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Real Housewives

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RHOBH Season 6 Wrap-Up

Glenn Rowley


After two dozen episodes rife with machinations, manipulations and spinning of webs, it's time to wrap up Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. For this week's feature, I'm breaking down my favorite parts of the season as well as what could and should change come Season 7...


  • The perfection that is Erika Jayne: I'll say it right now. Erika Girardi was the single best new 'Wife the Beverly Hills franchise since the original six Housewives first blasted onto our screens in 2010. Everything from her perfectly manicured nails and glam squad to her jaw-dropping fashion sense and the glitz, glam, boobs and heels of her alter ego Erika Jayne made for fascinating addition to the cast and the Housewives universe. Erika was not only gorgeous and hilariously full of one-liners, she didn't up with any B.S. and refused to back down in any situation. Whether she was standing up for Yolanda Foster or going head-to-head with fellow newbie Kathryn Edwards over her perception that Lisa Vanderpump was spinning a web, I could not get enough of Erika. Even more, based on my first impression I wasn't actually sure I would like the newbie, but thankfully I saw the light and was converted into an Erika Jayne superfan.
  • Fresh-squeezed O.J. (Simpson): In perhaps the most serendipitous pop culture moment of all time, the Beverly Hills 'Wives were arguing over their many connections to the O.J. Simpson trial just as The People vs. O.J. Simpson, FX's gripping retelling of the story of the century, was captivating viewers across the country. For a few glorious weeks this winter, I could watch Kathryn Edwards battle it out with the morally corrupt Faye Resnick over being dragged into the scandal by her juicy tell-all (which was published just as the jury was being selected), and then immediately switch over to Connie Britton as Faye herself. I literally could have watched the Housewives battle it out over O.J. Simpson all season long and been completely happy.
  • Beverly Hills takes the Hamptons: Personally, I loved every minute of the ladies' trip early in the season to the Hamptons to celebrate the opening of Kyle Richards's pop-up shop and the white party for Lisa Vanderpump's Bella Magazine cover. Not only will I own a house there one day, but from the start of Eileen Davidson and Lisa Vanderpump's feud to the dinner party clash between Erika and RHONY's Bethenny Frankel, it was pretty much everything I could dream of for a Housewives getaway. Plus, after so many years of knowing about their BFF status, it was amazing to see Kyle's decades-long friendship with Bethenny on screen. Two of my all-time favorite Housewives in one of my favorite places in the world? What more could I ask for?
  • The unwilling spiral of Lisa Rinna: Oh, Lisa Rinna. When both Brani Glanville and Kim Richards exited the show after the conclusion of Season 5, many wondered who would become the essential bad 'Wife of the cast, but in a way it makes sense that Lisa Rinna took up the mantle. When her opening tagline bragged about how much talking her well-known lips would do, I had an inkling we were in for trouble this season. However, the second she read the definition of the word "Munchausen" off her phone at Villa Rosa, I knew she was done for. All season long, Rinna preached about "owning" her stuff while incessantly gossiping about both Yolanda and Lisa Vanderpump, painting them as the show's master manipulators. All in all, her play worked, earning her the coveted hot seat next to Andy Cohen come reunion time. By season's end, Lisa Rinna had burned bridges with just about everyone in the cast except for Eileen, and the scariest part of the entire madness may be that the longtime actress still thinks she's in the right...She can cry "scapegoat" all she wants, but there's no denying that her own mouth was what got Rinna in a giant heap of trouble this year.


  • A snoozy finale: After SO MUCH went down over the course of the season, it was beyond frustrating to see the finale amount to, well, pretty much a whole lot of nothing. Kyle's gorgeous house in Palm Desert set the stage for what could've been an electrifying event, but all we got was Lisa Rinna apologizing to Yolanda and throwing darts at Kim with the rest of the 'Wives basically refusing to engage. This may sound terrible, but I was almost grateful that Bravo decided to film more when Yolanda and David's divorce became public because otherwise the finale would've been entirely forgettable. 
  • Please, no more Munchausen: Dear Bravo, for the love of all that is holy, please never force us to hear the word "Munchausen" ever again. I feel confident that I'm speaking for every single fan out there when I say this. I really just can't take it anymore. I have sympathy for what Yolanda is going through, but enough is enough. When the Wives were talking about anything other than Munchausen, I loved the season. When they were obsessing over it, I didn't. While we're on the topic, can this please be the official end of "fake diseases by Bravo?" I'm talking to you, Evolution Media. We've endured a full season of Brooks Ayers faking cancer on RHOC and now another 24 episodes dominated by whether or not Yolanda's Lyme disease was real. The Housewives are over it, the audience is over it, even Andy is probably over it. Please let this be the end. 
  • Cast shake-ups: The one constant in the Bravo universe is the rotating door of Housewives. Season after season, some women are let go and new 'Wives take their place. It's a pattern as reliable as the sun rising or someone calling Lisa Vanderpump manipulative. Last season I questioned whether Kim Richards was in a healthy-enough state to continue filming, but had no idea that my wish for Brandi Glanville to finally be fired from the show would actually come true. This year, I think the most obvious choice for getting the ax would be newbie Kathryn Edwards. Not that I want this to happen - I love her - but out of all of the women, she's the most easily replaceable. However, I also wonder if either Yolanda or Eileen may take their final bows and exit stage left before Season 7. Yolanda went into this season with a single-minded goal to raise awareness for her Lyme disease, but the idea went sideways on her when it grew into rumors about her personal integrity and started involving her children in the gossip. Her Lyme storyline being dominated by the big, bad M-word was certainly not what she had in mind. As for Eileen, I adore her on the show and hope she comes back, but we all know she's far too sane and cool for all this craziness. As much as she turned into the bad guy this season, we all know Lisa Rinna is never going to walk away from the show until Andy personally pries the contract from her cold, dead hands. Therefore, my ideal cast for next season would be Kyle, Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna, Eileen, Erika, Kathryn, one newbie and maybe one official Friend of the Housewives.


