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Real Housewives

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RHONY S9/Ep 11 Recap - A Countess No More

Glenn Rowley


After two seasons of waiting, Countess Luann loses her title and finally walks down the aisle on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Plus, Sonja's relationship takes a serious turn, several familiar faces pop up in Palm Beach and the 'Wives gather for a celebration of the wedding they were never invited to! Read on for a full (short) recap of Lu and Tom's wedded bliss...

It's Christmastime in the city and Sonja Morgan has gotten herself into a bit of a love triangle. Things are getting unexpectedly serious with Edgar, her paramour a la francaise otherwise known as "Frenchie" - so much so that he's staying the night and making breakfast in the morning. This is great for Tinsley Mortimer because who doesn't love a free meal, but now Sonja's balancing one serious relationship with Frenchie and another with Rocco. The former even knows about the latter, but Lady Morgan has to break the news of the competition to her poor restauranteur kinda-boyfriend. Oh, and she may also want to mention the tiny detail that, in addition to making breakfast in the morning, FRENCHIE HAS MOVED INTO THE TOWNHOUSE. Between Tinsley, Sonja's new fling-turned-something serious and Connor the assistant, it's getting quite crowded inside the Grey Gardens of the Upper East Side.

In the spirit of the season, Bethenny Frankel is hosting her annual holiday party and all of the women are invited except Ramona Singer. Instead, to show just how much she doesn't care about being left out, the Singer Stinger takes daughter Avery and her bevy of 21-year-old pals out for drinks and dinner. Of course, Ramona proceeds to spend the entire night complaining about Bethenny and taking advice on how to handle the situation from a bunch of girls who are barely old enough to drink. In her confessional, Ramotional tries to position herself as a Regina George-level "cool mom" but let's face it: we all know the only reason these girls are out with their friend's mom on a weekend night is because they want to be on camera and comment on Bethenny Frankel's life. You can practically see the desperate schemes in their eyes as they cozy up to Ramona with dreams of being next season's newest Housewife. 

Down in Palm Beach, it's finally time for Luann de Lesseps' New Year's Eve wedding to Tom D'Agostino. Dorinda Medley is a bridesmaid while former NYC Housewives Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon are in the audience. (Inexplicably, Cynthia Bailey of RHOA and Marysol Patton of RHOM are also in attendance but their faces are blurred.) Bravo cameras weren't allowed at the event so after two seasons worth of drama surrounding the big day, all we get are a few minutes of home video footage. However, at the end of the day the Countess seems, if not satisfied, happy with her choice. She's proved all the haters and doubters and trolls wrong and is now officially Luann D'Agostino. 

Somewhere in a dank, dark basement back in New York, the rest of the 'Wives gather for a post-wedding party thrown by the the new Mr. and Mrs. D'Agostino. Sonja brings Frenchie out of the bedroom for the occasion, Tinsley arrives with Hot Chad on her arm, the gang's all here to celebrate a wedding that, ya know, none of them were actually invited to. The ladies politely ooh and ahh over details of Luann's romantic day, but Tom does himself no favors by jokingly revealing that he asked his new bride if he actually had to wear a ring. The comment reeks of a red flag waving over Luann's now-legal marriage but at this point what's done is done. The episode rather hilariously ends with Dorinda giving a sweet toast to make up for her drunken attempt of a speech during last season's engagement party. As she sums the evening up, cheers to the friends who weren't invited!

What did you think of this week's RHONY? Did Luann's fairytale wedding live up to expectations after building up to the moment for the last two seasons? Should Ramona be getting friendship advice from a bunch of 21-year-olds? And how disturbing was that chokehold kiss Tom gave Lu at the post-wedding party?? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

Bravo's 2nd Annual #RHAwards: THG Picks the Winners

Glenn Rowley

Image Credit: Bravo

Image Credit: Bravo

It's awards season in the Bravo universe! That's right, the 2nd annual Real Housewives Awards are upon us. I loved when Bravo did this last year and am super excited to see it become an annual event. Let's face it, so much happens across the franchise and it's a fun way to look back on the year and vote for our favorite ladies. This year, they've added a number of new categories including Best Housewife Comeback, Realest Reconciliation and Miss Congeniality along with returning categories like Rookie of the Year, Biggest Reunion Shocker and OMG Moment. To analyze all the nominees, I rounded up my fellow Housewives fanatics Tanya from So Cute and Curvy and my cousin Adrienne for their input, and we're giving you our picks for who should walk away with the coveted glass heel!


