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Real Housewives

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RHOBH Ssn 7/Ep 15 Recap - Hong Kong Fireworks

Glenn Rowley


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills take Hong Kong! This week, the ladies of the 90210 head overseas to support Lisa Vanderpump in her fight against animal cruelty, plus it's the perfect excuse for a fabulously exotic girls trip. However, the long-awaited explosion between Erika Girardi and Dorit Kemsley turns the vacation into anything but Shangri-La. Read on to relive all the drama from Hong Kong...


There's no doubt about it: RHOBH always has the most glamorous cast trips out of any cities in the Housewives franchise. Unlike some of their sister cities (ahem...Jersey), we've seen the women jaunt to far-flung locales like Paris, Amsterdam and Dubai. Over the years. Think RHOA's current trip to Hawaii looks like a good time? The Beverly Hills 'Wives did it first, way back in Season 2. Though, if we're being honest, last season's excursion to Dubai was a bit of a disaster on all fronts, so this time the ladies are hoping for a better outcome. Cue the packing montage! Erika Jayne has her glam squad and high fashion lookbook in tow, Dorit apparently has another assistant whom we've never seen before and Lisa Rinna is left all alone with her dog, proving that the number one hustler of Beverly Hills can basically use anyone as a scene partner when the cameras are around. For Lisa Vanderpump, however, the trip has a far more important purpose: she's overseeing the production of a documentary to stop the barbaric Yulin Dog Festival, a cause she has passionately championed since learning about the week-long slaughter held in Yulin, China every year.


After a 15-hour flight, the ladies land in Hong Kong and blown away by how picturesque, cosmopolitan and gigantic the city is. Fighting off jetlag, they don their best Chinese-inspired looks (hel-LO Erika Jayne's victory rolls and kimono!) and convene for cocktails at the luxury, 5-star Shangri-La Hotel where they're staying. Over drinks, Eden Sassoon regales the 'Wives with the news that she's invited her online lover "London" to meet her for a weekend of romance in New York City. Not only that, the trip is on her dime. And they're sharing a hotel room. WHAT?? The rest of the women balk at this revelation and jump into common sense, protective mode: what if Eden is being catfished? What if this guy turns out to be an axe murderer and she ends up dismembered in a suite overlooking Times Square? Shouldn't she book a separate room as a safety precaution? The season's official Friend of the Housewives laughs off the women's concerns, saying that she plans to greet her internet lover half-naked in bed when he arrives in the Big Apple. And besides, she could just as easily kill him, right? Whatever you say Eden, but to anyone reading this recap - please take this as a warning regarding internet safety in the age of online dating.


The following morning, Lisa Rinna needs to get something off her chest with Dorit. Apparently an unnamed source has come to Rinna with information that the newbie may have taken their night of bonding over Xanax and smoothies the wrong way and was spreading a rumor during the trip to Mexico that the biggest pair of lips in Beverly Hills has a pill problem. Dorit staunchly denies the accusation, assuring Rinna that any time she's mentioned it to the other women, she has always maintained that the bag of pills moment was all in good fun. Now Dorit wants to know who told Lisa Rinna, but the latter refuses to reveal her source - changing her story to say that she just magically had a sixth sense about the situation. Hmm...I'm willing to bet money that this mysterious "sixth sense" was actually someone in production filling Rinna in behind the scenes.


Finally, the 'Wives decide to divide and conquer the city: Lisa Rinna and Eden are heading to the top of Victoria Peak (the highest mountain in Hong Kong) and Kyle Richards and Erika are going sightseeing (a.k.a. staking out Chanel), while LVP is busy filming voiceovers and confessionals for her documentary with Dorit and Eileen Davidson in tow. Yes, you read that correctly: rather than stick with (any of) her pals, Eileen decides to take the high road in a sincere effort to learn more about the queen bee's work with #StopYulinForever. The proverbial olive branch stuns even Lisa Vanderpump herself, who's touched by the gesture and wonders via confessional if this could be the start of a new, less acrimonious chapter between herself and her soap star frenemy.


Meanwhile, Erika opens up to Kyle about visiting her mother last week while surrounded by turtles and water features in Hong Kong Park, and Lisa Rinna relays her earlier confrontation with Dorit to Eden with the entirety of Hong Kong as a stunning backdrop from their seats in a boba shop. Validating Rinna's suspicions, Eden reveals that Dorit, in fact, questioned her about Rinna's supposed pill problem. Keep in mind that Dorit merely made an offhand comment wondering if her fellow 'Wife's personality was "induced in some way" while Rinna and Eden were on the outs, but now the fire has been flamed and according to Rinna the newest Housewife is being a "pussy with a capital P.")  