  • Season 2: The sophomore season in Beverly Hills represents quintessential Housewives at both its best and darkest. Taylor Armstrong's tense, crumbling marriage and the allegations of domestic abuse going on behind closed doors dominated the season, and took the darkest turn possible when her husband Russell committed suicide prior to the season premiere. Kim Richards on-camera spiral into addiction and ill-fated relationship with the shady, enabling Ken Blumenfeld also cast a wide shadow on the season and her already strained relationship with sister Kyle. However, this year also gave us the gift of Queen Camille Grammer's awe-inspiring comeback from Season 1 villain to the patron saint of Season 2 as well as the introduction of Brandi Glanville and Dana "$25,000 sunglasses" Wilkey. Iconic moments from the season included the game night showdown between Brandi and the Richards sisters, the Malibu Beach Party from Hell and the clash between Taylor, Camille and Lisa Vanderpump at the latter's ill-fated tea party. The three-part reunion was also particularly epic. Kyle busted out her unforgettable line comparing friendship with LVP to playing chess with Bobby Fischer, the repercussions of which have reverberated all the way to the current day. Kim also missed the reunion taping altogether due to a trip to rehab, and only admitted during the final installment that she was an alcoholic. 
  • Season 6: Even given my criticism, I really loved this season. It went deep and wide, but without the toxic negativity of Brandi's drama. The Hamptons, Dubai, O.J. Simpson, Erika Jayne, the return of Faye Resnick...shall I go on? Now if only we could do something about Lisa Rinna's penchant for reading things off her phone and using the word "enraged."
  • Season 1: While it may seem tame by today's standards, Season 1 was - as Andy Cohen so eloquently stated in the Uncensored special - truly "lightning in a bottle." With Camille Grammer declared as the "Most Hated Housewife in America" by Life & Style at the time, the debut season gave us the iconic Dinner Party from Hell, Kyle Richards' epic "you're such a f***ing liar Camille" line and Alison DuBois' e-cigarette and set the high water mark for what a first season could be in the Housewives universe. 
  • Season 3: I had some issues with it at the time, but Season 3 has very much grown on me in the intervening years since it aired. While it was frustrating to watch the primary storyline revolve around damning information revealed by Brandi Glanville about Adrienne Maloof that was edited out for legal reasons, (it was eventually revealed that Adrienne used a surrogate for the birth of her twin boys), the season also swirled with intrigue and constantly-shifting alliances. Plus, we'll always have the Housewives' incredible trip to Paris.
  • Season 5: This time last year, I felt that Season 5 was possibly the best season of the show yet. But as a counterpoint to Season 3, my enthusiasm has waned significantly and it now finds itself on the bottom half of the list. I loved the addition of Lisa Rinna (at the time) and Eileen Davidson (always), but I realized how hit-or-miss the season really was when a friend asked me for a recommendation on which episodes were absolutely must-see. As I thought about her question, it dawned on me that after Kyle's White Party, the season was sluggish to really get rolling and the drama didn't start until around Episode 8. I eventually told my friend there were quite a few episodes she could skip altogether, and advised her to particularly focused on the back half of the season when things finally got good. That being said, the disastrous poker party at Eileen's house and the drama at Kyle's gay mixer are not to be missed and I loved the cast trip to Yo's homeland of Holland. Plus, the reunion had me on the edge of my seat the entire time, while this season's ultimately came up short.
  • Season 4: It's my ardent belief that this is the season Andy Cohen and all the other major players at Bravo would like to pretend never happened. The addition of Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud de Ohoven proved to be a disaster, with the majority of fans abhorring the former while finding the latter gratingly annoying. Plenty of die-hard LVP supporters are still bitter about Brandi Glanville's season-long smear campaign against her former BFF and the trip to Puerto Rico was kind of awful. By the start of Season 5, the show seemed to have hit the proverbial reset button and it's almost like the boring season only exists in our nightmares.

With that, my coverage of Season 6 is officially, truly over. What did you think of the season overall? Do you agree or disagree with my ranking of the seasons? Let me know in the comments!

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 23 - Reunion Part 3

Glenn Rowley


It's Part 3 of the reunion this week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and everything from the Munchausen rumor and spinning webs to the drama in Dubai is on the table. Plus, the ladies get a sweet message from one wine-guzzling former Housewife and Andy Cohen tries to get to the bottom of whether Lisa Vanderpump is the master manipulator once and for all. Read on for my full recap of all the drama from the couches...

Vulnerable Vanderpump


The final installment of the reunion picks up right where we left off, with Lisa Vanderpump's shocking admission that she had been in an abusive relationship at the age of 19. As the Brit tearfully opens up the teensiest bit about the experience, Andy questions why she didn't empathize more when Eileen shared her similar experience in the Hamptons. Lisa explains that her story didn't even come to mind at the time, and several of the women wonder if she has a problem with opening up and being truly vulnerable. Even Kyle Richards is quick to point out that her fellow OG likes to live in a fantasy land where life is all diamonds and rosé. As the topic reignites Eileen Davidson's beef with Lisa, newbie Kathryn Edwards opines that the issue between the two women is simply lost in translation. It's also amusing to point out that when LVP tells Eileen she's hurt her feelings, the soap actress sincerely apologizes within seconds...which is really all she wanted from her fellow 'Wife from the second she mentioned the "affair" in the Hamptons. See, Lisa? It's that easy!

War of the Rookies


Moving on, Andy brings up the lengthy feud between Kathryn and her fellow newbie Erika Girardi that started with a singular conversation about whether or not Lisa Vanderpump is a sniper from the side who spends her time spinning a web. At the time, I was fairly outspoken that - while I honestly love them both - I was on Team Erika on this one. Regardless of what she said about LVP, it wasn't OK for Kathryn to tell her she wanted to be her first genuine, female friend and then run straight to Lisa V. to spill the tea. Obviously, Erika still feels this way about the situation as well, and even Kathryn admits to the fact that she was wrong in how she handled the situation. However, Erika remains burned by the experience, and calls Kathryn out for listening "with intent," going straight to LVP to tattle on her and then admitting at Erika's contentious dinner party that she did it to get a reaction out of both Erika and Lisa Vanderpump. Further, Kathryn clearly didn't give any kind of good first impression at the dinner party, arguing with Erika's husband Tom and borderline shouting at nearly every other guest to get her various points across. Erika then asks if she should spill about some of the things her fellow newbie has told her and dramatically reveals that Kathryn referred to Lisa Vanderpump as a "harmless old lady." Ouch.


Kathryn denies ever saying this - and for the record, Lisa V. is neither old nor harmless - but Erika insists that she used the terminology over the phone during an off-camera conversation. When Erika calls her desperate (hunny), Kathryn deflects by bringing up all the trash-talking Erika did about the other ladies in Dubai. Erika pointedly remarks that there's a difference between talking smack and having an opinion, but the question once again boils down to this: who do you believe? Over the course of the season, it's been clear that Erika is always observing and remains intensely aware of what's going on around her, so my gut instinct is to believe what she says. That's not to say I think Kathryn is dishonest, but it would make sense that she would want to deny saying something even slightly derogatory about the powerful OG with whom she's worked to align herself all season long. If there's one thing every Housewife and fan knows, it's that you don't want to be on the wrong side of Lisa Vanderpump.