Image Credit: Bravo

Image Credit: Bravo

That Housewives Guy: I love my Beverly Hills girls and I was over the moon about Dina coming back to RHONJ, but I'm going to have to say Bethenny. Her return reinvigorated RHONY and helped give us the best season New York has ever had. Yes I said it. 

Tanya: I vote B [too]. I have this love/hate relationship with her because she's so harsh she executes her honesty isn't always the kindest, but I respect her hustle and how genuine she always is.

Adrienne: Dina! While her comeback I fear is short-lived, it was great to see her back on such a pivotal season of RHONJ. Not only was she Teresa's main support system, she's hilarious, witty, honest, gorgeous, and has the uncanny ability to see right through the crap and fake peeps that are her counterparts.


Image Credit: Bravo

Image Credit: Bravo

THG: This category is incredibly crowded and I have a few questions about it. 1. Why do Nicole and Teresa have to share their nomination? First their tagline, now this? 2. Why is Shannon nominated but Lizzie isn't? And 3. Shannon and Kristen's rookie years weren't even in the current seasons of RHOC and RHONY, so that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I feel like I can't vote for either of them simply out of principle. 

A: I say Teresa and Nicole. While I didn't always love Teresa, Nicole's priorities of Duncan Donuts and Oral sex are clearly on point. I could see the twins being around for a while - they bring not only comedy but quite a bit of drama to the show.

T: I wish I had more than one vote for this category because Bravo did so good on all the newbies this year! I voted for the twins too because I feel if I had an alter ego I’d have a lot of their personality in there. The runner-ups I call for are Dorinda, Kristen, Shannon & Lisa. They bring so much to the show and live up to the brand…definitely unforgettable, so they have my vote as well!

THG: Honestly, there isn't a single bad 'Wife in the bunch, but for me it comes down to the twins, Dorinda, Lisa and Eileen. Eileen Davidson is my spirit animal. I know, I know that didn't really narrow anything down. I'm tempted to lean towards Dorinda because of how much I've loved this season of RHONY, but I think I'm going to go with Lisa R. She and Eileen both added so much to Beverly Hills this season, but she definitely brought more drama between the two. 


Image Credit: Bravo

Image Credit: Bravo

A: Jim Marchese. Do I really need to elaborate? He's scum, his need to over compensate for his ugly mug, bad hair plugs and small penis is obvious. Shut your face Jim.

THG: I agree, there's no way anyone but Jim Marchese walks away with this award - if you can really call spreading rumors about someone's mom, selling your best friend of more than a decade down the river for reality TV fame and coming across as a complete and utter a--hole an "award."

T: Um no. CoCo all the way. Duh….I could barely remember what part the other nominees had. Who doesn’t love the beautiful Coco?

THG: By the way, why isn't Brooks on this list? His cancer is just starting to stir up the OC and from what we've seen in previews and the press, everything is going to explode around it for the rest of the season. Then again, if he was nominated, Vicki would probably have Andy's head...


Image Credit: Bravo

Image Credit: Bravo

T: I think these were all worthy of a nomination, however I can’t believe this character called JIM! I seriously don’t know who I would strangle more….him or Kenya. These types of people make their seasons addicting, but he is a horrible person and I won’t say more on that…..ugh!

A: Yes, definitely. While the rumor may or may not be true, you just can't talk about mamas.

THG: I think the most OMG moment was Lisa vs. Kim in Amsterdam. It was the moment we waited all season for, and it most definitely did not disappoint - shattered wine glass and all. Also, am I the only one who finds it telling that Kim isn't included in the nomination? Seems like Bravo is trying to distance itself as far as possible from her downward spiral...


Image Credit: Bravo

Image Credit: Bravo

A: Milania. While I'm not sure if it's more LOL or WTF, it was worth some kind of mention. Good thing she's not my kid, she looks cute with her teeth in her mouth.

T: None of this was LOL to me…no vote.

