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Real Housewives

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RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 16 - Hearing is Believing

Glenn Rowley


Was it just me or did this episode feel like a very transitional hour to anyone else? This week was all about highlighting causes close to the 'Wives hearts and while we were jumping from cancer to dogs to Lyme disease, the marching and shopping and speech preparing didn't do too much to move the season's storylines along all that much. Not that I minded that, after how furiously paced and complexly layered the past few episodes have been.


Yolanda Foster (err, officially Hadid now, I guess) is receiving an award at the Global Lyme Alliance gala in New York City and she's invited all the women to come to the Big Apple to support her and educate themselves about the reality of Lyme disease. During the gala, Yo will also be giving a speech to accept her award and calls on her love David Foster to help her write it. After battling Lyme for the past few years, Yolanda's brain doesn't allow her to express things as quickly or as freely as she used to, and she wants to the speech to be as perfect as possible before delivering it in front of hundreds of people at the gala. 


Meanwhile, Kathryn Edwards and her husband Donnie go to the follow-up appointment with her audiologist. After learning about new options last week to combat the deafness in her right ear, Kathryn has decided to get a revolutionary new hearing aid that will transmit sound from her deaf side over to her good ear. Pretty cool, right? When the hearing aid starts working, Kathryn realizes just how much sound she's been missing for the last 18 years, to the point that it brings her to tears. She also realizes for the first time that she's spent the last almost two decades basically yelling at people because she couldn't hear. No wonder Erika Girardi accused Kathryn of being loud and aggressive at her dinner party last week - she absolutely was and she didn't even know it! 


In the first major event of the episode, all the ladies come together for a charity event hosted by former Housewife and patron saint of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer to raise money for the Race to End Women's Cancer. Having survived a battle with endometrial cancer in 2013, the cause is one close to Camille's heart and she's come up with arguably the most effective way to get her friends to donate: by shopping for jewels. However, the luxurious fundraiser also brings Yolanda and her new short hair face-to-face with Lisa Rinna, who's still upset that Yo decided to go to lunch with former 'Wives Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards in last week's episode rather than show up for Erika's ill-fated dinner party. Now, there's no denying that Rinna has been the primary source of pot-stirring this season, particularly when it comes to Yolanda's illness and the whole Munchausen debate, but the moment she theatrically informs Yo that she's "sad" and confronts her over missing the dinner, I realized she has crossed a threshold with me to being gratingly annoying. Like seriously? Are you going to cry about it?


Yolanda is equally baffled by Rinna's weirdly emotional reaction to her lunch date and pointedly reminds Lisa that A.) her friendships are quite frankly none of Lisa's business, B.) it was for Kim's birthday, whom she's been friends with for much longer than she's known Rinna and C.) the choice wasn't to go to lunch with Brandi and Kim OR go to Erika's dinner party. She had committed to celebrating Kim's birthday, then didn't feel well enough afterwards to go to dinner in Pasadena. And besides, if Erika was completely understanding of the situation, why does Lisa R. care so much? Yo does manage to throw in a veiled dig at all the other 'Wives by claiming that Brandi and Kim have supported her more than the rest of the ladies combined, but for the most part I actually see her point in this instance. Then, Lisa Rinna tries to switch gears by being claiming to be offended that the picture of Yolanda and last season's villains was captioned "#RealFriends." However, Yo points out once again that she wasn't the one who posted the picture on social media, Brandi did. Fed up by yet another event where her integrity has been called into questioned, Yolanda leaves while Lisa Rinna forebodingly insists in her confessional that she can't shake the feeling there's something deeper going on with her frenemy. 

Following a quick scene of Lisa Vanderpump and Kathryn prepping for the Stop Yulin Forever march at Villa Rosa, all the 'Wives minus Erika and Yolanda meet for dinner at the Malibu Cafe with Ken and Mauricio in tow. The meal starts out nicely with Mauricio toasting the women for the work they did with Giveback Homes last week and Kyle Richards proposing a girls trip to Dubai (which the ladies naturally jump at) before taking a couple of rough turns. First, the tension between LVP and Eileen Davidson has only gotten worse since Lisa Rinna told the queen bee that Eileen thinks she's manipulative on the way to the Giveback Homes event. Sensing the awkwardness, Eileen decides to lay it out on the table, acknowledging what she said but insisting that she's not exactly "reinventing the wheel here." An incredulous Lisa V. demands to know what she does that is so manipulative, but rather than bring up last week's allegation that she encouraged Lisa R. to bring up the Munchausen issue, the other Lisa decides to give an example o being manipulated into going shopping with Kim last year in Amsterdam. Wait, what? How is this relevant to the conversation at hand??

