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Real Housewives

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RHOP S2/Ep 11 Recap - The Grande Dame Sham

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, the battle of the hostesses comes to a head in Bermuda and the women strip Karen of her grande dame title upon learning she's moved out of Potomac. Read on for a full recap of all the drama...

We're back in Bermuda and the tension is thick. Charrisse Jackson Jordan is livid with Karen Huger for secretly hosting an exclusive sailing excursion on the day she was supposed to plan for the 'Wives. Under the guise of fixing the bad blood between Gizelle Bryant and Monique Samuels, it was surely an underhanded move on the grande dame's part and Charrisse is ready to confront her rival on a sunset cruise. Unsurprisingly, Karen refuses to apologize for her sneaky power play and the conversation quickly devolves into a verbal sparring match between the two. Karen calls the sunset cruise her nemesis planned just "OK" compared to her "fantastic" event and Charrisse fires back that she spent more on the yacht than the Hugers' net worth before telling the grande dame to take a swim off the side of the boat. As Gizelle points out in her confessional, Charrisse lives for a good Karen fight and she's definitely winning this one. 

Later that night, a defensive Karen vents to Monique about her fight with Charrisse, declaring their friendship officially done regardless of how genuine it was in the past. At the same time, Charrisse off-handedly drops a bombshell that the Hugers bought their Potomac mansion when it was in foreclosure, adding fuel to the speculation that all isn't what it seems when it comes to the finances of Black Bill Gates and family. Maybe this is another reason why Karen is being so cagey and secretive about her move?

The next day, the women soak in Bermuda by attending a traditional game of cricket. It may be one of the island's most popular sporting events, but the game goes entirely over the ladies' heads. Charrisse and Karen spend the afternoon giving each other the cold shoulder, but it turns out that Robyn Dixon is one hot commodity on the island. The men of Bermuda seem to flock to her, entranced by her exotic features and bright green eyes. Yet, despite her therapist's assignment to go on a date with someone other than Juan, she's not feeling it with any of the guys and realizes that this trip is making her reevaluate what she wants back home with her ex-husband. Robyn loves Juan and that's that, homework assignment be damned. 

On the last night in Bermuda, Karen does a complete about-face and comes to Charrisse's hotel suite to offer an unexpected apology. Claiming the two "got off on the wrong foot" in co-hosting the trip, Karen now wants to make up and claims she and Charrisse need to provide a "unified front" in being the alpha females of the group. This is all well and good, but one has to wonder how Charrisse would be taking this mea culpa if she knew all the nasty things Karen said about her that were caught by a hot mic at the end of last week's episode...Either way, the trip ends with an impromptu pajama party in Charrisse's suite and the women even get competitive in a hilarious freestyling rap battle led by Monique. Cheers to Bermuda!

Finally back in Potomac, Ashley Darby is forced to confront the issues with Michael she was running away from by going on the girls trip. The couple's restaurant remains the giant emu-shaped wedge in their relationship. However, Michael reveals that he's already made changes to Ashley's role at Oz while she was away in Bermuda. Without consulting her. Once again, this move by her husband leaves Ashley feeling disrespected and undermined, but the good news is that she'll no longer be in charge of managing the day-to-day operations of the restaurant. Michael's made her just an owner with the hope that this decision will eliminate some of the tension in their relationship and honestly, Ashley doesn't seem too upset about the change.

Charrisse has finally completed the renovations on her brand new champagne room and all the women gather at the Jordan mansion for the room's grand unveiling - complete with a white-gloved butler answering the door and fancy ribbon cutting ceremony. However, a huge piece of gossip is on everyone's lips at the party: word on the street is that Karen came back from Bermuda to a new house in Great Falls, Va. That's right, under the cover of darkness, the Hugers have moved out of Potomac and left the prestigious 20854 zip code behind. This is certainly a far cry from what Karen told the ladies while they were in Bermuda and now the grande dame is going to have some serious explaining to do. 