THG: Yeah, I kind of agree with you. If I had to choose one, I'd pick Sonja with the tooth and the cufflink at the Boy Meets Skinnygirl party (which is weird because I'm never a Sonja fan). But where is Vicki swimming with the sharks in Tahiti or Dorinda mistaking that guy for a waiter?? Or even Yolanda's confusion over cunnilingus in the next category? I could go on and on. So many hilarious moments they left out.


Image Credit: Bravo

Image Credit: Bravo

T: Dunkin' Donuts and oral sex…sounds about right to me. That is so true! My vote goes to Nicole.

A: Tamra. Let's face it, the woman is not only freaking funny, she is abrasive and brutally honest. Girl is a fire cracker who doesn't mind screaming to get her point across....My kind of girl. Quite frankly, her and my opinion on religion and others butting in with their two cents is right on point, ya'll can suck it.

THG: Ok, we seriously all have different opinions about this one because I have to go with Luann, if only because of how iconic it was. "Don't be all, like, uncool" instantly became part of the classic Housewives lexicon the second it came out of her mouth.


Image Credit: Bravo

Image Credit: Bravo

THG: If we're talking about which was the realest, this one goes to Kyle and Lisa, easy. After watching their friendship fall apart over the course of two seasons thanks to a certain fired pot-stirrer (ahem, Brandi), it was so nice to see them really make up and become friends again this year. I'm excited to see them in Season 6 without other people trying to get between them. And for the record I will be on Team Kyle until the end of my days. 

A: I agree, I do think Lisa and Kyle have truly moved forward and cherish each other's friendship. I would have chosen Tamra and Vicki for this, but I know they're going to fight and make up and fight and make up probably 20 more times in seasons to come. 

T: Well, I'm still voting for Tamra & Vicki...I don’t have much to say about that, but I appreciate how easy it is for them to get past their issues and their past. I like that they can just move forward because they make good TV!


Image Credit: Bravo

Image Credit: Bravo

T: Lisa and those lips…how can you not feel how authentic her apology is? She took responsibility for her behavior in Amsterdam. Kim’s reaction is so funny and just makes this whole scene.

THG: I loved watching Andy get sassy with Ramona a.k.a. Stonewall Jackson. She got so defensive and was trying so hard to deflect. The Ramonacoaster is always in top form come reunion time, but you would think after six years she would know not to mess with her boss. 

A: That was a proud Andy moment for me. You go baby boy. Ramona is a loud mouth. While she can be funny, she was out of line here. Andy's response was flawless.


Image Credit: Bravo

Image Credit: Bravo

THG: There is not a single Housewife on Kristin Taekman's level when it comes to fashion. Did you see her homage to the Sex and the City tutu this week on her blog? I feel the need to point out that I was calling her the Carrie Bradshaw of RHONY months ago in the very first Feature Friday on this site. For the record, I love a lot of Cynthia's style on RHOA too, but she's more miss than hit when it comes to her interview looks. Hands down, Kristen for the win. There's not even any competition.

T: Kristen has my vote as well. She and Nene are my Bravo fashion icons!

A: Nene. One word to describe this look....yikes. She looked like a penis head with that choppy bowl cut bob. Bye Felecia.

THG: Umm I don't think that's what they meant by stunning, Ade...



THG: Ok this category is just not fair because it has so many of my favorite Housewives from across the Kandi. I honestly can't choose. Yolanda is so patient and caring and manages to play the peacemaker with the Beverly Hills ladies even while she's battling Lyme disease. Carole is so down-to-earth, which I love, and Fancy Pants is so giving and such a true friend. Out of all of them though, I want Dina to be my best friend in real life. So I guess I'll go with her? I hope you know I'm going to agonize over this choice for days.

T: This category was made for Yolanda Foster. She is probably the most positive person on the Real Housewives franchise. Love how she has raised beautiful and kind kids. Loved that she was a successful model.  Love that she only promotes positivity on her IG. Love that she married a man she adores. Love that she is an example of getting what you ask and expect in life and then being humble and gracious about it!

A: Yolanda is so kind, a true class act. She treats everyone with respect and her husband, kiddos, and family are her life. Housewives could learn a lot from Mrs. Foster.