Lisa Rinna then changes gears, saying that LVP's machinations are more "directional" than flat-out manipulative. I say it's just semantics this point. Kyle then jumps into the conversation to support LVP, pointing out that it seemed awfully random to just hug it out and sweep everything with Yolanda back under the carpet at Erika's pool party. (Yes, this conversation is jumping around.) Eileen tries to get the conversation back on track by explaining that the whole reason she's bringing this up is because Lisa Rinna is telling her that LVP has been calling and texting her to basically plant ideas in her head (i.e. "aren't you more upset about Yolanda insinuating you're bipolar?") Vanderpump categorically denies this accusation before Kyle jumps back in to lay down the essential difference between the two Lisas that is really at the heart of this argument: Lisa Vanderpump is a leader and Lisa Rinna tends to be a follower. BOOM. Lisa Rinna tries to deny this, saying instead that she's just a people-pleaser, but that's just more semantics. Kyle is right on the money. 


The Stop Yulin Forever protest that Lisa Vanderpump has put together is bright and early the next day. LVP explains in her confessional that Yulin is a city in China that hosts a yearly festival in which dogs are tortured and eaten. Obviously, dog charities are close to Lisa's heart and she has decide to organize this march to the Chinese embassy in LA in hopes that they can stop the yearly tradition. From the looks of it, hundreds of supporters show up to rally for the cause, even Lisa Rinna, and LVP gives an impassioned speech via megaphone in front of the embassy before inviting the marchers to join her at PUMP for a drink. (Quick aside, I swear I saw on social media that former OC Housewife Gretchen Rossi and Season 4 BH 'Wife Joyce Giraud de Ohoven were both at this march, but they are nowhere to be seen...)


The next day, Yolanda, Erika, Kyle and Kathryn hop on the Girardis' private jet to fly to New York City for the Global Lyme Alliance gala while Eileen and Lisa Rinna shop for luggage in LA for the upcoming trip to Dubai. (Yolanda won't be joining the women on the trip because she doesn't want to be ill halfway around the world.) Naturally, the conversation of both groups is all about the tension between Eileen and Lisa Vanderpump from the dinner at Malibu Cafe, and Kathryn chalks their deteriorating friendship up to the fact that neither woman can see where the other is coming from in the argument. Eileen, meanwhile, can't understand how the small tiff in the Hamptons has managed to snowball into such a giant issue. Further, how did the situation get so turned around that Eileen is the bad guy and Lisa V. ends up being victimized? I have a feeling this feud isn't going to see any kind of proper resolution until the reunion...


The other women arrive in the Big Apple and check into the Lotte New York Palace, the five-star hotel they'll be staying in for the weekend. First up on the trip itinerary is a cocktail party in the Lotte's iconic Jewel Suite, which features a permanent display of rare gems by jewelry designer Martin Katz. After ogling the stunning, sparkling jewels, the women take the party to the rooftop, where David Foster gives a heartwarming toast about Yolanda's improved condition and how nice it is to see her out of her bathrobe. The subtext between David and Yolanda is eerie and difficult to read, knowing that in just a few episodes they'll be filing for divorce. Yo explains in her confessional that David often gets impatient because she simply isn't the woman he married anymore and he's lost his partner-in-crime. However, the most damning evidence comes at the episode's end when Bravo catches an off-camera conversation between David and a friend in which he laments that life will probably never go back to the way it was before Yolanda's Lyme disease. Naturally, this is conveniently subtitled for us as we see b-roll of the 'Wives snapping a selfie with the Empire State Building in the distance. It's clear at this point that the relationship is out of Yolanda's control and the writing is starting to appear on the wall that things between the Fosters' facade of marital bliss are not what they appear to be...

