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Real Housewives

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RHONJ Ssn 7/Ep 10 - Cut the Cancer Out

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Jersey, the years of family drama between Teresa, Kathy and Rosie finally come to a definitive end. But that doesn't mean the deep-seeded issues will go away quietly. Plus, Melissa proposes the season's big trip and Jacqueline is blissful over her daughter's engagement. Read on for a full recap of all the family drama...


In the wake of her surprise appearance at last week's book signing, Friend of the Housewives Rosie Pierri meets with Jacqueline Laurita and Siggy Flicker to rehash the night's drama. Rosie and her sister's awkward encounter with Teresa Giudice didn't seem to make anything between the estranged cousins better, and Jac surmises that Teresa may not ever take up her cousins' invitation for a lunch sit-down. As the group's resident relationship expert, Siggy predicts that eventually things between the cousins will be fixed. After all, family is family and even if they're not on good terms right now, everyone will have to sit down for dinner at the same table at some point in the future. Right? Well, if Teresa had her way the answer to that question might actually be no...


Later that evening, Jacqueline's daughter Ashlee Holmes is in for a major surprise of her own. A few episodes back, Ashlee's boyfriend Pete took Jac ring shopping and it's finally time for him to pop the question. Under the guise of looking for apartments, Ashlee's fiancee takes her on a stroll along the water in Hoboken, which culminates in Pete getting down on one knee and proposing at a lookout point. Ashlee is in complete shock, but manages to blurt out a tearful "yes" while Pete puts the ring he and Jacqueline picked out on her finger. By now, the thought of a date night is long gone, and all Ashlee wants to do is go home to tell her family the exciting news. Needless to say, Jacqueline is over the moon that her only daughter (and former trouble child) has gotten engaged to someone she and Chris approve of. It's a little bit of a miracle that Ashlee has come full circle and is turning into a mature, responsible adult. 


The next day, Siggy and Teresa drop by Melissa Gorga's house for some chatting, cookies and champs. Ever since Tre came home, her relationship with Melissa has been better than ever. After years of estrangement and nonstop drama (fueled by being on the show together), the sisters-in-law are finally beginning to trust each other, and Teresa is even leaning on Melissa for support as Joe Giudice prepares to start his 41-month prison sentence. In all honesty, the one silver lining that's come out of this entire legal nightmare is that the Gorgas and the Giudices have really, truly healed their relationships. Now that Teresa's done with her supervised probation, Melissa wants the ladies to take a trip somewhere and suggests a ski weekend in Vermont. Siggy hilariously questions why they aren't going somewhere with sunshine and piña coladas, but Teresa's not allowed to travel outside of a specific radius...which happens to include Vermont. At first the OG is hesitant, but eventually relents and the trip of the season is officially booked!


At the same time, Jacqueline visits Dolores Catania at her new gym. Dolores has promised her business partner she'd step up and start pulling her weight at the gym, and part of that means hosting a women's empowerment night. The event will effectively kill two birds with a single stone - giving the 'Wives an excuse to get together and helping Dolores meet her quota for new memberships, which is currently 300 women short of the goal. All season long, Dolores has been on a quest to reinvent herself and become an independent Italian-American woman, and planning this ladies' night out is definitely a step in the right direction.


At yet another sit-down sponsored by Rails Steakhouse, Siggy and Jacqueline meet with Teresa to have a conversation with her about their dinner with Rosie. Donning her relationship expert hat, Siggy explains that Tre's cousins want to have lunch to work out the strained and complicated dynamic in the family, but from the get-go the OG shuts down. Teresa is still harboring a long list of grudges, including Kathy Wakile calling her father a "coward" at the Season 4 reunion and basically everything that's come out of Richie Wakile's mouth in the last three decades. But when Jacqueline tries to point out Kathy's side to the story, her former bestie is having none of it. Note to Jac: how have you not learned by now to not get involved in Teresa's family drama? Staying out of the crossfire is just better for everyone, and you won't end up with bullet wounds from both sides. Everyone needs to stop meddling in Teresa's family drama and respect her feelings about the situation.


Attempts to mediate on the other side of the feud don't go any smoother. The Wakiles invite Rosie, Jacqueline, Siggy and the Gorgas over but the relaxing night quickly devolves into a conversation about the cousins' clash. Before we know it, a wide-eyed Kathy starts getting defensive, Siggy's in tears and Rosie's shouting about how her sister is the one who always gets dragged through the mud in the never-ending family drama with Tre. As Joe Gorga gently sticks up for his sister, Melissa tries to shut the entire conversation down, which promptly gets Jacqueline bothered and the domino effect has officially turned this into a powder keg. Once Richie snidely insinuates that he and Kathy have a happy marriage while Joe Guidice doesn't love Teresa. As Melissa points out in her interview, "what a dick thing to say." Joe Gorga explodes at Richie, explaining that if the Wakiles are going to throw stones about his sister, they can't expect him to take it lying down with a smile on his face. Now can everyone just relax and drink their wine?


