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Real Housewives

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RHOMelbourne Season 3 Premiere - Join The Club

Glenn Rowley


Months after airing in its native Australia, The Real Housewives of Melbourne has finally arrived stateside for a scintillating Season 3! This is the very first international installment in the Housewives franchise I've covered on THG, and I'm pretty thrilled about it. In the season premiere, we catch up with each of the ladies' lives and meet the newest Housewife (who seems to have joined the show with a major vendetta against one of the OGs). From book club to baking days, the drama kicks off from the get-go, so buckle up because it's going to be quite the ride. Read on for my full recap of the premiere...


First up, let's talk opening taglines and the intro. I'm loving the all-black theme this season, especially compared to last year's white and gold looks. My vote for best tagline goes to Janet Roach for "I'm not everyone's drink of choice, but I'm my cup of tea." That being said, queen bee Gina Liano comes in a close second with "Persistence is king, and I'm the queen of it." Quick thoughts on the rest of the bunch: Chyka Keebaugh is as sunny and fashionable as ever while Lydia Schiavello addresses the gossip of her alleged affair with cricket star Shane Warne head-on with hers. I definitely appreciate Gamble Breaux's reference to her "Wolfe" pack, though I'm a bit surprised she didn't tie her wedding storyline in at all. Jackie Gillies is far and away one of my favorite 'Wives but her tagline this season seems incredibly generic, and I'm disappointed she didn't keep her trademark "shine" going for a third consecutive year. Pettifleur Berenger's is completely nonsensical = I mean, is someone going to question that she's in great shape?. It would easily be the worst of the bunch if it weren't for newbie Susie McLean, who commits the unpardonable sin of recycling Kathy Wakile's Season 5 tagline from RHONJ literally word for word. Seriously? How did no one at Arena (the Australian equivalent of Bravo) not catch that?


The premiere kicks off with Jackie and Janet arriving at Chyka's house for book club. Don't worry, it's not the type of book club you're thinking - all the women do at Chyka's book club is sit around talking about their lives and gossiping about other women. Chyka's also invited new Housewife Susie to start integrating her into the group. Susie has connections with many of the other women, having known Chyka for almost 20 years and both Janet and Gina for over 10. The Housewife she has the longest history with, though, is Lydia - whom she's known since they were both teenagers. Yet almost right away, the newbie alludes that she and the OG have basically been longstanding frenemies rather than BFFs.


This news is more than fine with Janet, who's not on great terms with Lydia either ever since the two got into a Twitter feud during the off-season. (Apparently her fellow Housewife called her an "old grandma" and she fired back, calling her co-star a "Lydiot." Just hilarious.) Janet also has her own tea to spill to the book club: Shane Warne, legendary cricketer and Lydia's close friend, asked her on a date and when she claimed to be busy, he turned the invitation into a late-night booty call. Once she learned of this development, Lydia was less than pleased, which made Janet wonder if there was any weight to the rumors around Melbourne that her relationship with Shane was more than "just close friends." Hmm...


Speaking of Lydia, she's across town meeting Pettifleur (who's decked out in Chanel, lace and the highest of high ponytails) for lunch at Botherambo. Pettifleur informs us that out of all the ladies Lydia is her closest friend, which seems a bit random and appropriately full of foreshadowing. After Lydia fills Pettifleur in on her recent trip to London, which included rumor-fueling stop at a charity gala for the Shane Warne Foundation, the latter is practically chomping at the bit to start trash-talking her nemesis Gamble. Pettifleur is still smarting from last season's controversy over her book, Switch the Bitch, and blames Gamble for the ensuing legal mess that resulted in her receiving a legal letter that basically accused her of copyright infringement and plagiarism. Now Pettifleur is on the offensive, gleefully informing Lydia of a rumor that Gamble allegedly met her now-fiancé Rick on a dating site called Scandalous! Shockingly, Lydia doesn't take Pettifleur's bait, instead defending Gamble and poorly paraphrasing to Pettifleur the old adage that two wrongs don't always make a right. Immediately, Pettifleur is petulantly bothered that her so-called closest friend isn't feeding into her trash-talking and ends the conversation by calling Gamble a "black widow" (meaning she mates to kill). Ouch.


Naturally, Lydia runs right to Gamble with the gauntlet of gossip and name-calling Pettifleur just threw down about her, using the excuse that she's trying to bridge the chasm between the two sophomore 'Wives. Busy planning her upcoming wedding, Gamble is both taken aback that Lydia would even have an issue with Pettifleur - whom she points out adores the "Lydiot" - and completely blindsided by this mud-slinging. First of all, she insists she met Rick on eHarmony and that she was looking for a life partner, not a sugar daddy. Secondly, she doesn't understand why Pettifleur seems to have it out for her at every turn. A black widow? Really? Gamble obviously doesn't take kindly to such a low blow, and vows to confront her nemesis face-to-face about what's being said behind her back. Don't mess with Gamble's Wolfe pup or you can bet the claws are going to come out...


Thankfully, newcomer Susie has planned just the venue for all these feuds to finally come to a head: a baking day! This isn't exactly the kind of activity you'd think the Aussie 'Wives would excel at, but at first things actually seem light and fun as they don their aprons and the scones and cakes make it into the oven. However, once Lydia and Pettifleur make their respective grand entrances, tension starts filling Susie's kitchen like the smoke off a burnt pavlova. While Pettifleur pulls Gina (her latest ally) aside to recount her sob story about kicking her son out of the house, Susie presses Lydia for details about her relationship with Shane Warne. Once again, Lydia swiftly denies the rumor as idle gossip, even when Susie asks her point blank if the two are "bonking." According to Lydia, she and Shane are nothing more than good friends (she's also an ambassador for his foundation), though Susie confirms in her confessional that she's "absolutely" sure Lydia is interested in the cricketer/philanthropist romantically. 


Conversation turns to Lydia's issues with Janet, and the two decide to address the Lydiot-shaped elephant in the room with Jackie and Pettifleur backing them up for moral support. The 'Wives exchange barbs over who called whom a "dirty cow" but considering that we didn't even see this social media war take place, I'm less than riveted. No one can seem to conclude which Housewife was actually in the wrong by attacking first and nothing gets resolved. Eventually, Gamble joins the conversation and calls out Pettifleur for trashing her behind her back. When it's revealed that Lydia told Gamble about the "black widow" comment, Pettifleur becomes enraged, seeing it somehow as a major betrayal on Lydia's part. Lydia insists she's merely trying to mediate the situation, but now Pettifleur wants nothing to do with her supposed bestie. (For the record, I really struggle to see why Petti has any right to feel backstabbed when she was the one spreading nasty gossip, but maybe that's neither here nor there.) 