Later that evening, the 'Wives reconvene for a sunset cruise through Victoria Harbour on a traditional Chinese junk boat. With the Hong Kong skyline at their backs, Lisa Vanderpump raises a toast to all the ladies being together and honestly, the experience looks truly magical. As the sun begins to set, LVP opens the floor for discussion and Dorit seizes the opportunity to ask the entire group who told Lisa Rinna she was gossiping about her in Mexico. Rinna once again changes her story, insisting this time that she magically conjured up the idea herself but admits via confessional that she's lying to protect her unnamed source. Dorit points out the rather obvious holes in Rinna's story, but none of the other 'Wives come forward - lending additional credence to my theory that a production source was the person in Rinna's ear. LVP and Kyle both claim they don't remember the scandalous bag of pills being the focal point of conversation in Mexico, but Erika sides with Rinna, asking Dorit why she brought it up at all if she didn't think Rinna had a pill problem.


Tension is mounting and at this point, the argument shifts to a showdown between Erika Jayne and Dorit. Bad blood has been brewing between the two ever since #Pantygate and - as Erika points out in her confessional - now seems as good a time as any to air their true feelings about each other. Dorit denies ever saying Rinna had a pill problem but Erika bluntly levies that the newbie is just as guilty by implying the same thing. Dorit demands to know what Erika's problem is with her, pointing out that - out of the entire group of women - the pop singer is the only 'Wife she hasn't bonded with despite her best efforts. She also throws out that Erika doesn't talk enough, but the self-proclaimed ice queen fires back that she "say[s] important sh**" while her costar says "too much boring sh**." SHOTS FIRED! Finally, Erika gets to the root of the animosity: she simply doesn't like "bullsh**" and that's exactly what she thinks Dorit is. When Dorit exclaims that she should just say that to her face then, Erika drops the mic because guess what? She just did.

With that, the trip to Hong Kong (and the conclusion of this argument) is "To Be Continued" next week. What did you think of this week's RHOBH? How fabulous was Hong Kong? Who is Lisa Rinna's source? Does she have a pill problem? Are you Team Erika or Team Dorit? Tell me everything in the comments below!

RHOBH Ssn 7/Ep 4 Recap - Pantygate

Glenn Rowley


The first feud of the season erupts this week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as Erika Girardi and Dorit Kemsley face off in what will henceforth be known as #PantyGate in the Housewives universe. Read on for a full recap of all the underwear-fueled drama...


Before #PantyGate explodes, the 'Wives have some work to do. While the two OGs are rehashing her wardrobe malfunction from last week's white party, Erika Girardi is with Eileen Davidson at CBS Studios for her first meeting about her guest part on The Young and the Restless. Eileen may have given the part to the the pop star for her birthday, but Erika is nervous. What if Erika Jayne singlehandedly sinks the iconic soap opera after nearly 44 years? (As if Erika could ever be less than amazing at something...) During the meeting, one of Y&R's executive producers asks Erika which soapy archetype she falls into. The high-powered boss b***h? The dreamy ingenue? One thing we all know is that singer who's graced us with "How Many F**ks?" won't be playing the girl next door!


 Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna is back in Pennsylvania for an all-day appearance on QVC. That's right: appearances in 24 hours hawking her wares from the Lisa Rinna Collection. It's a marathon of work with very little sleep, but who better to do it than the resident hustle queen of Beverly Hills? After all, in one day on QVC, she can sell more sweaters and cardigans than she did in a year in her two (now-defunct) Belle Gray boutiques. The best surprise comes toward the end of her day-long sales pitch when Eileen calls in to QVC for some moral support. I've said it before but I'll say it again: these two are the true friendship goals of the Housewives universe. 


Later, Dorit Kemsley meets the two besties for drinks once everyone's back in Beverly Hills. Rinna and Eileen were the only two 'Wives absent from the white party, so the newbie has plenty of gossip to fill them in on. As she tells them all about her husband PK ogling up Erika's skirt, the actresses are positively wide-eyed and the more Dorit thinks about the situation, she's starting to wonder...did Erika flash her puss on purpose? Either way, Dorit feels uncomfortable about it, pronouncing that it's "Lady 101" to cross your legs if you're wearing a short dress with no underwear. Particularly if you're in front of another woman's husband! Now the rookie is on a mission to poke fun at the controversy and - watch out Erika Jayne - it looks like #PantyGate has officially become a thing.


