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Real Housewives

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RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 24 - Secrets Revealed

Glenn Rowley


After a three-part reunion, this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wraps up with the Secrets Revealed episode. In never-before-seen footage from the Bravo vaults, we see the Housewives conquer parenting challenges, cope with health issues (including botox injections) and release their inner bad girls. Read on for a full recap of all the surprising and hilarious moments...


The Secrets Revealed episode kicks off with a few more questions from the Season 6 reunion. Andy Cohen presses Kyle Richards on her newly-remodeled closet that takes up an entire room of her house, asks Erika Girardi whether she really uses the amazing chapel in her home (the answer is yes) and questions whether Lisa Vanderpump's swans fulfill the stereotype that the birds can be viciously mean. LVP claims that, despite the biting incident that happened on-camera, Hanky and Panky are both tame, but it's a different story when it comes to the other six swans that greet visitors at Villa Rosa. Plus, the veritable zoo of animals had to adjust to the additions of Diamonds and Rosé this year, the pair of miniature horses Lisa V. got Ken Todd for his 70th birthday. 


Speaking of animals, Kyle's daughter Portia has added horseback riding to her list of childhood accomplishments. Kyle's enrolled her youngest in lessons where she not only learns to ride the horses, but is also responsible for everything from grooming and feeding the animals to cleaning their horseshoes. As a naturally curious seven-year-old, Portia has a wide variety of interests she wants to explore, and horseback riding is just the newest fascination behind acting and playing the piano. As Kyle points out in her confessional, the key to successful parenting is exposing Portia to as many positive opportunities as possible until she finds something that makes both her and Kyle happy.


At the reunion, Erika revealed the music video for her latest Erika Jayne single, "How Many F***s?" and in never-before-seen footage, we get to see more of the rehearsal from her gig in San Diego. With the help of her creative director Mikey Minden, Erika and her bevy of attractive back-up dancers block the show, practicing everything from choreography to all the lighting and sound cues for the performance. Erika explains in her confessional that while she's good at performing, she's constantly working to improve. After all, no pop star is born a superstar and it has taken a lot of work to become Erika Jayne. However, I keep getting distracted during this inspirational monologue as her gorgeous dancers start taking off their shirts and gyrating to the music. Also, for the record, I'm dying to get my hands on one of those official Erika Jayne tank tops. I love her so much I would literally wear it every single day if I could.


Next, we get a trio of scenes focused on healthcare. While Lisa Rinna plays nurse when her daughter Amelia Gray gets her tonsils removed, Yolanda Foster is busy going to her appointment with a holistic doctor to treat her Lyme disease. Dr. Kang seems to be the Beverly Hills version of Shannon Beador's trusty Dr. Moon on RHOC, and he does muscle testing with Yolanda to determine which medicines and treatments she should be taking. Then, Lisa Vanderpump tricks Ken into visiting a cosmetic dermatologist under the guise of getting her shoulders checked for skin cancer. However, the real reason for the appointment is so that Ken can get some botox in his face. As LVP points out in her confessional, if you don't need botox when you're 70 years old, when will you need it? Ken rather grudgingly lets the doctor stick a needle in his face because as long as Lisa's happy, nothing else matters, right?


This leads into a pair of scenes featuring Housewives and their daughters. First, Gigi Hadid crashes a sit-down between Yolanda and David Foster and the Girardis. During the conversation, the supermodel quickly connects with Erika's husband Tom over his work as a high-profile plaintiff's attorney - the most successful in the country, in fact. Before she got distracted by her career as the biggest supermodel in the world, Gigi was studying criminal law and psychology at NYU, and Yolanda maintains that she could see her oldest daughter returning to university in a few years to complete her degree. Tom promises to take Gigi on a trip to the courthouse soon, that is, after she comes back from her upcoming modeling shoot in Australia. Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna is starting to play momager to her oldest daughter Delilah Belle. Following Yolanda's formula, Rinna finally let Delilah try modeling after she turned 17, and the mother and daughter peruse some of her latest test shots. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I can't quite shake the feeling that Lisa Rinna desperately wants to use the show as a platform to help turn her daughters into the next Gigi and Bella. Do you agree?