Gamble feels that Lydia was justified in telling her what Pettifleur was saying about her, and now she's fired up. Calling Pettifleur "deranged" for thinking she's to blame for her book's legal problems, Gamble stands by her opinion that her nemesis ripped off the title of her "bloody scribbling of a book" from American reality star Omarosa Manigault. However, when she can't get a word in, Pettifleur explodes, screaming "just listen to me," which promptly sends the room into a stunned silence. Janet wisely points out that families and partners should be off-limits when it comes to Housewives feuds and Gamble loses it, calling Pettifleur a "lying piece of s--t" and threatening to sue her "to the end of the f---ing Earth" for slander and defamation if she's not careful. With one final "go f--k yourself Pettifleur!", Gamble storms out of the room and the premiere ends with the rest of the 'Wives stunned.

What did you think of the premiere? Are you Team Gamble or Team Pettifleur? Was Lydia right in telling Gamble what Pettifleur said? Is Janet to blame for the Twitter war? Let me know in the comments...

Before They Were Housewives - Countess Luann

Glenn Rowley


In the first-ever Before They Were Housewives special, Luann de Lesseps takes us on a trip down memory lane through her enchanting life before The Real Housewives of New York City became a pop culture phenomenon in 2008. From her humble roots in suburban Connecticut and her days as a model in NYC to her time as an Italian TV star and her whirlwind romance with Count Alexander de Lesseps, Luann's pre-Housewives life is like something out of a classic novel. For this week's feature, I'm breaking down everything we learned about the Countess in her nostalgic special...

The Fairytale of the Countess


The special starts with a look at Luann falling for Count Alexander de Lesseps back in 1993. When they met, the future Countess was living in Milan, Italy and working as a model throughout Europe. She also happened to be dating another man named Roberto at the time, but the moment she locked eyes with Alex at a dinner party at a glamorous chalet in Gstaad, that relationship was doomed. For the next five days, Luann and the Count were inseparable as they went skiing in the Swiss Alps, and at the end of the fifth day, Alex proposed. What a whirlwind! Of course, Luann had to deal with the problem of Roberto - whom she had been living with for the past two and a half years. Since Roberto was on a business trip, she ended up packing all of her things at their apartment and leaving "like a thief in the night," only calling to tell him she was engaged to another man after she'd left. Madly enamored, Luann left everything behind on a whim - the man she was dating, a successful career in Italian television, an entire life in Milan - all in the name of love.

Honeychile's Betrayal


While she lived in Milan, Luann was befriended by Honeychile Wilder - an American socialite who had married an Austrian-Hungarian prince. Significantly older than Lu, Honeychile had made a name for herself working as a showgirl and appearing on comedian Bob Hope's popular radio show before moving to Europe and becoming a princess. In her time in Milan, Luann had been taken under Honeychile's wing and looked to the older woman as her mentor. (Luann even relays the story of a time when Honey once took her to Hubert de Givenchy's atelier to get dresses to wear to the Paris opera.) Despite having been with Luann on the night she met the Count, Honeychile became incredibly possessive at the thought that Luann would leave her. In an act of betrayal, the socialite tried to convince Alex not to marry Luann - citing that she was just a nobody from nowhere - and left Lu heartbroken. When she left with Alex to elope in New York City, she said goodbye to her longtime friend in a note, explaining that she was leaving her behind...for good.

A Big Apple Elopement


Jetting off to NYC, Luann and the Count decided to elope after picking up a five-carat, pear-shaped diamond ring from a jewelry store in the Diamond District. Following through with their romantic plan, Luann and Alex took the subway to City Hall and got married right then and there, dressed in jeans and a blazer, with a truck driver named Lucille acting as the sole witness of the nuptials. Just like that, Luann became Countess de Lesseps after knowing Alex for only two weeks total. Now it was time to meet the family!

Connecticut Roots


Next, Luann travels to her hometown of Berlin, Connecticut to give us a glimpse of the place she grew up. Born in 1965 as the sixth of seven children, Luann was raised in a large, middle-class, French-Canadian family in the Connecticut suburbs. With so many older brothers, Lu almost inevitably turned out to be a self-proclaimed "jock," which is a far cry from the Countess persona we've always seen on RHONY. Visiting her childhood home, Luann reveals that the house actually burned down when she was a child, which left the family basically homeless with nothing but a collection of photo albums her mother managed to save from the flames. Eventually Luann's father and brother rebuilt their home, but she still calls it one of the most difficult times in her life. 


Bringing her new husband home to meet her family, Luann was nervous about how different her salt-of-the-earth background and upbringing had been to the Count's much more glamorous life. Never mind, of course, that she had decided to marry her now-husband after just a couple of weeks and her family still had no idea. Digging up some old VHS tapes that her son Noel came across, Luann sits down with her mother Nadine and her brother Michael to reminisce about the first time she came home with the Count. Apparently, everything went so well that no one in the family even had any idea Luann had married a titled aristocrat!

Lu's Lucky Little Red Dress


Rewind to 1987. At the urging of a nurse's aid she worked with,  a 23-year-old Luann decided to enter the Miss Connecticut beauty pageant, once again on a whim. On a bridal shop's clearance rack, she found what she describes as "the perfect red dress," which would set her on a path she could have never imagined. While she didn't place at that first beauty pageant, a man in the audience stopped her after the competition and told her she had potential to be a model in New York City. The man encouraged Luann to enter a modeling competition the next week in Hartford, Connecticut, and opined that if she brought the red dress she would win. As luck would have it, the mysterious man was right - Luann won the modeling competition and scored a private photoshoot with a professional photographer in NYC as her prize. 


Arriving in New York for the first time, Luann had no idea she was about to embark on a new chapter in her life. The prize package from the competition also included a contract with Mystique Models, and Lu quickly learned how to pose and get a good photo by watching the girls around her. Despite its reputation in the 80s as a dangerous place to live, Luann fell head over heels for the Big Apple and after six months of commuting back and forth for auditions, she moved there permanently. This risky move paid off, thrusting Luann into the glitzy and alluring world of New York nightlife - full of parties, dances and of course, plenty of handsome men. However, working as a model turned out to be much more difficult than the future Countess anticipated. Her life turned into a veritable rollercoaster with its high moments (landing the cover of Playgirl) and low moments (handing out flyers as a showroom model). Eventually, though, Luann met a man named Don who whisked her off to Europe, where she launched the next chapter of her career in Milan.