With some coaxing from Joe, Teresa finally agrees to sit down with her cousins and break the cycle of drama once and for all. While Kathy and Rosie are hoping for some sort of reconciliation, Tre's objective at this lunch is clear: to tell them she's absolutely, completely, 100 percent done. Her cousins will always be family, but Teresa simply wants to be left alone. Kathy concedes that her husband may be part of the problem, but Teresa also reveals that the entire time she was at Danbury, she didn't hear a thing from either of her cousins. Not a card. Not an email. Nothing. So now that she's home and "back in the public eye" (i.e. filming a reality show, Kathy and Rosie suddenly want a relationship with her again. Seems suspicious, doesn't it? At the end of the day, Teresa is determined to "cut the cancer out" of her life, and she's not budging when it comes to her cousins. After exchanging hollow sentiments that their doors are "always open" to each other, Teresa leaves the lunch in tears, but with the sense of closure she's been seeking for years.

What did you think of this week's RHONJ? Are you Team Teresa or Team Kathy & Rosie? Do you think Kathy and Rosie's intentions were genuine or do they want to use Teresa to get back in the spotlight? Is Siggy's attempt to fix these relationships a lost cause? Let me know in the comments!

RHONJ Ssn 7/Ep 5 - Dinner Interrupted

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the fragile peace between Teresa and Jacqueline gets blown to pieces in a single, ill-fated dinner, while Melissa cheers her kids on at New York Fashion Week. Plus, Siggy deals with parenting problems and Dolores continues her reinvention by opening a new gym! Read on for my full recap of the drama that went down...


As always on RHONJ, it's family first and this week is no different. Melissa Gorga's three kids have been asked to walk in a show at New York Fashion Week, so she and Joe Gorga have brought the kids into the city for their fittings. As Antonia, Joey and Gino try on the clothing and practice their walks, Joe asks Melissa how things are going with Teresa Giudice. Melissa says that her relationship with her sister-in-law remains copacetic since they agreed to move forward following Tre's release from prison. Melissa explains, though, that she won't actually feel close to Teresa until she can tell the OG she disagrees with her. (Hmm...any bets on how long that could take?) She did, however, invite Teresa to come to the kids' fashion show and the two sisters-in-law will be sitting side-by-side on the front row. So that's some kind of progress, right?


Meanwhile, Jacqueline Laurita visits her husband Chris at the offices for The Little Kernel, which is the Lauritas' latest snack food startup. While she's basking in her relationship with daughter Ashlee coming full circle, Jac remains cautiously optimistic about her renewed friendship with Teresa. In fact, she and Chris have invited the Giudices over for dinner and both couples seem to want to get back on track with each other. Ever the pragmatist, Chris advises his wife to go easy on Teresa and Joe when they come over, gently reminding her that no matter what Tre may say, they're still going through an incredibly difficult time. The start of Joe's 41-month sentence is looming ever closer and Chris urges Jacqueline to forget everything that's happened in the past and move forward - really and truly this time. 


In a hilarious scene, Siggy Flicker is dealing with some major parenting problems. Picking up her daughter Sophie from detention, The Sig is ready to lay down the law. This is the second time Sophie's gotten in trouble for using her phone at school, so the obvious solution to Siggy is to take the phone away. However, this punishment barely phases Sophie, who interrupts her mom's lecture to ask if they can make a stop at Dunkin' Donuts. This request floors Siggy, but Sophie amusingly points out that she doesn't see what getting donuts has to do with her phone being taken away, so why not? In her confessional, Siggy admits that she may be a relationship expert, but she doesn't have the best track record for following through on her threats to her kids. Looks like it's time for Siggy the Supermom to step up to the plate and stop being a such a softie! 

The day of the Gorga kids' big fashion show arrives and Teresa brings Milania along to support her cousins. This is another big step in the right direction for the Giudice and Gorga clan and it's honestly really nice to see Teresa and Melissa together on the front row cheering the little models on. Antonia, Gino and Joey all positively rock the runway, and afterwards the whole family goes out to dinner in the Big Apple to celebrate. Melissa explains in her confessional that, while they've supposedly made up many times in seasons past, this time is different between her and Tre. This time, they're both going out of their way to genuinely support and be there for each other and their families...and it's great. At exactly the perfect time, little Joey interrupts the dinner conversation to sweetly express how much he loves everyone at the table. For the first time in their five seasons together on the show, it seems like everything is great between the Giudices and the Gorgas.


