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Real Housewives

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RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 23 - Reunion Part 3

Glenn Rowley


It's Part 3 of the reunion this week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and everything from the Munchausen rumor and spinning webs to the drama in Dubai is on the table. Plus, the ladies get a sweet message from one wine-guzzling former Housewife and Andy Cohen tries to get to the bottom of whether Lisa Vanderpump is the master manipulator once and for all. Read on for my full recap of all the drama from the couches...

Vulnerable Vanderpump


The final installment of the reunion picks up right where we left off, with Lisa Vanderpump's shocking admission that she had been in an abusive relationship at the age of 19. As the Brit tearfully opens up the teensiest bit about the experience, Andy questions why she didn't empathize more when Eileen shared her similar experience in the Hamptons. Lisa explains that her story didn't even come to mind at the time, and several of the women wonder if she has a problem with opening up and being truly vulnerable. Even Kyle Richards is quick to point out that her fellow OG likes to live in a fantasy land where life is all diamonds and rosé. As the topic reignites Eileen Davidson's beef with Lisa, newbie Kathryn Edwards opines that the issue between the two women is simply lost in translation. It's also amusing to point out that when LVP tells Eileen she's hurt her feelings, the soap actress sincerely apologizes within seconds...which is really all she wanted from her fellow 'Wife from the second she mentioned the "affair" in the Hamptons. See, Lisa? It's that easy!

War of the Rookies


Moving on, Andy brings up the lengthy feud between Kathryn and her fellow newbie Erika Girardi that started with a singular conversation about whether or not Lisa Vanderpump is a sniper from the side who spends her time spinning a web. At the time, I was fairly outspoken that - while I honestly love them both - I was on Team Erika on this one. Regardless of what she said about LVP, it wasn't OK for Kathryn to tell her she wanted to be her first genuine, female friend and then run straight to Lisa V. to spill the tea. Obviously, Erika still feels this way about the situation as well, and even Kathryn admits to the fact that she was wrong in how she handled the situation. However, Erika remains burned by the experience, and calls Kathryn out for listening "with intent," going straight to LVP to tattle on her and then admitting at Erika's contentious dinner party that she did it to get a reaction out of both Erika and Lisa Vanderpump. Further, Kathryn clearly didn't give any kind of good first impression at the dinner party, arguing with Erika's husband Tom and borderline shouting at nearly every other guest to get her various points across. Erika then asks if she should spill about some of the things her fellow newbie has told her and dramatically reveals that Kathryn referred to Lisa Vanderpump as a "harmless old lady." Ouch.


Kathryn denies ever saying this - and for the record, Lisa V. is neither old nor harmless - but Erika insists that she used the terminology over the phone during an off-camera conversation. When Erika calls her desperate (hunny), Kathryn deflects by bringing up all the trash-talking Erika did about the other ladies in Dubai. Erika pointedly remarks that there's a difference between talking smack and having an opinion, but the question once again boils down to this: who do you believe? Over the course of the season, it's been clear that Erika is always observing and remains intensely aware of what's going on around her, so my gut instinct is to believe what she says. That's not to say I think Kathryn is dishonest, but it would make sense that she would want to deny saying something even slightly derogatory about the powerful OG with whom she's worked to align herself all season long. If there's one thing every Housewife and fan knows, it's that you don't want to be on the wrong side of Lisa Vanderpump.


Also up for debate is Erika's liberal use of her certain favorite c-word. While "see you next Tuesday" isn't my favorite word either, I think there's a definite difference in the way she uses it and the way some now-former Housewives of the past have thrown it around (ahem...looking at you, Brandi Glanville and Carlton Gebbia...) Even still, Kathryn took offense to Erika calling her the c-word in her confessional after they had made up, but Erika justifies her comment by saying that what her costar did was a "c*** move." As for Eileen getting the two to talk things out at the Habitat for Humanity project, Erika actually thanks Eileen for doing it because the two newbies came to a resolution that has since lasted, reunion notwithstanding. After that day painting a house, the two never argued again and even bonded while sharing a room in Dubai. Both Erika and Kathryn can agree that they are on their way to building a real, genuine friendship with each other, and I for one hope it sticks. 