After the grand unveiling, Karen finally reveals her move to the 'Wives, trying to couch it in "I live in Great Falls now, remember?" No, grande dame, they don't remember. Because you never told them where you were moving. Karen provides yet another cockamamie story about her "private sale option" that's really just code for the fact that she's renting the new house in Great Falls. Naturally suspicious, the women are quick to question the inconsistencies: if Monique could purchase a $5 million mansion in Potomac, why are the Black Bill Gates and the grande dame renting? Ashley gleefully points out that this means Karen will no longer hold the title of "the grande dame of Potomac" but everyone knows Karen won't be giving that title up until someone pries it from her cold, dead hands. Karen argues that the only way she can be stripped of the title is if she chooses to bestow it on someone else but as the conversation turns into a full-blown confrontation, Robyn takes charge and jokingly dethrones the grande dame, tossing her imaginary crown to the ground. Karen doesn't take well to this unceremonious dumping and fires back at Ashley by snapping that she refuses to listen to the opinion of "the idiot on the end of [the couch]." And with that, we get a "To Be Continued..." placard leading into the season finale...

What did you think of this week's RHOP? Has Karen been dethroned as the grande dame of Potomac? Did Charrisse win the battle in Bermuda? Who's the real alpha female of the group? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

RHOP S2/Ep 10 Recap - Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, the women head to Bermuda where Karen brokers a peace treaty between Gizelle and Monique while excluding the rest of the 'Wives from a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Plus, the battle of who's hosting the trip continues as Charrisse butts heads with the grande dame, leading to a bombshell accusation off-camera. Read on for a full recap of the many battles in Bermuda...

The 'Wives are ready to jet off to Bermuda but before they leave, a few items of business are left to attend to. Gizelle Bryant is nervous to inform her mother that she's planning on breaking up with Kevin, her quasi-boyfriend. After making an effort to date, she simply doesn't know if she can get him out of the friend zone in her mind and, to Gizelle's surprise, her mom is supportive. Meanwhile, en route to the airport Karen reveals that she and the black Bill Gates are moving to a house she found in Great Falls, VA. That's right, the grande dame is leaving Potomac but she's not ready to tell the rest of the 'Wives just yet that she's vacating the posh 20854 zip code. 

The ladies land in Bermuda, and it quickly becomes apparent that the drama over who's hostessing the trip has followed them from Potomac when their driver appears at the airport holding a sign emblazoned with "Huger + Guests." Then, upon arriving at their fancy luxury resort, the women each receive a welcome basket with a note from Karen - and only Karen - attached. All of the 'Wives are utterly confused over who is hosting this trip and Charrisse Jackson Jordan certainly isn't pleased with being sidelined and given no credit by Karen. All I know is if Sha Sha got a condescending welcome basket, she's going to be ready to throw down with the grande dame. 

However, Karen isn't done quite yet. Next, she treats the ladies to a fancy welcome dinner, complete with an impromptu performance by traditional Bermudian Gombey dancers. During the meal, tension remains thick between the battling hostesses and conversation veers toward a number of controversial topics - from Robyn Dixon's "homework assignment" to go on a date with someone other than Juan to Gizelle not being invited to nemesis Monique Samuels' party last week. Finally, the topic of the Hugers' move comes up, leading Karen to cryptically share that her home sold thanks to a cash offer from overseas. Yet, when the women ask point blank where she and the black Bill Gates are moving, Karen clams up and refuses to answer. Hmm...that's not mysterious at all...

The following day, Charrisse, Robyn and Ashley Darby are ready to hit the beach, only to discover that Karen had yet another trick up her sleeve. The grande dame has secretly arranged a sailing excursion with Team Japan of the American Cup in an effort to get Gizelle and Monique to put their bad blood to rest and move forward. Naturally, finding out they weren't invited on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity leaves the other women feeling blindsided and left out. Wasn't Karen just barely preaching about how this trip is all about sisterhood and bonding at dinner the night before?