Making It Big in Italy


While Lu immediately loved living in Milan, her modeling career hit a major slump. Turned down by nearly every agency in the city, Luann found herself quickly running out of money and desperate to make something happen. Her Italian lover at the time, named Genaldo, convinced her to represent the United States in the Lady Universe pageant - an Italian beauty pageant featuring women from countries all over the world. In another moment of pure luck and good timing, Luann was crowned Lady Universe. As part of her duties, she embarked on a tour across Italy, which led to her attending a cocktail party at the home of Prince Egon and Diane von Furstenberg. At the party, the prince suggested Lu work in television and made introductions for her to impersonate actress Sharon Stone and present an award at Italy's version of the Emmys.


Three months after successfully pulling of the Sharon Stone act (complete with blowing a kiss to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the audience), Luann was cast as the cohost of Pressing, the top-rated Sunday night show covering Italian soccer. Almost overnight, the TV gig turned Luann into a bonafide celebrity in Italy and the entire world was in the palm of her hand. Ultimately, this change in her life led her right into her title as Countess de Lesseps. 

Living the Jet Set Life


After marrying the Count, Luann's life continued to be something out of a dream - watching him race cars in Barcelona, traveling to Hong Kong and Beijing, heli skiing in the Alps and jetting off to her homes in Portugal and Gstaad. She even became a close personal friend of Constantine II, king of Greece. Soon after marrying, Luann gave birth to her daughter Victoria, followed quickly by son Noel 22 months later. Spending their summers in the Hamptons and the rest of the year in Europe, life didn't seem like it could get much better for Luann and her young family. That is, until a terrible freak accident changed everything in the blink of an eye...


In 1997, Luann was spending the winter in Gstaad. One evening around dusk, she was driving home from a tea party with the kids when she hit a long stretch of black ice on the road. Before she knew what was happening, Luann found herself and the two young toddlers trapped in the car, tumbling down the side of a mountain. Miraculously, the car landed upside down in a local resident's backyard, though neither Luann nor the kids were seriously injured. Digging herself out through a broken window, Lu then proceeded to walk with the kids - Victoria barefoot in the snow - until they reached a farmer's house, who kindly offered to drive them home. The accident had a profound impact on Luann, who suffered through months of PTSD and nightmares. Feeling isolated in the secluded Swiss Alps, Luann eventually decided to come back to the U.S. for the sake of her mental well-being, not knowing the decision was the beginning of the end of her marriage to the Count.

Becoming a Real Housewife


Moving back from Europe in 2006, Luann concluded that getting back to work would be the best thing for her. Approaching a local television station, Luann talked her way into creating The Countess Report, a cable access show featuring just the Countess and a camera. From there, The Real Housewives of New York City fell into Lu's lap when she met a certain redhead by the name of Jill Zarin at a high society party in NYC. About a month later, Jill sent an email asking if she wanted to film a show she was working on for Bravo called Manhattan Moms, which eventually turned into RHONY. From there, the franchise we all know and love was born and Luann became a Bravolebrity. 


Early seasons of the show presented Luann's life as the Countess through an idyllic, rose-colored lens, featuring Alex, the kids, her nanny Rosie and the family puppy Aston. However, while she was getting bucked off of a camel in Morocco and singing with Natalie Cole on camera, her marriage was falling apart behind the scenes. By the Season 2 reunion in 2009, the Count had broken up with Luann over email, leaving the other Housewives shocked. Recognizing that she had a family and an image that needed protecting, Luann had tried to hide her marital struggles from Bravo's cameras. However, she ended up learning the difficult lesson that - no matter how hard you try to hide it - the cameras see everything. After 16 years as the Countess, Luann's life was about to enter yet another era...

Looking to the Future


As viewers have seen on the current season of RHONY, Luann has fallen in love with her newest soulmate, Thomas D'Agostino, after being introduced by fellow 'Wife Dorinda Medley. The pair are currently engaged, with plans to be married on New Year's Eve of this year. After eight years as a New York Housewife, Luann ends the special by saying she doesn't live her life with regrets. The many chapters of her life have been something of a modern-day fairytale, and as this next chapter begins with Tom at her side, Luann can't wait for whatever happens next.

What did you think of Luann's Before They Were Housewives special? Did it show you a completely different side to the Countess? Do you want to see a Luann wedding spinoff? Leave your thoughts and opinions below in the comments...

RHOD Ssn 1/Ep 9 - Killing Time in Austin

Glenn Rowley


The Real Housewives of Dallas head to Austin, Texas for their first-ever cast trip, but the weekend getaway takes the darkest turn imaginable when Marie experiences the wrath of LeeAnne over a humiliating betrayal and the women clash over death threats and the definition of the word "kill." Was this the most terrifying vacation in Housewives history? Read on for my full recap of the drama from the lake house turned slaughterhouse...


Naturally, the prerequisite for any girls trip on Bravo is a good ol' Housewives packing montage. The ladies are headed to the lake house in Austin, Texas that Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman's husbands built together on the shores of Lake Travis. The two besties are anxious to host their cast mates, but the rest of the 'Wives aren't quite sure what to think. LeeAnne Locken and Tiffany Hendra are simply hoping the lake house isn't a dump, while Cary Deuber's husband Mark is making her promise not to start any issues on the trip where they don't exist. Any bets on how long that promise will hold out?


All the 'Wives arrive bright and early at The Rustic to board the party bus to Austin. Friend of the Housewives Marie Reyes and Cary's friend Courtney Westmoreland Rider, a statuesque, quiet blonde, also scored invites to the weekend getaway. For the first couple of hours, the drive to Austin goes smoothly as the alcohol starts flowing and empanadas get passed around the bus. However, everything starts going downhill when Brandi has to urinate and can't wait until they reach their destination. As Tiffany says, when you've gotta go, you've gotta go, right? Brandi decides that the most logical solution to this conundrum is to pee in a red solo cup in the back of the bus as Cary shields her with a blanket. When LeeAnne finds this disgusting, Brandi and Stephanie joke that peeing in a cup doesn't compare to the story they heard about the queen bee "sh***ing in a bag in the back of a car." (Remember, they got this nasty piece of gossip during Marie's cocktail party way back in Episode 4.) According to the two BFFs, they were told by Taylor Garrett, a reality TV alum from Logo's A:List Dallas, who apparently heard the story from Marie. Oh boy...from the look on LeeAnne's face, this isn't go to go well.


