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Real Housewives

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RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 10 - Backwards in Heels

Glenn Rowley


Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? The ladies of Beverly Hills went full Moulin Rouge this week and there was more drama than a doomed Christian/Satine romance. But before the 'Wives dress up as the most expensive hookers money can buy, we have to start at the top of the hour.


The episode opens with Kyle arriving at Villa Rosa to pick up Lisa V. for some location-scouting for their dual anniversary party. But first, LVP has a bone to pick with Kyle over a cup of strictly sugar-free tea. See, it's no secret that Lisa has a major issue with Faye Resnick ever since the Season 3 finale, and she doesn't appreciate that Kyle didn't give her a heads-up that the one-time Playboy model would be at the BBQ. Kyle doesn't see what the big deal is since Lisa "isn't holding a grudge" anymore. To prove just how "over it" she is, Lisa proceeds to compare Faye to an orangutan being let out of her cage. Seriously? An orangutan? Low blow, Lisa. Kyle insists that it's time for it to grow up, move past the entire ordeal and just let her put some freaking sugar in her tea already. In the spirit of growing up, Lisa asks if that means she can invite Witchy-Poo to the anniversary party, but I'm confused because I thought we were permanently erasing any trace of Carlton Gebbia from this franchise. After Kyle nearly wrecks her car to keep Lisa from getting her hands on her phone, the pair of 'Wives visit the gorgeous, historical Culver Hotel and settle on it as the venue for their upcoming party. 


Out in Malibu, Erika is visiting Yolanda for the latter's first visit to the beach in nine months. Naturally, Yolanda wants to know what happened after she left Kyle's BBQ and Erika tries to fill her in on the confrontation between Faye and Kathryn over the O.J. Simpson fiasco. However, Erika has much juicier gossip to pass onto Yo, and reluctantly passes along the questions about Anwar and Bella's Lyme disease that were being thrown around the BBQ, including Lisa V.'s assertion that Mohamed said Bella and Anwar are fine. Yolanda is absolutely shocked at this news, particularly coming from Lisa V., the one 'Wife who's constantly claiming to love her three children. Yo's protective mama mode starts coming out immediately. After all, it's one thing to talk about her, it's entirely another thing to be gossiping about her kids. In her confessional, Yolanda says she finds the constant accusations and doubt surrounding the Lyme disease of herself and her kids to be an attack on her integrity. First up on her list of 'Wives to confront, though, is Lisa Rinna, who she calls "despicable" for gossiping behind her back.


Speaking of the second Lisa, the very next day she's visiting Erika to get some advice on how to confess her involvement in the Munchausen debate to Yolanda. Erika is straight up SLAYING in that leopard print jumpsuit, and after giving a tour of her gorgeous home (including the chapel), the pair settle down in the backyard to chat. Almost immediately, Lisa Rinna starts backpedaling - yes she feels guilty for engaging in the Munchausen conversation, but argues that the "chatter" wouldn't be happening if Yolanda didn't put her illness out there in such a public way (a.k.a. making it a central storyline on a reality show.) Erika tries to put her at ease though, advising her that Yo will appreciate her being honest and straightforward with her. We'll see how that goes...


Meanwhile, Kathryn is still stewing over her confrontation with Faye at the BBQ, which clearly didn't go the way she had anticipated. In her interview, Kathryn admits that she had built up a war in her head with Faye, and she came to the BBQ ready to throw down the gauntlet. While working out at the gym, she rehashes the issue with Donnie (who is officially in the running for "Hottest Househusband Ever"). When Donnie asks what she'll do when she sees Faye at the Moulin Rouge party, Kathryn admits that she'll have to wait and see how Faye acts. After all, she was pretty much the exact opposite of what Kathryn expected at Kyle's BBQ, so maybe Faye is a much different person than she thought. Or maybe Faye just had 20 years to feel badly about writing the infamous book in the first place.


After all the build-up, Lisa Rinna finally arrives hat in hand at Yolanda's condo to come clean. Rinna is clearly nervous to have this conversation, saying in her confessional that Yo is not someone she finds very easy to talk to. (Never mind that she apparently finds it quite easy to talk about her...) However, she immediately puts everything out on the table, admitting that she's engaged in some of the "chatter" going on around town, even questioning the point of Yolanda's constant sick selfie/happy selfie routine on Instagram. Setting the stage by admitting she doesn't know if Yolanda will tell her to get the f**k out of her house upon her confession, Lisa Rinna admits that she's responsible for bringing the big, bad M-word to the attention of the other women. Just like cunnilingus last year, Yolanda doesn't understand what Munchausen means, and Lisa has the enviable job of defining it for her: it's when someone says they're sick, but they're not. Ever magnanimous, Yo graciously accepts Lisa's explanation and apology, then announces that she's tired and it's time for Rinna to bounce.


With the Munchausen accusation finally out in the open, it's time to party! All the women get dressed in their trashiest corsets and fishnets and descend upon the Culver Hotel for Lisa and Kyle's Moulin Rouge-themed joint anniversary party. Other than Yolanda, the gang's all here, including pretty in pink Camille Grammer, Taylor Armstrong looking like a skeleton, gay power couple Lance Bass and Michael Turchin and the infamous Miss Resnick. However, with all those extra players in the room, the first dust-up of the night unexpectedly comes from newbies Erika and Kathryn. While at the bar, the pair begin discussing the differing social pressures between men and women upon Kathryn's assertion that Donnie is much nicer than she is. Both 'Wives agree that men tend to have it much easier than women, because if people think you're too nice as a woman you get taken advantage of or thought of as weak. On the other hand, Erika explains, if you're too mean then you're labeled a C-U-Next-Tuesday, which we've come to learn is one of Erika Jayne's favorite descriptors. Kathryn immediately balks at the word, finding it "degrading, nasty, dirty and gross," and promptly tells Erika she's too pretty talk like that. However, if there's one thing we've learned about Erika Girardi so far, it's that no one tells her what to do. She informs Kathryn that, yes, she actually does talk like that and summarily dismisses her objection in an interview by informing us with a wink that she will say the word any f**king time she pleases. Erika, if you're reading this, I officially want to be BFFs with you. Sorry Mikey Minden.