Also up for debate is Erika's liberal use of her certain favorite c-word. While "see you next Tuesday" isn't my favorite word either, I think there's a definite difference in the way she uses it and the way some now-former Housewives of the past have thrown it around (ahem...looking at you, Brandi Glanville and Carlton Gebbia...) Even still, Kathryn took offense to Erika calling her the c-word in her confessional after they had made up, but Erika justifies her comment by saying that what her costar did was a "c*** move." As for Eileen getting the two to talk things out at the Habitat for Humanity project, Erika actually thanks Eileen for doing it because the two newbies came to a resolution that has since lasted, reunion notwithstanding. After that day painting a house, the two never argued again and even bonded while sharing a room in Dubai. Both Erika and Kathryn can agree that they are on their way to building a real, genuine friendship with each other, and I for one hope it sticks. 

Putting the "B" Back in Beverly Hills


Next, Andy has a special surprise for the ladies: a video message from former Housewife Brandi Glanville! The show's most iconic villain has been watching the season very closely and has something to say to pretty much every one of the 'Wives. To Kyle, she says she has an "odd soft spot" for her former nemesis, but accuses her of being one person when she's around Lisa Vanderpump and a different person when she's not. I'll give you three guesses about which version of Kyle Brandi likes more. She applauds Kathryn for locking down a hot younger man in Donnie, and shockingly offers a backhanded apology to Eileen for how she treated her last season. Now that Eileen had the guts to stand up to LVP, Brandi respects her more. Oh and her hair looks great this season! (That's one thing I can agree with Brandi on, you're stunning Eileen!) B's also come to the conclusion that Lisa Rinna isn't actually bipolar - she's just "nuttier than squirrel sh**." Additionally, she lays down a new rule for Rinna that I think every single Housewives fan can agree on: no more saying "own it" or "deflect." Please. Brandi knew she liked Erika the moment she referred to LVP as a sniper from the side. Too bad it took B five years to figure out what Erika say in just a couple minutes. And to her former BFF, Brandi has only good backhandedly good things to say. She claims LVP is "genius" when it comes to changing the narrative to make herself look good. Brandi also throws fuel on the manipulation fire by claiming Lisa V. was her "puppeteer" when they were friends - one who manipulated the self-proclaimed "truth cannon" into doing her dirty work for her.


The video doesn't get quite the reaction Andy and Bravo were likely hoping for. Immediately, Lisa Vanderpump questions why they are giving Brandi a platform to bash the rest of the cast when she was fired from the show last year. The OG also points out that it's awfully easy to sit there with a glass of wine and rattle off insults to the camera without having to say it to anyone's face. Kyle rightfully points out that all Brandi seems to do is watch the show, tweet about the 'Wives and continually bash them on her podcast. With the exception of Yolanda Foster - who feels it's appropriate for Brandi to be allowed to say her piece if Kim Richards was allowed to as well - the collective reaction on the couches is mostly "meh." Move it along, Andy, no one cares what derogatory and mean-spirited things Brandi has to say.

Taking Off the Rosé-Colored Glasses


Just we thought we'd heard the last of the Munchausen drama, Andy forces us back to the subject. This time, the argument centers around whether or not Lisa Vanderpump tried to drag Kyle into Lisa Rinna's Munchausen allegation, with the OGs on one side and Rinna on the other. Lisa Rinna insists that LVP followed her out of Villa Rosa to ask why she didn't bring Kyle's name into the Munchausen conversation which, incidentally is the exact same thing Kyle said Lisa told her after she came back inside. The three go back and forth and around and around on the subject until Kyle finally puts her foot down and says she doesn't think it's really that big of a deal. Thank you, Kyle, because I honestly cannot stand to listen to this argument one more time.


One thing that is kind of a big deal is how much Lisa Vanderpump's husband Ken bashed the other women all season long. In a classic Rinna move, Lisa R. reads off his catty comments about her in the finale. All in all, Ken called her a "stupid bitch," "silly cow," "wanker," "crazy" and insinuated that she didn't have the "full ticket." While acknowledging that she would be upset if say, Harry Hamlin said those things about her, Lisa Vanderpump refuses to apologize for either that or any of Ken's other comments throughout the season (about Kyle's fashion sense and how Yolanda looked at Rinna's birthday party). From her perspective, the Househusband is allowed to share his opinions and vent about the women when he's upset by their behavior towards his wife. Several of the other women disagree, with Yolanda in particular citing this pattern of Ken lashing out all the way back to Season 4, and I'm suddenly realizing Ken Todd may be the Peter Thomas of RHOBH.


The conversation morphs into a discussion about the seemingly eternal question of whether Lisa Vanderpump is the show's master manipulator. To this day, Lisa Rinna maintains that LVP manipulated her into bringing up the M-word (I can't type it one more time) and tried to get her fired up about Yolanda's comment that she could be bipolar and unstable. She also argues that the other women can't seem to decide whether she's a people-pleaser or just bipolar-level crazy, but I think it's clear after two seasons that Lisa Rinna has a major people-pleasing side to her multi-faceted personality. However, it needs to be clarified that whether or not any conversations happened off-camera between her and LVP, Lisa Rinna was the one - the ONLY one - to bring the word Munchausen into the dialogue surrounding Yolanda's Lyme disease. There, I typed it again. 


Andy points out that six seasons in, there's been a definite pattern of Lisa Vanderpump's fellow Housewives accusing her of being manipulative. When you break it down, Andy's telling the truth. Over the course of six seasons, Kyle, Yolanda, Brandi, Lisa Rinna, Eileen, Erika, Kim, Taylor Armstrong and Adrienne Maloof have all leveled similar accusations about the queen bee. Bobby Fischer, anyone? At some point, when so many people are saying the same thing, you have to wonder how much truth there is to it. And yet, when Andy asks her point blank, Lisa Vanderpump insists she doesn't feel the need to apologize to a single one of her costars. Guess we'll have to wait for Season 7 to see who LVP manipulates next...

Final Thoughts


To close out the Season 6 reunion, Andy asks each of the ladies for their final thoughts. Kyle's biggest takeaways are how much she learned about Yolanda's Lyme disease and to simply not sweat the small stuff. Yolanda just wants to keep recovering and getting well, while Lisa Rinna claims she doesn't have any regrets from all the talking her lips did this season. After two seasons, Eileen points out that Housewives absolutely trumps daytime soap operas in the drama department, and both Kathryn and Erika claim their first season was everything they each hoped it would be. As for the final word, LVP is sad people think she's manipulative, but chalks it up to the old "live and learn" mantra. In the final moments, Andy has each of the 'Wives turn to the person on their right and say her best quality. As the women point out each other's sweetness, honesty, integrity and sense of humor, the season ends on a positive note and we're reminded of so many of the good qualities these women have when they're not arguing at each other's throats.

Next week, Secrets Revealed! Leave your thoughts about this week's final reunion installment in the comments below!