THG: Ok, so we don't get to vote on this one, but I still thinks it's fun to predict who's going to get it. Last year, Vicki got the first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award, and I have to say it's probably one of my favorite Vicki moments ever. If you haven't seen it, go watch it now.

T: Two words…NENE LEAKES! She is a legend and probably the most memorable person out of ALL the housewives! Bloop!

THG: I agree, with her leaving RHOA behind, it's NeNe's year for sure. The one other possibility could be Ramona, but I think Bethenny's return overshadowed her too much to get it this year. 

Well, there you have it. We didn't agree on much, but it was sure fun to see who we all thought should win. Special thanks to Tanya and Adrienne for helping me out! To cast YOUR votes, go to and tune in to a special WWHL on Sept. 14 to find out the winners!

WWHL - RHOA 100th Episode Special

Glenn Rowley

RHOA 100

I have a confession. Out of all the cities in the franchise, Atlanta is the one I watch the least. If you've noticed, I haven't even covered anything RHOA-related, despite some friends' insistence that I was missing out. In fact, this is the first time I've written a recap solely dedicated to the lives of the Atlanta ladies. Season 5 was the first year I watched the majority of the season. Before then, I'd only seen bits and pieces. I watched Season 6 off and on as well, but I felt the recently-completed seventh season kind of imploded on itself and just wasn't that engaging. So, for me, the 100th episode special was equal parts walk down memory lane and education in all things ATL.

Unlike the 100th episode special for Orange County, which consisted of confessionals by the first ladies of Bravo and Andy himself (sans tie and looking fly), the Atlanta ladies all sat down for one-on-one interviews with Andy in the WWHL Clubhouse. The format was fun, and generally worked well, but I missed getting Andy's perspective on the ATL like we did in the OC. The special was divided into ten different segments, so for the sake of convenience, I'll break my recap up the same way. So, without further adieu, let's get to it, peaches.

In the Beginning


Andy kicks things off by asking NeNe, the OG of the ATL, if she expected to be making TV history when the show debuted back in 2008. As she explains that it would've been impossible to predict the phenomenon the show and franchise have become, we're treated to snippets of her and DeShawn Snow's casting tapes. These little peeks behind the curtain were some of my favorite moments of the night, like watching a long-haired NeNe describe herself as a 40-and-fabulous star yet to be discovered. Kim, rocking some bright pink lipstick and a cream-colored bandage dress, explains that she originally met NeNe at the gym when she was running around, smoking a cigarette with a trainer - as hilarious a mental image as I've ever had. NeNe convinced her to come film the pilot with her, even though the producers weren't looking for any Caucasian women at that point. NeNe describes the pilot - where we saw DeShawn moving into her 15,000 sq. ft. mansion - as "scary" to watch. Kim sees it differently however, saying that back in Season 1, everyone was simply who they were and their reality was captured before the show evolved into what it is now. The big drama in the pilot revolved around a party thrown by Shereè Whitfield in which NeNe's name was purposely left off the guest list. NeNe says now that she would never call her rival a friend, despite knowing her for more than a decade. Interestingly Shereè and fellow original 'Wife Lisa Wu both failed to appear in the special, (reports in the media claimed the two couldn't reach agreements on salary), but having never been a fan of Shereè, I personally didn't miss her. 


Future Housewives also weighed in on the first season. Cynthia Bailey thought one thing that was especially great when the show premiered was seeing the lives of real, successful African-American women on TV. Kandi Burruss cited Atlanta as the black Hollywood, where everyone is trying to be something and make something happen for themselves. Phaedra Parks reflected on the debut season saying she didn't know that she'd ever seen reality TV so raw. Apparently, the first time Andy met NeNe was when she called him up and asked him to do a reunion show for the first season. The OC and NYC 'Wives had filmed reunions for their respective seasons, but the post-season specials weren't yet a given part of the Housewives formula. According to Andy, NeNe felt that Kim had been talking about her on the show and wanted to confront her. Kim, meanwhile, looks back on the first reunion - which featured NeNe's epic "close your legs to married men" line - as a horrible experience. So I guess we have NeNe Leakes to thank for keeping the much-beloved tradition of Housewives reunions alive, because a pop culture phenomenon had been born. 