By now the party is in full, raucous swing, with Kyle hitting the splits, Camille owning the dance floor and Lisa V. being forced into small talk with Faye about her fiancee. On a lipstick break, Kyle asks Lisa if she was nice to Faye and Kathryn, who also happens to be sitting there, eagerly jumps into the conversation. Upon learning that her enemy is at the party, Kathryn insists that everything she knew about Faye back in the 90s was not good. Lisa dogpiles on, once again bringing up Faye's "aggressive" exchange with her during her 30th anniversary party three years prior. Kyle naturally goes on the defense, explaining to Kathryn that Faye is a good girl who's been a loyal friend for many years. When Kathryn discovers that Kyle met Faye in 1994 (prior to the O.J. trial), she announces in her interview that she's now starting to question what kind of person Kyle is as well. So far, I really like Kathryn, but questioning Kyle is just not OK with me. The newbie again reiterates to the OG that her issue with Faye revolves around what she wrote in her book, but Kyle starts getting angry - pointing out that Faye wrote about her own feelings and, again, it was 21 years ago. Let. It. Go. Already. Kyle can't believe that Kathryn would have the audacity to speak against her best friend at Kyle's own anniversary party - which she invited Kathryn to in the first place. It certainly goes against any etiquette rulebook I've ever read. Kathryn, you don't have to sit and "make nice-nice," but you can at least be polite to the hostess of the party you're at...


This argument leaves Kyle fuming, and she rightfully points out to Lisa V. that she doesn't know Kathryn well enough for her to be talking that way about her friend at her party. It's just plain rude. LVP tries to argue that there's a deeply personal history between the two, but Kyle shoots back that if someone did that to Lisa about one of her friends at, say, her 30th anniversary party, she wouldn't be happy. Note to everyone, this is 100% accurate. Lisa makes it clear that she still likes Kathryn, but she's obviously not on Kyle's good side. Kyle thinks Lisa should be supporting her on the issue simply out of principle, but is it really a surprise that she's sticking up for someone who doesn't like Faye? However, as Kyle somewhat snidely points out in her confessional, the last time Lisa Vanderpump decided to side with the new girl, things didn't turn out so well for her, did they?

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 9 - Busted BBQ

Glenn Rowley


We're at episode nine and the gang is finally all here! That's right, we finally have a full cast and updated intro, and it only took a little over two months. I was so excited to finally see Kathryn in the opening credits, but there's one thing I'm confused about. Prior to the season, Bravo revealed that her tagline would be "My advice: always speak your mind and carry a good handbag." (Which, as of this writing, is still her reported tagline on However, when her moment finally came, sandwiched between Yolanda and Lisa Vanderpump, we heard something completely new: "Don't hate the game, just marry a player." It's amusing and is clearly supposed to reference her marriage with former NFL linebacker Donnie Edwards, but I don't understand the reason for the switch. I'm just happy she's finally here and that gaping spot behind Yolanda in the main title is finally filled.


The episode starts with Lisa V. and Ken taking a casual trip down to the local sex shop. Before you jump to any conclusions, no this isn't for anything to do with the couple's twice yearly roll in the hay. Apparently, Ken has taken out the lease on the space with hopes of turning it into an English tavern and restaurant. Lisa isn't pleased that Ken made the decision without consulting her, but she's so distracted by the various whips, toys and vibrating rubber duckies that she doesn't know where to direct her frustration. Ken tries to use the excuse that in five to ten years, they can gift the restaurant to Max, but Lisa's still not budging. It'll take much more than a shot at her motherly soft spot to get her to change her mind.


After last week's teaser, we finally get a proper introduction to Kathryn. Can I just start by pointing out how stunning with a capital S Kathryn is? Like I mentioned, the newest Housewife is married to Donnie Edwards, a retired NFL star who played 13 seasons with the San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs. He also happens to be nearly nine years her junior. That's a touchdown for sure. Right after high school, Kathryn moved to Paris, became a professional model, and eventually moved back to LA in 1984. Due to their successful careers and some smart investment decisions, the Edwards' are rolling in dough and apparently don't have to work for the rest of their lives, splitting their time instead between Brentwood and San Diego. Rather than have children, the couple live a rather nomadic life of traveling the world and shopping for 3.8 million dollar diamond necklaces. Small change, right? My first impression of Kathryn so far has been great - I'm digging this girl. 


Following a quick montage of Kyle inviting all the ladies to a BBQ at her house (as she hopes in her interview that Faye and Kathryn can start fresh upon meeting for the first time) and Eileen and her family packing up for a trip to Italy, old acquaintances Lisa Rinna and Kathryn meet for breakfast at LA eatery Sweet Butter. These two go way back to the early 90s, though I can't quite get a read on how close they really were back then. However, Kathryn points out that she knew Lisa Rinna before her famous lips, so you know that was quite a long time ago. Incidentally, we learn that Kathryn's lips (and boobs) are real - beyond Botox and fillers, she's never ventured into plastic surgery territory. This is virtually unheard of in the Hills of Beverly, which Lisa Rinna's lips are all to quick to point out.


Next, Kyle meets Faye Resnick at home decorating store Modshop to go over some ideas for her brand new dressing room. Having decorated Kyle's home, her store and Paris and Nicky Hilton's abodes, this is Faye's area of expertise. While they shop, Kyle brings up how she met Kathryn and gives Faye a heads up that she'll be at the BBQ that weekend. Despite both women being connected to Nicole Brown Simpson and the murder trial of the century, Faye expresses that she's not ready to have a conversation with Kathryn - or anyone for that matter - about such a painful time in her life that's now 20+ years in the past. As a refresher for those of you who don't know, Faye was Nicole Brown Simpon's best friend at the time of her death, and had actually been living at Nicole's house with her prior to the murder. (Just a few days before, Nicole actually held an intervention for Faye - who was dealing with drug addiction - coincidentally putting her in a rehab center the night of the crime.) 


In the most touching moment of the episode, we see Eileen arrive in Sant'Angnello, Italy to spread some of her sister Connie's ashes. The country was one of Connie's favorite places, so it feels appropriate that it should be the final resting place for a piece of her. Via confessional, Eileen tearfully explains that her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, but chose not to tell her family that it was in fact terminal. In doing so, Eileen and the rest of her family were blindsided by Connie's death, left behind with pain, guilt and questions about what they could have done had they known the gravity of her illness. Looking out over the Mediterranean from the balcony of her villa, Eileen says a few emotional words before spreading Connie's ashes over the water. It's an incredibly vulnerable moment to share with cameras filming, but Eileen must have felt it was an important part of her journey to share on the show.


Back in Beverly Hills, Saturday rolls around quickly and while Kyle is putting her last minute touches on the dinner party, Kathryn stops by Villa Rosa on her way to the BBQ to make friends with Lisa V. and her swans. The two women sit down for a cup of tea before heading to Kyle's, and Lisa is immediately on the offensive - asking pointed questions about the newbie's life while offering virtually nothing about herself. It's the exact same thing she's done this season to both Eileen and Erika, and before Kathryn can even finish a sentence, Lisa is already on to the next question. "You're married to someone younger, right?" "How much younger?" "What's that like?" "Do you feel the age difference in your relationship?" The questions come rapid-fire one after another, leaving Kathryn feeling vaguely as if she's been interrogated. Welcome to LVP's world, Kath...