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 15 - Objection, Your Honor

Glenn Rowley


Well, that just made things a bit more complicated, didn't it? In a season that's already filled with a twisted and complex maze of allegations, feuds and accusations, the revelations in this episode added an entirely new layer to the already convoluted and muddy drama. 


As the episode begins, Erika Girardi is prepping to host a dinner party at her Pasadena home so all the women can finally meet her husband, Tom. However, the guest list quickly shrinks by half as Kyle Richards, Eileen Davidson and Yolanda Foster all inform the hostess they can't make it to the party - Kyle and Mauricio are celebrating Yom Kippur, Eileen's shooting stunt scenes for The Young & the Restless and Yolanda's too worn out from a Lyme flare-up to attend. As Kathryn Edwards, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd arrive, the mood is lighthearted and almost jovial, with jokes and stories flying back and forth across the table. However, the night starts unraveling when Lisa Vanderpump tell Erika she wants to learn more about her after being accused of being closed off. Erika explains that it's not that she can't open up, it just takes some time. However, Kathryn flippantly jokes that she can only handle "a few hours of foreplay" before she loses interest and it all goes downhill from there. 


Kathryn starts being weirdly aggressive at the table, going off on Erika for forcing her to go "over and above" to become friends. Tom tries to step in and defend his wife, but Kathryn cuts him off, informing the table that she isn't finished speaking her piece. Erika doesn't understand what the rush is to become buddies, but Kathryn admits in her confessional that she's now on a mission to make Erika be her friend. However, it's safe to say that she won't get what she wants by assuming that Erika's language is all false lashes and lip gloss. Clearly, Kathryn doesn't have an accurate perception of who Erika Girardi really is outside of Erika Jayne. She just wants her fellow newbie to throw her a bone, but ends up just become rude and rather obnoxious in her efforts. This is not the way to win people over. 


As Erika is trying to explain that not so much an ice princess as she is cautious, Lisa Vanderpump jumps into the conversation and makes it even worse by bringing up the conversation about her web yet again, which she finds "insidious," "duplicitous" and "clandestine." Sounds like pretty typical Lisa Vanderpump behavior if you ask me. With a smirk on her face, Kathryn asks Erika if she takes her for the kind of person who would be influenced by Lisa V. and Erika decides to put it all out on the table: she was hurt by Kathryn coming to her house, saying she wanted to be her friend and then running straight to LVP once Erika confided in her. As Kathryn tries to defend herself, Erika can't help but roll her eyes, shocked that this argument is happening in front of her husband. (My favorite line of the night easily came from Tom when he bewilderedly asked, "Do you guys do this all the time?" Welcome to the world of Housewives, Mr. Girardi!) 


At this point, Lisa Rinna pipes up to try to mediate, asking Kathryn why she felt she needed to tell Lisa V. what Erika said in the first place. Finally, Kathryn admits that there might have been a part of her that simply wanted to get a reaction, but Erika points out that the person Kathryn got the reaction out of was Lisa Vanderpump, not her. Instead, Kathryn's actions hurt both Lisa Vanderpump and any potential for a friendship between the queen bee and Erika - not to mention what it's done to the relationship between the two rookies. Erika rightly points out that if something she said to Kathryn caused this big of a rift between her and one of the other women, why would she ever say anything to Kathryn ever again? Tom steps in to put an end to this ugly conversation, telling LVP that the "web" comment has a silver lining: it means she's seen as running this whole operation. Kathryn once again insists that the message got lost in translation, but everyone's over it by now and the dinner party ends awkwardly and abruptly. Any takers on whether Erika will be inviting these ladies back to her home any time soon?


The next day, Kyle and Erika attempt to play pickleball in Kyle's backyard. Quickly abandoning the idea, the pair sit down for drinks, where Kyle floats the idea out to go to Dubai and is anxious to hear about the dinner party she missed. At the same time, Kathryn and Donnie are out shopping as she rehashes the drama and we hear both perspectives simultaneously. Erika is mortified while Tom is pissed, and Kathryn still claims she was simply summing up Erika's sentiments with the "web" comment and feels like she didn't really do anything wrong. 


Meanwhile, Eileen and Lisa Rinna meet for a chat at the beach. It turns out Eileen called this meeting to talk about Lisa's bizarre reaction at Wally's when she found out that Erika thinks Lisa Vanderpump is manipulative. Eileen reminds her friend that she knows exactly where Erika would come up with that idea - the three even talked about it in the Hamptons - and Lisa's aghast reaction that such a suggestion would be so out of the realm of possibility shone a harsh spotlight on her tendency to be a people-pleaser. Lisa Rinna admits that she's tried to stay on LVP's good side, being her cheerleader out of respect for their friendship, but has reached a point where she feels she's been protecting her and is ready to come clean. Further admitting that she allows the other Lisa to exercise control over her (which exactly proves Erika's point), Lisa Rinna drops a damning accusation: apparently, Lisa Vanderpump knew about the Munchausen conversation before it was brought up on camera and personally called Lisa Rinna to encourage her to put the accusation out there. According to Lisa Rinna, LVP doesn't do her own dirty work - she takes full responsibility for the M-word coming from her lips, but insists that she likely wouldn't have brought it up without Lisa Vanderpump telling her to. 


Now, let's pause for a second here. This is hardly the first time we've heard that Lisa Vanderpump has been strategic or manipulated someone as a pawn in her game - we heard it from Kyle at the Season 2 reunion, from Faye Resnick at the Season 3 finale party, from Brandi Glanville over and over again during Seasons 4 and 5, it's come up more than once this season from both Eileen and Erika and now Lisa Rinna is confirming it as well. Throughout it all, Lisa Vanderpump has vehemently maintained that this isn't true, and that she's never used anyone to do her dirty work. However, it reaches a point where, when so many people are saying the same thing, isn't it time to consider that the real problem might be Lisa? That there's truth to her reputation as the Bobby Fischer of the Housewives, who treats everything like a game of chess? 


Eileen is somewhat shocked by this accusation, calling it "inflammatory" in her confessional, but Lisa Rinna isn't done. Next, she starts putting Yolanda on blast, pointing out that she was apparently too sick to come to Erika's dinner party, yet went to lunch earlier that day with Brandi and Kim Richards for the latter's birthday. Lisa finds this suspicious, particularly since Erika's supposed to be such a good friend of Yo's, but Eileen guesses that the earlier lunch probably wore her out and gives her a giant pass. However, Lisa Rinna claims to be having trust issues because of everything that's going on and decides to go for the jugular. Yes Lisa believes Yolanda is sick, but she also believes Yo has everyone else painted in a Lyme green corner by using her illness to her advantage. Ever diplomatic, Eileen doesn't agree with this assessment and refuses to take the bait, but Lisa R. insists that she believes Yolanda is spinning the biggest web of all. As much as she wants to be her friend, Lisa's instincts (or paranoia) are telling her to run for the hills when it comes to Yo. No one has to agree with her, but it comes down to this: Lisa thinks Yolanda might be more manipulative than anyone. Wow. These are big statements that are bound to change this entire game. 