The Show Grows


Next, the cast's subsequent new additions were highlighted. Kandi was the first new Housewife to join the show in Season 2. In fact, the first scene the Grammy-winner shot was in Momma Joyce's house, when her mom sent her into tears about her fiancé AJ. On Kandi's very first day of shooting, she was already crying! Phaedra, who joined the show in Season 3, wanted to become a Housewife because she felt the show didn't truly reflect what Atlanta was really about. According to the Southern Belle, there were no educated or class women on the show at the time besides Kandi. Shade! Cynthia, the other third season addition and my personal favorite Atlanta Housewife, didn't really know what she would be getting herself into, and worried about how she would fit into the group of women. Her first scene was with all of the 'Wives at her house for lunch, when Phaedra claimed she didn't know when her baby was due. (Of course, the truth later came out that boughetto Phae-Phae was lying). Cynthia describes her entire first season on the show as one giant hazing ritual, from the infamous Friendship Contract to her wedding in the season finale. This, naturally, led to the question of whether NeNe, as the OG, hazes the new girls. As clips of her calling Phaedra "Fakedra" and shaking her head about Porsha thinking a year had 265 days, Miss Linnethia simply claimed she had a big personality that other women could find intimidating. 


Her first impression of Kenya Moore, who would join the cast in Season 5 and arguably become the show's biggest villain and NeNe's rival, was one word: crazy. The delusion was evident in Kenya's casting tape from 2010, when she introduced herself as "Kenya Moore, you may have heard of me" and compared herself to "Michael Jackson reincarnated." Gone with the Wind fabulous indeed, Kenyoncé. The ego on this woman is unparalleled. Even down-to-earth Kandi thought she was cuckoo. Claudia Jordan, the show's most recent addition from Season 7, said she knew it would be hard joining the group of women as Kenya's friend. To this day, she feels that she would get along with most of the other ladies if they would get over their prejudgement based on her association with the show's villain. 

Knowing How to Work It and Be Seen


Kandi's casting tape, where she talked about being part of the "music movement" in Atlanta and showed off her Grammy Award for Best R&B Song (for "No Scrubs" by TLC) kicked off the segment showing how the Atlanta 'Wives had used the show as a platform for their business ventures. From "Don't Be Tardy for the Party" and Bedroom Kandi to Donkey Booty vs. Stallion Booty, the way the ladies have managed to leverage their success on the show has been nothing short of incredible. As a Grammy-winning music producer, Kandi has worked an eye-popping list of A-list talent: Mariah Carey, TLC, Destiny's Child, Whitney Houston and...Kim Zolciak. In discussing "Tardy for the Party," Kandi said that she's always rooted for the underdog and decided she wanted to help Kim as a friend. Kim, whose other musical attempts include "Google Me" and "Love Me First," still marks hearing "Tardy..." for the first time as one of the best memories of her life, and said it just goes to show what you can do with the Housewives platform. Of course, fans know that controversy over the song's royalties, which Kim's lawyer talked her into not paying Kandi, ultimately ended the duo's friendship. Kim admits that a contract should've been set in stone from the beginning between the two. Let this be a lesson about why you never mix with friendship, kids.


Viewers initially met Phaedra as a lawyer to the stars, but the Southern Belle has used the show to branch out into several other areas, including dog funerals, a Donkey Booty workout video and a mortuary career. Phaedra describes herself as a jack-of-all-trades who masters most, and with a resume like that, it's hard to disagree. Cynthia, meanwhile, is grateful to the show for giving her the platform to inspire other young talent with the Bailey Agency. However, as an entrepreneur there are ups and downs, and the one regret she has is publicizing her and Peter's financial situation on the show. As a result, no matter how successful the couple becomes, people's perceptions in the world are that the Thomases are broke. Meanwhile, Kandi's line of adult toys, Bedroom Kandi, continues to thrive - Kandi remains possibly the only person to win both a Grammy Award and an AVN Award...