Putting the "B" Back in Beverly Hills


Next, Andy has a special surprise for the ladies: a video message from former Housewife Brandi Glanville! The show's most iconic villain has been watching the season very closely and has something to say to pretty much every one of the 'Wives. To Kyle, she says she has an "odd soft spot" for her former nemesis, but accuses her of being one person when she's around Lisa Vanderpump and a different person when she's not. I'll give you three guesses about which version of Kyle Brandi likes more. She applauds Kathryn for locking down a hot younger man in Donnie, and shockingly offers a backhanded apology to Eileen for how she treated her last season. Now that Eileen had the guts to stand up to LVP, Brandi respects her more. Oh and her hair looks great this season! (That's one thing I can agree with Brandi on, you're stunning Eileen!) B's also come to the conclusion that Lisa Rinna isn't actually bipolar - she's just "nuttier than squirrel sh**." Additionally, she lays down a new rule for Rinna that I think every single Housewives fan can agree on: no more saying "own it" or "deflect." Please. Brandi knew she liked Erika the moment she referred to LVP as a sniper from the side. Too bad it took B five years to figure out what Erika say in just a couple minutes. And to her former BFF, Brandi has only good backhandedly good things to say. She claims LVP is "genius" when it comes to changing the narrative to make herself look good. Brandi also throws fuel on the manipulation fire by claiming Lisa V. was her "puppeteer" when they were friends - one who manipulated the self-proclaimed "truth cannon" into doing her dirty work for her.


The video doesn't get quite the reaction Andy and Bravo were likely hoping for. Immediately, Lisa Vanderpump questions why they are giving Brandi a platform to bash the rest of the cast when she was fired from the show last year. The OG also points out that it's awfully easy to sit there with a glass of wine and rattle off insults to the camera without having to say it to anyone's face. Kyle rightfully points out that all Brandi seems to do is watch the show, tweet about the 'Wives and continually bash them on her podcast. With the exception of Yolanda Foster - who feels it's appropriate for Brandi to be allowed to say her piece if Kim Richards was allowed to as well - the collective reaction on the couches is mostly "meh." Move it along, Andy, no one cares what derogatory and mean-spirited things Brandi has to say.

Taking Off the Rosé-Colored Glasses


Just we thought we'd heard the last of the Munchausen drama, Andy forces us back to the subject. This time, the argument centers around whether or not Lisa Vanderpump tried to drag Kyle into Lisa Rinna's Munchausen allegation, with the OGs on one side and Rinna on the other. Lisa Rinna insists that LVP followed her out of Villa Rosa to ask why she didn't bring Kyle's name into the Munchausen conversation which, incidentally is the exact same thing Kyle said Lisa told her after she came back inside. The three go back and forth and around and around on the subject until Kyle finally puts her foot down and says she doesn't think it's really that big of a deal. Thank you, Kyle, because I honestly cannot stand to listen to this argument one more time.


One thing that is kind of a big deal is how much Lisa Vanderpump's husband Ken bashed the other women all season long. In a classic Rinna move, Lisa R. reads off his catty comments about her in the finale. All in all, Ken called her a "stupid bitch," "silly cow," "wanker," "crazy" and insinuated that she didn't have the "full ticket." While acknowledging that she would be upset if say, Harry Hamlin said those things about her, Lisa Vanderpump refuses to apologize for either that or any of Ken's other comments throughout the season (about Kyle's fashion sense and how Yolanda looked at Rinna's birthday party). From her perspective, the Househusband is allowed to share his opinions and vent about the women when he's upset by their behavior towards his wife. Several of the other women disagree, with Yolanda in particular citing this pattern of Ken lashing out all the way back to Season 4, and I'm suddenly realizing Ken Todd may be the Peter Thomas of RHOBH.


