the cast when she was fired from the show last year. The OG also points out that it's awfully easy to sit there with a glass of wine and rattle off insults to the camera without having to say it to anyone's face. Kyle rightfully points out that all Brandi seems to do is watch the show, tweet about the 'Wives and continually bash them on her podcast. With the exception of Yolanda Foster - who feels it's appropriate for Brandi to be allowed to say her piece if Kim Richards was allowed to as well - the collective reaction on the couches is mostly "meh." Move it along, Andy, no one cares what derogatory and mean-spirited things Brandi has to say.

Taking Off the Rosé-Colored Glasses


Just we thought we'd heard the last of the Munchausen drama, Andy forces us back to the subject. This time, the argument centers around whether or not Lisa Vanderpump tried to drag Kyle into Lisa Rinna's Munchausen allegation, with the OGs on one side and Rinna on the other. Lisa Rinna insists that LVP followed her out of Villa Rosa to ask why she didn't bring Kyle's name into the Munchausen conversation which, incidentally is the exact same thing Kyle said Lisa told her after she came back inside. The three go back and forth and around and around on the subject until Kyle finally puts her foot down and says she doesn't think it's really that big of a deal. Thank you, Kyle, because I honestly cannot stand to listen to this argument one more time.


One thing that is kind of a big deal is how much Lisa Vanderpump's husband Ken bashed the other women all season long. In a classic Rinna move, Lisa R. reads off his catty comments about her in the finale. All in all, Ken called her a "stupid bitch," "silly cow," "wanker," "crazy" and insinuated that she didn't have the "full ticket." While acknowledging that she would be upset if say, Harry Hamlin said those things about her, Lisa Vanderpump refuses to apologize for either that or any of Ken's other comments throughout the season (about Kyle's fashion sense and how Yolanda looked at Rinna's birthday party). From her perspective, the Househusband is allowed to share his opinions and vent about the women when he's upset by their behavior towards his wife. Several of the other women disagree, with Yolanda in particular citing this pattern of Ken lashing out all the way back to Season 4, and I'm suddenly realizing Ken Todd may be the Peter Thomas of RHOBH.


The conversation morphs into a discussion about the seemingly eternal question of whether Lisa Vanderpump is the show's master manipulator. To this day, Lisa Rinna maintains that LVP manipulated her into bringing up the M-word (I can't type it one more time) and tried to get her fired up about Yolanda's comment that she could be bipolar and unstable. She also argues that the other women can't seem to decide whether she's a people-pleaser or just bipolar-level crazy, but I think it's clear after two seasons that Lisa Rinna has a major people-pleasing side to her multi-faceted personality. However, it needs to be clarified that whether or not any conversations happened off-camera between her and LVP, Lisa Rinna was the one - the ONLY one - to bring the word Munchausen into the dialogue surrounding Yolanda's Lyme disease. There, I typed it again. 


Andy points out that six seasons in, there's been a definite pattern of Lisa Vanderpump's fellow Housewives accusing her of being manipulative. When you break it down, Andy's telling the truth. Over the course of six seasons, Kyle, Yolanda, Brandi, Lisa Rinna, Eileen, Erika, Kim, Taylor Armstrong and Adrienne Maloof have all leveled similar accusations about the queen bee. Bobby Fischer, anyone? At some point, when so many people are saying the same thing, you have to wonder how much truth there is to it. And yet, when Andy asks her point blank, Lisa Vanderpump insists she doesn't feel the need to apologize to a single one of her costars. Guess we'll have to wait for Season 7 to see who LVP manipulates next...

Final Thoughts


To close out the Season 6 reunion, Andy asks each of the ladies for their final thoughts. Kyle's biggest takeaways are how much she learned about Yolanda's Lyme disease and to simply not sweat the small stuff. Yolanda just wants to keep recovering and getting well, while Lisa Rinna claims she doesn't have any regrets from all the talking her lips did this season. After two seasons, Eileen points out that Housewives absolutely trumps daytime soap operas in the drama department, and both Kathryn and Erika claim their first season was everything they each hoped it would be. As for the final word, LVP is sad people think she's manipulative, but chalks it up to the old "live and learn" mantra. In the final moments, Andy has each of the 'Wives turn to the person on their right and say her best quality. As the women point out each other's sweetness, honesty, integrity and sense of humor, the season ends on a positive note and we're reminded of so many of the good qualities these women have when they're not arguing at each other's throats.