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby


Bedroom Kandi serves as the perfect segue into one of the Atlanta ladies' favorite topics: sex. The show's seven seasons have been full of crazy sex moments, from the Bedroom Kandi launch party to the infamous ReDICKulous performance. However, Kandi's favorite sex-related moment was the ladies' Season 7 game of hot potato on the beach in Puerto Rico using a dildo. Phaedra claims she doesn't like sex talk, only nudity as art. Coming from the Southern belle who hired ReDICKulous for Kandi's birthday party, that excuse is hard to swallow, but she claims that wasn't sex talk, just "a man with a penis." Always one to shy away from sex talk, NeNe points out that it's funny how often some of the other women talk a big game about sex, but they never seem to be able to land a man. Shade yet again! The OG also says that she's always been open about her past as an exotic dancer, and that some of these other girls should be open about their "past as a whore." Cut to Kenya. Ha!

Dresses and Tresses


When it came to the awards for best dressed and best hair, the women obviously couldn't agree. Best dressed alternated between Kenya (who nominated herself), Cynthia, Phaedra and Kim, who apparently always wore the best labels. Kim was also quick to nominate supporting queens Derek J, Lawrence and Dwight for their "off-the-chain", gender-bending looks. As NeNe agrees, Dwight brought fabulosity to the show ("a fashion show with no fashion? How dreadful!"). The award for best hair was a toss-up between Kenya, Cynthia and Porsha. Worst hair, on the other hand, went to NeNe, according to Kandi. Like Cynthia says, when NeNe gets it bad, it's really bad. For both best dressed and best hair, I would hands-down give it to Cynthia. There's a reason she was a supermodel, people, and she's a fashion risk-taker who can pull off nearly any hairstyle imaginable. After all, beauty is her business and she's the boss. 

All in the Family


In Phaedra's casting tape prior to Season 3, she's asked by a producer whether she's worried about her relationship with Apollo, seeing as there had been a few divorces documented on the show. The question is sad foreshadowing for anyone with hindsight. As Andy points out to NeNe, nearly every woman on the show has been through the ringer when it comes to relationships - from NeNe's rollercoaster relationship with Gregg and Todd and Kandi's Momma Joyce drama to Porsha being blindsided by Kordell's divorce filing and of course, Kim and Big Poppa. For those who need a refresher, Big Poppa was Kim's mystery boyfriend during the first three seasons of the show who never appeared on camera. According to Kim, he lived in Atlanta, worked in real estate and chased her for a year before they started dating. At the time a legally married man, Big Poppa produced quite a bit of controversy during his relationship with Kim as he showered her with cars, jewelry, furniture and other expensive gifts. As for what made Kim break things off with her mysterious sugar daddy? NFL player and her now-husband Kroy Biermann, of course. In fact, Big Poppa dropped Kim off at the Dancing Stars of Atlanta charity event where she met Kroy, who was Shereè's dance partner. As for what happened pre-Kroy (and Kroy's perfect butt)? Kim got shy talking about her bi-curious fling with DJ Tracy Young, whom she met while remixing "Tardy for the Party." She eventually turned the question around on Andy, who remains a gold-star gay, having never swam in the lady pond, unlike Mrs. Zolciak-Biermann.


Meanwhile, NeNe and Gregg have had a tumultuous few years in their relationship, which thankfully had a happy ending following their remarriage on I Dream of NeNe. When asked, NeNe doesn't blame the show for their divorce following Season 3, but acknowledges that the cameras certainly didn't help. As one of the breakout Housewives, NeNe's star was on the rise, which was hard on Gregg. Andy comments that it was odd to see NeNe without Gregg for the duration of the fourth season, as she was showered with gifts by her business partner John Kolaj. Ultimately, NeNe said she regrets divorcing her husband and putting their whole relationship out there on the show, and wishes they would've handled the situation differently. Thankfully, love eventually brought them back together. 


In other Housewives' relationship problems, Andy asks Phaedra whether she regrets Apollo's involvement on the show, seeing as the two are now separated with Apollo serving eight years in prison for fraud and identity theft. Phaedra says she doesn't live her life with regrets, so she doesn't have any about her relationship with Apollo being part of the show. However, as clips of the tense spiral of their relationship's implosion play, Phaedra admits that the show can tend to bring out the worst in people, like the time during Season 7 that Apollo went crazy in their garage before reporting to prison. Porsha also talked about her divorce from Kordell, which she found out about on Twitter, saying it was "just the worst thing ever." At the time, the two were already going through a rough patch because of the show and other ladies' opinions that Kordell was controlling. However, Porsha claims that it was a good thing in the end, as the show highlighted some things she needed to work on about herself. 