As the women arrive at Kyle's, they are surprised by three things: Kyle's gorgeous purple dress, the lack on any actual barbecued food and the fact that Yolanda showed up for the party. Just 10 days out from her surgery, Yo is nevertheless there, bandaged up, in flip-flops, sans-makeup. However, no one is more shocked to see the Dutch beauty than Lisa Rinna, who looks like a deer in headlights as the comments she's made about Yolanda possibly having Munchausen syndrome flash through her mind. A backyard BBQ certainly isn't the time to bring up that drama, so Yolanda educates the girls about why she's stopped using nail polish, hair dye, makeup and basically anything artificial. (Apparently the toxins in these products aren't worth the potential risk to Yo's health.)


Kathryn and Lisa V. are the last to arrive, and are both visibly taken aback by the sight of Faye at the party. I understand why Kathryn might be wary, but I have a really difficult time seeing why Lisa would be the least bit surprised that Faye would be at an event thrown by Kyle. Ever the hostess, Kyle tries to facilitate a friendly introduction between Faye and Kathryn, but it quickly awkward as Kathryn turns her attention abruptly to Erika's neon pink stilettos. Pulling Lisa Rinna aside, LVP explains that she's still holding onto Faye's perceived attack at her 30th anniversary party in the Season 3 finale, and she hasn't seen the recurring cast member since then. With near-perfect timing, Faye walks right by the gossiping pair, and Lisa Rinna stops her, putting it all out on the table by asking what the deal is between her and Lisa V. Faye rather graciously explains that both she and Lisa were merely being protective friends of Kyle and Brandi, respectively, at the time, and expresses that she doesn't harbor any hard feelings about the issue anymore. Granted, it has been three years now - you'd think it would be time for Lisa to just let it go.


Once Camille(!!!) arrives and the ladies take their seats - with Kathryn conveniently seated directly across from Faye - conversation turns to Yolanda and her recovery. The women remind Lisa R. that she needs to come clean to Yolanda eventually about what she said, and the M-word gets thrown out again. Overhearing the conversation, Erika finds the accusation alarming and points out in her confessional that Yolanda has a really wonderful life. Why would she choose to be in bed all day with a bathrobe on? Kyle asks aloud what's going on with Bella and Anwar's Lyme disease and Lisa V. chimes in that Yolanda maintains the two kids have it, but her ex-husband Mohamed says they are just fine. Obviously confused, Kyle questions what that means, with Yolanda saying one thing and Mohamed saying the complete opposite, but Lisa quickly tries to shut the conversation down. This Lyme disease subject simply refuses to die, no matter how hard any of the women attempt to quiet the gossip. 


Changing the subject, Erika asks Lisa Rinna about the Playboy cover she shot while pregnant, which leads to an informal survey of how many women at the table have appeared in the famous magazine. The answer is three: Lisa Rinna (twice!), Camille and Faye. Almost immediately, Faye excuses herself from the table, followed by Kyle, giving Lisa R. the perfect opportunity to ask Kathryn what the deal is between them. Kathryn fills the two Lisas and Erika in on the book Faye wrote about Nicole, in which she alleged that Kathryn's husband at the time, Marcus Allen (who was O.J. Simpson's best friend), was having an affair with Nicole, and that Kathryn turned a blind eye to the indiscretion. However, Kathryn maintains that she never actually read what Faye wrote about her, only ever hearing from other sources and the tabloids that she was being dragged into the O.J story. Nevertheless, she's planned out a confrontation with Faye for the past 20 years, saying that Kyle's friend is someone she's always "held a dagger for." Ever the pragmatist, Erika finds it a tiny bit ridiculous that Kathryn is so worked up over something she never actually read. If you're hellbent on confronting someone over something they wrote about you in a book, shouldn't you read it first?


When Faye and Kyle return to the table, Kathryn is fired up and decides now is the time to bring up the giant elephant she's been waiting 20 years to confront. Kathryn point blank tells Faye that she doesn't appreciate being brought into the story of O.J. and Nicole, which only happened because of what Faye alleged in her book. Faye had never met Kathryn and didn't know her and the newbie insists that if Faye had anything to say to her, she should've said it to her face. However, Faye counters that she doesn't have anything to say to anyone about that time in their lives - sometimes the past is best left in the past. This clearly isn't the conversation Kathryn was hoping to have, but Faye effectively shuts it down by simply smiling and refusing to engage in an argument. To Faye, there isn't much left to discuss at this point, which all but takes the wind out of Kathryn's sails. The new 'Wife presses the issue for a second round by specifically bringing up the book, but Faye calmly insists that there was nothing pejorative or slanderous in what she wrote about her. Kathryn agrees that there wouldn't be anything disparaging to write about in the first place, and Faye asks if she feels better having gotten it off her chest. The only thing Kathryn can really do at this point is say yes.


Addressing the table, Faye explains that she isn't looking to have a merry-go-round of conversations about O.J. or Nicole, and issues a blanket apology for anything she's done to offend anyone in the group. In her interview, Kathryn admits that she feels slightly cheated out of her big moment because she was ready to destroy Faye with a verbal smackdown. But clearly, Faye had the upper hand in the situation. Feeling the need to defend her BFF, Kyle voices that besides any issue Kathryn has with her, Faye has always been a loyal and dedicated friend during their 20+ years of friendship. She's the person Kyle knows she can count on at 3 in the morning - if she needs her, Faye will be there. Now, Faye has been villanized quite a bit over the course of the show's history, but I have to say that being this type of friend to not only Kyle, but her entire family, definitely counts for something and has to speak volumes to her true character. There's more to Faye Resnick than what we see in her sporadic and memorable appearances on the show. In her final confessional sound byte, Kathryn says it's fine if Faye wants to move on from the past, but vows she'll never be her friend. Based on the previews for next week, it appears that this elephant named O.J. is far from being put to bed.

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 4 - The M Word

Glenn Rowley


The mini-horses have arrived! After last week's disastrous trip to Ohio, Lisa Vanderpump managed to track down another pony via some friends. So, in true Vanderpump fashion, Lisa had the horse flown all the way to Beverly Hills. Except surprise! Lisa is stunned to discover that her friends have brought two mini-horses: an adult and a baby. Speechless, she says that the horses' arrival is the best thing that's ever happened in her life, and now that there are two she obviously needs both of them. The Vanderpump-Todd household is now a veritable zoo with eight swans, two miniature ponies, seven dogs and one 70-year-old potbellied pig by the name of Ken.