Next week, Secrets Revealed! Leave your thoughts about this week's final reunion installment in the comments below!

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 22 - Reunion Part 2

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the reunion continues as the women of Beverly Hills seek apologies for the words and actions of their fellow Housewives on everything from addictions and affairs to that dreaded Munchausen accusation. Read on for my entire break down of Part 2...

Who Does Yolanda Believe?


Part 1 of the reunion ended with Yolanda Foster's sudden walk-off during the two Lisas debate over who started the Munchausen conversation surrounding her illness. Ever a supportive friend, Erika Girardi quickly followed her into Andy's dressing room, where Yo dissolves in a flood of tears under the weight of her fellow 'Wives doubt and bickering. Most tellingly however, the arguing on the couches continues even when Yolanda isn't there. Lisa Vanderpump claims the blame lies solely with Lisa Rinna for bringing the M-word into the conversation, while Rinna fiercely maintains that she was encouraged off-camera by LVP. When Yolanda finally returns to set, Andy asks her point blank: with the conflicting stories and giant game of she said/she said, who does Yo believe?


All Yolanda can say is that she's confused. Yes, she wants to believe Lisa Vanderpump's story, but she just doesn't know who to trust. LVP openly admits she was wrong to doubt the veracity of Yolanda's illness, but Yo fires back that the queen bee has a history of manipulating things behind the scenes to make good TV without any thought for who could get hurt in the process. As Yo says, "you can't run over dead bodies to get a great show." Therefore, according to Yolanda, it's completely within the realm of possibility that LVP was pulling Rinna's strings behind the scenes. As Lisa Vanderpump continues to deny that she wanted to utilize Yo's illness as this season's major storyline, Lisa Rinna gets so fed up that she (rather dramatically) storms off the set in a not-quite-walk-off. Standing between Bravo's multitude of camera operators, Rinna repeatedly shrieks for LVP to simply "own it" - by far her favorite phrase this season. Andy looks, at best, mildly amused by Lisa Rinna's outburst and I can't but think - as he stated in a recent interview - walk-offs at reunions are so 2009.


Once Lisa Rinna sits back down, Andy steers the conversation to the drama from Kyle Richards' ill-fated BBQ, where the Lyme disease of Yolanda's children Bella and Anwar was dragged into the discussion. At the BBQ, LVP maintained that Mohamed Hadid (her close friend and Yo's ex-husband) had insisted that the kids were fine, adding confusion to whether Yolanda was telling the truth. However, Yolanda points out that calling Bella and Anwar's health into question was yet another mark on her personal integrity. Claiming that her fellow 'Wives would be ashamed of themselves for doubting her journey if they really understood what people with Lyme go through to find a cure, Yolanda gets emotional again and the tears start flowing. Several of the other women rally around her, apologizing profusely and begging her not to cry, but Yolanda shoots out that of course she's crying, this is her life they're arguing over! What would the purpose be for her to make up her disease? Finally, Andy puts a pin in the conversation and we can finally move on from this never-ending Munchausen merry-go-round. 

The Return of Kim Richards


Next, original Housewife Kim Richards joins the couches to give an update on her recovery and the status of her relationship with sister Kyle. Andy starts off by showing a package of several of the other women gossiping and talking about her throughout the season. The emotional package leaves several of the women in tears, as Kim explains that her recovery is going well - but this time she's choosing to keep her recovery private rather than publicize it in front of Bravo's cameras. It's heartbreaking to see Kim say that she thinks she's hard to love, and Kyle is quick to jump in and make it clear: even when she didn't like Kim's behavior, she never stopped loving her.