The next day, Dorit goes shopping with Kyle Richards and the #PantyGate issue continues to snowball. Now the newest 'Wife is discussing the scandal with yet another member of the group, though Kyle finds the whole thing lighthearted and, quite frankly, not that big of a deal. After all, the Girardi half of Erika is always calm, collected and incredibly dignified. Even if she had been performing as Erika Jayne, she wouldn't have put her vagina on display for the whole world to see! However, the panty-less 'Wife in question has invited all the ladies to compete in an escape room the following day and Dorit decides to purchase a "cheeky" pair of lace, flesh-colored panties as a playful joke to give her in front of the rest of the group. Hmm...raise your hand if you think this is a good idea. No? No one?


The women arrive at Escape Room LA in their best mall chic - Erika is rocking a very on-brand "CEO,000,000" t-shirt that must make its way into my closet ASAP. Jumping the gun, Dorit decides to present her new acquaintance with the pair of panties before both Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump even show up. When Dorit jokes that everyone's seen the pop star's "pretty little puss" now, Erika tries to laugh it off. Being amused, however, turns quickly to mortification when she realizes Dorit has clearly been talking about the issue with literally everyone but her. Sorry Erika, it looks like the joke's on you. Despite maintaining her composure, Erika's temper flares and she issues Dorit a chilling warning: "the more you talk about sh**, the worse it gets. Just be careful..." Watch out Dorit, making an enemy of Erika Jayne is the last thing you want to do.


After successfully completing the escape room challenge (much better than the RHOA ladies, I might add), the women go out for a post-game round of drinks. Having missed the awkward gift exchange, LVP prods Erika to recount what happened, who coolly tells the OG to ask Dorit. The newbie reflexively backpedals, insisting that it was never her intention to humiliate Erika or make her feel bad. She simply figured her new friend could take the joke. Erika throws down the gauntlet by retorting that the only thing bothering her is if PK did see up her skirt, he should've politely given her a heads up rather than sit and stare. The table is rife with tension between the two newest 'Wives and I'm with Lisa Rinna on the whole debacle: PK was staring and talking about Erika's vagina? Ew. When Dorit pushes again to talk about #PantyGate in private, Erika is clearly beyond over the topic and attempts once again to squash the conversation. Both blondes declare (in unison!) that the brewing feud has reached an end, but something tells me that's probably not true. least PK said Erika's puss was pretty?

What did you think of this week's RHOBH? Are you Team Erika or Team Dorit when it comes to #PantyGate? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

RHOBH Ssn 7/Ep 3 Recap - Going Commando

Glenn Rowley


Conflict is sparked this week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when a minor fashion moment leads to major tension between Erika Girardi and Dorit Kemsley. Plus Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards hit the Big Apple with their daughters! Read on for all the white party drama...


We open in New York City. Wait...which Housewives am I watching? In the magical happenstance of reality TV, both Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna are in the Big Apple for business trips with their daughters. After the runaway success of her pop-up boutique last season in the Hamptons, Kyle's decided to open another Kyle by Alene Too on the Upper East Side and has brought 16-year-old Sophia along for the trip. Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna is hustling to launch Delilah Belle's modeling career. I've said all along that Rinna wants her daughters to become the next Gigi and Bella to come out of RHOBH and getting a foot in the door for her eldest and blondest is the first step in the master plan. Via confessional, Rinna admits that sometimes she wishes she could turn to former 'Wife Yolanda Hadid for advice on how to pageant mom a modeling career or two, but after last season's M-word mess, that bridge has officially been burned. 


Back in Beverly Hills, Dorit Kemsley helps Lisa Vanderpump find the perfect birthday gift for her husband Ken Todd's birthday on Rodeo Drive while Erika Girardi visits the rehearsal for her latest Erika Jayne video, "Xxpensive." Out of the dozens of sexy, sassy hopefuls, Erika and creative director Mikey Minden selected four backup dancers who now must learn and perfect the song's choreography. An insane amount of work still has to be done before the actual video shoot, including wardrobe fittings, hair and makeup, a tech scout and wig consultations. I, for one, am just counting down the days until we get to see Erika Jayne drop into the bikini-clad split we've been promised.


Later that evening, Lisa Rinna and Kyle meet at a rooftop hotspot for dinner with their daughters. Delilah Belle recounts her cringeworthy meeting earlier in the day with iconic magazine CR Fashion Book, at which her mother dazzled the room with a story involving her narrow hips, birth canal and Delilah's elongated head as a newborn. Never change, Lisa Rinna. Other topics of conversation on the rooftop include Rinna's plan to leave her two teenage daughters in New York City by themselves for two days while she jets off to Pennsylvania for a QVC appearance and 18-year-old Delilah Belle matching with mystery 35-year-olds on dating apps for the rich and famous. (Don't worry, the 45-year-old producer just off-camera in the girls' confessional is too old for her.)