Meanwhile, Erika is lounging around her house in a fluffy pink robe. She calls Tom as she explains in her voiceover that they talk about four or five times a day. However, they never see each other during the workday because he's busy being the world's most famous attorney and she's just as busy being Erika Jayne. Cut to her meeting at Marco Marco, the iconic boutique specializing in all things gay and glittery, for some costume fittings. She first tries on a red and black compression catsuit and lets her hair down, proclaiming "and there's your girl. Eat a dick." Next thing we know, she's 100% naked, squeezing into another black bodysuit like that cat from YouTube who can't fit through the door. It takes some serious guts to appear full-frontal (thankfully blurred out) on camera, especially when it's only your second episode. Talk about a memorable second impression. Ultimately, she decides on the first red catsuit because it's more "snatchy." Yes that means what you think it means. 


Eileen meets Vince for lunch at True Food Kitchen after three days without seeing each other. In her confessional, Eileen explains that the day-to-day dynamic in the Van Patten/Davidson household involves not knowing if they'll even see each other due to work commitments and increasingly busy schedules.. Vinny has just come back from a trip to Del Mar - his first time at the races without his dad. Before their food arrives, Eileen apologizes for an argument they had over the phone earlier that day. Apparently, she snapped at Vince when he spontaneously decided to change plans and go to the beach instead of coming home to take care of Jesse. It's a classic case of sparring gender roles, where Eileen feels that Vince has basically unlimited freedom while she's responsible for keeping everything in the family regimented and together. What Eileen sees as expressing how she feels, Vince takes as an attack. Women are from Venus, men are from Mars. To solve the so-called problem, Vince suggests a possible solution: no talking about anything controversial before 9 a.m. Laughing at the absurdity of the suggestion, Eileen explains in her interview that sometimes it feels like Vince simply doesn't appreciate everything she does for the family. Can't he just take her apology and move on?

Next we get a nice juxtaposition between Lisa Rinna at lunch with her girls and Kyle taking Portia and Sophia to get their ears pierced. The level of drama going on in the Umansky clan while attempting to get new earrings is gut-laugh level hilarious, while Lisa Rinna debates with Amelia and Delilah over letting them stay alone at the family cabin in Canada. Umm, hello girls, remember that time a bear ripped down the cabin door and ate the refrigerator? Still want to stay alone? Over at Villa Rosa, Lisa Vanderpump finally surprises Ken with the pair of horses and he is utterly speechless at these two miniature birthday gifts. Mission accomplished, LVP.


That evening, Erika and Tom join Yolanda and David at their Malibu estate for dinner. As the Girardis arrive, Yo explains in her interview that Erika has been a reliable support system during this last regression in her battle with Lyme disease. The new 'Wife has shown up for Yolanda time and again, and proven that she genuinely cares. For her part, Erika says that she would gladly drive out to Malibu to visit Yo three times a week if it made her happy, but no more than that because the traffic is just too terrible. Over dinner, conversation naturally turns to music, as Erika explains to David and Yo everything she has going on as Erika Jayne, including a show in Chicago the following night and prepping for the release of two new records. Not to be outdone, David reveals that he has an upcoming show in Tuscany with legendary recording artist Andrea Bocelli for his eponymous charity foundation. Oh, and also the Pope is going to be there. At this surprise revelation, Yolanda is struck with a brilliant idea: what if Erika performs with David for Pope Francis? Erika balks at this suggestion. Does Yolanda want her to burn up in flames? No way will she be singing about concubines and party people in front of His Holiness without going straight to hell. If Madonna won't do it, there's no way Erika Jayne will.  


The next day, Kyle takes Portia to an acting lesson at Ovation Performing Arts Center. Apparently the youngest Umansky child is the first to express an interest in following in her mom's footsteps as a child actor. In her confessional, Kyle explains that she and Kim got into the entertainment business by default. When their parents divorced, it was the family's primary source of income. However, if Portia goes down this path, Kyle wants to make sure she always sees it as a fun hobby. Fortunately, growing up as a child actor was nothing but a positive experience for Kyle, but she recognizes that it doesn't always work out that way. Many people have blamed Kim's addiction issues on her past as a child star, but Kyle disagrees, saying that she thinks some people are just predisposed to addiction and others aren't.

Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna's stuck at home while Harry, Delilah and Amelia are vacationing in Canada because she's working on her popular QVC clothing line. She points the success of her fashion line to the fact that she approaches it not as a celebrity, but as someone who genuinely knows what she's talking about. Fashion is truly her passion, and she makes sure to be involved in every part of the design and retail process. The biggest takeaway for viewers? Always be a little nervous about chartreuse!


Also heading to Canada are Yolanda and David, who are taking a 10-day trip to British Columbia. Via confessional, Yolanda explains that her battle with Lyme disease has been "very taxing" on her relationship with David. After all, she was diagnosed basically the minute they got married. She admits that David often gets impatient, but that he's allowed to feel that way since the disease affects him just as much as Yolanda. In many ways, David has lost his partner in crime. This trip to B.C. is a good chance for the couple to reconnect and get back to the core of their love while kayaking and gliding by pods of dolphins on their yacht. Somewhat forebodingly, Yolanda predicts that they will either get through this trial together or they won't. It's certainly an eerie comment in the wake of their divorce announcement.


Back in Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump has invited most of the other 'Wives over to Villa Rosa to see the new mini-horses. Lisa Rinna and Kyle, who admits she's expecting the horses to be unicorns with wings at this point, both arrive while Eileen is running late from work. Almost immediately upon sitting down, Lisa V. asks Kyle about Kim, who apparently trashed the Brit in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Apparently, the former 'Wife said that Lisa was "phony" while promoting her appearance in Sharknado 3. Lisa V. doesn't understand why Kim would say something like that when she's only ever tried to be supported, however Kyle isn't anxious to discuss her sister with the women. Lisa supposes it's better than being called a "CU Next Tuesday" by Brandi.