While Dolores Catania meets with her business partner at her newly-opened gym and Siggy has a major communication breakthrough with her kids, Teresa and Joe head to the Laurita home for dinner. Keep in mind that this is the first time Tre has been to her former BFF's house ever since their blow-out fight on Jac's deck way back in Season 4. After the initial awkward small talk, everything seems light and breezy between the two couples as Teresa and Joe fawn over CJ and little Nicholas. However, once the men retreat to the den with their prosciutto, the air grows thick with unresolved tension between Jac and Teresa. Tre explains that all she wants is peace in her life, so any and all toxic people need to stay away. Neither 'Wife wants to rehash the past, but the conversation takes its first turn south, though, when she reiterates how alone she felt when Jacqueline, Melissa, Caroline Manzo and Kathy Wakile were all against her during the dark days of Seasons 4-5. 


Jacqueline rather snidely shoots back that Teresa was the one who isolated herself from the rest of the 'Wives due to her various issues with each of them, but the OG still sees it as a big gang-up against her. This is not going well. Teresa points out that the last time she came to Jac's house, she got ambushed on the back deck over tabloid gossip, and flashbacks of that fateful night show lots of finger pointing and yelling between the two BFFs before matriarch Carolineunexpectedly shows up to take sister-in-law Jacqueline's side. Is this ringing a bell? Jacqueline, however, insists that she merely wanted to know the truth out of concern for Teresa and all of a sudden, we're back to arguing about the tabloid stories of Season 4. How are we still fighting about this?


In her confessional, Jacqueline opines that Teresa clearly hasn't changed, but when Tre brings up her brother's advice that their true friends wouldn't turn against her, it quickly becomes clear that Jac's the one who's stuck in old behaviors. Teresa assumed at the time that that comment from Joe was a warning not to trust Jacqueline, but Jac fires back that he was actually telling her not to trust his sister. Then, to settle the issue, Jacqueline inexplicably decides to pick up her phone and call Joe herself. Teresa is (rightfully) floored that her frenemy would have the audacity to pull her brother into this quickly-escalating argument, but Jac seems to revel in stirring the pot between the siblings. (Of course, Joe denies ever saying anything about trust to either of the 'Wives and besides, aren't things all good now? Let's keep the peace.) In the words of Teresa's confessional, "who the hell does something like this?"


The tabloid fight continues to intensify, with Jacqueline claiming ignorance and Teresa not understanding how her then-bestie couldn't know better than to believe every word written in an issue of InTouch Weekly. However, Teresa's larger point is that she feels Jacqueline shouldn't have asked about the gossip rags and legal drama in the first place. After all, the Lauritas were going through their own issues with the Signature Apparel bankruptcy at the same time, and Teresa never questioned Jacqueline about it. But Jac shoots back that she and Chris didn't file a fraudulent bankruptcy like the Guidices did, and argues that Tre can't compare her criminal case to their bankruptcy. This low blow, my dear readers, is the straw that breaks the camel's back.


Feeling that her former bestie has hit below the belt, Teresa's ready to leave but Jacqueline's not done fighting. Teresa reiterates that all she wants is peace, but Jac accuses the OG of not taking accountability for her actions - opting instead to blame her criminal case and prison sentence on everyone else. Huh? How exactly is Teresa not owning her mistakes? Hello, the woman went to prison for eleven and a half months! Who is she blaming her legal issues on? Jacqueline's claim just doesn't make sense. With that, Teresa storms out of the house with Joe in tow, leaving Jacqueline proudly standing in the rubble of the "rebuilt" friendship once again. And the worst part of it all is that no one even got to eat dinner!

What did you think of this week's RHONJ? Are you Team Teresa or Team Jacqueline? Who is at fault? Who hit below the belt? Give me all your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

RHONJ Ssn 7/Ep 4 - A Life to Envy

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the ladies get to work on everything from boutique openings to celebrity memoirs. However, Melissa struggles with Joe's lack of support as she prepares to open Envy by MG and Siggy questions Teresa over the rampant tabloid rumors about her marriage. Read on for a full recap of this week's drama...


Melissa Gorga's dream of opening her own boutique is close to becoming a reality. But while she's busy working at the store, Joe Gorga is left to hold down the fort and Tarzan is not a happy Mr. Mom. Joe is old-school Italian and this arrangement is not what he signed up for when Melissa walked down the aisle 11 years ago. He thought he was getting a housewife who would cook, clean and take care of the kids, not a modern Housewife who wants success on her own terms. Now, I love Joe Gorga, but it's awfully frustrating to sit back and watch his antiquated views on marriage and gender roles get in the way of supporting Melissa's goal. C'mon Joe, I know you're better than this. As Melissa so boldly tells him, it's time to "man up" and be happy for your wife.