Heather Thomson: Ain't No Holla!-back Girl

Glenn Rowley

Photo Credit: Bravo

Photo Credit: Bravo

After three seasons of "Hey mama, what's cookin'?" and more than a few "Holla!"-s, Heather Thomson announced after the Season 7 reunion finished airing that she won't be returning for the next season of RHONY. Citing a desire to focus on her family and her business, she announced her departure in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight. In her statement, Heather said in part, "[m]y third year I kind of figured out where I was with the women. There was a beginning, middle and end for everything, and for me, that was the end. The opportunity, the experience - it was all amazing while it lasted. But again...the third time was the charm for me." For this week's feature, I'm looking back at the fashion designer's biggest and best moments in her three years as one of the Real Housewives of New York City.

Season 5


Heather was introduced to viewers during Season 5, which was essentially a hard reset of the show. After a particularly dark and messy reunion following Season 4, Bravo fired Jill Zarin, Alex McCord, Kelly Bensimon and Cindy Barshop, replacing them with Heather and fellow newbies Carole Radziwill and Aviva Drescher. On paper, Heather sounded sort of like the second coming of Jill Zarin - a (converted) Jewish wife who also happened to have a successful shapewear line. However, with her trademark cheshire grin and a career based on empowering women, the Yummie Tummie designer couldn't have been further from the next Jill. From the get-go, Heather burst onto the scene with a no-nonsense attitude and a lot to say, which almost immediately managed to rub some of the OGs the wrong way. In her very first episode, Ramona accused her of interrupting conversations and not letting anyone else speak, while Luann bashed her in a confessional for talking about her father's passing a few days before filming started. At the same time, Heather found herself naturally bonding with fellow newbies Aviva and Carole, perhaps because they'd all been thrown in the deep end without knowing how to swim all at the same time. After being subjected to a verbal drive-by shooting at lunch wherein Luann regaled the newbies with a bizarre story about Ramona threatening to blackmail her over her children's behavior, Heather even made a pact with Carole and Aviva that they wouldn't become "mean girls" like their new co-stars.


Just a few episodes into the revamped show, Heather hosted the first trip of the season by inviting the ladies to accompany her on a business trip to London for her Yummie Tummie shapewear brand. However, her issues with Ramona turned into an even wider rift when she chose to leave the OG off the invite list for the UK getaway. Finding herself on the outs, Ramona went on a warpath, first trying to get on Heather's good side to score an invitation and then lashing out at everything from the newbie's "fake" smile to her personality once she realized she definitely wouldn't be going to London. Many a green Housewife would've balked at her first taste of the Singer Stinger, but Heather stood her ground. In a hilarious confrontation following the trip, Heather essentially chased Ramona around the room at Aviva's anniversary party inside the Empire State Building trying to make peace, but the Ramonacoaster wasn't having it. Heather had officially gotten onto her bad side. The verbal combat between the two continued for much of the remainder of filming, with Ramona accusing Heather of talking behind her back and calling her a liar nearly every chance she got. In her recently released memoir and in subsequent interviews, Ramona has explained that her resentment stemmed from her assessment that Heather was disingenuous on camera. However, Heather came out of the feud looking like the far more rational and classy one after being subjected to Ramona's attacks. 


For the bulk of the season, Heather also volunteered herself for perhaps the most unenviable job in the history of RHONY: helping Sonja put together a marketing campaign for her infamously nonexistent line of toaster ovens. Offering her marketing expertise, a full production crew and multiple concepts for the packaging visuals, Heather was sucked into Lady Morgan's tornado of delusion and it didn't end well. Heather put tons of energy and time into helping Sonja with branding advice, organizing a photoshoot and catering to her many demands, and in the end it was a road that led to nowhere. Viewers watched an entire season of putting a campaign together for a toaster oven that never got made. From the toaster oven experience, Heather learned one of the first rules of Housewives 101: never mix business with Housewife friends. 

On the season's cast trip to St. Barth's, Heather got tangled up in Luann's scandalous pirate debacle when the Countess knocked on her door at 3 a.m. with the Johnny Depp lookalike in tow. The next morning, Luann ran to Heather's room before the cameras went up, begging her to go along with the story that she had actually spent the night with some "old Italian friends" rather than the pirate. Heather promised she wouldn't say anything but refused to perpetuate Luann's lie, which snowballed into a bigger and bigger problem until she finally got busted. Heather's refusal to play into the charade was an example of her personal integrity and moral character on display for the world to see.