Arriving at the Hollman/Redmonds' shared lake house, the rest of the women are blown away by how spacious and nice it is - especially when Stephanie and Brandi explain that Travis and Bryan built the house themselves. However, LeeAnne is starting to boil inside about the poop story and confronts Marie about it. Marie denies spilling the secret to anybody - especially Taylor - and even offers to take a polygraph test to prove she's telling the truth. According to LeeAnne, though, only three people were present when the embarrassing story took place 13 years ago: herself, Tiffany and Marie. And she knows it didn't come from Tiffany, so that only leaves Marie as the guilty gossip. However, I can't help but be frustrated that of course the major drama on the cast trip is about poop. Because apparently on RHOD, the women have to reference fecal matter at least once per episode. I honestly can't with the constant poop talk anymore.


While a private chef cooks dinner for the women, Brandi bonds with Tiffany and LeeAnne over goblets of wine. The former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader thanks Tiffany again for her husband Aaron's song dedication to her veteran brother suffering from PTSD at the charity concert in Episode 7. Opening up that her brother checked back into the hospital the day before, Brandi breaks down in tears and the other 'Wives finally seize an opportunity to be truly vulnerable and bond with her. Just like that, it seems like everyone is finally starting to get along on this girls trip.


Dinner is served and the Jesus juice starts flowing at maximum capacity. Before we know it, Brandi is three sheets to the wind, drunk as a skunk, wasted out of her mind. Quiet Courtney asks the women whom they would want to have at their perfect dinner party and once the 'Wives debate the merits of feeding either Bono or Mother Teresa, LeeAnne turns the conversation to why she finds it so hard to trust people. Citing her chaotic childhood and being abandoned by her mother, the queen bee explains that she's always had a difficult time letting anyone get close to her - even her BFF Tiffany had to claw tooth and nail to prove she wouldn't abandon her. Cary finds some common ground in this story, piggybacking on to explain that she's surprisingly similar to LeeAnne when it comes to letting people in. Maybe this is why the two have spent the majority of the season butting heads? To lighten the mood, an extremely inebriated Brandi decides to show off her tumbling skills by performing a bikini-clad backwards somersault on the dining room table. Now that is one way to end a Housewives dinner party, y'all.


By the next morning, everything has taken a shockingly dark turn. Via confessional, several of the 'Wives explain that they were awoken in the middle of the night to the sounds of an enraged LeeAnne arguing with Marie over the poop story. And when they say enraged, they mean screaming-at-the-top-of-her-lungs, roaring-throughout-the-house levels of anger. After stewing about the betrayal all day, LeeAnne finally exploded after cameras went down and the Bravo crew left for the evening - threatening to "slaughter" Marie and "gut [her] carny-style." Meanwhile, the rest of the 'Wives cowered in fear in their rooms, with Brandi and Stephanie apparently sobbing in bed as they clung to each other in pure terror. Thankfully, Cary caught a portion of the terrifying exchange on her phone - in the clip, we hear LeeAnne screaming "s--- like this? You don't want that side of me!" presumably at Marie. Otherwise, the entire frightening ordeal would simply be hearsay without a shred of proof.


Now, an overwhelmed Marie is cowering in fear at the dining room table as Tiffany tries to convince LeeAnne to approach her and the other women whisper about the previous night's confrontation upstairs. While Marie looks likes she's ready to burst into tears, LeeAnne and Tiffany enter the kitchen to address the tension. Marie refuses to talk to LeeAnne unless the former carny kid is calm, and LeeAnne counters that the only reason she's "agitated" is because she feels so massively betrayed by her friend of nearly 20 years for spreading such a humiliating story about her. Tiffany points out that there's no other way Taylor could've known the anecdote about LeeAnne, yet Marie continues to deny telling the gay gossip anything. Marie is still horrified that LeeAnne threatened her life in during the verbal attack, but a fed up LeeAnne shoots back that what her friend thinks of as "killing" and what she thinks of as "killing" are two different things. The queen bee also argues that when she dramatically said she would "gut" Marie, she merely meant she would cut her out of her life.


Inevitably, the other women intrude on the conversation, with Cary specifically asking Marie what "kill" means to her when it's directed as a threat. Clearly still afraid, the Friend of the Housewives simply mutters that the word means that LeeAnne was extremely upset. Cary accuses her of dodging the question, but the most she can get out of Marie is an admission that the word was used as a threat to her safety. Stephanie adds that due her previous career as a social worker, she would categorize LeeAnne's attack on Marie as "beyond abusive." Feeling guilty for her verbal outburst, LeeAnne tries to offer a blanket apology to everyone in the room, but none of the other women are letting the threats get swept under the rug. In her confessional, Tiffany defends her bestie, explaining that she can't understand why LeeAnne is being so quickly condemned while Marie gets away with her betrayal by looking like a veritable saint. However, my biggest question is this: if all the other women were so scared for Marie's well-being, WHY DIDN'T ANYONE DO ANYTHING? If you honestly think your friend is in danger, you call 911 or step in and do something, not just hide in bed crying.


Since there's still an entire day left, the trip must somehow go on in spite of the disturbing drama and the 'Wives attempt to awkwardly move forward with their plans. Pulling LeeAnne aside, Brandi sympathizes with her former nemesis for feeling betrayed and even persuades her not to leave the trip early. Somewhat inexplicably, the ladies divide into two cars (guess who's in which) and head to the Four Seasons for a supposedly relaxing afternoon of spa treatments. While the other girls hit the spa, Marie and LeeAnne stay behind in their room with Tiffany to mediate. Marie remains traumatized by the entire ordeal and breaks down in sobs as she asks why LeeAnne always has to lash out when she's hurting. LeeAnne's still visibly fuming from the discovery that she was betrayed, but as Stephanie, Brandi, Cary and Courtney commiserate over how unhealthy her close friendships seem to be, the queen bee manages to establish a fragile peace with Marie that ends in a tearful hug.


That night, the women get dressed up and head to Bob's Steak and Chops for a group dinner to celebrate Cary, LeeAnne and Marie's upcoming birthdays. However, by this point LeeAnne has shut down and gone into complete survival mode - barely speaking as she picks her way through a salad. A frustrated Cary calls her out on not wanting to be there and it opens up a whole new can of worms regarding the season-long tensions between the two women over who's judging whom. In an effort to defend her best friend, Tiffany (who's rocking an awesome half-bun topknot), speaks to the fact that LeeAnne is constantly being judged and attacked by the other women for putting herself out there. Stephanie fires back that nearly everyone in the cast has been attacked by LeeAnne by this point, but Tiffany urges the other girls to try putting themselves in LeeAnne's shoes for a minute. Fed up with Tiffany constantly making excuses for her bestie, Brandi accuses both her and Marie of enabling LeeAnne's behavior and storms off to the bathroom. 