Over the course of just a couple years, Eileen Davidson has suffered six deaths in her family, including her sister, her father-in-law and most recently her mother. The sheer amount of tragedy has thrown the soap actress for a loop, and she's decided to meet with a therapist to process her feelings. In the session, poor Eileen admits to feeling embarrassed about how many people in her life have died - as if they're a maximum amount of death that's allowed to happen within a certain period of time. The therapist helps Eileen identify that, in her life, the emotion of sadness often gives way to embarrassment, which creates internal shame. This is a cycle that goes back as far as Eileen can remember, even to feeling shame as a young child that her parents were always fighting. After such an important breakthrough, hopefully Eileen can begin to heal and break the shame cycle that's been operating so pervasively throughout her life.


Kyle's finally back from NYC, so she and a few of the other 'Wives are headed to a White Party at LVP's West Hollywood hotspot PUMP. (Sorry not sorry, but like I said during my livetweet, there ain't no white party like a Kyle Richards white party.) Dressed in her best white, Kyle meets LVP, Ken, Dorit, PK and Erika at the Sofitel for pre-party drinks before realizing her white underwear is showing through her dress. Oops! When Lisa Vanderpump jokes about the faux pas in her classically cutting way, a small spat breaks out between the women over British vs. American humor. Erika suggests she and Kyle start adopting fake British accents so they can insult people, but when Dorit chimes in that Americans need to "calm down" with their sensitivity to British humor, Erika bluntly checks the newbie by reminding Dorit that she was born in Connecticut.


This somehow opens the conversation up to Dorit's initial impression of Erika, whom she describes as "very poised" and "a bit guarded," which she finds shocking considering the general fabulousness of Erika's alter ego. As we've learned, Erika is simply cautious when meeting new people, choosing to operate under the "respect is earned, not given" way of thinking and describes herself as a naturally shy introvert. Dorit, however, doesn't buy this explanation, describing her fellow 'Wife via confessional as "snooty," "cold" and "frigid." Changing the subject, LVP playfully reaches up Erika's skirt and asks if she has any underwear Kyle could borrow, to which Miss Girardi reveals she isn't wearing any. After all, who would want to break up a stunning Thierry Mugler design with a panty line?


The next day, Dorit and PK are discussing the party at home and it quickly becomes apparent that Erika's commando moment has snowballed into what will forever be known as #PantyGate. According to PK, Erika didn't have her legs crossed during drinks and (being the straight male that he is) he couldn't resist taking peeks up her skirt like her ladyparts were being served on a silver platter. Excuse me? His excuse is he was simply distracted by Erika's inadvertent flashing throughout the evening but he apparently didn't have the courage to mention it to Erika, deeming it too "inappropriate." Then, in a shining moment, PK questions what he was supposed to have said, particularly when he "didn't mind the view." Again, EXCUSE ME? Dorit seems rather unfazed by her husband's misogynistic reaction, choosing instead to lay the blame on Erika for having an "unladylike" moment. If it had been Dorit, she claims she would've done everything possible to keep her legs crossed. However, she plans to have a laugh about it with Erika the next time they're together and it seems that #PantyGate is just getting started...

What did you think of this week's RHOBH? When it comes to #PantyGate, are you Team Erika or Team Dorit? Was PK in the wrong? Leave me all your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

RHOBH Ssn 7/Ep 2 Recap - The Buddha Bentley Birthday

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the women come together for Dorit Kemsley's over-the-top 40th birthday party, where the drama between Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson takes one step forward and two steps back. Read on for a full recap of the episode's drama...


While Lisa Vanderpump is riding her new (full-sized) horse and Kyle Richards is zooming around Beverly Hills in her new Lamborghini with Lisa Rinna, newbie Dorit Kemsley is busy celebrating her 40th birthday. She's turning the big 4-0 and her parents, Rachel and Shalom, have even come all the way from Connecticut to help mark the occasion. Dorit's talent manager husband PK has a number of surprises in store for Dorit's milestone - the first being a brand new, rose gold Bentley Continental. Dorit is positively blown away by the $230,000 gift sitting in her driveway, to the point that she's virtually speechless. Is the newest Housewife the luckiest girl in the world? According to her confessional, she certainly thinks so, and I must say that if a rose gold Bentley is indicative of Dorit's personal brand, I'm all in.