At her first reunion, Heather found herself on the end of the newbie couch, explaining her use of the word "Holla!", sparring with Sonja over the toaster oven campaign from hell and sticking up for herself when Luann accused her of not defending her enough. She pointedly put the Countess' pirate drama on the table: they were on St. Barth's, cameras were everywhere, how could Luann not expect to get caught? Heather also dug in her heels about Sonja, saying that Lady Morgan "wouldn't know hard work if it bit [her] in the a**." By the end of the reunion, Heather was on generally good terms with most of her fellow cast mates, but true resolution was nowhere in sight.

Season 6


The sixth season brought the addition of Heather's friend Kristen Taekman to the cast, and started with a bang as Carole and Aviva feuded over #BookGate. As Aviva spread rumors around New York City that Carole used a ghostwriter, attacking the validity of her decades-long career as a journalist and author, Heather jumped into the fray to defend her BFF. This led to many confrontations between her and the blonde villain, including the time she memorably threw out "don't tell me anything motherf****r" during a particularly heated exchange at Luann's BBQ in the Hamptons. Heather gansta side unleashed and the women discovered once and for all just how much street cred the former Bad Boy employee had behind her smile. You don't want to mess with her. BookGate also proved to be yet another example of perhaps her most defining quality: Heather Thomson will always stand up for what she believes is right.


The season also documented more of Heather's family life, including the celebration of her 1oth anniversary with husband Jonathan - the party for which was boycotted by a few of her cast mates - and her heartache over her son Jax's medical issues. As a result of complications from birth, Jax had already received a liver transplant, suffered from severe food allergies and a chronic lung disease and was dealing with increased hearing loss that had the possibility he would need an invasive surgery to reverse. With so much out of her hands, it was heart-wrenching to watch Heather tear up in her interviews over her son's continued health challenges. On the Fourth of July, she broke down on the beach to Carole over wanting just one thing to work out for Jax and his health. 

Photo Credit: Bravo

Photo Credit: Bravo

In an attempt to escape the drama, Heather hosted the first cast trip of the season - inviting all the women (minus Aviva) to her second home in the Berkshires. However, the getaway proved to be anything but peaceful. Ramona was less than thrilled at the prospect of spending a weekend in the Berkshires; according to her, the only people who vacationed in the Berkshires were the ones who couldn't afford the Hamptons. Nothing was good enough for the OG - first she mistook Heather's house for the "garage," then she had air conditioning units delivered for the weekend and culminated her trip by throwing a glass at Kristen's face while out on the lake. While Heather tried to get the women to commune with nature, Ramona faked a meltdown during a hike through the woods and ended up bailing on the trip via private plane. Once back in NYC, Heather helped lead the charge to call out Ramotional for her insulting behavior.

Photo Credit: Bravo

Photo Credit: Bravo

Later in the season, the second cast trip to Montana gave Heather a chance to show off her athletic skills as she repelled down a mountain, herded cattle and hit the bullseye in tomahawk throwing. However, the Montana wilderness also ended up being a battleground for between Heather and Kristen when the model called the Holla! queen the dreaded B-word (bossy!) during a group geocaching outing, accusing her of needing to control everything from what the group did on vacation to her husband at home. This obviously didn't go over well with Heather, and led to fallout between the two friends for the remainder of the vacation. (Eventually, they talked it out and squashed the beef before heading back to the East Coast. What happens in Montana stays in Montana!) This fight on the frontier was perhaps the one time Heather didn't look great in an argument, getting tipsy and picking on Kristen for wanting to geocache. Chalk it up to cabin fever?


Following the Montana trip, Heather had big moments in the next couple of episodes: taking the stage to sing "Bill Bailey" at an open mic night at Birdland and throwing her bestie Carole a Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil-themed party for her 50th birthday. However, the season finale was all about Aviva, who'd played the role of largely-absent villain throughout filming. She'd missed the trip to Montana due to what she proclaimed to be "moderate to severe asthma", a diagnosis Heather and the other women called B.S. on. Aviva planned to confront Heather and the ladies during the finale party for "Team Sonja" - throwing x-rays and medical records at them around the table as some sort of demented proof. When Heather stood up and called her "laughable", Aviva lost her temper and slammed her prosthetic leg down on the table and throwing it across the room at Heather. During the recent 100th episode special, Aviva admitted the leg throw was pre-meditated and Heather explained that, looking back, she considers it to be the series' most cringe-worthy moment for being so contrived on Aviva's part.

