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Real Housewives

RHOP Ssn 2/Ep 7 Recap - Over the River and Thru the Woods

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, Karen shares a powerful secret with the world while Robyn confronts Ashley for spreading rumors. Plus, Juan drops a shocking bombshell off-camera and Monique's attempt to make amends with Gizelle hits an ice cold dead end. Read on for a full recap of all the inspiring and intense moments...

Was it in the new girl's contract that Bravo had to film at every one of her four houses? We start this week at Monique Samuels' original home in Ashburn, Virginia, where the rookie tells us all about how she needs two executive assistants to help in her role as "property manager" for all of the houses she and Chris own. But long before she starts lecturing her cousin/second assistant on work ethic and just how high her standards are, I've already tuned out. Child, please.

Meanwhile, Karen Huger is meeting with the founder of PAVE, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering victims of sexual abuse, violence and rape. Recounting her visit to a self-defense class last season before sending her daughter Rayvin off to college, the grande dame is ready to take her advocacy a step further by revealing to the world that she was raped as a college student. Now she's ready to use her platform as a way to shine the spotlight on PAVE's mission and help empower other survivors of rape by speaking at one of the nonprofit's events.

Robyn Dixon is still fuming over Ashley Darby spreading the rumor that her ex-husband Juan is seeing other people. Now that she's had time to think about the situation, Robyn's ready to confront Ashley and what better way to do it than ambushing little miss pot-stirrer at Oz with Gizelle Bryant as backup? Storming into the restaurant, Robyn delivers her message to Ashley loud and clear: shut your mouth and stay out of her business. Feeling backed into a corner, Ashley defensively fires back that no one can keep her from saying whatever she wants and the conversation quickly escalates into a shouting match with Robyn getting the younger 'Wife's face, finger pointing included. As Ashley forces the towering blonde besties to leave her restaurant, Gizelle can't help but stick up for Charrisse Jackson Jordan, who's also been at the receiving end of Ashley running her mouth. Reminding Ashley point blank that Sha Sha will drag her "over the river and through the woods," Gizelle storms out after Robyn - but not before getting in one last (hilarious) dig by shouting "who's eatin' emu?!?" to the crowded bar full of stunned onlookers. As Gizelle pointed out, maybe Ashley will focus on her own failing restaurant and failing marriage before diving into the other 'Wives' relationships next time...

 While Charrisse has a heart-to-heart with her youngest daughter about her crumbling relationship with estranged husband Eddie, Gizelle and Karen are out doing some good old-fashioned community service. Of course, in between planting flowers the grande dame has massive amounts of tea to spill and she promptly informs Gizelle of Monique labeling her a "stuck up trick" after the game night fiasco. Naturally, this is news to Gizelle, who had already been kicked out of the party by the time Motormouth Monique started running her mouth and now that it's noted, she is officially done with the new girl.

Far from Potomac, Robyn is hard at work putting the finishing touches on organizing Juan's youth basketball camps. However, when she starts to run down the list of to-do items with her ex-husband, the retired NBA star snaps back at her, clearly in a foul mood. Then, out of nowhere, Juan drops a bomb off-camera, admitting to a producer that if it wasn't for the kids he and Robyn share together, he'd be "gone already." Sitting obliviously in the kitchen while Juan admits just one room away that he wants to "share [his] life with somebody" must be slightly devastating for Robyn to watch back, but it's becoming increasingly clear at this point that both she and Juan want something more than their current not-together-but-kind-of situation.

Enter Charrisse, who takes it upon herself to introduce Robyn to her therapist Dr. Jeff over lunch a few days later. Robyn has been vocally resistant to therapy in the past, insisting she doesn't need fixing. But as Dr. Jeff reminds her that she deserves to be happy just like everyone else in the world, Robyn breaks down in tears and later admits that maybe therapy could help break down the guard she so permanently put up after Juan cheated and move forward towards real happiness.

The evening of Karen's PAVE event finally arrives and all the women don their best gowns and sequined dresses for the occasion, unaware that the event will be much more significant than a typical Potomac charity gala. Karen is visibly nervous at the thought of sharing her story with the other 'Wives and, by association, the entire world and made all the ladies promise to be on their best behavior for a drama-free night. Therefore, Ashley tiptoes around Gizelle and Robyn and makes small talk involving the word "libations" before making a hasty retreat.

CNN anchor Don Lemon, another survivor of sexual abuse, gives a moving speech before Karen is introduced as the evening's final speaker. With the rest of the women looking on, an emotional Karen bravely shares her story of being raped as a college student and her dedication to helping empower other victims and survivors to speak out and break the stigma of sexual violence. It's a vulnerable, powerful moment that presents the grande dame of Potomac in a whole new light. Bravo, Karen for your courage and choice to use the Housewives platform so responsibly!

As the 'Wives leave the PAVE event, Monique and Ashley pull Charrisse and Gizelle aside and it's back to the drama. First, Ashley attempts to engage Charrisse in conversation, but quickly gets shut down when Sha Sha won't even look in her direction. Then, Monique sets her sights on Gizelle, putting her phone in the OG's face and requesting her number so they can have a chat some time soon. Of course, no one tells Gizelle Bryant to do anything, so this move on Monique's part does nothing but backfire as her nemesis icily stares her down and refuses to give out her number. Looks like a reconciliation between either pair of feuding 'Wives will be happening any time soon. Better luck next time...

What did you think of this week's RHOP? How powerful was Karen sharing her story? Were Robyn and Gizelle right to ambush Ashley at Oz? Did Juan's off-camera confession surprise you? And how should Monique have approached Gizelle to make up? Let me know in the comments!