Of course, Stephanie is quick to follow after her BFF, but not before calling Tiffany out for giving LeeAnne positive reinforcement to lash out at people like she did to Marie. Further, Stephanie throws out that if the trio of women are going to simultaneously attack and protect each other, she doesn't need it in her house. With Brandi in tears in the bathroom, LeeAnne gone silent and Cary fed up with the entire mess, dinner ends with an awkward parting of ways as the group of Housewives seems more fractured than ever before. All I want to know, though, is how in the world did everyone get back to Dallas in one piece?

What did you think of this nightmarish girls trip to Austin? Were LeeAnne's threats to Marie unforgivable or does she have the right to feel betrayed? Was Tiffany right or wrong to defend her best friend? Should the other women done more to protect Marie? Leave your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below!

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 14 - Not Easy to Love

Glenn Rowley


After last week's nonstop roller coaster of betrayals, confrontations and behind-the-back conversations, it was nice to have a bit of a reprieve with this week's slightly slower-paced episode. Don't get me wrong, there was still SO much happening between the 'Wives, but it wasn't quite at the breakneck speed that left my head spinning last week. Plus, we got the much-anticipated return of Kim Richards by episode's end!


First, though, we start with...tonsils? Apparently poor Amelia Gray, the younger of the Hamlin girls, has been having major problems with tonsillitis and Lisa Rinna is not happy about it. She's made it a point this season to feature her girls in front of the cameras as much as possible (likely in the hopes that they can replicate the success of Gigi and Bella, mark my words), and no pair of golf ball-sized tonsils are going to get in the way of turning her babies into stars. However, Lisa seems more nervous about the procedure than Amelia does, but jumps at the doctor's suggestion over the phone that they can see the tonsils after surgery. After all, Lisa got her tonsils out at age four, so all she remembers about it is ice cream, teddy bears and popsicles. 


Yolanda Foster's busy planning a dinner party for all the girls at Wally's, a popular wine and cheese bar in Beverly Hills. It's the first party she's hosted since the one in Season 5 with Babyface, but she's finally feeling up to it and wants to provide one very special musical surprise for the 'Wives courtesy of David. We also finally get a new interview look on Yo for what feels like the first time in forever, and she explains in her red blazer that it's important when you have a chronic illness to try to keep participating in life. Maybe the Yolanda who's barely shown up to any major filming events this season has turned over a new leaf? Though I have to say it's still awkward watching her and David holding hands across the table from one another when we all know what's coming down the road... 


Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump are more than a little apprehensive about going to Yolanda's dinner party after their argument with her at Frida last week, but figure that being invited may be Yo's way of extending an olive branch. On the limo ride over to Wally's, Lisa V. mentions that she texted Kyle's sister Kim to wish her a happy birthday and that the former 'Wife seems to be doing well. Kyle explains that she is remaining cautiously optimistic about her relationship with her sister. The sisters are finally talking a bit and texting back and forth after months of estrangement while Kim was in rehab and dealing with her legal issues, and are tiptoeing towards the possibility of healing their fractured relationship. 


The OGs arrive at Wally's just as Kathryn Edwards is giving Erika Girardi (who's running on roughly two hours of sleep after a performance in Vegas the night before) on the email drama between Kyle and Yo. However, once Yolanda and David arrive, Kyle quickly pulls Yo aside to let her know she hasn't responded to the email yet because she wants to discuss it privately between the two of them. Lisa quickly jumps on the bandwagon by quietly insisting to Yolanda that she's never spoken ill of any of her children and that she never would, to which Yo replies that she wants to believe that and is trying to trust what Lisa is saying. For one second, we see a chink in Yolanda's facade, as she's suddenly on the verge of tears while talking to Lisa and Kyle, but just as quickly she insists she's fine and just wants the dinner party to get under way. Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin finally arrive and the gang's all here!


Next, things get a little disjointed with a number of different conversations happening in a row, so I'll try to break it down as simply as I can. First, Eileen calls Kathryn over to fill Lisa Rinna in on the conversation started by Erika about not getting caught in Lisa Vanderpump's manipulative web. For some inexplicably people-pleasing reason, Lisa Rinna scoffs at the suggestion that the other Lisa is manipulative, rightfully prompting some major side-eye across the table from Eileen. At the opposite end of the table, Lisa V. pulls Erika aside for a chat about that very topic, questioning why the pop princess would tell Kathryn not to "get tangled in her web" in the first place. Clearly taken aback that this conversation has already reached Lisa Vanderpump's ears, Erika explains that she simply thinks Lisa can be influential over the other women and found it interesting that the queen bee and Kathryn would both ask how long she's been friends with Yolanda in a matter of days. Lisa Vanderpump insists this was nothing more than happy coincidence and doesn't understand why Erika would find it suspicious, but gets offended when Erika rather bluntly explains that she feels Lisa is trying to discredit her friendship with Yolanda. Which - for the record - is precisely what Lisa is trying to do. Erika's Jayne's instincts aren't anything but spot on in this situation.  


Are you following everything so far? Because there's more. Naturally, being confronted by Lisa Vanderpump prompts Erika to go straight to Kathryn to give her a chance to explain herself. Why would she go from saying "I'd never use anything you tell me against you" to running straight to Lisa V. and spilling the tea? The look on Erika's face when she asks Kathryn if she had fun the night before at Lisa's is classic - Kathryn better have had fun because she just burned a major bridge with her fellow rookie. Erika thought she was speaking confidentially at Erika's house, but Kathryn defends herself by saying she would never say anything Erika couldn't repeat and assumed Erika was the same. That's definitely a different message than what was being communicated during their earlier conversation and this new rule is certainly noted by Erika now. In her words, "the f***ing b***h ratter [her] out."


Then we go back to the other end of the table, where Eileen questions why Lisa Rinna would act like she has no clue where Erika could possibly have gotten the idea that she's manipulative. Sorry, but Lisa knows exactly what Erika was referring to. Eileen surmises that her friend isn't backing her up because she's scared or intimidated by Lisa Vanderpump for some reason, though I'm willing to wager that it's just Lisa Rinna's people-pleasing personality kicking into high gear around the group's self-professed queen bee. Over the course of this dinner, both Kathryn and Lisa Rinna have proven Erika's point that Lisa Vanderpump's influence over this group of 'Wives is deep and far-reaching - just the way LVP wants it.