The conversation morphs into a discussion about the seemingly eternal question of whether Lisa Vanderpump is the show's master manipulator. To this day, Lisa Rinna maintains that LVP manipulated her into bringing up the M-word (I can't type it one more time) and tried to get her fired up about Yolanda's comment that she could be bipolar and unstable. She also argues that the other women can't seem to decide whether she's a people-pleaser or just bipolar-level crazy, but I think it's clear after two seasons that Lisa Rinna has a major people-pleasing side to her multi-faceted personality. However, it needs to be clarified that whether or not any conversations happened off-camera between her and LVP, Lisa Rinna was the one - the ONLY one - to bring the word Munchausen into the dialogue surrounding Yolanda's Lyme disease. There, I typed it again. 


Andy points out that six seasons in, there's been a definite pattern of Lisa Vanderpump's fellow Housewives accusing her of being manipulative. When you break it down, Andy's telling the truth. Over the course of six seasons, Kyle, Yolanda, Brandi, Lisa Rinna, Eileen, Erika, Kim, Taylor Armstrong and Adrienne Maloof have all leveled similar accusations about the queen bee. Bobby Fischer, anyone? At some point, when so many people are saying the same thing, you have to wonder how much truth there is to it. And yet, when Andy asks her point blank, Lisa Vanderpump insists she doesn't feel the need to apologize to a single one of her costars. Guess we'll have to wait for Season 7 to see who LVP manipulates next...

Final Thoughts


To close out the Season 6 reunion, Andy asks each of the ladies for their final thoughts. Kyle's biggest takeaways are how much she learned about Yolanda's Lyme disease and to simply not sweat the small stuff. Yolanda just wants to keep recovering and getting well, while Lisa Rinna claims she doesn't have any regrets from all the talking her lips did this season. After two seasons, Eileen points out that Housewives absolutely trumps daytime soap operas in the drama department, and both Kathryn and Erika claim their first season was everything they each hoped it would be. As for the final word, LVP is sad people think she's manipulative, but chalks it up to the old "live and learn" mantra. In the final moments, Andy has each of the 'Wives turn to the person on their right and say her best quality. As the women point out each other's sweetness, honesty, integrity and sense of humor, the season ends on a positive note and we're reminded of so many of the good qualities these women have when they're not arguing at each other's throats.

Next week, Secrets Revealed! Leave your thoughts about this week's final reunion installment in the comments below!

RHOC Ssn 10/Ep 22 - Reunion Part 3

Glenn Rowley


Here we are. We've managed to avoid the giant "c-word" in the room for the first two-thirds of the reunion, but in this final installment, it's all the ladies are going to talk about. We knew this was coming. We have to get through it. Let's see if we can get any kind of definitive answer once and for all about Brooks Ayers and his possibly fake cancer.


A History of Deceit

The cancer issue kicks off with an examination of Brooks' long pattern of lies and untruths. Heather points out that at its heart this cancer situation is a credibility issue since Brooks has a history of not telling the truth. Case in point - he was caught in a lie during Season 8 about dating a porn star while on a break with Vicki, who quickly jumps in to say the girl was a poker party waitress, not a porn star. Uh huh. Ok. In fact, not only does Brooks have a reputation for not telling the truth, he's left a trail of playing the cancer card in the past. Tamra reveals that on the Season 9 trip to Hawaii, Vicki told her off-camera that Brooks had been diagnosed with cancer and was getting tests done at City of Hope. As soon as she and Tamra landed at LAX, Vicki was frantically calling to find out the test results, but Brooks wouldn't answer her calls. When he did, he told her to call back when she was in the car. The verdict? He was fine. Tamra follows that bombshell up by revealing that way back in Season 3 (her first year on the show), she and Vicki immediately bonded. At the time, the OG opened up to the new Housewife and told her that someone she had a connection with had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She regretted carrying on the attachment and now felt like she needed to leave Donn to go be with him. That person was Brooks. And again, the cancer turned out to be pancreatitis. Red flags, anyone?

Cancer Victim or Con Artist?