Lisa Rinna changes the subject by bringing up Yolanda, whom she learned was on vacation in Canada via Instagram. The news is confusing to the women. Does that mean she's feeling better? After all, the last time Lisa Rinna visited Yo with Eileen, she was so sick in bed that she said she refused to move until she was better. Kyle is quick to point out that maybe getting her fillings taken out made a difference, but Lisa V. admits she doesn't understand the situation at all. Lisa R. just wants to know what the deal is with all of Yolanda's pictures on social media. What's the message she's trying to share with picture after picture of hyperbaric chambers and needs in her arm? What does she need? To make matters worse, people around town have started asking all of the 'Wives about Yolanda's illness and they never know what to say. Lisa Rinna got caught up in one of these conversations and now feels guilty about engaging in the topic, feeling like she didn't have Yolanda's back. Then, Lisa Rinna whips out her phone to deliver a shocking suggestion: could Yolanda have Munchausen syndrome? Lisa R. explains that, according to Wikipedia, Munchausen has been renamed "factitious disorder, wherein those affected feign disease, illness or psychological trauma to draw attention, sympathy or reassurance to themselves. 


Needless to say, Kyle and Lisa V. are stunned by this allegation. Kyle admits that whatever Yolanda is dealing with, it definitely has a wide, strange variety of symptoms that fall under the ambiguous umbrella of Lyme disease. Lisa Rinna feels like she needs to purge herself for even saying it out loud, but feels the question needs to be asked: is this real? Right on cue, Eileen arrives straight from the Y&R set and immediately senses the tension in the air as the ladies try to change the subject. Eileen presses them on what happened, and Lisa R. recounts the conversation of Yolanda and how guilty she feels for engaging in it with someone behind Yo's back. In her interview, Lisa Rinna blames her actions on merely being human, and Eileen advises her to simply go talk to Yolanda about it when the time is right. Lisa Vanderpump, however, thinks there's no point in saying anything now. The OG rightly points out that there's no upside to getting involved in gossip about Yolanda and senses that this subject will explode if they don't leave it alone. To break up the tension, she brings the 'Wives to the backyard to introduce them to the miniature horses and all three are delighted to chase the ponies around the yard. Lisa Rinna still feels terrible for even bringing the Munchausen subject up, but Kyle tells her to stop beating herself up over it. However, in her interview, Kyle points out that this conversation has now put them all in a bad situation. An allegation like faking an illness isn't something you can just take back, and she for one doesn't want to be around when Yolanda finds out.

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 2 - Ciao, Tuscany!

Glenn Rowley


Ciao bella! We're off to Italy this week on RHOBH! But first we start at home with Kyle and Mauricio, who's showing five listings on a Saturday to pay for the European vacation. All in all, they'll be going to the French Riviera, Tuscany and Florence before heading to London for Nicky Hilton's fairytale wedding to James Rothschild at Kensington Gardens. Once Kyle, Mauricio and the girls dock their yacht in Italy, Lisa and Ken are meeting them to join in the fun. Since Mauricio's instituted a strict one bag policy for the trip, Kyle's left it up to Lisa to bring a dress for her to wear to the wedding. As Lisa rummages through her closet for the perfect gown, Ken snidely asks if she has a muumuu for Kyle to wear, citing her penchant for wearing a parade of flowing kaftan dresses. Brushing off the rude dig, Lisa chooses a gorgeous black-and-white Badgley Mischka (decidedly non-muumuu) gown.


Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna's at home showing off her new "big, fat, f***ing" diamond earrings to Amelia and her friends. As she gathers the girls around her phone to watch an amusing video of her parents falling off a chair (really it was pretty funny), Lisa explains in her confessional that she doesn't call her aging parents as much as she should. Therefore, when they do talk, she makes a conscious effort to connect with them. Lisa calls her parents on speakerphone and - while hearing the definition of "too much information" regarding her dad's penis catheter - opens up in her confessional about coping with her parents' steadily increasing health problems by refusing to wallow in negativity and always look for humor. Because if you're going to deflect and distract yourself from the reality of your parents getting older, you might as well do it through laughter.


In an unexpected turn of events, Kyle calls Lisa from her Range Rover to inform her of a revision in the trip itinerary: she will no longer be going to London for Nicky's wedding. Apparently things have gotten so bad with both of her sisters that Kyle's been uninvited by Kathy. So, there's no need for a dress after all. At first Lisa thinks she's joking, but soon realizes the severity of the situation and points out to Kyle that this type of family drama can cause long-term, permanent damage to relationships. Kyle's relationship with Kathy, the oldest of the three Richards sisters, has certainly been a roller coaster for the past several years - with Kim's issues, business dealings between Kathy's husband Rick and Mauricio and now Kyle's deal with Warner Brothers to produce a TV show based on her childhood all contributing to the mounting tension. Being uninvited to her niece's wedding obviously isn't something that feels great, so Kyle's just ready to get away and escape for a while in Tuscany, wedding or not.


Eileen and Vince are still reeling from the death of Vince's father, actor Dick Van Patten, and take a trip out to Palm Springs to visit his star on the walk of fame there. Once they find his star, Eileen explains in her interview that they've recently been dealt a one-two punch of death in the family - first with her sister Connie losing her sudden battle with breast cancer and now with Vince's father dying. Dickie's passing has been hard on Vinny, but more than anything has made him want to make sure he enjoys his life. Eileen points out that they're both determined to seize the day and be happy to honor Dickie's memory. There's simply no time like the present.


At the same time, the two Lisas meet for lunch in Beverly Hills. After admiring each other's sparkly shoes, Lisa V. asks Rinna how Eileen is doing, and Lisa R. fills her in on the memorial/celebration of life the Vince and Eileen threw with their family and friends. Then, conversation turns to Ken's impending 70th birthday party. Lisa V.'s at a loss for what to get the man who honestly has everything. The answer? She's found a miniature horse for sale in Ohio that's apparently half an inch taller than the smallest pony in the world. Always down for an adventure, Lisa Rinna immediately agrees to fly to Ohio with her to pick the horse up. This is one surprise that's sure to blow Ken's mind.


Meanwhile, Yolanda is at an oral surgery appointment, accompanied by her "health advocate" Daisy. She's having all the mercury-based fillings taken out of her teeth in an effort to combat the high levels of heavy metal found in her blood work. It may seem like a random treatment, but at this point she's willing to take any small step in hopes that it will make a difference. Just as the surgery is about to start, David arrives to hold her hand through the procedure. Halfway through, Yolanda starts worrying that she's choking as her heart starts racing, sending the machines into a panicked chorus of blips and beeps. However, the sensation is simply because her throat has been numbed and the surgeon advises her to stay calm. The rest of the surgery goes well and soon all of the metal has been removed from Yolanda's mouth. David makes an awkward joke asking the surgeon how soon they can have sex, and the scene officially turns uncomfortable. In light of their divorce announcement, every scene between Yolanda and David will look suspicious in retrospect. In her interview, Yolanda confesses that she's willing to do anything at this point to get her life back. As a sedated Yo says goodbye, David leaves the surgery without so much as a wave. Like I said...hindsight.