Meanwhile, Kyle is stuck in a bit of a parenting mess. Apparently, Portia managed to inadvertently rack up a five-digit credit card bill while playing a game on the iPad. Guess those coins she was buying for the game cost actual money...oops. Like any seven-year-old, Portia is terrified of what her dad will do when he finds out, despite Kyle, Farrah and Sophia's insistence that Mauricio won't even be mad. In her confessional, Kyle explains that she and Mauricio never really have to discipline their kids. Yes, they put them in time out as toddlers, but as the girls got older, it became more about having a discussion about the mistake they made and what they can learn from it to not do it again. According to Kyle, Mauricio has the patience of a saint, and has never once lost his temper with any of the girls. It's so sad to watch Portia bawling her eyes out in fear, though, and my biggest question is this: did Kyle get her money back?


One of my favorite parts of the dynamic between the 'Wives this season was how much of a fan Eileen Davidson was of Erika and her pop star alter ego. In a pair of scenes from the Bravo vault, we get to see the two continue to bond as Erika visits the soap star on the set of The Young and the Restless and takes her shopping to release her inner "Eileen Jayne" with some sexy swimwear. (We also get a juxtaposed scene of Lisa Rinna and Kathryn Edwards shopping, but I have the feeling it was only included for the express reason that without it Kathryn would've been entirely absent from the episode. She's rocking that orange shift dress, though.) On the soap opera set, Eileen hatches a plan to get Erika a bit part on the show, maybe as a nun, and while buying her a swimsuit, Erika opines that many of the women underestimate just how cool Eileen actually is. I wholeheartedly second this opinion! Eileen Davidson is low-key the absolute coolest of all the 'Wives in Beverly Hills, and if you disagree you're wrong.


The Secrets Revealed episode ends with some extra footage from the trip to the Hamptons, with the 'Wives returning to their vacation house after Kyle's pop-up shop event. Over glasses of wine in the backyard, the women try to get Lisa Vanderpump to admit what makes her cry at night, but the British OG would rather talk about what makes everyone laugh. Erika then turns the conversation to the Househusbands of Beverly Hills, admitting to Lisa Rinna the major crush she had on Harry Hamlin in Clash of the Titans. Rinna rightfully opines that the 90210 is filled with some serious eye candy in the husband department, and Erika tells the women the story of how she and Tom met and fell in love. It's a nice button on the episode, and the season, and on that lovely note, Season 6 of RHOBH has officially come to an end.

What did you think of this year's Secrets Revealed episode? Are you sad the season is over or are you glad to see it go? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

RHOC Ssn 10/Ep 24 - Secrets Revealed

Glenn Rowley


OK, I have to be honest. After the exhausting reunion, the Brooks Tells All special and all the drama in the press surrounding it, I needed a little bit of a break from Orange County. I was so tired of the same issues going around and around in circles and being beaten way past death. I can't be the only one who felt that way. Did any of you? So, I know it's late but I finally got around to watching the final episode of the season - Secrets Revealed. After a few weeks away, it felt like a treat full of funny, unseen moments and as little of Brooks and the c-word as possible. This recap's better late than never, right?


We actually start out back at the reunion, but don't worry it's for a good reason. That reason being a package all about Shannon Beador working out at the gym. I'm not kidding you when I say I could watch Shannon in Tamra's booty class every single day for the next month and still laugh. Shannon Beador is all of us at the gym, people. Shannon explains that her preoccupation with losing weight came from all the stress eating she did once she found out about David's affair. However, after months of hitting the gym and questioning what was "mas gordo" at every restaurant in town, she's managed to lose most of the weight she wanted to. Woo hoo Shannon! 


This leads somewhat naturally into a never-before-seen ladies lunch at Shannon's house, where she tricked all the 'Wives into eating a meal solely of plant-based foods disguised as meat. And hooray - we have a Lizzie Rovsek sighting! As the ladies munch on "beef" tacos, Heather informs the room that she recently had her vagina steamed because it's all the rage according to Gwyneth Paltrow. Apparently Terry went with her too and had his backside done, hemorrhoids and all. Wait what? Talk about polite conversation. Once Shannon spills the beans about what they're really eating for lunch, the topic of Brooks and his fake night sweats and fevers somehow gets dragged into the discussion and I'm officially over it. Next, please.