Next, we get more of Andy's interview with Brooks from the WWHL Clubhouse. Brooks claims he's been in treatment for the past 11 months - meaning a combination of chemotherapy and holistic remedies. His "numbers" are normalizing and the lesions in his lymphatic system are gone. As Andy fires off questions from the 'Wives, smooth-talking Brooks has an answer for everything: Shannon's not the only one with world-renowned doctors, he actually went to Hoag Memorial for his PET scan but it was transcribed through Newport Imaging, his ex-girlfriends were out to get him, etc. Andy says it appears to be a pattern of using cancer to manipulate people and gain sympathy, but Brooks shoots back that people can believe what they want - the truth is the truth. I find it really interesting that all these things not adding up are the fault of everyone else but Brooks. In this one segment alone, he blames Vicki, Briana, the other Housewives and two of his ex-girlfriends, but never takes responsibility for a single thing. 

Back on the couches, Heather asks Vicki if Brooks ever saw a real cancer specialist, because all they showed during the season were meetings with "non-cologists." Vicki claims that the oncologist Brooks met with at City of Hope didn't want to film, but Heather knows that a lie because the doctor lives down the street from her. Brooks never met with him. Plus, City of Hope allows filming - Heather even shot scenes there! A flustered Vicki throws her hands up and declares that she doesn't have any proof he was faking cancer. But Shannon does.

Examining the Evidence

It turns out that Shannon did some Meghan-style investigating and like so many of us, took a screenshot of Brooks' shady PET/CT scan results. As evidence he was lying, Shannon presents a copy of what an actual CT report looks like from Newport Imaging. The verdict? It looks nothing like the one Brooks showed Tamra. Plus, Shannon insists that there's no way a radiologist would have ever signed off on a document with a "1" handwritten into the date and the words all jumbled together. Briana backs that claim up, explaining that she worked at Hoag for four years and their radiology department is several times bigger than the one at Newport Imaging - there's no way they would've needed the report to be dictated through another medical center. 


Consistent Inconsistencies

In his interview, Andy next asks Brooks why there were so many inconsistencies throughout the season between things he and Vicki said. Again, Brooks blames Vicki for all the mix-ups, claiming that she had the tendency to tell people what they wanted to hear, or to try to gain sympathy for them as a couple. According to Brooks, Vicki "misspoke quite a bit" during the season and naturally, nothing is ever his fault. As for the rumor that went around in the finale about Terry sending someone to the house with an IV for Brooks? He claims Briana repeated the story and it never happened. Andy asks why Brooks wouldn't show Terry the medical records to prove his cancer was real, and Brooks claims that in hindsight he wishes he would have. Andy points out that there was still time to prior to the reunion being filmed and Brooks says he'll reach out. However, Heather categorically denies she or Terry ever hearing from Brooks at all. 


Heather wants the truth about the IV story though, and Vicki offers to clarify. She explains that she wanted to call Terry but Brooks shut it down and she never did. However, that's clearly not what she told Shannon or Tamra at the time. Finally, the OG admits she fabricated the story in an attempt to get sympathy for Brooks because everyone was being so hard on him and she just wanted some compassion. As the other 'Wives start angrily piling on, Andy actually steps in to defend Vicki. All Tamra wants to know is why she made up the story and Vicki explains that as the season wore on, Brooks was getting quieter and quieter about his cancer situation. So even though she had seen him sick, she chose to let him deal with it and focus on other things, effectively turning a blind eye to the potential deception. 

Meghan in particular seemed to have it out for Brooks and Vicki all season. The newbie thinks Brooks wasn't expecting Miss 30-Year-Old to come onto the scene with a cancer situation in her own life, ask real questions and care about the issue. She tearfully explains that she came onto the show thinking she had an ally in cancer but instead got attacked time and again by an angry Vicki. 