After a camera- and drama-free week in Nice, San Tropez, Monaco and Portofino, Kyle and her family finally dock their yacht in La Spezia, Italy. They're looking forward to a relaxing time in the Tuscan countryside...and also the shopping in Florence. Of course, Mauricio rented a gorgeous, bright red Ferrari to zoom around Italy in. As they say, when in Rome. At roughly the same time, Ken and Lisa land in Italy as well. On the drive to the villa, Lisa laments missing living in Europe and wonders aloud if they should move back some day, far from the bright lights of reality stardom in Beverly Hills. The best part of Europeans' unique sensibility is their penchant for drinking at lunch and sleeping in the afternoon - something that would certainly work for Lisa. By 3:45 p.m., Kyle and the girls arrive at the villa while Mauricio and Alexia manage to get majorly lost cruising through the countryside in the Ferrari. Mauricio insists there must be multiple ways of getting to the villa while Kyle points out in her interview that apparently if you have a penis, it's impossible to get lost. He and Alexia manage to find the villa at 5 p.m., well after Lisa and Ken's arrival.


Once Mauricio and Portia are in the pool, Kyle and Lisa decide to take the Ferrari for a spin themselves. Kyle used to steal Kim's car when she was 16 and was even driving herself to work at 13. Hold on tight, Vanderpump, here she goes. And...Kyle proceeds to drive the car in first gear. It's been a while since she's driven a stick AND she's in a foreign country driving on the opposite side of the road OK? As a viewer, it's nice to see the OGs back up to their partners-in-crime antics and Kyle admits that with everything going on in her family it feels good to let it all go for a little while on a joyride with her friend. Driving the Ferrari, she's feeling very James Bond-esque, which officially makes Lisa the Pussy Galore to her 007.


Back in Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna and Eileen pay a visit to an ailing Yolanda. Daisy the health advocate shows them Yo's closet full of medication and it's truly stunning. For Eileen, seeing the hundreds of pills and supplements brings back a flood of memories of her sister Connie, who chose to battle her breast cancer holistically as well. Equally shocking is seeing Yolanda cooped up in bed. The threesome convenes in the living room of the condo, where Yo tells the girls that she's determined to stay put until she gets well. At this point, she doesn't even remember what it was like to be normal - she even had a two-foot-long parasite taken out of her body the week before. What?? Even in the midst of her battle, Yolanda makes a point to ask how Vinny is doing in the wake of his father's death. That's classic, compassionate Yo right there. She tearfully admits to Lisa and Eileen that she's scared but the two attempt to buoy her up by telling her to just have hope. Both ladies are shaken up as they leave, and agree that it was difficult to see Yolanda in that condition. Lisa thinks that Yo's so desperate at the point to find a cure that she's just stabbing in the dark at anything she can find. I don't know about you, but it hurts my heart as a fan to see Yolanda cry. 

Before dinner in Tuscany, Kyle and Lisa are also discussing Yolanda's health and the surgery she just had. Lisa is confused, admitting that it's hard to understand what's really going on anymore after so many drastic and complicated treatments. Obviously something is seriously wrong but maybe it's not Lyme disease anymore? Kyle points out that in some cases, your mental state can dictate your physical state - like how she was sick for two years after her mother died. However, to their knowledge Yolanda doesn't have that stressful of a life and hasn't suffered any kind of traumatic loss. (Hmm...remember, hindsight.) Plus, after trying so many cures in such a short amount of time, how can you know which one is really working?


Dinner is served and Kyle, Lisa, Mauricio, Ken and the girls gather around the table for some delicious-looking Italian cuisine. After Tuscany, Lisa and Ken are going to Monte Carlo, but there's been a slight change in plans: Kyle is going to Nicky's wedding in London after all. A surprised Lisa asks what's changed but Kyle doesn't want to talk about it. She spoke with Nicky, emailed with Kathy and decided she doesn't want to miss Nicky walking down the aisle. However, Mauricio, Alexia and Sophia are still on the "not invited" list, while Farrah's a bridesmaid and Portia is a flower girl. This is officially confusing. Sensing the underlying tension, Lisa points out Kim and Kathy's tendency of pulling Kyle's strings, leaving her feeling manipulated and pulled in two different directions. Who do you side with when your husband and daughters are on one side and your sister and her family are on the other? It seems like a lose-lose situation for Kyle to be stuck in. Kyle tries to squash the conversation, but Lisa keeps going - pointing out that Kyle shouldn't be manipulated by either one of her sisters. Plus, if she wants to go to the wedding, Lisa didn't bring a dress. Furthermore, she doesn't understand why Mauricio wasn't invited to the wedding, let alone Alexia and Sophia. (Rumor has it that the familial tension sprung from business dealings between Mauricio and Rick Hilton...) Kyle tries to change subjects yet again by saying all that matters is that she'll be there to see Nicky walk down the aisle, but Lisa points out that her emotional investment should matter as well. For years, Lisa has watched this never-ending cycle of family drama affects Kyle tremendously, and thinks that at some point she needs to detach herself for her own sanity's sake. As Kyle starts getting emotional, Alexia effectively shuts down the conversation, asking that they stop talking about this for the rest of the trip. With that, the chatter finally stops, but the problems between Kyle and her sisters seem far from over...

RHOBH Season 6 Premiere - Life's a Pitch

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9021OMG! After what feels like forever, my beloved Beverly Hills babes are back for Season 6 and I could not be happier. I go back and forth about which city is my favorite Housewives franchise (mostly depending on what's currently on the air), but my answer has always been between Beverly Hills and some other city. Hands down, Beverly Hills has the cast I most passionately care about - I can genuinely say that, with the exception of Brandi and one-season wonders Carlton and Joyce, I love every single one of the Housewives that have graced the screen across the past five seasons of RHOBH. The city also includes my all-time favorite Housewife in the entire franchise (Kyle Richards, obviously). 


Before we get into the episode, we of course need to talk about the new intro and all the 'Wives taglines. First impression of the intro: the red looks are a bold new choice that I'm liking. My favorite tagline of the bunch probably goes to Eileen - it's tongue-in-cheek without being too on the nose. Quick thoughts on the others: Lisa Rinna's still talking about her lips, which comes as no surprise. However it was jarring to see her first in the lineup after three seasons of Kyle and the original Lisa alternating as bookends. I saw Kyle getting some grief on Twitter for including "Beverly Hills" in her tagline, but I actually like it when at least one 'Wife name drops the city each season. I hate newbie Erika's, who coincidentally wasn't even introduced in the premiere but her nonsensical soundbite has already given me a negative first impression of her. Year after year, Yo's taglines are imparted as a dose of preachy wisdom and this year is no exception. It's clear as crystal that she's calling out some of her so-called "fake friends" for questioning her Lyme disease this season. And Vanderpump's was snarky and witty, but I was left thinking "really? Out of everything you chose to talk about dogs?"