After a couple of scenes of Kathryn at the audiologist and Kyle and Yolanda kind of, sort of making up after the email drama, (still Team Kyle on that one), it's time for the Giveback Homes service project that all the 'Wives went to SoulCycle for a couple episodes back. All of the women (plus Mauricio and Donnie) gather to help paint a house that's been remodeled for a local family by Habit for Humanity LA, but the good feelings evaporate when Erika and Kathryn decide to go at it in another round of their argument. Erika is still upset over how Kathryn behaved at her dinner party as well as for the entire "web" disaster, and tells her so while holding a paint roller. Erika is in the right here, but Kathryn is still, still insisting that she didn't do anything wrong and doesn't appreciate Erika's tone of voice. (Erika's sassy "or what?" when Kathryn told her to get her finger out of her face was easily my other favorite moment of the night. Mr. and Mrs. Girardi were on fire with the comebacks this week!) As Eileen and Lisa Rinna step in to take Erika's side, Kathryn finally caves and apologizes for all the drama she caused. The episode ends with the newbies hugging it out as Erika warns in her confessional that Kathryn's getting a second chance from her, but there won't be a third. 

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 14 - Not Easy to Love

Glenn Rowley


After last week's nonstop roller coaster of betrayals, confrontations and behind-the-back conversations, it was nice to have a bit of a reprieve with this week's slightly slower-paced episode. Don't get me wrong, there was still SO much happening between the 'Wives, but it wasn't quite at the breakneck speed that left my head spinning last week. Plus, we got the much-anticipated return of Kim Richards by episode's end!


First, though, we start with...tonsils? Apparently poor Amelia Gray, the younger of the Hamlin girls, has been having major problems with tonsillitis and Lisa Rinna is not happy about it. She's made it a point this season to feature her girls in front of the cameras as much as possible (likely in the hopes that they can replicate the success of Gigi and Bella, mark my words), and no pair of golf ball-sized tonsils are going to get in the way of turning her babies into stars. However, Lisa seems more nervous about the procedure than Amelia does, but jumps at the doctor's suggestion over the phone that they can see the tonsils after surgery. After all, Lisa got her tonsils out at age four, so all she remembers about it is ice cream, teddy bears and popsicles. 


Yolanda Foster's busy planning a dinner party for all the girls at Wally's, a popular wine and cheese bar in Beverly Hills. It's the first party she's hosted since the one in Season 5 with Babyface, but she's finally feeling up to it and wants to provide one very special musical surprise for the 'Wives courtesy of David. We also finally get a new interview look on Yo for what feels like the first time in forever, and she explains in her red blazer that it's important when you have a chronic illness to try to keep participating in life. Maybe the Yolanda who's barely shown up to any major filming events this season has turned over a new leaf? Though I have to say it's still awkward watching her and David holding hands across the table from one another when we all know what's coming down the road... 


Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump are more than a little apprehensive about going to Yolanda's dinner party after their argument with her at Frida last week, but figure that being invited may be Yo's way of extending an olive branch. On the limo ride over to Wally's, Lisa V. mentions that she texted Kyle's sister Kim to wish her a happy birthday and that the former 'Wife seems to be doing well. Kyle explains that she is remaining cautiously optimistic about her relationship with her sister. The sisters are finally talking a bit and texting back and forth after months of estrangement while Kim was in rehab and dealing with her legal issues, and are tiptoeing towards the possibility of healing their fractured relationship. 


The OGs arrive at Wally's just as Kathryn Edwards is giving Erika Girardi (who's running on roughly two hours of sleep after a performance in Vegas the night before) on the email drama between Kyle and Yo. However, once Yolanda and David arrive, Kyle quickly pulls Yo aside to let her know she hasn't responded to the email yet because she wants to discuss it privately between the two of them. Lisa quickly jumps on the bandwagon by quietly insisting to Yolanda that she's never spoken ill of any of her children and that she never would, to which Yo replies that she wants to believe that and is trying to trust what Lisa is saying. For one second, we see a chink in Yolanda's facade, as she's suddenly on the verge of tears while talking to Lisa and Kyle, but just as quickly she insists she's fine and just wants the dinner party to get under way. Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin finally arrive and the gang's all here!


Next, things get a little disjointed with a number of different conversations happening in a row, so I'll try to break it down as simply as I can. First, Eileen calls Kathryn over to fill Lisa Rinna in on the conversation started by Erika about not getting caught in Lisa Vanderpump's manipulative web. For some inexplicably people-pleasing reason, Lisa Rinna scoffs at the suggestion that the other Lisa is manipulative, rightfully prompting some major side-eye across the table from Eileen. At the opposite end of the table, Lisa V. pulls Erika aside for a chat about that very topic, questioning why the pop princess would tell Kathryn not to "get tangled in her web" in the first place. Clearly taken aback that this conversation has already reached Lisa Vanderpump's ears, Erika explains that she simply thinks Lisa can be influential over the other women and found it interesting that the queen bee and Kathryn would both ask how long she's been friends with Yolanda in a matter of days. Lisa Vanderpump insists this was nothing more than happy coincidence and doesn't understand why Erika would find it suspicious, but gets offended when Erika rather bluntly explains that she feels Lisa is trying to discredit her friendship with Yolanda. Which - for the record - is precisely what Lisa is trying to do. Erika's Jayne's instincts aren't anything but spot on in this situation.  


Are you following everything so far? Because there's more. Naturally, being confronted by Lisa Vanderpump prompts Erika to go straight to Kathryn to give her a chance to explain herself. Why would she go from saying "I'd never use anything you tell me against you" to running straight to Lisa V. and spilling the tea? The look on Erika's face when she asks Kathryn if she had fun the night before at Lisa's is classic - Kathryn better have had fun because she just burned a major bridge with her fellow rookie. Erika thought she was speaking confidentially at Erika's house, but Kathryn defends herself by saying she would never say anything Erika couldn't repeat and assumed Erika was the same. That's definitely a different message than what was being communicated during their earlier conversation and this new rule is certainly noted by Erika now. In her words, "the f***ing b***h ratter [her] out."