Perhaps the most heartbreaking relationship saga documented on the show is Kandi's. Engaged during Season 2 to businessman AJ Jewell, the two called off their wedding shortly after filming wrapped and he was tragically killed in a drive-by shooting in October 2009. At the time, two of Kandi's ex-fiancé's daughters were still living with her, and she said there were times that going through such a tragedy in the public eye made her regret joining the show. Kandi's other regrets include her mother's smackdown with her best friend Carmon while she was shopping for a dress for her wedding (to now-husband Todd Tucker) in Season 6. Andy pointed out that Momma Joyce seems to have a history of being very threatened by people getting between their mother-daughter relationship, and Kandi admitted that her mom could be a "little" territorial, which may be the understatement of the century. However, Momma Joyce apparently treats Todd much better now, which is good considering that Kandi has vowed to never let her mom dictate who she can be with. 


NeNe's biggest regret from the show is documenting her search for her biological father, after discovering that Curtis, who she thought was her dad, actually wasn't in Season 1. NeNe explained that she still considered Curtis her father, but that he might not consider her his daughter after seeing the show air. Apparently, her biological father was Curtis' friend, who admitted to sleeping with NeNe's mother. The revelation hurt Curtis deeply, for obvious reasons, and his relationship with NeNe was never the same afterwards. 


In Cynthia's five years on the show, one of the most dramatic moments in her story remains her wedding to Peter during the Season 3 finale. After a season full of building tension and financial distress, Cynthia's mother and sister took it upon themselves to hide the marriage certificate so that Peter and Cynthia couldn't sign it. The former model admitted that the situation haunted the couple for a long time, as it took years for Cynthia to convince Peter that she didn't know anything about her sister and mother's actions at the time. Sometimes on a reality show, the reality bleeds into your real life, and Peter was rightfully hurt by the situation a great deal. The family meddling and marriage certificate scandal coupled with Peter's financial dire straits certainly wasn't the most positive way for the couple to start their life together.

Shade & Showdowns


Of course, the biggest reason any of us watch the Housewives is for the fights and the feuds, and the ladies of Atlanta have given us many. From NeNe vs. Kandi to Kenya vs. Porsha to Shereè vs. Marlo, the Southern smackdowns are among Bravo's most memorable. However, few compare to the wig pull heard round the world when Kim, Shereè and NeNe faced off in an epic brawl during Season 2. Giving the clash some context, Kim admitted that prior to Housewives, the dynamic between the three ladies always had a competitive undertone that was then magnified under the lens of the camera. In fact, Kim and NeNe - the dueling queens of the Atlanta 'Wives are known to have had some of the most legendary fights in Housewives history. From Season 2's "is your wig squeezing your head too tight, heifer?" to Season 3's tour bus brawl, the two centerpieces of RHOA have clashed time and again. In fact, no one can get Kim as angry as NeNe can, according to Wig herself. The constant fighting back and forth took its toll on the blonde bombshell, eventually leading to her leaving the show in the middle of Season 5, after an explosive lunch-time confrontation over the upcoming cast trip to Anguilla. As Kim put it, "of course [she] didn't want to hang out or go on vacation with any of the other ladies, they were all full of s***!" With that, Kim exited the series and never looked back. I subsequently fell in love with her on her spinoff, "Don't Be Tardy", which I started watching for Kroy's butt and quickly became converted to the antics of the Zolciak-Biermann crew. 


The other major fallout for NeNe was the demise of her friendship with BFF Cynthia during the sixth and seventh seasons. According to Cynthia, theirs was a true friendship, one in which she was completely committed. However, the friendship took a turn for the worse after NeNe accused Cynthia's husband of acting like a bitch during Kenya's charity event in Season 6. Cynthia explained that she tried to get past the slight, but Peter never really got over it and she couldn't blame him. Cynthia commented that she loves her friends, but no one should ever expect her to choose a friend over her husband, which is a completely valid point. For her part, NeNe admits that she probably shouldn't have used the b-word, but subsequently threw shade by following that up by saying that Peter shouldn't have been acting like one. The BFF's spent much of Season 7 trying to mend their relationship to no avail. From her perspective, NeNe was a good friend to Cynthia, so there was nothing she would have changed between the two.