It's heartwarming to see Kathryn Edwards, who had never been on the show with Kim and barely even knows her, be so openly supportive of her fight to stay sober. Eileen Davidson chimes in that, despite their issues last season, she only wants the best for Kim. However, when Lisa Rinna - who had nothing but nasty things to say about her former costar all season long - tries to piggyback on and claim she's full of nothing but love and light, Kim finally gets to the chance to confront her. During the season, Lisa Rinna used her confessionals to bash Kim every chance she got - calling her "dangerous" and "a rabid dog," while referring to her shoplifting arrest as "gross." Kim explains that seeing Lisa R. calling her such vile things as she was trying to recover from her downward spiral only hurt her feelings, and certainly didn't help the situation. However, Lisa Rinna inexplicably tries to argue that she doesn't need to be held accountable for anything she said and doesn't offer so much as a single half-hearted apology to Kim. 


Lisa Rinna attempts to justify her comments with the excuse that she "knows" addiction. After all, she lost her older sister to it. However, this simply doesn't excuse the lack of compassion she's shown Kim all season long as she's fought her way to a healthier place in recovery. Eileen jumps in to back up Rinna by pointing out that neither of them invented Kim's behavior last season out of thin air. At this point, Kim takes Eileen to task, accusing her of dramatizing and over-exaggerating to get the other 'Wives worked up. After Kyle confronts Lisa Rinna for her judgmental comments about her sister, Kim specifically thanks Kathryn and Erika for stepping in to defend her when she was being gossiped about during the season. It's still remarkable to me that these two new 'Wives who had never met nor filmed with Kim had to be the ones to put Lisa Rinna in her place. Also, major props to Andy for calling out the hypocrisy between Lisa Rinna's "Marco Rubio" talking points and wanting to quickly move on from anything she said all season long. Hello, you can't spew negative vitriol for 20 episodes and then try to move past it when it gets brought up at the reunion!

When Did the Affair Start?


After a nice breather about all the glitzy and glamorous parties thrown by the 'Wives throughout the season, Andy addresses the season-long feud between Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen over the word "affair" and the apology that never came. After watching the clip where LVP admitted that she said what she thought Eileen wanted to hear at the top of the Burj Khalifa, the soap actress feels vindicated in her intuition that the queen bee wasn't being sincere. Calling LVP calculated, Eileen points out that the OG is smart woman who never does or says anything on camera flippantly. Lisa Vanderpump claims innocence in the entire ordeal, saying she never thought she was doing anything wrong by asking a question, but Eileen insists that the real issue is how LVP treated her afterwards. When Eileen tried to tell her why being put on the spot made her uncomfortable, she found Lisa Vanderpump to be condescending and dismissive. Point blank, Eileen finds LVP to be manipulative and doesn't trust her, even after all the attempts at apologizing. Coming from such different perspectives, these two will simply never see eye-to-eye on this issue.

A Bombshell Abuse Revelation


Andy then asks a viewer question about why Eileen decided to bring up the abusive relationship in her past in the Hamptons but not the "a-word," and Eileen insists they are two completely separate subjects and experiences. Opening up about being abused was Eileen's way of letting viewers know more of who she is and what she's been through. Further, she took offense to Lisa Vanderpump for throwing shade in her blog by question why being vulnerable about that experience would be of benefit to anyone. In the blog, LVP revealed that she had too been in an abusive relationship once, and Andy presses her on the subject. On the couch, Lisa admits that the relationship occurred when she was just 19 years old and was threatened and physically hurt by her former boyfriend. Unexpectedly, the subject brings LVP to tears and we are left with yet another cliffhanger just as she starts opening up about the abuse.

Next week, the reunion concludes! What did you think of Part 2? Leave your thoughts below in the comments section...

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 21 - Reunion Part 1

Glenn Rowley


After a grueling season full of confrontations, manipulations and scandalizing accusations, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finally sit down with Andy Cohen to rehash their dramatic and fascinating sixth season. In the first part of the three-party reunion, the ladies of the 90210 debate everything from O.J. Simpson and the fabulousness that is Erika Jayne to the end of Yolanda's marriage and the shocking allegations made against her Lyme disease. Read on for my full break-down of all the drama from Part 1...