Meanwhile, Erika Girardi is auditioning backup dancers for the upcoming video for her new single, "Xxpensive." Now this may be an Erika Jayne moment, but when it comes to the music, the pop diva is all business. Erika explains that she approaches her music in a very "in your face" way full of sexuality and sass, and she needs dancers who do the same thing. Naturally, in this case that means the choreography ends with the dancers aggressively flipping the camera off before dead-dropping into a split. I simply cannot wait to see Miss Erika Jayne nail that split moment herself while clad in a skimpy bikini and heels.


Before joining RHOBH in Season 5, Eileen Davidson was most recognizable for her lengthy career as a daytime soap actress on both The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives. Turns out Y&R has hit its benchmark 11,000th episode and having originated the role of Ashley Abbott since the early 1980s, Eileen is sitting down for a walk down memory lane to tape a commemorative special. Flashing back to her very first scene as Ashley freshly home from college, it's crazy to think of how long Eileen has been playing the iconic character. Calling Ashley "alter-human," the soap actress admits that she's forgotten so much of the show's history over the years, but cites the time her good girl character got an abortion as the storyline that's her personal favorite.


Finally, the 'Wives all converge at the Kemsley home for the surprise birthday party PK has planned for Dorit. The mood is once again tense as the women tentatively circle each other, air kissing and waiting for someone to make the first move. Eileen and Kyle both look absolutely fabulous in red while Erika arrives in an edgy Moschino t-shirt dress that's derided by the birthday girl via confessional as disappointingly casual. Over cocktails in the living room, Lisa Vanderpump rather melodramatically announces to Kyle that last year she gave Rinna and Eileen the power to hurt her, but this year she's taken that power back. And just like that, she makes defensive small talk with her two frenemies - refusing to tell Rinna where she got her sheer, bejeweled gloves and murmuring an overly sincere apology to Eileen about her mother's passing. When the Brit takes a beat immediately following "I'm sorry," Eileen mistakenly thinks that she's finally about to receive an apology for last season's drama in the Hamptons, but no such luck. Sorry Eileen, that vindication is probably never coming.


PK has one more surprise in store as the party moves to the backyard for phase two, revealing an incredible club-like buddha lounge complete with ice sculptures, giant paintings of Dorit and an entire wall made out of roses. Rinna tries once again to connect with LVP on the dance floor. When the Brit once again responds with a cutting remark, Rinna explains that her one-time pal can react however she wants, but she herself is moving on and putting their bad blood in the past. Rinna's even willing to offer another dance-floor apology for being too hard on LVP last year, and finally the OG agrees that they can move forward...cautiously of course. 


Lisa Vanderpump may be ready to forgive Lisa Rinna, but Eileen is a different story. When the soap actress asks her and Dorit if they've seen her husband Vinny Van Patten, LVP can't keep from making a below-the-belt jab, joking that she had seen Vinny "in the corner with his head up someone's skirt." Yikes. Like any rational person, Eileen finds this "joke" far from amusing and graciously excuses herself before any more playful vitriol can be been directed her way. With that, Dorit's birthday party ends with one 'Wife gaining forgiveness and another still exiled to Lisa Vanderpump's bad side.

What did you think of this week's RHOBH? Should LVP move on with Lisa Rinna while holding a grudge against Eileen? Would you drive a rose gold Bentley? Let me know in the comments!

RHOBH Season 7 Premiere Recap - Stronger Than Ever

Glenn Rowley


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back for Season 7! Having suffered from a severe case of OC burnout and snoozing through a very stale Atlanta, I'm ecstatic my glittering and sophisticated Beverly Hills beauties have returned - and (hopefully) without a trace of last year's messy M-word slog. (I refuse to write it.) But before laying out the recap of the premiere, let's grade the new taglines, shall we?


We have a brand new intro, with the 'Wives sparkling in their best glittery, gold (and the lightest pink) palette. As a group, the ladies' taglines this season are strong and memorable, and I'm giving my vote for best of the bunch to miss Erika Girardi for "I may be two people, but I'm not two-faced." Not only does it perfectly capture the dual nature of her alter ego Erika Jayne, but it wins most improved from last season's enigmatic, cash-wrapped riddle. Thoughts on the others: Lisa Vanderpump boldly asserts her status as queen bee of Beverly Hills, but I fear that the moment the crown is acknowledged atop her head is the moment it doesn't deserve to be there any longer. Lisa Rinna's is characteristically aggressive but I really like it for a couple of reasons: first, she's moved on from referencing her lips and second, the "hustler" double entendre is so tongue-in-cheek I can barely handle it. Eileen Davidson leans on a well-worn idiom with the "hear/speak/see no evil" reference, but it pretty perfectly communicates her place in the cast as the kind, observant voice of reason. Newbie Dorit Kemsley seems defensive of her (faux?) accent but looks stunningly pretty, so maybe it's a draw? And last but certainly not least, Kyle Richards revealed during the season's press tour that her new tagline actually came from the mind of a fan, but now I just need to know who she's identifying as the resident "fake" in this year's cast...