One relationship that has always been murky is NeNe and Kandi's. Out of all the new girls who have ever come on the show, the one person Miss Linnethia's never connected with is Kandi. Kandi agreed, saying that she never knows where the two stand half the time either, sometimes NeNe can be friendly and sometimes all you get is a cold shoulder. According to NeNe, Kandi isn't the type of girl she would ever hang out with in real life, due to her lack of fabulousness.


To Kandi, Andy brings up the disastrous Pillow Talk fight during Season 6, citing Kenya as the one who initiated the chaos. (For those who can't remember, Kenya got up and charged Friend of the Housewives Natalie Macklin, setting off a series of explosions and physical altercations.) Cynthia points out that amidst the mayhem, she and Kandi ended up having words with each other, which was unfortunate because the two had always been friendly. Kandi herself points to the fight as one of the lowest moments in the show's history and a horrible representation of herself.


For troublemaker Kenya's part, she chooses her fallout with Phaedra, which encompassed the majority of Seasons 5, 6 and 7, as the feud that hurt her the most. From Kenya's perspective, the two connected right away when they met, but their budding friendship went downhill over their soured business dealings regarding Phaedra's Donkey Booty workout video and Kenya's inappropriate flirting with Apollo, which started in Anguilla. Of course, the drama between her and Phaedra's husband culminated in further inappropriate text conversations and allegations of sexual offers in LA, which turned out to be a lie on Apollo's part. The two 'Wives sparred on opposite couches for two reunions, throwing barbs about sperm donors, fighting dirty and Pha-Phae's classic "you can't be a Housewife because you can't get a husband" line. Phaedra claims she was ready to "beat the devil out of" Kenya, and that it's somewhat of a miracle she didn't commit a crime. In the end, she chalks up her feud with the villain as "a plethora of foolishness".



Fans may look forward to reunion time all season long, but Phaedra calls the yearly sit-down the bane of her existence. Many other 'Wives probably feel similarly about the grueling, confrontational shoots. The darkest moment of possibly any reunion in the franchise was the physical altercation between Kenya and Porsha during Season 6. When asked by Andy, Kandi proclaims Kenya started the whole thing by waving her scepter in Porsha's face and then pulling out a bullhorn once Porsha snatched the toy and threw it on the ground. From Kenya's innocent perspective, one should never respond to a verbal attack by getting physical, which is true in principle but hard to argue in this particular situation. NeNe, naturally, feels the entire thing was Kenya's fault, because you can't taunt someone like that and not expect a reaction. Porsha, for her part, calls the experience a learning lesson, having confronted a situation where she felt she was being bullied and provoked. However, she's quick to point out that if a similar confrontation happened in the future, she would react differently. Thank goodness. The ladies can't afford to leave every reunion with assault charges. 

Housewives on Holiday


Kenya tells Andy her favorite cast trip was to Anguilla during Season 5, (probably because she got to spend so much time with shirtless Apollo), but the rest of the women all agree that their Season 4 trip to South Africa was the most special, with NeNe calling it a "really good moment." Phaedra points out that the women all did things that were true to themselves while in Africa. Among the most memorable experiences, the ladies danced with African kids, went on safari and visited an orphanage, where they brought hygiene and school supplies. As Kandi said, the entire trip was a touching experience, one that bonded the women beyond any feuds and catfights that were going on at the time. 

RHOA's Impact


Andy closed out the milestone special by asking the women what the show had meant to them and what they hoped people would take away from it. True to form, Phaedra said she hopes she's played a part in showing viewers that Southern belles still exist. Cynthia credits the show as one of the best things to happen in her life, and says she's become a stronger person because of it. Kenya gives the answer that she's learned more about herself and the show has helped her grow as a person. In the best answer to the question, DeShawn credits the show with being groundbreaking in that it showed viewers that African-Americans were prosperous. According to Kim, Atlanta women are funny, honest and real, while NeNe predicts the show will keep going for another 100 episodes (although we know now that those episodes will go on without her at the top of the peach tree). All I know is...I'm ready for NeNe and Kim: The Road to Riches. BLOOP!