Then we go back to the other end of the table, where Eileen questions why Lisa Rinna would act like she has no clue where Erika could possibly have gotten the idea that she's manipulative. Sorry, but Lisa knows exactly what Erika was referring to. Eileen surmises that her friend isn't backing her up because she's scared or intimidated by Lisa Vanderpump for some reason, though I'm willing to wager that it's just Lisa Rinna's people-pleasing personality kicking into high gear around the group's self-professed queen bee. Over the course of this dinner, both Kathryn and Lisa Rinna have proven Erika's point that Lisa Vanderpump's influence over this group of 'Wives is deep and far-reaching - just the way LVP wants it.


David Foster interrupts all the gossip and confrontations to bring the 'Wives and their husbands to a quiet back room. As Kyle explains, when David Foster tells you he has a surprise, you get excited. Next thing the 'Wives know, famed opera singer Andrea Bocelli is standing in front of them, prompting a spontaneous standing ovation before he even opens his mouth. He gifts the group with an impromptu performance of "Ave Maria" and the 'Wives are visibly moved, with Erika calling Bocelli's voice a "gift from God" and Kyle tearfully telling Yolanda that the famous tune was her late mother's favorite song. In her confessional, an emotional Kyle explains that she's always looking for signs from her mom, and this special moment is telling her loud and clear that she needs to check on her sister. 


The following day, Amelia successfully gets her tonsils removed in all of 20 minutes and Kyle tries to convince Portia to live with her until marriage, while Eileen meets with Yolanda and Erika at the park to rehash all the discussion from the dinner party surrounding Lisa Vanderpump's machinations and Kathryn's betrayal. Erika is still irked that Kathryn went straight to Lisa V. about what she said, but owns that even though "getting caught in LVP's web" weren't the exact words she used, it's exactly what she meant. Eileen agrees with this assessment, filling Yolanda in on her own issues with Lisa. However, I couldn't help but notice that Eileen tactfully explained the situation from the Hamptons without going into nitty-gritty detail about the conversation, which I find quite classy and respectable. Go Eileen. Yolanda explains that she takes her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump at its face value - yes, she's best friends with Mohamed but Yo accepted the fact long ago that she and Lisa would never be what you would call best friends. Erika points out that the bottom line of all of this is that Lisa Vanderpump wants to be thought of as a formidable opponent and enjoys her position of power among the women. Checkmate Erika Jayne.


Next, we get a nice scene of Kathryn with her two sisters Ann Marie and Deborah. Over lunch at Coupa Cafe, the three discuss their mom's worsening dementia and Kathryn explains in her confessional just how difficult it is to see her mom go through the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. Even though it's such a sad and sensitive topic, it's really nice to see a little more of who Kathryn is and get to know her outside of the circle of 'Wives. Also how different do Kathryn and her sisters look?? You'd almost never guess they were related by looking at them. 


Speaking of sisters, Kyle took the sign from her mom seriously by inviting Kim over to her house for a talk. This is the first time we've seen Kim since the Season 5 reunion and the two have barely talked in over nine months. In the interim, Kim got arrested for public intoxication at the Beverly Hills Hotel, checked into rehab, relapsed at her daughter's wedding in Mexico, went back to rehab and later got arrested for shoplifting $600 worth of toys right before the 'Wives took off for the Hamptons. As the sisters make small talk, Kim denies having seen Brandi lately, and Kyle points out that she knows every time they see each other because Brandi always makes a point to tweet about it. Obviously feeling uncomfortable, Kim changes the subject to ask Kyle where's she's at with everything and Kyle admits that she's torn between wanting to work through things and simply not wanting to bring it up at all.


Kyle acknowledges that each time something happens, they go longer and longer without speaking - to the point where they've barely talked in a year - and when Kim says it was difficult for her not to speak to Kyle, the latter admits that she finds that hard to believe because she figured Kim hated her. Upon hearing this, Kim breaks down in tears as she tells Kyle she could never hate her, and heartbreakingly suggests in her confessional that maybe she's the one who's hard to love. Kim further suggests that in order to heal their relationship, the pair need to do it quietly, without anyone else influencing the situation or getting involved. Neither sister really knows where to go from here in order to begin fixing their broken relationship, but Kim tearfully asks Kyle to have faith in her, otherwise they'll never be able to truly move past the years of pain and hurt to get to a better place. Kyle admits in her interview that she has no idea what it's going to take to fix her relationship with Kim and keep it together, but they have to try again for both their sakes. Personally, I want nothing more than to see Kyle and Kim together and happy again, and I know millions of other fans want the same thing. We love you and are rooting for you Kyle and Kim! 

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 13 - Spinning a Web

Glenn Rowley


Wow. That was complicated. So much happened in this episode that my head is still spinning over all the 'Wife vs. 'Wife confrontations and brewing feuds. And then on top of that, we were finally gifted with the midseason trailer and the rest of the season - including the cast trip to Dubai that's coming soon - looks absolutely amazing. I openly wondered on Twitter if this season is going to end up being the best yet for our Beverly Hills ladies, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves shall we? We still have this week's epic series of clashes to get through.


Besides a dinner party, there's perhaps nothing the women of Beverly Hills love more than a charity event. This time, Kyle Richards' husband Mauricio's wildly successful real estate firm The Agency is holding a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity via a SoulCycle class and has enlisted most of the ladies to come spin for a minimum $250 donation. Exercise is many of the women's forte, and everyone seems to be having a great time. Everyone, that is, except for Lisa Vanderpump. It's a well-known fact that LVP much prefers champagne over sweating, and immediately asks Kyle how much she has to donate to get out of pedaling a bike. However, she manages to survive the 45-minute session with Russell Simmons 2.0 leading the class, and runs straight for her pink patent leather pumps. Erika Jayne, on the other hand, finishes the class with a pristine ponytail, looking like she's hardly lifted a perfectly-manicured finger. 


Following the SoulCycle event, Lisa V., Kyle, Erika and Kathryn Edwards converge on Frida, the iconic local Mexican chain, for a post-workout meal. Eileen Davidson, who skipped the fundraiser because she was busy working on The Young and the Restless and Yolanda Foster, who's obviously too ill to spend 45 minutes on a stationary bike, also join them. At first the lunch is lighthearted as the women joke over guacamole and Kathryn flexes her impressive muscles, but eventually conversation turns when Yolanda catches Kyle and Lisa V. whispering at the end of the table. The OGs explain that they were just wondering how things are between Yo and Lisa Rinna following the former's "bipolar" comment at Erika's pool party last week. Yolanda, however, insists that she didn't call Lisa Rinna bipolar - just that she could've if she wanted to. Yo further claims that things are fine between her and Lisa R. since they made up at the pool party, and she's now angry with Kyle and Lisa V. for bringing the subject up again. 