It's perfect that Erika has my favorite tagline because the premiere opens on her birthday! Miss Jayne is turning the big 4-5 and while she jokes that it's all downhill from here, the diva seems better than ever. Her life as pop star Erika Jayne has absolutely exploded in the last year (thanks in large part to the Housewives platform) and her massively successful lawyer hubby Tom has lovingly gifted her with an original Chagall painting AND a $78,500 Panthère de Cartier ring - her second of three by the way. Seems like entering into your mid-forties isn't so bad when you're Erika Girardi.


Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle and their husbands meet newcomer Dorit and her husband PK Kemsley for dinner at Pump. The new 'Wife is a friend of LVP's, who's known her talent manager husband for longer than he and Dorit have even been married. PK happens to be the manager for iconic 80s pop star Boy George, who also happens to be the Kemsleys' permanent houseguest and godfather to their four-month-old daughter. (This connection instantly endears her to Kyle, who just finished competing on the new Trump-less season of Celebrity Apprentice with the singer.) From the looks of it, Dorit lives a luxuriously charmed life, with a full-time staff that includes a baby nurse, multiple nannies, three housekeepers and an assistant. It's a brief introduction but my first impression is very positive. This newbie is drop dead pretty and I like what she's bringing to the show - affected quasi-European accent and all.


The next day, Kyle meets Erika and Eileen for a separate lunch where topics ranging from family tragedy and death to TV pilots and Housewives drama are on the menu. Eileen reveals that her mother passed away right before the Season 6 reunion, but the only 'Wife she told was bestie Lisa Rinna because she didn't want the news to affect the rest of the women's behavior toward her on the couches. Kyle's career continues to take off with the development of American Woman, a new show  on TV Land based on her life as a 70s child star. Kyle also brings up the lingering issues Lisa Vanderpump is holding onto with Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. However, I agree with Kyle that we never need to hear the words "manipulative," "own it," or that other "hauschen mauschen" m-word ever again so let's just leave it at that. 


For her birthday, Erika is throwing a raucous Studio 54-themed bash, complete with Pussy Control of Prince-adjacent fame taking names at the velvet rope. The 'Wives are all decked out in sequins and big hair - Rinna's sporting a long wig, LVP's in a sky-high half-pony and the birthday girl is rocking a waist-high slit - but the tension is palpable as Erika's party is the first time they've all been together since the reunion. Eileen gives Erika the guest part of her choice on The Young and the Restless, which officially makes the soap actress the best gift-giver in the history of birthdays. Lisa Vanderpump makes the rounds to introduce Dorit to the group but doesn't seem all too pleased when her nemesis Eileen engages in warm, friendly conversation with her pal. 


LVP exchanges awkward pleasantries with Lisa Rinna, including a jab by the Vanderpump about ripping her frenemy's wig off and Rinna warning Dorit not to put too much stock in the OG's opinions of her and the other 'Wives. However, in the end Lisa Rinna sees the interaction as a step in the right direction. At least the Lisas are back to playfully ribbing each other. That has to count for something, right? To me, Lisa Rinna has the right attitude: life is too short for petty squabbles and she's letting last year's drama go, regardless of LVP's steely ability to hold a grudge. As the women hit the dance floor to the tune of Erika's single "PAINKILLR," Lisa Vanderpump vows that she's coming back to the group stronger than ever. I have a feeling the same can be said for this fresh, new season in the 90210. 

Are you as happy as I am that RHOBH is back? Do you think the 'Wives can really let last year's drama go? What was your first impression of Dorit? Let me know in the comments below!

Breaking Down The Bravos

Glenn Rowley


This week was the first-ever Bravos, an awards show celebrating all things pop culture in the Bravo universe. Joined by a parade of Housewives and other Bravolebrities on both coasts, Andy Cohen hosted an evening where none of the categories were boring and that no true fan of the network should've missed. For this week's feature, I break down my analysis of all the winners, as well as who I think got snubbed or robbed of their rightful awards. Read on for my two cents on all things Bravos...