"We Don't Believe You"

Vicki insists that she only knows what she saw and experienced. Apparently that doesn't include Brooks' chemotherapy sessions. The one time she went, she sat in the waiting room and didn't see the needle go into Brooks' arm. With all the conflicting and confusing details, Heather points out that none of them believe the OG and need more answers. Heather thinks that Brooks must have something on Vicki. Whether it's a business deal or something other big secret, she's simply too smart to be fooled. Tamra jumps on that comment, saying Vicki's done nothing but lie for Brooks and throw everyone else under the bus. As Shannon angrily demands she "fess up," Vicki explodes, yelling at the other women to stop. She's not going to say anything that's not true! The OG never knew anything different and still believed Brooks has cancer. 


Tamra starts getting emotional as she tearfully explains that all she ever wanted was to protect Vicki from this man. Vicki claims she understands that now in hindsight, but Shannon says she doesn't see any remorse in her former friend. Andy asks if Vicki is scared of Brooks, to which she responds with a small nod. So yes, Vicki is scared of this man she just spent four years of her life with. Andy follows that up by asking if Brooks had ever gotten physical with Vicki, and both Briana and Tamra jump in to say that they'd both seen him abuse Vicki at different times. The OG claims that he was more verbally abusive than physically. However, Briana claims that no one else knows the things she's seen Brooks do to her mom, even up to the previous night when he was texting her rude things in the hotel room. Andy tries to get to the root of this issue with Vicki. Is she just lonely? Is it low self-esteem? But the OG says she hasn't quite put her finger on what kept her in a relationship with Brooks for so long. Fixing her relationship and putting up with all the bad things was easier for Vicki than the idea of being alone. 

Casseroles & Compassion

Vicki reveals that as the season wore on, she started growing more suspicious of Brooks' claims, but that every time she brought it up to him it turned into an argument. Andy asks if the women think it's possible that Vicki didn't want to know the truth. Shannon says no way but Meghan thinks that Vicki looks like an idiot with all the evidence lined up against her. For her part, Fancy Pants says she kept giving Vicki opportunities to tell the truth, but the OG never took them. Another possibility is that Brooks was sick, just never as sick as he claimed and embellished his illness in an attempt to fix his damaged reputation. That option has Tamra's vote. Vicki explains that she was expecting compassion and casseroles from her cast mates, but didn't get any. This comment sets Shannon off, who angrily reminds Vicki that she gave her everything she could in support. Keep digging your grave, Vick. 

Vicki's Rock-Bottom Relationships


This leads into a package and yelling match about how the fake cancer issue affected Vicki's relationships with her friends. After a quick debate over whether the OG of the OC is going to heaven or hell (seriously), the topic turns to Shannon's anger at finding out Vicki had told her brother and his girlfriend about David's affair. As I said in the finale recap, this is the ultimate betrayal of trust, but this time Vicki takes accountability and apologizes rather than getting defensive. Vicki is visibly deflating by this point, sick of the fighting and being put in the hot seat. Shannon's not finished though, as she points out that both Tamra and Heather said more about their doubts and yet she's the bad guy?! Dig that grave a little deeper, Vicki. At this point, Briana intervenes to point out that Shannon was essentially the only person in her mom's corner, but that Vicki would flip out at any sign of doubt. Tamra asks Vicki what her gut tells her and finally, Vicki caves and admits that her gut is telling her Brooks doesn't have cancer. STOP THE PRESSES. VICKI GUNVALSON JUST SAID WHAT WE'VE ALL BEEN DYING TO HEAR FOR 23 WEEKS! 


The OG explains that about three months ago she started really questioning Brooks because his story was making less and less sense. Every time she pressed him, he told her she had no right to his medical records because she would try to take them to the other women. That's not suspicious at all...Heather thinks that if Vicki had red flags herself about the situation, she should've opened up to at least one of the 'Wives rather than getting defensive, deflecting and turning it around on them. Andy points out that Vicki seems rather disconnected as she's talking, and it's true - she hasn't been herself for the entire reunion. Briana jumps in to say that she thinks her mom is just now starting to see the damage her relationship with Brooks has caused to her life, her family and her friendships and it's freaking her out. Vicki gets teary as she explains that no one ever wants to feel duped or taken advantage of. Why would he spend all this time and money if he didn't have cancer? She's sad as she realizes what's happened to her life, but relieved that this man is no longer a part of her life. She was manipulated into always going to bat for him, and now that it's over Vicki has a lot of pieces to pick up and put back together. 