Let's jump into the premiere, shall we? The episode starts out at Villa Rosa where Lisa Vanderpump is waiting for LA Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis. Apparently, she's been asked to throw out the opening pitch at the Dodgers' LGBT night thanks to her constant support of the gay community. Being British, Lisa doesn't know the difference between a baseball and a coconut as the Dodgers' catcher helps her practice throwing the ball. Ken interrupts to give Lisa a few pointers, telling her to pretend the catcher's glove is Brandi's face. In case you're keeping track, that's the first mention this season of the disappearing bad girl - you can take the B out of Beverly Hills, but she'll never really be gone. LVP says in her interview that she simply doesn't cross paths with Brandi anymore. After years of being a victim of Brandi's nonsense, Lisa is more than happy to not have anything to do with her former BFF-turned-enemy.


Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna has been asked to do a "Where Are They Now?" segment on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The hustler has done so many things over her 25+ year career, does this mean she's officially made it? Interestingly, the longest job she's ever had over the course of her career was her three-year stint on Days of Our Lives. And yet, even with all the various jobs she's had in showbiz, Lisa Rinna is worried that her tombstone will say "she wore a diaper." There has to be somewhere to go from a Depends commercial right? Rinna's like a Hollywood cockroach, people - there's just no getting rid of her.


We also catch up with Eileen, who's back on The Young and the Restless for a stint as the iconic Ashley Abbott. Having been in the soap opera world for more than 20 years, Eileen is a consummate professional - she even does her own mascara in hair and makeup! In her current scandalous storyline, her character is involved in a little love triangle with her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend. Ironically, Eileen tells us that she was involved in the same love triangle story in 1983, but as the daughter in the situation, and we're gifted with a flashback scene to prove it. 


We finally get some Housewife interaction as Kyle and Lisa V. meet for lunch at Villa Blanca.  Kyle  has been busy since the end of last season - not only is she buying a line of $75,000 sunglasses for her store (suck on that, Dana Wilkey!), she also inked a deal with Warner Brothers to develop a scripted show about her life growing up in 1970s Hollywood. With familial tension at an all-time high, her extended family hasn't reacted well to this news. In fact, no one's even said congratulations yet. However, Kyle makes it clear in her confessional that this new show isn't out to hurt anyone or expose any more family secrets - contrary to what her older sisters might think, the youngest Richards sister is an adult who can make the right decisions for herself. Kyle also updates Lisa on her strained relationship with Kim: they still aren't speaking that much and Kim's checked herself into an in-patient rehab facility following her scandalous arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel for public intoxication, resisting arrest and battery of a cop. When Kyle first heard the news of Kim's arrest, she didn't want to believe that it was true, but admits that it's easier when everything is out in the open and she doesn't have to constantly pretend the elephant in the room doesn't exist. Lisa points out, correctly, that Kyle has been a brilliant sister to Kim and has taken more than most people would have. Lisa's seen her friend be affected by Kim's struggle with addiction for years now, and says in her interview that she hopes Kyle can learn to emotionally detach from the situation a bit for the sake of her own well-being. 

Eventually, the OGs' conversation turns to Yolanda's health, and Lisa admits she's exchanged texts with her but hasn't gone to visit. Kyle also says it feels weird to invite Yolanda out when she's so ill, so all she can offer the Dutch beauty are visits. In her confessional, Lisa explains that she's not exactly quite sure what's wrong with Yolanda, but backtracks quickly to say she's merely questioning her friend's symptoms, not criticizing. We can all sense where this is going...


Cut to Yolanda holed up in the tiny condo she's been living in for the past nine months, an IV in her arm as a naturopathic doctor administers some type of treatment. Her estate in Malibu was simply too much to maintain and relocating to the condo proved convenient since it's in the city close to all of her doctors. Since being diagnosed with neurological Lyme disease in 2012 (which coincided with her first season on the show), Yo has been facing a monumental battle for her health for the past three years. She readily admits that it can be confusing because at times she looks pretty much normal but is still so sick inside. Yolanda has flown all over the world to try radical methods in search for a cure, including stem cells, ozone treatments, holistic antibiotics and plenty of alternative treatments not accepted by the FDA in America. Yo's friend Angie, mother of Australian pop star Cody Simpson, pays her a visit in the middle of her treatment and Yolanda tearfully opens up about how hard it is to miss so many major things going on in Gigi, Bella and Anwar's lives while she's cooped up with her brain barely functioning. It's heartbreaking to watch Yolanda cry as she tries to explain that she's always kept such high standards for herself as a wife and mother, but has had to accept the fact that she's not that superhuman person anymore. 


The big day arrives for the Dodgers' LGBT night and Lisa V. is left wondering why in the world she signed up for this. She shows up to Dodgers Stadium with Ken, Giggy, Pandora and Jason in tow and is presented with a personalized pink jersey from the team. Strutting out onto the pitcher's mound in her bright pink pumps, LVP is worried she won't be able to throw the ball far enough. Plus, if she screws up, it'll be on YouTube for the rest of her life. With no time left to procrastinate, Lisa winds up and gives it her best toss...and doesn't make it to home plate. However, this baseball thing could've been a complete disaster so all in all, it went better than it could have.


In an effort to let go, Eileen is redecorating her house. Following Brandi's rude comments last year comparing her home to American Psycho, Eileen looked at her house through the eyes of a visitor and decided it was time to declutter. Not that she's giving Brandi any credit for that decision, but she refuses to be the lady who dies in a house fire because she couldn't get past the pile of antiques in the corner to make it out the door. In the midst of taking down her dining room curtains, Lisa Rinna calls to check in on Eileen. Just prior to filming, Eileen's father-in-law, TV actor Dick Van Patten had passed away, leaving a huge void in Eileen's family. Because of the family tragedy, Eileen can't make it to Lisa's upcoming birthday dinner, but sends her love to her buddy.