Don't Call It A Comeback Award



  • Teresa Giudice - RHONJ
  • Stassi Schroeder - Vanderpump Rules
  • Craig Conover - Southern Charm
  • Shereè Whitfield - RHOA

Was there ever a question that anyone other than Teresa would win the Don't Call It a Comeback Award? I mean, please. The queen of RHONJ spent most of 2015 locked away at Danbury Federal Correctional Institution and her release was heralded as the return of the century in the Bravo universe. Tre is so critical to the success of the New Jersey franchise that the show shut down production while she was away, and didn't pick up for Season 7 until she was a free woman again. Now, Teresa is back and better than ever, and the new season of RHONJ looks to be its most promising yet. That being said, Stassi's humbling yet necessary return to SUR this season comes in a close second place...

The Bravo Bro Award



  • James Kennedy - Vanderpump Rules
  • Jax Taylor - Vanderpump Rules
  • Shep Rose - Southern Charm
  • Ben Robinson - Below Deck/Below Deck Mediterranean

Now, yes, I will concede that Jax is probably the biggest bro found in the Bravo universe and so, for that, he deserves the first-ever Bravo Bro Award. However, his brand of greasy, smarmy playboy has never sat particularly well with me. (There's a reason I haven't covered #PumpRules on THG yet.) For that reason, I voted pretty much daily for my beloved Sheppy to win big. Like he said on the recently concluded Southern Charm Season 3 reunion, there's a big difference between amorous and a misogynist. Shep respects women and never crosses that boundary (besides his rather unfortunate "DTF" confessional joke this season.) Jax, on the other hand, doesn't seem to respect much of anything. And how hilarious was Amy Philipps' pouty impression of James after losing to his number one nemesis in the SUR crew??

Most Socially Driven: Powered by Chevrolet Cruze



  • Bethenny Frankel - RHONY
  • NeNe Leakes - RHOA
  • Kandi Burruss - RHOA
  • Scheana Shay - Vanderpump Rules

Inexplicably the sole award being sponsored by the all-new Chevy Cruze, Most Socially Driven is supposed to be awarded to the Bravolebrity with the most active presence on social media. I may not understand why exactly Kandi won (since I don't follow her as closely on social media), but I feel it needs to be pointed out that Bethenny was jipped out of this award solely on the strength of her hilarious Snapchat game alone. Everyone go follow her!

The Sorry Not Sorry Award



  • Erika Girardi - RHOBH
  • Bethenny Frankel - RHONY
  • Tamra Judge - RHOC
  • Caroline Stanbury - Ladies of London

Sorry not sorry, I am overjoyed that Beverly Hills newbie Erika walked away with the award for giving the least amount of f--ks. (Sing it with me, "Not one! Zero! Zero! Zero! Done!") In just a single season on RHOBH, Erika has proven to be the Housewife the people needed, and I am here for it. With her glam squad and bevy of backup dancers in tow, she and her sexy, sassy alter ego were the runaway stars of Season 6 and had absolutely no tolerance for any kind of BS from her new friends and co-stars. I can't wait to see how many "sorry not sorry" moments Erika Jayne serves up during Season 7.

Wacha Award for Animal Excellence



  • Fredrik Eklund, - MDLNY
  • Carole Radziwill & Baby - RHONY
  • Lisa Vanderpump's Menagerie - RHOBH
  • Vida & Ziggy - Shahs of Sunset

LVP deserved this award, named after Andy Cohen's adorable pooch, solely for the size of her collection of animals alone. Her menagerie of dogs (including Giggy the Pomeranian and golden retriever Rumpy Pumpy) swans Hanky and Panky and mini-horses Diamonds and Rosé have turned Villa Rosa into a veritable zoo. To her credit as an animal activist, Lisa spent much of last season of RHOBH organizing a protest against the horrific Yulin Dog Meat Festival and has since launched Vanderpump Dogs, her very own nonprofit organization dedicated to championing the rights of our four-legged friends all around the world.

Biggest Bravoholic



  • Wendi McLendon-Covey
  • Jerry O'Connell
  • Michael Rapaport
  • Chrissy Teigen

As much as I love Michael Rapaport - and trust me, I adore him - Chrissy Teigen was ROBBED in the race for Biggest Bravoholic. Serving as a famous voice for Bravo addicts since as far back as I can remember, Chrissy is truly one of us and her Twitter feed proves it. Take a casual scroll to see her dedication for yourself. I mean, the woman didn't get asked to be a guest on WWHL's 1000th episode for nothing. That being said, Michael Rapaport is an absolute delight every time he shows up in the Clubhouse, and I love that he reps for all the guys out there who love all things Bravo. Hey Michael, where can I get a "Real Men Watch Real Housewives" t-shirt? Andy and all of the folks at, please get on that ASAP...