On the Couches


First, let's overanalyze the seating arrangement on the couches. This was going to be fairly controversial regardless of where anyone sat, and about halfway through the season I wondered if Bravo might actual break out three couches to make clear the real alliances in this season's almost maddeningly complex dynamic. Essentially, Bravo's job was to place three different loyal pairs in the most effective formation possible: Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson and Yolanda Foster and Erika Girardi, with Kathryn Edwards as a kind of free agent. Ultimately, they settled on the left couch being Lisa V, Kyle Eileen and Erika and Lisa R., Eileen and Kathryn on the right. It's interesting to note that with LVP in the prime spot next to Andy, this marks the first reunion in six seasons that Kyle hasn't been seated in the coveted position. She also has the somewhat unenviable position of acting as a buffer between sworn enemies Vanderpump and Yolanda. Yo's placement is also somewhat surprising - some viewers speculated that she would get one of the center spots on the couches because of how her storyline dominated so much of the season. (The third spot on the left couch is also the seat she's occupied in three of her four reunions on the would've been downright revolutionary to see her on the right couch for once!)


However, looking at the bigger picture, Yolanda is in the place that actually makes the most amount of sense. In just one season, Lisa Rinna's lips have gotten her promoted from the very end of the right couch all the way to the center spot next to Andy. As her unwavering ally and BFF, it's expected that Eileen is next to her with newbie Kathryn rounding things out on the end. After how much gossip Lisa Rinna spread throughout the season about Yolanda, her Lyme disease and the dreaded m-word (which we'll get to in a minute), there is absolutely no way Yo would be sitting anywhere on that side of Andy.

Ranking the Housewives' Looks


The ladies of Beverly Hills are giving us some serious springtime vibes for this reunion, and my vote for best dressed easily goes to Erika for her glittering gold Balmain minidress. The seductive songstress's style has been absolute perfection all season and she continues her hot streak at the reunion by looking like she just walked out of an Erika Jayne music video. The others are a mixed bag. Lisa Vanderpump looks fabulous in her metallic Tom Ford dress, but gets docked points for it being a near-exact copy of Erika's confessional look from the season as Andy so shadily pointed out. Lisa Rinna's dusty pink Victoria Beckham frock would've looked lovely on its own, but pales next to Eileen's bright pop of red. Green is certainly Kathryn's color, but the cut of her dress is more than a bit conservative for a Housewives reunion - a friend of mine thought she looked like she was going to traffic court. Kyle's look is a total miss for me - the horizontal stripes of green cut her in the most unflattering places and she's too short to pull off the style. Love her shoes though. As for Yolanda, I get that she was going for something slightly edgy and abstract, but I'm almost positive that dress was thrown together with ACE bandages and nylon material. Erika wins the award for best dressed far and away. 

The Business of Being Erika Jayne


The newbie is also the first 'Wife in the hot seat as a package of clips from the season plays dedicated to the double life of Erika Jayne - devoted wife by day, pop vixen by night. She points out that being on the show has brought her alter ego a whole new level of notoriety - when Erika Jayne once existed only in the gay nightclub scene, she's now being broadcast into living rooms across America on a weekly basis. Even forty-something women are coming up to her on the street and asking her to "pat the puss." (For the record, Erika didn't invent the dance move, it comes from the music of Caribbean and Jamaican dancehall.) However, there's also a whole other side to Erika we didn't see this season. The woman who gave us "PAINKILLR" also happens to be a mother to a twenty-something-year-0ld police officer in the LAPD. Erika explains that she and her son are both completely supportive of each other in their respective careers.


After showing Andy and the ladies how to "pat the puss," Erika also takes some time to defend herself from some of the incredibly misdirected haters. When one viewer calls her music videos pornographic, she claps back that while poor Mary from Provo, Utah may have given up in life, Erika Jayne has not. Yaaaas hunty! As for anyone who questions the dynamic of her marriage to famed attorney Tom Girardi, Erika insists that being respectful to her husband does not mean she's "subservient" to him. Besides, it's been working for over 17 years now so the relationship basically speaks for itself. Bye haters!

The End of Yolanda & David


Switching gears, Andy turns his focus to Yolanda for what's sure to be the first of many times during this reunion. Addressing the biggest elephant in the room, Andy tries getting Yo to open up about the demise of her marriage to super-producer and musical legend David Foster. However, while citing her chronic illness as a major contributing factor in the end of their marriage, Yolanda remains fairly tight-lipped about the actual cause of the couple's divorce. She has only good things to say about her ex, insisting that people shouldn't criticize him for seemingly abandoning her in her time of need.