Teresa Giudice is also busy advancing her post-prison career. In a miraculous three-week turnaround time that would surely have Aviva Drescher screaming "GHOSTWRITER!" Tre has managed to turn her diary from Danbury into a memoir, and it's time to record the audiobook version! En route to the offices of Simon and Schuster, the OG's lawyer delivers another piece of good news: he's sent in her final restitution check, which means she no longer owes the government a single dime. Hooray! Watching Teresa tear up as she records the dedications to her daughters is slightly heartbreaking as she reflects on the time with them her prison sentence took away. Two hours later, she heads to an editorial meeting where the publishers reveal the memoir's cover for the first time. Just like in her tagline this season, Teresa explains that the title of her book, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again, is a cheeky reference to just how far she's come since her iconic Season 1 table flip.


Meanwhile, Jacqueline Laurita meets Siggy Flicker for lunch, where the topics at hand include the struggles of parenting and, of course, Teresa. As a newbie to the Jersey crew, Siggy was happy to hit it off with Tre while they planned Dolores Catania's birthday party while Jac remains cautiously optimistic that this new chapter with her old BFF will stick. However, as a professional relationship expert, the Sig is also concerned with the constant stream of tabloid articles that have come out in the wake of Teresa's release claiming that she and Joe are splitting up. Considering her career, Siggy feels qualified to help quell the rumors, but Jacqueline warns her that Teresa may not appreciate being questioned about anything in the tabloids (as she clearly knows from experience). Yet, Siggy's already set up a date to go rock climbing with Teresa and Dolores, so there's no stopping the rookie now. 


So, while Melissa takes another stab at rallying Joe's support, Siggy brings her daughter Sophie to meet Teresa, Gabriella, Dolores and her daughter Gabby at the climbing gym. While the kids race to the top of the wall, Siggy puts on her relationship expert hat, comes right out and addresses the tabloid rumors to Teresa. The Sig explains that Tre can always come to her for an opinion or advice entirely free of bias and, shockingly, the OG actually reacts well. Laughing, she informs the newbie that she and Joe's relationship is stronger than ever and the stories circulating in the media are just a bunch of lies. See, Teresa 2.0 really is a different person than she was before going away...


The time has arrived for the opening party at Envy by Melissa Gorga! The entire gang turns out for Melissa's big night, including Friends of the Housewives Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri, Jacqueline's daughter Ashlee Holmes and Teresa even brought Gia instead of Juicy Joe. The champagne is flowing and everything seems copacetic when Chris Laurita approaches Teresa to say hello for the first time in years. Jacqueline's husband is particularly disappointed that his old buddy Joe Giudice didn't come to the party, but Tre informs him that Juicy is off celebrating his grandmother's 82nd birthday instead. Chris suggests that the Giudices come over for dinner soon to catch up and it looks like things really may be going back to old times between the two couples, despite Ashlee's suspicions that Teresa 2.0 is merely a "publicity stunt" meant to restore the OG's reputation following her prison stay. 


In the midst of the shopping, Melissa gathers everyone to deliver a speech, thanking her family and friends for coming to the opening and always supporting her in her various business endeavors. (She even makes a point to specifically say how happy she is Teresa could be there along with her two sisters, which is proof of the progress made in the Giudice/Gorga clan.) After the whole room raises a glass and toasts to Melissa's success, Joe pulls his wife aside and rather sweetly tells her how proud he actually is and that - despite his constant grumblings about the boutique - there's truly no better wife and mother for their family. This doesn't exactly make up for the episodes-long grief he put Melissa through about opening her store, but it's definitely a start.


The day after the grand opening, Teresa spends time at home with Joe, and even manages to coax her husband into doing yoga with her. Via confessional, she explains that her new passion for yoga is what got her through her prison sentence, so she's hoping it can provide similar benefits to Joe as he prepares to go away to Fort Dix. However, with all the tabloid gossip once again intruding on their lives, the rumors are also on Teresa's mind. Point blank, she reminds her husband that if he did ever cheat on her while she was away, there would be no forgiveness. Namaste Teresa only goes so far, and that most definitely does not include infidelity. Juicy Joe grunts his confirmation that he understands, but while this type of gossip in the press could've maybe had more credibility a few years ago (that infamous call during the Napa trip, anyone?), it seems that these days, the Giudices' relationship is more unbreakable than ever.

What did you think of this week's RHONJ? Should Joe Gorga be more supportive of Melissa's boutique? Were you impressed with how Teresa handled Siggy asking about the tabloids? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!