Cutest Couple



  • Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker - RHOA
  • Lauren Manzo & Vito Scalia - Manzo'd With Children
  • Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix - Vanderpump Rules
  • Ryan Serhant & Emilia Bechrakis - MDLNY

Out of all the nominees, I suppose it makes the most sense that Tom and Ariana walked away with the title of Cutest Couple in the Bravoverse. There's a certain charm about the way they've emerged as a down-to-earth couple out of the incestuous stew known as the SUR staff of Vanderpump Rules. And I do have this weirdly sexual thing about Tom Sandoval and his hair. However, plenty of snubs in this category - from fellow SURvers Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney to RHOBH's Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky - could've easily beaten out the winning couple had they been up for the vote. Plus, you just know Luann de Lesseps is seething from her new penthouse on the Upper East Side that she and fiancé Tom D'Agostino weren't nominated...

Jumpsuit Achievement



  • Erika Girardi
  • Khloe Kardashian
  • NeNe Leakes
  • Kelly Ripa

It's a well-known fact that there's nothing Andy loves quite as much as a good jumpsuit, and Khloe surely rocked the one she wore while appearing on WWHL this year. However, this category contains what I consider the most glaring oversight in the entire awards show. How was Teresa Guidice not nominated for the iconic orange jumpsuit she wore in her very first appearance on WWHL following her release from prison? How?? Promoting her prison memoir, Turning the Tables, Teresa's jumpsuit was hilariously clever, outrageously chic and a big old middle finger to the powers that be that put her behind bars for a year. Never forget the orange jumpsuit, folks. 

The Queen of Shade



  • Gizelle Bryant - RHOP
  • Reza Farahan - Shahs of Sunset
  • Jeff Lewis - Flipping Out
  • Phaedra Parks - RHOA

With her endless trove of witty one-liners and cutting reunion jabs, Phaedra certainly has the long track record to justify being bestowed the Queen of Shade title. However, I would not have minded one bit if we'd seen Potomac standout Gizelle sneak in with a major upset. On the other hand, had either Reza or Jeff won, I would have been unreasonably upset. Keep trying, queens, but the Southern Belle known as "Shade-ra" wins.

Susan Lucci Award for Best Performance in a Reality Show



  • Patricia Altschul - Southern Charm
  • Kristen Doute - Vanderpump Rules
  • Vicki Gunvalson - RHOC
  • Dorinda Medley - RHONY

How pumped was Andy to have his daytime soap icon Susan Lucci in the Clubhouse to present the award named in her honor? I wasn't surprised to see Southern Charm's queen of the kaftans take the award home. After all, she's basically the Bravo equivalent to Susan Lucci herself, and the show just came off its best season ever a few weeks ago. Plus, it was an excuse to finally get Patricia to leave her fancy Charleston estate and visit the Clubhouse for the very first time. However, I will argue to the death with anyone who differs that my beloved Dorinda Medley deserved this award more than any of the other nominees. After less than two seasons as a Housewife, it's hard to imagine a RHONY without Dorinda's love of dirty martinis, mafioso attitude and slurry subtitles when she's had one too many. How did we ever survive without her??

Biggest Hustle Moment



  • Luis D. Ortiz - MDLNY
  • Jeff Lewis - Flipping Out
  • Asa Soltan Rahmati - Shahs of Sunset
  • Dr. Jackie Walters - Married to Medicine

Ok, so Jeff Lewis won. But that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. I've never been a fan of Jeff or Flipping Out as a whole, but in the wake of his bashing Heather Dubrow on WWHL last week, he's cemented his place on my list of Bravolebrities I actively dislike. And he wasn't wrong in his condescending acceptance speech: Asa should've been a shoo-in as the hardest-working Persian priestess out there. Girl, bye.

Giving Me Life Achievement Award


Special Awardee:

  • Mariah Carey

There's perhaps no one more fitting to be given the honor of the very first Giving Me Life Achievement Award than the Elusive Chanteuse, Miss Mariah Carey herself. Mimi's dual appearances on WWHL have been major pop culture moments, as well as the only instances in which Andy gladly gave up his Clubhouse throne. A diva in the truest sense of the word, Mariah represents all the glamour, drama and over-the-top fabulousness that The Bravos stand for, and her acceptance speech from a clearly green-screened shoe closet was just the cherry on top of the cake that was the first annual awards show for the network. My only question is this: when are this year's Real Housewives Awards??

What did you think of the first-ever Bravos? Do you agree with the winners or did you vote for other nominees? How right am I that Chrissy Teigen was robbed for Biggest Bravoholic? And does anyone out there dislike Jeff Lewis as much as I do? Let me know in the comments section below!