We're tortured with more reunion footage regarding Brooks and Vicki's unhealthy relationship. Briana claims her mom has some type of Stockholm Syndrome and fell in love with her abuser, which might sadly be true if certain things we've heard in the media over the years are legitimate. She also explains that Brooks was obsessed with Vicki, to the point where he had studied everything about her down to her drink order. Creepy. Vicki cops to the fact that she never saw Brooks' prescriptions or all of his medical records despite the story about the giant binder with all the tabs that she made him. At this point I don't even know what to believe but am past the point of caring. However, can we all please take a minute to laugh at Brooks trying to exit up the fake staircase at the Season 8 reunion? 


In an unaired scene from the Tahiti trip, we see the women take an adventurous ride all over Moorea in a trio of two-seater roadsters. The best part of this was watching a clearly hungover Vicki try not to upchuck into Shannon's hat while in the passenger seat. The 'Wives even drive the buggies on a major road and miraculously manage to survive - eventually pulling over to take a group selfie. The roadster activity culminates in the women reaching a stunning lookout point in the jungle, with the dense green mountains and blue ocean magnificently spread out below them. It's a gorgeous sight but Vicki's ready to go back to the hotel and informs the ladies that she's called for a car with air conditioning to come pick them up. She's over this whole roadster idea - bring on the A/C!


In the next scene, Heather brings Tamra and Shannon along to shop for outrageously pricey doorknobs for all 70+ doors in her new house. Mind you this doesn't include all the sets of cabinets in her grandiose closet. I don't even want to do the math for that line item in the budget, but as Tamra says - that's a lot of facelifts. Meanwhile, Vicki goes to dinner with her boys - namely Brooks, her son Michael and her brother Billy. This scene was filmed right after the medium visit from episode 7 following the death of Vicki's mom, so that topic dominates the dinner conversation. In characteristic fashion, Michael calls B.S. on the whole idea of a medium, but Vicki wants to believe he somehow connected with her mom's spirit. Then, she naturally turns the whole discussion around to be about her impending death and what Michael's going to do with all of her stuff when she dies. Even though Vicki spent much of this season being villainized, the woman can make me laugh. Classic Vicki.


In more reunion footage, we finally get an answer to a question I've been wondering about all season: didn't Shannon know about the affair at the time of the Season 9 reunion? The answer is yes, David had confessed the affair three weeks after they had finished filming the season, so the Beadors were right in the middle of it when the reunion filmed. And yet, at that reunion, Shannon had claimed that they were "better than ever," having just come back from a Hawaiian getaway. She explained at the present reunion that, even though she knew about the affair, by the time last year's reunion taped, she and David were committed to staying together and fixing their relationship. And in case you were wondering, their sex life is incredibly "connected" nowadays. TMI, Shannon. TMI.


Next we're treated to a hilarious pair of scenes featuring Tamra/Shannon and Heather/Meghan shopping for toys at adult sex shops. Tamra and Shannon are picking out gift bag goodies for the sex party (pop rocks included), but based on what they're wearing Heather and Meghan are shopping either before or after the disastrous luncheon at Heather's construction site. I'm not sure how the sex toys fit into the narrative there, but it sure is funny to see Heather whip the Spanky's manager. As she explains in her confessional, people like to call her Fancy Pants, but Heather's seen a lot and even done a little. So there. However, I for one don't need to know what Tamra and Eddie are doing with that sex swing she bought...


The episode ends with a rather amusing clip of Meghan getting preventative botox at Terry's office. At 30, you wouldn't think the newbie needed any, but she's THAT worried about getting wrinkles. However, there's the small problem of Meghan being terrified of needles, so she's enlisted Heather for some moral support. With her hand in a death grip on Heather's poor fingers, Terry administers the botox to Meghan and it's kind of hilarious to watch her freak out. It's definitely a funny, silly way to end the Secrets Revealed special, as well as the roller coaster that has been Season 10 in Orange County.