We Are Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together


Briana says that the last two weeks have been the best in her relationship with Vicki since her divorce with Donn. Vicki's devastated that she was taken advantage of and insists to everyone that she and Brooks will never get back together. Briana, however, thinks that Brooks will never be completely out of their lives and predicts that he'll try to weasel his way back in once the dust settles. Unfortunately, she doesn't think Vicki is strong enough not to be manipulated by him. However, Vicki is mostly hurt that she hurt her friends - she wants the other 'Wives to love and respect her, and promises that she'll work hard at getting that respect back. 

During a break, Shannon walks off set while Tamra and Vicki have a candid heart-to-heart. Tammy Sue begs her BFF to stop defending Brooks, telling her that it's time to take a stand and just say that he lied to her. In all the wreckage, Tamra says her heart is broken for her friend because she knew what kind of person Brooks was from the day Vicki started dating him. However, Vicki explains that she just wanted Tamra to like him so badly that she couldn't see things for what they were, and reiterates that she's never going back to Brooks. He doesn't deserve her. It's going to take a while to get the old Vicki back, but next time Tamra can conduct the interviews for any of Vicki's potential boyfriends.


Final Thoughts

Wrapping things up, Andy asks the women for some final thoughts on the season. Meghan thinks the whole thing was overall a positive experience and hopes she can do it again next year. Andy points out that Vicki went further in admitting culpability than many in the room thought she would, but it's still not enough for Heather. Fancy Pants straight up tells Vicki that's she's not satisfied, but is happy with the friendship she's developed with Shannon and continues to have with Tamra. Looking back on the past year, Shannon explains that it's nothing she could've predicted. She's grateful for where she's at with her marriage and family as well as her unexpected friendships with Heather, Tamra and Meghan, but is still sorely disappointed in the implosion of her relationship with Vicki. Tamra had a big year as well, and says she can only hope her relationship with Vicki will get better, even if she doesn't believe the story her friend has been selling. Vicki admits that she's not in the best place, and wishes she would've been more aware to the reality of her situation this year rather than trying to blindly defend her boyfriend. However, this is an opportunity for a clean slate and a fresh start, so bring on the fireball shots!

RHONY Ssn 7/Ep 22 - Reunion Part 3

Glenn Rowley

Photo Credit: Bravo

Photo Credit: Bravo

After five months of Big Apple drama, we've finally reached the end of the road for this season of RHONY. It went out with a literal snooze from Ramona and a dose of girl power from the ladies as a whole, reminding me why it was the best season the NYC Housewives have had in years. But don't worry, this isn't my final RHONY post for the year, we still have the Secrets Revealed episode and the 100th episode special that was FINALLY announced today, as well as a couple of other posts I have up my sleeve. But first, the final installment of the reunion. 

The Empress is Wearing Clothes


Wearing a gold snakeskin dress from her own Sonja Morgan New York Collection, Sonja's in the hot seat about the creation of her "international fashion lifestyle brand." Heather brings up the beef between her and Sonja, saying Lady Morgan has it twisted by saying that she wanted her to fail. From Heather's perspective, she's been nothing but supportive of all of Sonja's different ventures. I'm with Heather on this one - from the time she joined the show in Season 5, she was always supporting Sonja. After years of confusion and nothing to back up the talk, she had every right to be skeptical of Sonja's business acumen. Sonja can be as defensive as she wants, but we never saw the White and Gold Diamond Collection. We never saw the Nigerian football team. We never saw any department store deals. And we certainly never saw any toaster oven. As a dedicated fan, I have plenty of questions about Sonja's business and at this point I have basically no patience left for her excuses. It's great that she finally delivered a collection, but she still lives somewhere in her head that isn't reality. Case in point: no, Sonja, Madonna did not show up at your fashion show.