Kyle points out she wasn't actually saying anything to Yolanda, it was a private conversation with a good friend away from the group. Yo scoffs at the "good friend" claim, snidely saying in her confessional that the OGs are only good friends when it's beneficial for them to be buddies. Then, Yolanda takes her attack one step further by reminding Kyle that she holds a lot in her mental vault, adding a condescending "honey" at the end for effect. Naturally, Kyle questions whether this assertion was some sort of veiled threat but Yolanda insists that she has too much integrity to pull such a passive-aggressive move. Then, Yo decides to turn her attention to Lisa Vanderpump, bringing up yet again how angry she is about the speculation surrounding Bella and Anwar's Lyme disease. Lisa defensively reminds her that she was the one who defended Bella when the "town drunk" (a.k.a. Brandi Glanville) alluded that the 17-year-old was an alcoholic last season. Feeling attacked, LVP excuses herself and exits the restaurant, leaving the rest of the women sitting in awkward silence with anger still thick in the air.


Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna managed to miss out on this entire ordeal because she was busy co-hosting Dirty Sexy Funny with Jenny McCarthy on SiriusXM Radio. The comedian's show is always irreverent and hilarious, but it reaches a whole new level of uncomfortable with Lisa Rinna at the helm. Lisa's TMI moments include her talking yet again on national TV about how much her husband Harry Hamlin loves the female anatomy and revealing that she once tried on a strap-on dildo for kicks and giggles. Lisa R. admits in her confessional that she rather shamelessly does what she has to in order to stay relevant in the entertainment industry, and I just feel at this point that we're all pretty aware that there's no limit to what can come out of her mouth. I think I'm suffering from a small case of Rinna fatigue these days. 


As it turns out, a bit of drama happened off-camera following the argument at Frida. Specifically, Yolanda decided to write Kyle a strongly-worded email and cc: all the other 'Wives on it. In the email, Yo accuses Kyle of not being sympathetic enough about her illness and scolding her by signing off with "your lack of compassion is not a pretty look." Ouch. Now, there's obviously more than one side to every person, but I have to say that this is the side of Yolanda I just can't stand. I found the smug attitude she exuded during most of Season 3 to be self-righteous and off-putting, but I really loved her during Seasons 4 and 5. However, I see Yolanda starting to get back up on her high horse over this Lyme disease storyline and it's honestly not putting her in the best light. Condescending Yolanda is my least favorite Yolanda and it needs to stop.


Out in Pasadena, Erika invites Kathryn over for lunch and a boxing workout. You know, just your average everyday pow-wow between rookie 'Wives. Before strapping their boxing gloves on, the newbies sit down for lunch in the backyard and Kathryn presses Erika on the lack of female friendships in her life. Declaring that she'll be Erika's "first, genuine female friend," Kathryn gets the enigma that is Erika Jayne to open up about her trust issues with women and her close relationship with her late grandmother. Then, Erika turns the conversation back on Kathryn, asking her what she thinks of Lisa Vanderpump. Kathryn starts off by saying that she finds LVP to be sweet, which Erika openly laughs at. The pop star explains that she thinks Lisa V. engages from the side, likening the OG to a "sniper from the side," and I love the fact that Erika sees right through Lisa's facade to all of her subtle machinations. Erika calls it like she sees it and she is dead on in her assessment of the self-proclaimed queen bee. 


Later that night, Lisa Vanderpump invites Kyle, Kathryn and Eileen over for dinner at her house. After floating in her pool on a giant pink flamingo while sipping a cocktail, LVP brings the ladies down to a here-to-for unseen section of the backyard that she's kept more "country-themed." Almost immediately, Kathryn brings up her conversation from lunch with Erika, telling the women that her fellow newbie was essentially warning her not to get caught in Lisa Vanderpump's web. What? First of all, that's not even close to what Erika said and second of all, what happened to being her "first, real, genuine female friend"? I really like Kathryn so far, and she does admit that it feels as though she's throwing Erika under the bus, but running to Lisa to tattle after literally less than a few hours really makes zero sense. Lisa, Kyle and Eileen are naturally confused by what Erika could possibly mean by such a comment, but the latter surmises that it has something to do with everything Erika saw go down between her and LVP in the Hamptons. When she says as much, Lisa immediately goes on the defensive, acting positively shocked that A.) Eileen is bringing this up again and B.) that she could've possibly done something wrong.


Eileen tries to explain that she didn't feel Lisa really understood where she was coming from, but the queen bee promptly deflects the conversation over and over by getting distracted by her miniature ponies (who are apparently rampaging through the backyard off-camera.) Eileen rightfully points out that when confronted, Lisa tends to minimize things and get dismissive, but Lisa claims in her confessional that the the soap actress is grasping at straws to come up with conspiracy theories. Either way, Eileen isn't OK with simply glossing over issues instead of properly resolving them and now Lisa V. is visibly uncomfortable. She offers yet another tongue-in-cheek apology about whatever it is she's supposedly done, leaving Eileen feeling once again dismissed. Lisa demands to know if she and Eileen are good, but Eileen explains that they're only "good" because it's obvious that they won't see things from the same perspective. There's no getting through to Lisa Vanderpump that she needs to offer a sincere apology or change the way she maneuvers in conversations to get what she wants. The episode ends with a tense standoff between the two, and it appears that their feud has officially been reignited. 

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 10 - Backwards in Heels

Glenn Rowley


Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? The ladies of Beverly Hills went full Moulin Rouge this week and there was more drama than a doomed Christian/Satine romance. But before the 'Wives dress up as the most expensive hookers money can buy, we have to start at the top of the hour.


The episode opens with Kyle arriving at Villa Rosa to pick up Lisa V. for some location-scouting for their dual anniversary party. But first, LVP has a bone to pick with Kyle over a cup of strictly sugar-free tea. See, it's no secret that Lisa has a major issue with Faye Resnick ever since the Season 3 finale, and she doesn't appreciate that Kyle didn't give her a heads-up that the one-time Playboy model would be at the BBQ. Kyle doesn't see what the big deal is since Lisa "isn't holding a grudge" anymore. To prove just how "over it" she is, Lisa proceeds to compare Faye to an orangutan being let out of her cage. Seriously? An orangutan? Low blow, Lisa. Kyle insists that it's time for it to grow up, move past the entire ordeal and just let her put some freaking sugar in her tea already. In the spirit of growing up, Lisa asks if that means she can invite Witchy-Poo to the anniversary party, but I'm confused because I thought we were permanently erasing any trace of Carlton Gebbia from this franchise. After Kyle nearly wrecks her car to keep Lisa from getting her hands on her phone, the pair of 'Wives visit the gorgeous, historical Culver Hotel and settle on it as the venue for their upcoming party. 