Both Gizelle and Monique are less than pleased to discover they're being forced to spend the day together - the look on Gizelle's face when Monique stepped onto the bus says it all. On the way to the marina, the OG and the new girl waste no time once again airing their grievances with each other, (reminder: Gizelle thinks Monique is insecure and Monique thinks Gizelle is jealous), but Karen is determined to force the two to get along despite Gizelle telling her nemesis point blank that she "wouldn't be here" without her husband and his bank account. However, Karen's grand plan works! Once the women get out on the sailboat, they are encouraging and kind to one another, and Gizelle helps Monique overcome her fear of being on the water. By the end of the excursion, the pair even share a hug! It's a Potomac miracle!

However, Karen still has to face the wrath of the other 'Wives when she returns from the sailing expedition. Charrisse has planned a sunset cruise for the evening, but before they set sail, Robyn decides to confront the grande dame in her hotel room for hanging herself, Ashley and Sha Sha out to dry. Karen tries to defend actions by claiming that she would've been in a lose-lose situation had she shared anything about the American Cup beforehand, but Robyn takes her to task by pointing out that excluding half the group only made the grande dame look like a hypocrite. Then, as Robyn storms out, a hot mic catches Karen dropping an off-camera bombshell. Just when she thinks the cameras are down, the grande dame unleashes a vitriolic tirade about Charrisse, whom she mistakenly blames for Robyn's ambush. Calling her frenemy "jealous," "evil" and a "New Jersey harlot," Karen spews out that she's not the one going around Potomac "screwing the fireman" and threatens to post a picture of the still-married Charrisse and the mysterious boyfriend who spawned the cease-and-desist letter to Gizelle as the season began if she comes for the grande dame one more time. And with that earth-shattering revelation, the episode ends with an ominous "To Be Continued..."

What did you think of this week's RHOP? Are you Team Karen or Team Charrisse? Can you believe Gizelle and Monique made up? Do Robyn, Ashley and Sha Sha have a right to be angry for being left out? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

RHOP Ssn 2/Ep 2 Recap - All Tea, All Shade

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac it's all about humblebrags and high tea as the ladies meet new 'Wife Monique and Karen organizes a peace summit between Gizelle and Charrisse. Plus, Katie Rost returns for her long-awaited Casino Royale event! Read on for a full recap of all the shade, blindsides and low blows straight from The Willard...


While Karen Huger wanders around her empty mansion leaving voicemails for her daughter, Ashley Darby has invited Charrisse Jackson Jordan and Robyn Dixon to an obviously empty Oz for a girls' lunch. Over emu and camel burgers, the women discuss everything from Ashley humping for a good cause last week to Charrisse dropping the bomb that her husband's lawyer has sent her an official letter asking for a divorce. Is it really a surprise, though, when she essentially did the same thing over text last season? Either way, it's the first step in the process and a divorce seems inevitable for Charrisse and Eddie. Also on the menu is talk of former Housewife Katie Rost's long-awaited Casino Royale event, which was a source of endless contention and host committee drama during Season 1. Charrisse has served in an unofficial support role for Katie ever since the "ball and gala girl" kicked the other women off her host committee, but even she has no idea what to expect with the event just days away.


All the 'Wives show up on the appointed night for Katie's Casino Royale event. Charrisse went the extra mile by inviting several of her elite and fabulous friends, and the event even serves as the setting where we're introduced to Katie's replacement - new Housewife Monique Samuels and her husband Chris. Meanwhile, Gizelle and her fabulous lace jumpsuit are steering clear of Charrisse following their back alley blow-up in the premiere, but the real focus of the night is throwing shade at Katie. It's safe to say the divas of Potomac are far from impressed with the socialite's charity event. Karen points out that Katie's running with a more eccentric crowd these days and our beloved model-turned-philanthropist is given a send-off into what Gizelle not-so-lovingly terms "KatieLand." At least there was no mention of Andrew? 