Lisa Vanderpump takes a turn subbing in as the reunion's host by peppering Yolanda with a string of questions about her relationship with David. Was the marriage crumbling during filming? Did she know or was she blindsided? Was David the reason she was crying the night of her dinner party at Wally's? Yolanda insists that nothing happened until November 2, the night the couple got in a disagreement weeks after filming had ended. (Keep in mind they announced their divorce on December 1, 2015.) Andy does get Yolanda to admit to being blindsided by the end of the marriage, saying she would have preferred to get completely healthy and start working on their issues. Yo tries to put a pin in the discussion by saying she doesn't want to analyze her marriage, but does admit that if she had been healthy, she and David would probably still be together. The other women all express their dismay at the sudden end of Yo's marriage as well, with Erika refusing to comment on whether Yolanda confided in her out of respect for their friendship. As for what her future holds, Yo predicts that she won't ever get married again - the most important thing to her now is getting to the finish line of her recovery from Lyme disease and supporting Gigi, Bella and Anwar as they take over the worlds of modeling and fashion.

Kathryn vs. Faye Resnick & the O.J. Simpson Trial


Up next in the hot seat is Erika's fellow newbie Kathryn, who arrived eight episodes into the season in a cloud of O.J. Simpson-related controversy. Though she's now married to Donnie Edwards, the undisputed hottest husband in the Bravoverse, the former model was once married to Simpson's best friend and teammate Marcus Allen. Because of this connection to the Trial of the Century, Kathryn had a scandalous history with Kyle's friend and recurring cast member Faye Resnick. To refresh your memory, here's the quick backstory. At the time of the grisly double murder, Faye was best friends with Nicole Brown Simpson, and had even been living in her guest house up until a few days before the killings took place. During the trial, Faye published a scandalous tell-all about Nicole's life titled Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, n which she alleged that Kathryn's husband Marcus had an illicit affair with Nicole, to which the rookie Housewife turned a knowingly blind eye. Because of these scandalous allegations, both Kathryn and her then-husband were unwillingly dragged into the trial and the glaring spotlight that came with it.


This long-brewing history between the two women came to a head when Kathryn joined the show, putting her at odds with both Faye and OG Kyle. Despite how her friend came across on the show, Kyle sticks up for an absent Faye on the couch, insisting that viewers (and her fellow 'Wives) don't know the real Faye at all. Andy stirs the pot by saying that Kathryn seemed to chicken out over confronting Faye at Kyle's BBQ, but the newbie states that she merely decided to be the bigger person and rise above the more than two decades-worth of ill feelings between the two. Kathryn maintains that what Faye wrote about her took a toll on her life, her marriage and her friendships, but a protective Kyle shoots back that while she may think she had a hard time, the new 'Wife has no idea what Faye has gone through. However, Kathryn suggests that Faye brought it on herself by writing the book in the first place, and refuses to back down or "discount" what she experienced by being dragged into the ordeal. Then Kathryn drops a bombshell: she and Marcus were actually married at O.J.'s house after he and Nicole had divorced! The conversation moves on to Kathryn joking about Lisa Rinna having an eating disorder and opening up about her father's suicide, and it looks like we may never get any final resolution to this gripping and fascinating O.J. drama...

Munchausen Manipulations


Finally, Andy brings up the season-long storyline of Yolanda's illness and the Munchausen accusations that were brought up by Lisa Rinna early in the season. After showing a package of clips, Andy opens the topic up for discussion and the 'Wives immediately jump into Yo's "sick selfies" on Instagram and debating who said what and when. However, one thing all the women want to clarify is that they never doubted whether she had Lyme disease, they just wondered if other things could be contributing to it. Yolanda concedes that when a friend gets sick it's normal to ask questions, while also calling her battle with Lyme disease her "full-time job."