The rest of the 'Wives and their husbands convene for Lisa Rinna's birthday party. The birthday girl wearing a one-sleeved print dress, Kyle in tiny black hot pants and Yolanda arrives with a bouquet of peonies and Angie in tow. The women are a bit taken aback by Yo's appearance at the party - in an all-white ensemble, she's not wearing a single drop of makeup and does not look good at all. Ken goes so far as to compliment her on her appearance and say in the next breath how terrible Yo actually looks. Conversation at the dinner turns to Kyle and Lisa V.'s upcoming trip to Tuscany with Mauricio and Ken and Yolanda also explains that David isn't there because he's in Seattle for a charity function. (Everyone will surely be looking for hints of trouble between the Fosters in the wake of their divorce announcement the morning before the season premiere.) All of a sudden, Yolanda is hit with a wave of exhaustion and excuses herself to go to the restroom. Naturally, the second she leaves, conversation at the table turns to her shocking physical appearance. In her confessional Lisa Vanderpump questions Yolanda showing up to the party at all - if she's really that sick, why not just stay home? What the hell is going on in Yolanda's life? 


However, Yolanda insists that she wanted to come support Lisa Rinna and wish her a happy birthday, but like an overheated car her body starts shutting down and she excuses herself to leave. Just as she and Angie exit, Lisa Rinna's husband Harry Hamlin finally shows up to the party. As Harry and Lisa banter about his number 10 (actually 16) place in her speed dial, a special delivery arrives from Eileen and Vinny and the whole group toasts to the memory of Vinny's dad. As Yolanda and Angie head home in their limo, I'm left wondering if Angie was being considered as a Housewife and simply didn't make the cut. Rumors flew last summer that she was joining the cast but I'm struck with the impression that she was too much of a stereotypical mom to join the ranks of the most glamorous Housewives cast. 


The next day, Kyle and Mauricio discuss the situation with Kim in their kitchen. Kyle understandably feels torn about her relationship with her sister - not much had changed from how they left things at the Season 5 reunion. Kyle admits that she doesn't know if Kim will ever change or if their relationship as sisters will ever get better either, and recognizes that for anything to change, she has to be the one to make it happen. After decades of keeping things private and dancing around the issue, it's a relief to Kyle that everyone's finally being honest about Kim's situation and having authentic conversations. Still, there's a little voice inside Kyle's head telling her she's being selfish for not jumping into the fray and immediately running to Kim's rescue. Mauricio points out that sometimes the only way to help someone is by giving them tough love, and maybe that's what Kim needs now. In her interview, Kyle tearfully explains that she's always tried to be there for her sister, even when it has felt like Kim didn't want her help or support. Kyle tells Mauricio that she wishes she had a magic potion to just fix everything, but recognizes that after all the damage that's been done, the relationships in the Richards family are going to need time to heal.

RHOC Ssn 10/Ep 23 - Brooks Tells All

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Brooks Tells All collage.JPG

Following the three-part Season 10 reunion, Bravo's decided to Andy's one-on-one sit-down with Brooks Ayers in its entirety. Now, honestly, in the wake of everything that has come to light since the season started airing regarding Brooks' funny relationship with the truth, it's hard to take anything he said in this interview seriously. However, here's a breakdown of the things we learned in the half-hour special. According to Brooks: 

Briana contributed to his breakup with Vicki. Brooks blames Vicki's daughter, saying that she never gave him a fair chance when he started dating her mom. (Part of that may be because the relationship started before Vicki had ended things with Donn but OK...) As for the shocking revelation from the Season 8 reunion that Brooks was caught on a voice recording drunkenly telling Briana's husband he should start hitting her to "get her to fall in line"? Brooks claims he asked for forgiveness from anyone who would listen, but Briana and Ryan weren't on that list.

He still has cancer. When asked by Andy for an update on the status of his health, Brooks is insistent that he does still have cancer. Claiming he's been in treatment for close to 11 months, he says his numbers are now "normalizing" and the lesions in his lymphatic system are gone. Brooks attributes this to a combination of chemotherapy and a number of holistic treatments including vitamin C IV therapy, ozone therapy and yes, resveratrol three times a week.

The resveratrol idea came from Jim Bellino's private physician. That's right, just when you thought the web couldn't get any more convoluted, Brooks throws out the name of Jimmy The Chin Bellino, husband of former OC Housewife Alexis Bellino as a fellow patient of the doc who's got him on resveratrol to "boost his immune system." I bet the Bellinos must've loved getting dragged into this controversy. 

Vicki is to blame for the confusion surrounding his treatments. Throughout the season, quite a bit about this story didn't seem to line up. Brooks blames Vicki for all the inconsistencies, saying that she "misspoke" often regarding his doctor visits, chemotherapy, etc. He also claims Vicki tells people what they want to hear in an effort to elicit sympathy for both Brooks and the two of them as a couple.

He doesn't do damage control. In September 2014, a video surfaced on Radar Online of Brooks admitting to cheating on Vicki with some prostitutes. Then magically a month later, he was diagnosed with cancer and gave an exclusive statement to...wait for it...Radar Online. First Brooks claims that he wanted to deal with his diagnosis as privately as possible and blames Vicki for wanting to release it to the press before he gave the Radar Online statement. When Andy points out that the timing seems awfully convenient as a way to shut the gossip site up about his cheating admission, Brooks insists that the two instances weren't connected whatsoever.

The other 'Wives are to blame for his breakup with Vicki. Brooks says the drama surrounding his cancer was something that upset Vicki "continuously" without any semblance of resolution, but doesn't blame the show for their breakup. Instead, he pins that on the other women and Briana for creating "constant conflict" and accuses Briana of projecting her own issues of using her mom financially and otherwise onto him. That story is an awfully tough sell for anyone who's watched the last four seasons. 

He's relieved, not heartbroken. Brooks announces that he's relocating to Florida and that this time, his breakup with Vicki will stick. He claims that he wants Vicki to be happy but accuses her in the same breath of needing Briana's approval over who she dates. 

He has a lot to say to the other 'Wives. When Andy gives him the opportunity to address the cast, Brooks goes for the jugular: he doesn't trust Tamra because she speaks out of both sides of her mouth, Shannon needs to stop making this issue all about her and he specifically tells Meghan to "f*** off." As Andy says, that's nothing if not concise. The only cast member Brooks has kind words for is Heather, thanking her and Terry for their support over the last four years. 

He has no regrets. Saying that regrets just aren't in his genes, he doesn't have any about his relationship with Vicki. He claims Vicki allowed all this "outside noise" from other people to control her mindset, but he doesn't listen to it because he doesn't answer to anyone but God and his closest family. Ultimately, he admits he could've done things differently with Briana and spoken his mind more to Tamra, but at the end of the day things didn't work out and he wishes Vicki the best.

Since this interview was taped, Brooks has admitted to fabricating his medical records from City of Hope, saying that he never intended to use his real medical records for a storyline on a reality show. This admission came on the heels of the  hospital issuing a statement saying they never treated anyone by the name of David Brooks Ayers for cancer. Brooks, however, still insists he has the disease.