Even still, Bethenny points out that none of the women want to see Sonja fail, they just expect honesty. Everyone on her purported team has a fancy, shiny title, yet she's renting conference rooms for the day and there's no retail component to her line. No matter which way Sonja tries to spin it, there's an element of smoke and mirrors in her trying to appear legitimate to the other women. As Bethenny rightly explains, she, in fact, has an international lifestyle brand and she doesn't even have as many people with titles around as Sonja does. Lady Morgan defensively says that she resents the feeling that she's trying to B.S. people, she just wants to be proud of what she puts her name on. Sonja Morgan is realizing her dream, which earns claps all around from the other ladies.

One more issue needs to be settled before this gets put to bed, though: Sonja's argument with Kristen during the finale over the New York Post article. After seeing the episode back, Sonja admits that she was in the wrong and Kristen was telling the truth about the reporter's toaster oven question. Kristen explains that the two already hashed it out over text and feels that she and Sonja have come full circle in the two years they've known each other. 

The RHONY Widows' Club


Next, the attention turns to the widows' trip to London that bonded Carole and Dorinda forever. Dorinda equates sharing death to a warm pillow - it's something both she and Radzi have experienced and can understand together. The trip even earned Carole the right to call her 'Doris' - the nickname all Dorinda's British friends used when she lived there. In a funny turn of events, Dorinda also reveals that one of the first events she went to after Richard's death was a book signing for Carole's memoir, What Remains. At the time, Dorinda basically fangirled over her future friend and co-star as if she were Lady Gaga. Andy asks the two what their late husbands would think about them being on the show - Carole says Anthony is likely shaking his head laughing and asking what she's gotten herself into, while Dorinda says Richard was always her most enthusiastic supporter. Eventually, Carole starts getting emotional, fighting back tears as she describes the "one more day" she'd like to have with Anthony. 


All the talk of friendship and widowhood was apparently not all that interesting to Ramona because the next thing we know, she's asleep! The Ramonacoaster literally dozed off in the middle of the reunion. Luann blames the nap on the three glasses of pinot grigio Ramona downed on their lunch break, but Andy loves it and jokingly asks Ramona if she'd like to be woken up when the conversation turns back to her. The veteran was the first Housewife to walk off at a reunion (during Season 1's discussion of Alex McCord's nude photos) and is now the first to fall asleep on the couches. Ramona is an all-star.

Cock Blocks and Meltdowns


The copacetic feeling comes to a screeching halt, however, when Andy turns the conversation to the season's dramatic centerpiece: the cast trip to the Turks and Caicos. After joking about the scramble for the best room, in which Ramona blamed her "selfish little girl mind" for wanting the best room, the attention turns to the drama surrounding Sonja on the trip. Bethenny starts off with her "shut the f*** up" heard round the island, saying that at the time she was frustrated because she couldn't understand where Sonja was coming from. She admits that she should've walked away rather than lose her temper, but was merely looking for any sort of acknowledgement from Sonja of the reality of her partying. B also reiterates that she never called Sonja an alcoholic, which was the tipping point for Lady Morgan's entire meltdown on the island. In truth, the accusation came from Ramona, when she pulled her BFF aside on the beach. Jumping in, Sonja says she was hurt by seeing what Ramona said during the season behind her back, and claims her bestie likes to create drama for drama's sake. In her defense, Ramona explains that she felt guilty for participating in conversations about Sonja's drinking and hard-partying ways without defending her, and admits to throwing Bethenny under the bus in the process of trying to tell Sonja what was being said. As for the cock block at the Conch Bar, Ramona readily admits to knowing what she was doing, and that she had a great time boxing out her friends for the owner's attention. No matter that she went full-on Sicilian and didn't say another word to the other ladies for the rest of the night.