Lisa Rinna is forced to address her comments during the season that Yolanda using her illness to her advantage and immediately starts backtracking. However, despite Rinna suddenly trying to be copacetic about the situation, Yolanda says she is cautious about her friendships with the women and claims her frenemy had absolutely no basis for spreading the gossip and lies she did all season. To Yolanda, the women's constant questioning and throwing words like "Munchausen" out into the universe called into question her personal character and integrity on a global platform in front of millions of people. And as we know from her Season 5 tagline, to Yolanda "character isn't what you have, it's who you are." However, Lisa Rinna tries once again to shift the blame by pointing the finger at Lisa Vanderpump for manipulating her into bringing up the Munchausen issue. In fact, she's brought a folder of evidence to back up her claims against LVP, including a list of phone records to show 10 calls between them in the early part of the season.


The most unintentionally hilarious moment comes when Yolanda incredulously asks Lisa Rinna how she possibly could have faked her medical records if she really had Munchausen. Yolanda, darling, just head down to Orange County and ask Brooks Ayers. It's not that difficult but millions of viewers will catch you on it and your reputation will be forever ruined. Lisa Rinna continues to get riled up against LVP, revealing that the entire plan was set in motion at her birthday party in the season premiere. According to her story, when Yolanda showed up without any makeup and Lisa Vanderpump's husband Ken commented on how bad she looked, Lisa Rinna's husband Harry Hamlin jumped to Yo's defense by stating that she was sick and admonishing the cast to stand by her. At that point, LVP apparently snapped her fingers and proclaimed "there goes our f---ing storyline." Never mind that this story directly conflicts with what Lisa Rinna said on Heather Dubrow's podcast early in the season, Lisa Vanderpump obviously denies the story, pointing out that cameras were there the entire night and would've caught the moment on film had it happened. The two Lisas continue to argue back and forth until Yolanda can't take it anymore, tearfully walking off set and barricading herself in a dressing room as Part 1 of the reunion ends...

RHOBH Season 6 Finale - Who Do You Believe?

Glenn Rowley


After a seemingly endless cycle of gossip, rumors, manipulations and me typing the word "Munchausen" over and over, we've finally reached the season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And it turns out to be, overall, a much quieter finale than the season that led up to it, until we finally see the revelation we've been waiting all season for...


The woman are back from their trip and ready for the requisite rehashing of all the drama that happened in Dubai. Naturally, Lisa Vanderpump, Kathryn Edwards and Eileen Davidson are all breaking the vacation's events down to their husbands (Vinny looks particularly bored), while Erika Girardi is filling Yolanda Foster in on everything she missed. Erika rehashes the multi-pronged argument on the beach over the Munchausen accusations, and Yolanda wants to know whether the women are still debating whether she's sick or not. Erika explains that the conversation has moved beyond that - now Lisa Rinna has turned on LVP for supposedly being the root of all the Munchausen chatter. This is news to Yolanda, who had been under the impression from the beginning that Rinna was the one who started the M-word conversation. However, Erika tells her that she's more prone to believe Rinna's side of the story - she's stuck to it like a dog with a bone and isn't budging.


Kyle Richards is throwing the big finale party at her and Mauricio's second home in Palm Springs. Apparently, the dress code is all black (unless your name is Yolanda) and all the 'Wives will be there along with both former and recurring cast members including Faye Resnick, Camille Grammer and Kim Richards. Kyle's worried about how all these moving (and feuding) pieces will get along at the party, but says in her interview that if Rinna has any problem with Kim being there, she's welcome to stay outside. There are bound to be fireworks however, considering that this is the first time since the Season 5 reunion that the two women will have even been in the same room. When you put Faye Resnick in charge of diffusing any drama, you know things have gotten completely out of control. 


When Lisa Rinna arrives, she and her sparkly micro mini make a beeline straight to Yolanda and pull her aside for a chat. In her confessional, Rinna points out that she's spent much of the season having a lot to say about Yolanda, and she's finally ready to say it all to her face. Almost immediately, Rinna cops to saying that Yolanda was more manipulative than Lisa Vanderpump, and blames it on being angry about Yo's lunch with Kim and Brandi Glanville. Yo is obviously baffled by this allegation, but Rinna is already full speed ahead on the "owning it" train and she's not ready to get off. She once again takes ownership of bringing the word "Munchausen" into the speculation surrounding Yolanda's health, but handily throws LVP under the bus by telling Yolanda point blank that the queen bee "pushed" her in that direction. Dear Lisa Rinna, this is not the definition of "owning it." What you're doing is just shifting blame and trying to dig yourself out of the massive hole you've dug all season long. Thankfully, the rest of the women (minus LVP) interrupt the tense conversation with cocktails and well wishes about Gigi Hadid booking the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and Yolanda excuses herself to grab a drink.