David Foster interrupts all the gossip and confrontations to bring the 'Wives and their husbands to a quiet back room. As Kyle explains, when David Foster tells you he has a surprise, you get excited. Next thing the 'Wives know, famed opera singer Andrea Bocelli is standing in front of them, prompting a spontaneous standing ovation before he even opens his mouth. He gifts the group with an impromptu performance of "Ave Maria" and the 'Wives are visibly moved, with Erika calling Bocelli's voice a "gift from God" and Kyle tearfully telling Yolanda that the famous tune was her late mother's favorite song. In her confessional, an emotional Kyle explains that she's always looking for signs from her mom, and this special moment is telling her loud and clear that she needs to check on her sister. 


The following day, Amelia successfully gets her tonsils removed in all of 20 minutes and Kyle tries to convince Portia to live with her until marriage, while Eileen meets with Yolanda and Erika at the park to rehash all the discussion from the dinner party surrounding Lisa Vanderpump's machinations and Kathryn's betrayal. Erika is still irked that Kathryn went straight to Lisa V. about what she said, but owns that even though "getting caught in LVP's web" weren't the exact words she used, it's exactly what she meant. Eileen agrees with this assessment, filling Yolanda in on her own issues with Lisa. However, I couldn't help but notice that Eileen tactfully explained the situation from the Hamptons without going into nitty-gritty detail about the conversation, which I find quite classy and respectable. Go Eileen. Yolanda explains that she takes her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump at its face value - yes, she's best friends with Mohamed but Yo accepted the fact long ago that she and Lisa would never be what you would call best friends. Erika points out that the bottom line of all of this is that Lisa Vanderpump wants to be thought of as a formidable opponent and enjoys her position of power among the women. Checkmate Erika Jayne.


Next, we get a nice scene of Kathryn with her two sisters Ann Marie and Deborah. Over lunch at Coupa Cafe, the three discuss their mom's worsening dementia and Kathryn explains in her confessional just how difficult it is to see her mom go through the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. Even though it's such a sad and sensitive topic, it's really nice to see a little more of who Kathryn is and get to know her outside of the circle of 'Wives. Also how different do Kathryn and her sisters look?? You'd almost never guess they were related by looking at them. 


Speaking of sisters, Kyle took the sign from her mom seriously by inviting Kim over to her house for a talk. This is the first time we've seen Kim since the Season 5 reunion and the two have barely talked in over nine months. In the interim, Kim got arrested for public intoxication at the Beverly Hills Hotel, checked into rehab, relapsed at her daughter's wedding in Mexico, went back to rehab and later got arrested for shoplifting $600 worth of toys right before the 'Wives took off for the Hamptons. As the sisters make small talk, Kim denies having seen Brandi lately, and Kyle points out that she knows every time they see each other because Brandi always makes a point to tweet about it. Obviously feeling uncomfortable, Kim changes the subject to ask Kyle where's she's at with everything and Kyle admits that she's torn between wanting to work through things and simply not wanting to bring it up at all.


Kyle acknowledges that each time something happens, they go longer and longer without speaking - to the point where they've barely talked in a year - and when Kim says it was difficult for her not to speak to Kyle, the latter admits that she finds that hard to believe because she figured Kim hated her. Upon hearing this, Kim breaks down in tears as she tells Kyle she could never hate her, and heartbreakingly suggests in her confessional that maybe she's the one who's hard to love. Kim further suggests that in order to heal their relationship, the pair need to do it quietly, without anyone else influencing the situation or getting involved. Neither sister really knows where to go from here in order to begin fixing their broken relationship, but Kim tearfully asks Kyle to have faith in her, otherwise they'll never be able to truly move past the years of pain and hurt to get to a better place. Kyle admits in her interview that she has no idea what it's going to take to fix her relationship with Kim and keep it together, but they have to try again for both their sakes. Personally, I want nothing more than to see Kyle and Kim together and happy again, and I know millions of other fans want the same thing. We love you and are rooting for you Kyle and Kim! 

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 13 - Spinning a Web

Glenn Rowley


Wow. That was complicated. So much happened in this episode that my head is still spinning over all the 'Wife vs. 'Wife confrontations and brewing feuds. And then on top of that, we were finally gifted with the midseason trailer and the rest of the season - including the cast trip to Dubai that's coming soon - looks absolutely amazing. I openly wondered on Twitter if this season is going to end up being the best yet for our Beverly Hills ladies, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves shall we? We still have this week's epic series of clashes to get through.


Besides a dinner party, there's perhaps nothing the women of Beverly Hills love more than a charity event. This time, Kyle Richards' husband Mauricio's wildly successful real estate firm The Agency is holding a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity via a SoulCycle class and has enlisted most of the ladies to come spin for a minimum $250 donation. Exercise is many of the women's forte, and everyone seems to be having a great time. Everyone, that is, except for Lisa Vanderpump. It's a well-known fact that LVP much prefers champagne over sweating, and immediately asks Kyle how much she has to donate to get out of pedaling a bike. However, she manages to survive the 45-minute session with Russell Simmons 2.0 leading the class, and runs straight for her pink patent leather pumps. Erika Jayne, on the other hand, finishes the class with a pristine ponytail, looking like she's hardly lifted a perfectly-manicured finger. 


Following the SoulCycle event, Lisa V., Kyle, Erika and Kathryn Edwards converge on Frida, the iconic local Mexican chain, for a post-workout meal. Eileen Davidson, who skipped the fundraiser because she was busy working on The Young and the Restless and Yolanda Foster, who's obviously too ill to spend 45 minutes on a stationary bike, also join them. At first the lunch is lighthearted as the women joke over guacamole and Kathryn flexes her impressive muscles, but eventually conversation turns when Yolanda catches Kyle and Lisa V. whispering at the end of the table. The OGs explain that they were just wondering how things are between Yo and Lisa Rinna following the former's "bipolar" comment at Erika's pool party last week. Yolanda, however, insists that she didn't call Lisa Rinna bipolar - just that she could've if she wanted to. Yo further claims that things are fine between her and Lisa R. since they made up at the pool party, and she's now angry with Kyle and Lisa V. for bringing the subject up again. 