Naked Men, Married Men and the Real Girl Code


Next, Andy asks the question every fan has been wondering all season: what really happened that last night in the Turks and Caicos? According to Ramona, she, Luann and Sonja went out to a karaoke bar, which is where they met Naked Man and the Married Man. After coming back to the villa, they all drank, danced and hung out until the wee hours of the morning. As her story goes, Naked Man was tired and asked if he could crash there for the night. Remembering Bethenny bedroom was now vacant, Ramona sent him upstairs with instructions not to use the bathroom adjoining the room with Heather and Carole's and wiped her hands of the situation. I'm not really buying the story, or that nothing happened between her and Naked Man, but Ramona's sticking to it. It doesn't sit well with Kristen either, who calls out Ramona for being inappropriate and beyond sloppy for sending a complete stranger upstairs to sleep in close quarters with the rest of the women. The Pretty Girl finds it "gross and disgusting" and says that Ramona was the one who broke the real girl code that night.

The Johnny Depp Pirate Lesson


Speaking of the infamous girl code, Andy turns his attention to Luann, asking whether hooking up with a married man on vacation is also a violation of her favorite thing to sing/talk/blog/tweet about. Luann stutters and stutters before claiming that all she did with the guy was take a walk on the beach and send him home. Heather and Carole think the Countess is full of it, and for me the right couch is quickly losing any shred of credibility with this rewriting of history. I'm not buying it for a second, and as Heather says, no one cares who Luann sleeps with or doesn't sleep with, but at least own your behavior, Countess. 

This naturally leads to another round of Carole and Heather vs. Luann. The Countess is as insistent as she's been all season that the BFFs offended her and violated her privacy by coming into her room with cameras on their tails. However, Andy points out that there were cameras all over the villa and, having been on the show for seven years, Luann is well-aware of how it all works. Cutting through the she said, she said, Bethenny is able to break down the issue rather succinctly. After being caught with the Johnny Depp pirate in St. Barth's during Season 5, Luann felt that her friends were trying to catch her in another compromising position. Never mind that this wasn't Heather and Radzi's intention whatsoever, or that they had expressly been punted to her room by Ramona. B also likens Heather to Scarlett O'Hara for her dramatic histrionics and calls this the "most ridiculous fight in Housewives history." I'm pretty sure I can think of more than a couple feuds that were more petty than this (ChairGate anyone?) but I agree that this issue has been milked for every ounce of drama it could possibly have been and it's way past time for everyone to just get over it. Bethenny forces a resolution and next thing we know, Luann has crossed over to the opposite couch to give Heather a hug. This sets off a domino effect and soon all the ladies are up and hugging - Carole and Bethenny, Dorinda and Kristen, Kristen and Bethenny. It's become a regular love-fest on the couches. 

Final Thoughts

Photo Credit: Twitter - Bethenny Frankel

Photo Credit: Twitter - Bethenny Frankel

As the reunion comes to a close, Andy points out that it's been really productive in bringing about resolution between the ladies, and that - when all is said and done - the entire season has really been about girl power at its core in spite of the drama. Bethenny agrees, claiming that the season worked so well because there was real conflict and issues between the women, but it wasn't dirty or trashy. She goes further by saying that the entire cast is likely to go to dinner together after the reunion is over (which they did!) and it will be entirely by choice. They really do all like each other that much. Ramona says there is a strong camaraderie among the current cast, and several women are getting teary-eyed as champagne is passed around. As the women rise to their feet, Andy makes a toast to friendship, being cool and ALWAYS HAVING A GREAT TIME! With that, the best season the NY ladies have seen in years has sadly come to an end.

Of course, even with three parts to the reunion, there was lots of footage that was sacrificed on the cutting room floor in editing. I dare say that, with everything that happened during the season, I would've been perfectly content to have had an unprecedented four-part reunion. With several issues left undiscussed, I'm anxious to see what airs during next week's Secrets Revealed episode. Here's what I wish we would've seen that got left out:

  • Individual packages of each of the Housewives. Yes, we got packages on girl code, the art of being a cougar and the Turks and Caicos, but all the women had individual journeys this year too!
  • Bethenny vs. Kristen regarding Pop of Color and talking to the press.
  • A package on the AOA holiday party where everyone was gunning for Bethenny.
  • A complete package on the trip to the Berkshires for Dorinda's 50th birthday.
  • More on what caused the issues between Heather and Dorinda. I still have questions about that.