Photo Credit: Bravo

Photo Credit: Bravo

At the Season 6 reunion, Heather was sandwiched between her besties Carole and Kristen on #TeamLeftCouch, rocking a '40s inspired Valentina Kova dress. Heather has a history of being one of the more logical 'Wives on the couches come reunion time, and this reunion was no exception as she once again squared off with Ramona over her beloved Berkshires, called Sonja's business acumen into question and took Aviva to task over her season-long litany of offenses. In the end, Heather said her biggest takeaway from the season was that "even through trials and tribulations, there's always growth and...a whole lot of laughter."

Season 7


The just-completed seventh season was a new chapter for the New York 'Wives, as Bethenny Frankel returned to the show after leaving at the end of Season 3. Much of Heather's storyline during the season revolved around the clash of personalities between her and the Skinnygirl. Heather's love of deep chats and connecting didn't exactly vibe with Bethenny's walls and try as she might, it seemed that Heather could do nothing right where B was concerned. The two brand moguls sparred again and again throughout the season over everything from invites to Bethenny's birthday party (Heather was sticking up for an uninvited Kristen) and what to eat at new cast member Dorinda Medley's birthday dinner in the Berkshires to who was a bigger know-it-all on the cast trip to the Turks and Caicos. Eventually, Bethenny realized her walls needed to come down a bit and the pair were able to carve out a casual friendship by season's end.


Heather's friendship with Luann wasn't quite so lucky. The first cracks in the friendship formed after Heather took Carole's side when her BFF started dating Luann's chef Adam. However, the cracks became fault lines during the cast trip to Turks and Caicos. On the trip Luann accused Heather of breaking the "girl code" and being "uncool" by bursting into the Countess' room when she found a naked man in the bedroom attached to hers and Carole's. Luann managed to hold the grudge against Heather for the entire season, milking the storyline for everything it could possibly be worth - iTunes single included. By season's end, the pair's once-strong friendship was in tatters, having been sacrificed by Luann for the sake of a storyline.


Prior to filming of Season 7, Heather had struck up a friendship with new Housewife Dorinda Medley while they were both vacationing at their homes in the Berkshires. However, during the season, the newbie also had plenty of beef with the Yummie mogul, taking issue with what she saw as Heather's tendency to go from "teaching to preaching." Many times throughout the season, the newbie lost her temper with Heather for reasons never quite understood - including their memorable argument about using the f-word during the last dinner in the Turks and Caicos.


One of Heather's greatest legacies from her three years on the show is without a doubt her friendship with Carole. The two met as newbie Housewives and over time became lifelong best friends. They supported, defended and backed each other up through thick and thin, often to criticism from other 'Wives. While on paper the two seem hugely different, Heather's outspoken nature turned out to be the perfect yin to Carole's more reserved, observant yang. The BFFs are a true testament to real friendship, which is often hard to find in the volatile, dramatic landscape of reality television, where others will gleefully sell your friendship down the river for more camera time. The thing I'll miss most about Heather leaving the show is not seeing her and Radzi together on my TV anymore. 


Rumors of Heather's departure from the show began circulating before the season had even finished airing, as far back as the middle of July. At the time I didn't want to believe it, but looking back, the hints were there. Her blogs got shorter and more succinct as the season wore on and she wasn't given a final interview soundbite during the season finale. Her "Where Are They Now" card was mysteriously vague and she even retired her trademark catchphrase in the opening moments of the Season 7 reunion. Casting shakeups are inevitable at the end of each season, but I'm really disappointed to see Heather leave the show, especially on such a quiet note. However, the three years we got with the Yummie Tummie founder were great ones, full of laughter, empowerment and authenticity. You'll be sorely missed on the show Heather, but I'm sure glad we got to watch and learn from you for as long as we did. Holla!