Naturally, Yolanda goes straight to Lisa Vanderpump for clarification on this whole Munchausen debacle. LVP flat-out denies that the rumors came from her, and points the finger back at Lisa Rinna reading the definition off her phone way back at the beginning of the season. She even calls Kyle over to back up her side of the story but Yolanda still claims in her confessional that something doesn't feel right. Lisa points out that, if anything, she's tried to remain out of the gossip because of her close friendship with Yo's ex-husband Mohamed. However, Yolanda points out that it's because of this relationship between Lisa and her ex that she won't be sharing any of her deepest secrets with the OG any time soon. No matter what, Lisa's loyalty will be with Mohamed and that's the honest truth.


From the opposite couch, Kathryn, Erika and Camille are providing running commentary on the conversation between Yo and LVP. Erika asks Kathryn what she thinks of how Lisa has treated everyone this season, and Kathryn opines that Rinna has tried to usurp the established pecking order by refusing to continue bowing down to Lisa Vanderpump. Camille agrees, but Kathryn refuses to believe that LVP did anything to manipulate Rinna's behavior. In her confessional, Erika points out that Kathryn has clearly drank the Lisa Vanderpump kool-aid and become spokesperson for the kool-aid brand, and warns her that if she's not careful, she could end up as one of Lisa's loyal foot soldiers one day. 


Next, Kim pulls Lisa Rinna aside for a confrontation that's been a year in the making. Rinna seems bewildered (but not quite enraged) that Kim was invited to the party, which seems strange considering that she's well aware Kyle has been working on her relationship with her sister. Kim calls out Rinna for being "enraged" that Yolanda chose to have lunch with her and Brandi but Lisa backtracks by claiming that it was her own issue, and she doesn't feel comfortable sharing it with Kim. Wait, WHAT? This coming from the woman who made Kim's issues last season her own personal mission to uncover. Is she serious? Kim tries to get to the bottom of why Rinna seems to have it out for her, but Lisa manages to turn the conversation back on Kim by bringing it back to her struggles last season. Rinna continues throwing darts at Kim, telling her she wants her to "get better," and this conversation is going nowhere fast. Essentially, the two women agree to disagree and, as Kyle points out in her confessional, there's basically nothing left to be said. By the night's end, all the women leave with most of their issues unresolved, and the party ends with more of a whimper than a bang. 


Cut to two months later and the news of Yolanda and David's divorce has rocked Beverly Hills. I suspected when the couple released their statement the day of the Season 6 premiere that they deliberately chose to wait in an effort to keep the dissolution of their relationship off-camera, but Bravo couldn't possibly pass up this opportunity. Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle and Kathryn gather at Villa Rosa while Eileen and Lisa Rinna meet for lunch to discuss how blindsided they all were by the news and what could have possibly led up to it. Meanwhile, Erika meets Yolanda at her new condo to shed some light on the situation. Yolanda opines that if you're not making each other happy anymore, you shouldn't stay together and apparently that's what happened between her and David. 


The finale ends on a disjointed note as the 'Wives "where are they now?" cards flash across the screen. Lisa Rinna is putting her lips to good use: she's filmed the pilot for a new NBC talk show and is developing a line of lip gloss. Eileen has recommended Erika for a bit part on The Young and the Restless while the scripted show on TV Land about Kyle's childhood starts shooting this summer. Despite insisting that she wanted to slow down, Lisa may be opening yet another restaurant in West Hollywood with Ken. Erika Jayne is prepping the release of her latest single "How Many" while Kathryn and Donnie have bought a chateau in Normandy, France. As for Yolanda, her road to recovery continues, but she's feeling better than she has in over three years. It's not at all where she expected to be, but Yolanda is ready to face this new chapter of her life as an independent woman back on her own terms.

Next week, it's reunion time! How did you feel about the season finale? Were you as underwhelmed as I was? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.