Kyle points out she wasn't actually saying anything to Yolanda, it was a private conversation with a good friend away from the group. Yo scoffs at the "good friend" claim, snidely saying in her confessional that the OGs are only good friends when it's beneficial for them to be buddies. Then, Yolanda takes her attack one step further by reminding Kyle that she holds a lot in her mental vault, adding a condescending "honey" at the end for effect. Naturally, Kyle questions whether this assertion was some sort of veiled threat but Yolanda insists that she has too much integrity to pull such a passive-aggressive move. Then, Yo decides to turn her attention to Lisa Vanderpump, bringing up yet again how angry she is about the speculation surrounding Bella and Anwar's Lyme disease. Lisa defensively reminds her that she was the one who defended Bella when the "town drunk" (a.k.a. Brandi Glanville) alluded that the 17-year-old was an alcoholic last season. Feeling attacked, LVP excuses herself and exits the restaurant, leaving the rest of the women sitting in awkward silence with anger still thick in the air.


Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna managed to miss out on this entire ordeal because she was busy co-hosting Dirty Sexy Funny with Jenny McCarthy on SiriusXM Radio. The comedian's show is always irreverent and hilarious, but it reaches a whole new level of uncomfortable with Lisa Rinna at the helm. Lisa's TMI moments include her talking yet again on national TV about how much her husband Harry Hamlin loves the female anatomy and revealing that she once tried on a strap-on dildo for kicks and giggles. Lisa R. admits in her confessional that she rather shamelessly does what she has to in order to stay relevant in the entertainment industry, and I just feel at this point that we're all pretty aware that there's no limit to what can come out of her mouth. I think I'm suffering from a small case of Rinna fatigue these days. 


As it turns out, a bit of drama happened off-camera following the argument at Frida. Specifically, Yolanda decided to write Kyle a strongly-worded email and cc: all the other 'Wives on it. In the email, Yo accuses Kyle of not being sympathetic enough about her illness and scolding her by signing off with "your lack of compassion is not a pretty look." Ouch. Now, there's obviously more than one side to every person, but I have to say that this is the side of Yolanda I just can't stand. I found the smug attitude she exuded during most of Season 3 to be self-righteous and off-putting, but I really loved her during Seasons 4 and 5. However, I see Yolanda starting to get back up on her high horse over this Lyme disease storyline and it's honestly not putting her in the best light. Condescending Yolanda is my least favorite Yolanda and it needs to stop.


Out in Pasadena, Erika invites Kathryn over for lunch and a boxing workout. You know, just your average everyday pow-wow between rookie 'Wives. Before strapping their boxing gloves on, the newbies sit down for lunch in the backyard and Kathryn presses Erika on the lack of female friendships in her life. Declaring that she'll be Erika's "first, genuine female friend," Kathryn gets the enigma that is Erika Jayne to open up about her trust issues with women and her close relationship with her late grandmother. Then, Erika turns the conversation back on Kathryn, asking her what she thinks of Lisa Vanderpump. Kathryn starts off by saying that she finds LVP to be sweet, which Erika openly laughs at. The pop star explains that she thinks Lisa V. engages from the side, likening the OG to a "sniper from the side," and I love the fact that Erika sees right through Lisa's facade to all of her subtle machinations. Erika calls it like she sees it and she is dead on in her assessment of the self-proclaimed queen bee. 


Later that night, Lisa Vanderpump invites Kyle, Kathryn and Eileen over for dinner at her house. After floating in her pool on a giant pink flamingo while sipping a cocktail, LVP brings the ladies down to a here-to-for unseen section of the backyard that she's kept more "country-themed." Almost immediately, Kathryn brings up her conversation from lunch with Erika, telling the women that her fellow newbie was essentially warning her not to get caught in Lisa Vanderpump's web. What? First of all, that's not even close to what Erika said and second of all, what happened to being her "first, real, genuine female friend"? I really like Kathryn so far, and she does admit that it feels as though she's throwing Erika under the bus, but running to Lisa to tattle after literally less than a few hours really makes zero sense. Lisa, Kyle and Eileen are naturally confused by what Erika could possibly mean by such a comment, but the latter surmises that it has something to do with everything Erika saw go down between her and LVP in the Hamptons. When she says as much, Lisa immediately goes on the defensive, acting positively shocked that A.) Eileen is bringing this up again and B.) that she could've possibly done something wrong.


Eileen tries to explain that she didn't feel Lisa really understood where she was coming from, but the queen bee promptly deflects the conversation over and over by getting distracted by her miniature ponies (who are apparently rampaging through the backyard off-camera.) Eileen rightfully points out that when confronted, Lisa tends to minimize things and get dismissive, but Lisa claims in her confessional that the the soap actress is grasping at straws to come up with conspiracy theories. Either way, Eileen isn't OK with simply glossing over issues instead of properly resolving them and now Lisa V. is visibly uncomfortable. She offers yet another tongue-in-cheek apology about whatever it is she's supposedly done, leaving Eileen feeling once again dismissed. Lisa demands to know if she and Eileen are good, but Eileen explains that they're only "good" because it's obvious that they won't see things from the same perspective. There's no getting through to Lisa Vanderpump that she needs to offer a sincere apology or change the way she maneuvers in conversations to get what she wants. The episode ends with a tense standoff between the two, and it appears that their feud has officially been reignited. 

RHOC Ssn 10/Ep 21 - Reunion Part 2

Glenn Rowley


The first ladies of Bravo are back for a second hour of discussing Season 10. The second part of the OC reunion starts with a montage of some of the most OMG-worthy moments of the season - circle jerks, leeches and colonic mishaps included. Does Vicki really know what a circle jerk is? (The answer is still no.) Andy has more than a few questions about how Shannon managed to get a colonic stuck up her behind, but I'd rather not dwell on that visual. Moving on...

Who Wears the Fancy Pants?

Next, we're treated to a package chronicling Heather's season trying to be all things for her family. When you take a step back and look at everything Fancy Pants managed to accomplish this year, it's pretty amazing. Over the course of 19 episodes, she launched both Collette, her sparkling wine and her skincare line with Terry, Consult Beaute, hosted a trip to Napa Valley and managed to stay largely out of the fray when it came to the other women's drama - all while building a house so large it can probably be seen from space. The question of whether all the money the Dubrows are making is worth Terry being an "absentee" dad gets asked, and Heather succinctly defends her family dynamic. Fancy Pants recognizes that Botched won't be on the air for 30 years, so while it's going, Terry is happy and fulfilled and she's willing to work a little harder to make sure they have time together as a family. She also tells Andy that she doesn't know what the current budget of the Dubrow Chateau is (or she just doesn't want to say), but she's willing to sell him the two frozen embryos she and Terry have. That child would be a match made in Bravo heaven. 