The next day, Karen invites Robyn over to the Huger mansion for a friendly game of pool with a side of scheming. As always, the grande dame has an ulterior motive for Robyn's visit and proceeds to lay out a plan to get all the ladies together with the goal of ending Gizelle and Charrisse's nasty feud once and for all. Robyn points out that she feels caught in the middle of her two friends, but tells Karen that - in her opinion - Gizelle's insult was the much more egregious of the two. When Robyn opens up further by saying that if Gizelle had done something similar to her, she would've been at her bestie's house the next day ready to hash it out, you can practically see Karen's eyes light up as she cackles inside and files that tidbit of ammo away for later use. Uh oh, Robyn, watch out - you should know better than to spill anything resembling tea in front of the grande dame of Potomac.


Later, while Gizelle goes on a date with an old friend turned new suitor and Ashley clashes with Michael over the restaurant on their anniversary, we learn more about Monique when Charrisse and Robyn join her for a barre class. Not only does the rookie Housewife pay her assistant to work out with her, she also brings her own cocktails for a post-barre chat with the girls. Originally from New Jersey, Monique has been married to retired Washington Redskins player Chris Samuels and the couple owns not one but four homes. Yes, they're apparently that wealthy. As the newbie throws shade at Katie's "starter event" and regaling them with stories of her own fabulous charity events, Robyn points out that Monique seems to have a slight penchant for humblebragging and it's not the cutest look when meeting new friends. Still, Robyn chooses to invite the new girl to high tea with the other ladies, a get-together Charrisse isn't exactly looking forward to as it involves coming face to face with Gizelle.


Karen and Robyn choose to host the afternoon tea at the five-star Willard InterContinental, directly across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House. After all, the grande dame points out, the tone of any gathering is determined by its setting, and she wants this peace summit to be the complete opposite of last week's argument in a back alley. Surprisingly, Monique is the first to arrive, sporting an edgy homage to Princess Leia beneath her lady-like wide-brimmed hat. Of course when Gizelle shows up next, she wastes no time hazing the new girl about everything from real estate to a secret talent for rapping. Monique explains that she and her husband are currently looking for a home in the Potomac area, and when the OG questions why she doesn't have a home, the newbie doesn't miss a beat by pointing out that she actually has four homes thank you very much. Catch that shade, girl!


After Monique leaves the other 'Wives wide-eyed with her audacity to spit a verse of freestyle rap lyrics in the lobby of the Willard, Charrisse and Ashley finally show up and the grande dame begins holding court over the high tea. Prompted by Karen, Gizelle decides to bite the bullet and apologize to Charrisse for spreading the fireman rumor, admitting in her confessional that retaliating with the gossip didn't make her look good. Charrisse decides to tentatively accept the apology she's been waiting for, but doesn't let her frenemy off the hook that easily. After taking Gizelle to task one more time for making up lies about her, Charrisse insists that not only did she never cheat on Eddie, but the fireman she's supposedly dating doesn't exist. It's going to take Sha Sha a little more time to make amends with Gizelle, but at least we're taking baby steps.

With that feud more or less resolved and out of the way, Karen turns her attention to Robyn and promptly puts her cohost on blast for talking behind Gizelle's back. The grande dame questions Robyn's for playing both sides and simply wants to know who she's loyal to: Gizelle or Charrisse. Robyn seems blindsided at being thrown under the bus, but you have to admit she walked right into the grande dame's trap. Fortunately, everything she told Karen had already been said to Gizelle directly, and Robyn claps back at the grande dame for being messy and trying to spill some sort of non-existent tea. However, Gizelle is caught off guard by this news and points out in her confessional that this is clearly something she and her bestie will need to hash out in private. At this point, Monique jumps into the fray dismayed that the ladies are arguing over such pettiness, but Robyn shuts down the conversation and the episode ends with Karen giving a toast to "friendship, transparency and authenticity." Hmm, I wonder if the grande dame considers stirring the pot as part of being authentic...

What did you think of this week's RHOP? Were your first impressions of Monique positive or negative? Should Charrisse forgive Gizelle? Was it fair for Karen to throw Robyn under the bus? Let me know in the comments!