Out in Malibu, Erika is visiting Yolanda for the latter's first visit to the beach in nine months. Naturally, Yolanda wants to know what happened after she left Kyle's BBQ and Erika tries to fill her in on the confrontation between Faye and Kathryn over the O.J. Simpson fiasco. However, Erika has much juicier gossip to pass onto Yo, and reluctantly passes along the questions about Anwar and Bella's Lyme disease that were being thrown around the BBQ, including Lisa V.'s assertion that Mohamed said Bella and Anwar are fine. Yolanda is absolutely shocked at this news, particularly coming from Lisa V., the one 'Wife who's constantly claiming to love her three children. Yo's protective mama mode starts coming out immediately. After all, it's one thing to talk about her, it's entirely another thing to be gossiping about her kids. In her confessional, Yolanda says she finds the constant accusations and doubt surrounding the Lyme disease of herself and her kids to be an attack on her integrity. First up on her list of 'Wives to confront, though, is Lisa Rinna, who she calls "despicable" for gossiping behind her back.


Speaking of the second Lisa, the very next day she's visiting Erika to get some advice on how to confess her involvement in the Munchausen debate to Yolanda. Erika is straight up SLAYING in that leopard print jumpsuit, and after giving a tour of her gorgeous home (including the chapel), the pair settle down in the backyard to chat. Almost immediately, Lisa Rinna starts backpedaling - yes she feels guilty for engaging in the Munchausen conversation, but argues that the "chatter" wouldn't be happening if Yolanda didn't put her illness out there in such a public way (a.k.a. making it a central storyline on a reality show.) Erika tries to put her at ease though, advising her that Yo will appreciate her being honest and straightforward with her. We'll see how that goes...


Meanwhile, Kathryn is still stewing over her confrontation with Faye at the BBQ, which clearly didn't go the way she had anticipated. In her interview, Kathryn admits that she had built up a war in her head with Faye, and she came to the BBQ ready to throw down the gauntlet. While working out at the gym, she rehashes the issue with Donnie (who is officially in the running for "Hottest Househusband Ever"). When Donnie asks what she'll do when she sees Faye at the Moulin Rouge party, Kathryn admits that she'll have to wait and see how Faye acts. After all, she was pretty much the exact opposite of what Kathryn expected at Kyle's BBQ, so maybe Faye is a much different person than she thought. Or maybe Faye just had 20 years to feel badly about writing the infamous book in the first place.


After all the build-up, Lisa Rinna finally arrives hat in hand at Yolanda's condo to come clean. Rinna is clearly nervous to have this conversation, saying in her confessional that Yo is not someone she finds very easy to talk to. (Never mind that she apparently finds it quite easy to talk about her...) However, she immediately puts everything out on the table, admitting that she's engaged in some of the "chatter" going on around town, even questioning the point of Yolanda's constant sick selfie/happy selfie routine on Instagram. Setting the stage by admitting she doesn't know if Yolanda will tell her to get the f**k out of her house upon her confession, Lisa Rinna admits that she's responsible for bringing the big, bad M-word to the attention of the other women. Just like cunnilingus last year, Yolanda doesn't understand what Munchausen means, and Lisa has the enviable job of defining it for her: it's when someone says they're sick, but they're not. Ever magnanimous, Yo graciously accepts Lisa's explanation and apology, then announces that she's tired and it's time for Rinna to bounce.


With the Munchausen accusation finally out in the open, it's time to party! All the women get dressed in their trashiest corsets and fishnets and descend upon the Culver Hotel for Lisa and Kyle's Moulin Rouge-themed joint anniversary party. Other than Yolanda, the gang's all here, including pretty in pink Camille Grammer, Taylor Armstrong looking like a skeleton, gay power couple Lance Bass and Michael Turchin and the infamous Miss Resnick. However, with all those extra players in the room, the first dust-up of the night unexpectedly comes from newbies Erika and Kathryn. While at the bar, the pair begin discussing the differing social pressures between men and women upon Kathryn's assertion that Donnie is much nicer than she is. Both 'Wives agree that men tend to have it much easier than women, because if people think you're too nice as a woman you get taken advantage of or thought of as weak. On the other hand, Erika explains, if you're too mean then you're labeled a C-U-Next-Tuesday, which we've come to learn is one of Erika Jayne's favorite descriptors. Kathryn immediately balks at the word, finding it "degrading, nasty, dirty and gross," and promptly tells Erika she's too pretty talk like that. However, if there's one thing we've learned about Erika Girardi so far, it's that no one tells her what to do. She informs Kathryn that, yes, she actually does talk like that and summarily dismisses her objection in an interview by informing us with a wink that she will say the word any f**king time she pleases. Erika, if you're reading this, I officially want to be BFFs with you. Sorry Mikey Minden.


By now the party is in full, raucous swing, with Kyle hitting the splits, Camille owning the dance floor and Lisa V. being forced into small talk with Faye about her fiancee. On a lipstick break, Kyle asks Lisa if she was nice to Faye and Kathryn, who also happens to be sitting there, eagerly jumps into the conversation. Upon learning that her enemy is at the party, Kathryn insists that everything she knew about Faye back in the 90s was not good. Lisa dogpiles on, once again bringing up Faye's "aggressive" exchange with her during her 30th anniversary party three years prior. Kyle naturally goes on the defense, explaining to Kathryn that Faye is a good girl who's been a loyal friend for many years. When Kathryn discovers that Kyle met Faye in 1994 (prior to the O.J. trial), she announces in her interview that she's now starting to question what kind of person Kyle is as well. So far, I really like Kathryn, but questioning Kyle is just not OK with me. The newbie again reiterates to the OG that her issue with Faye revolves around what she wrote in her book, but Kyle starts getting angry - pointing out that Faye wrote about her own feelings and, again, it was 21 years ago. Let. It. Go. Already. Kyle can't believe that Kathryn would have the audacity to speak against her best friend at Kyle's own anniversary party - which she invited Kathryn to in the first place. It certainly goes against any etiquette rulebook I've ever read. Kathryn, you don't have to sit and "make nice-nice," but you can at least be polite to the hostess of the party you're at...


This argument leaves Kyle fuming, and she rightfully points out to Lisa V. that she doesn't know Kathryn well enough for her to be talking that way about her friend at her party. It's just plain rude. LVP tries to argue that there's a deeply personal history between the two, but Kyle shoots back that if someone did that to Lisa about one of her friends at, say, her 30th anniversary party, she wouldn't be happy. Note to everyone, this is 100% accurate. Lisa makes it clear that she still likes Kathryn, but she's obviously not on Kyle's good side. Kyle thinks Lisa should be supporting her on the issue simply out of principle, but is it really a surprise that she's sticking up for someone who doesn't like Faye? However, as Kyle somewhat snidely points out in her confessional, the last time Lisa Vanderpump decided to side with the new girl, things didn't turn out so well for her, did they?