Foul Ball, Jim Edmonds


Seating on the couches is rearranged as Meghan's husband Jimmy joins the ladies. In all of Andy's years as a diehard Cardinals fan, he never thought he would see the day when the all-star was at a reunion. Jimmy is promptly put in the hot seat over his marriage and how he treated Meghan throughout the season. As scenes play back of the athlete being condescending, short and downright rude to his wife, Meghan insists that she doesn't actually let Jimmy get away with treating her unkindly. Whether or not you believe that, Jimmy tries to defend his behavior by pointing out that during filming he was flying constantly between St. Louis and the OC. His excuse for bad behavior is that every time he was in California, cameras were in his face, he didn't want to be involved in any drama and he wasn't ready for a reality TV show to capture everything about his life. He got advice from some of the 'Wives following the rough season that needs to be remembered by everyone who embarks on the journey reality TV: they can't edit what you don't say. At the end of the day, he can't take back the rude things he said, though I find it strange that apparently people in St. Louis think his "banter" with Meghan is funny and charming. Ultimately the rookie Househusband recognizes that he should've been nicer to his wife throughout the season. Any bets on seeing a new and improved, camera-ready Jim Edmonds next season?


Jimmy denies ever telling Brooks that two out of the four months he'd been married to Meghan were challenging, and before she can get attacked, the OG pipes up to claim she misspoke when she repeated that tidbit of gossip at the sex party. Apparently, what Brooks actually said was that the Edmonds had had "a couple" of instances that were difficult and Vicki latched onto the number "two" from what Brooks told her. So two arguments became two hard months. Tell-a-Vicki, telephone? The OG explains that she was speaking out of anger when she lobbied the accusation at Meghan and Jimmy and that she no longer believes they'll be divorced within five years.

An Off-Camera Betrayal


With the spotlight now on Vicki, Heather brings up another comment she made at the sex party in light of Tamra's revelation regarding her custody battle. We didn't see the moment in the episode, but at one point during the party Tammy Sue jokingly put a strap-on over her lace outfit. Watching from the bar, Vicki commented to Heather something to the effect of "no wonder she's losing custody of her kids." Ouch. Heather was rightfully horrified by the comment, and couldn't believe Vicki would say something so rude about her best friend after all these years. In an uncharacteristically heated moment, Heather gets rather fired up in her defense of Tamra, saying Vicki's comment made her sick and that she couldn't believe what she was hearing. All Vicki can do at this point is apologize, but good for Heather for once again demonstrating the meaning of real girl code.

Saving the Beadors' Marriage


Next, the affair that rocked Shannon and David's marriage gets brought up again. (On a side note, that transitional cutaway was weirdly jarring. I don't remember anything similar being done at another reunion before.) Much about this topic was beaten to death during the season and covered during the couple's WWHL one-on-one with Andy, so there isn't a ton of new information here. Heather reveals an interesting tidbit, though, about what was really going on behind-the-scenes last year after her infamous lunch with Tamra. At the lunch, the Beadors' marriage obviously got brought up and rumors had been swirling around Orange County. Because of mutual friends, Heather suspected she knew who the mistress was. After filming with Tamra, she met a group of girls at the restaurant where the cheating rumors were brought up. Unbeknownst to Heather, one of the girls texted the mistress under the table, not knowing she was the woman destroying Shannon's marriage. Once the other woman found out, she called David, who texted Shannon who was in the middle of filming with Tamra. At that moment, Heather knew she was right about the identity of the mistress. What a twisted web the OC is.

Some viewers questioned whether Shannon was brave or selfish for broadcasting her marital troubles on national TV but she stands by her decision, saying that it would've come out either way since all of the OC knew about it. Plus. she says, sending the message to her kids that fighting for family is important made the entire thing worth it no matter how humiliating or difficult it may have been. There are no more secrets in the Beador family and they're happier than they've ever been. Andy asks if she's seen the mistress since, and Shannon says that she has seen her in public, but hasn't reacted or confronted her. (This was before the epic smackdown between the two at last week's USC football game.) Andy jokingly announces to bring the mistress out, and the room erupts into nervous laughter while Shannon turns red. Sometimes, he just can't help himself.

Briana and Girth Brooks


After another weird transition (seriously, they're bothering me. Why not just go to commercial?), Briana joins the reunion to discuss everyone's favorite person: Brooks Ayers. Brooks has officially moved out of Vicki's house following the break-up, which the OG blames on the couple having "too many issues" to last as life partners. According to Vicki, her priorities are back squarely on Briana - where they arguably should've been for the last four years anyway. Briana says that Brooks had a nasty habit of doing terrible things while Vicki was across the room, leaving her torn over whether to even tell her mom and cause a problem. Case in point - Brooks apparently hit on a very-pregnant Briana at Vicki's birthday party. Eww. When she told Vicki what happened, the OG called her a liar and said Brooks would never want her. Can you believe this?? He told Briana he wanted to show her his penis, which he's nicknamed Girth Brooks. This is absolutely vile and disgusting. 


Brooks isn't at the reunion for the first time since Season 7, but Andy had a chance to interview him in a one-on-one in the WWHL Clubhouse. Long story short, he doesn't blame the show for his breakup with Vicki - just the other 'Wives and Briana. When asked whether he considers Briana the show's voice of reason (which at this point is basically an undeniable fact), Brooks claims Briana is lying about him. When Andy asks what her motivation could possibly be to lie, Brooks lobbies accusations at Briana of hearsay, manipulation and taking advantage of Vicki. According to Brooks, Briana is guilty of the very things she's accusing him of - using Vicki and relying on her financially. A shocked Briana boldly points out that she hasn't taken a dime from her mom in years. After all, she's an ER nurse making six figures a year. Briana also points to the last conversation she ever had with her grandma before her sudden passing. The day before she died, Briana spent two and a half hours on the phone with Vicki's mom and much of the conversation revolved around how much she didn't trust Brooks. Contrary to what Vicki claimed in Tahiti, her mom wasn't a fan of her boyfriend. In fact, she was worried he was going to take Vicki's money and she couldn't stand looking at him. What would Briana have to gain by lying about that? Nothing, says Vicki, as Part 2 ends with Briana's final word on the man who consumed her mom for the last four years: scumbag.