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Real Housewives

RHOP Ssn 2/Ep 4 Recap - Mother Knows Best

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle and Monique clash once again over cigar and hookah while Ashley meddles in Charrisse's marriage. Plus Eddie makes a rare surprise appearance on camera! Read on for a full recap of all the shade thrown during the squabbles...


It's date night in Potomac for the grande dame and the black Bill Gates. Now that both of their kids are off to college and out of the house, Karen Huger and her husband Ray are reacquainting themselves with each other. Now, the Hugers have never struck me as having a stale marriage, but the flirtation seems to be turned up to 11 over a candlelight dinner. The date even ends with an impromptu slow dance in the middle of the restaurant, complete with a dip. Maybe this is Ray's way of persuading Karen to follow his lead in downsizing their house?


With Monique Samuels back in town after last week's trip to Alabama, Charrisse Jackson Jordan invites the rookie and Ashley Darby over for some good, old-fashioned backyard day-drinking. Monique downloads the other women on the behavior of her aggressive mother-in-law, and bonds with Ashley over their respective use of the pull-out method. (Note to all readers: this is NOT effective birth control no matter what these women say.) Eventually, the conversation turns to the Preakness, where Ashley lets slip that Gizelle spent much of the event discussing the new girl's penchant for leading with talk of her multiple homes and material wealth. The OG was clearly less than impressed with Monique's introduction to the group and now that the rookie knows it, beef is officially brewing between the two. 


Later, Charrisse is busy planning her daughter's sweet sixteen party, complete with the hostess reluctantly agreeing to allow catering by Ashley's restaurant Oz. (Turn out, teenagers don't want kangaroo sliders at their birthday parties...) The event is in full swing when - seemingly out of nowhere - viewers are gifted with something even rarer than a Bigfoot sighting: Charrisse's husband Eddie Jordan. Is at the party. On camera. And our collective jaws are on the ground. Now, just to clarify, Eddie would've had to sign some sort of release with production in order for his face to be shown on camera, yes? My first thought was honestly shock that it wasn't blurred out like several other guests at the party. Either way, seeing Eddie in the flesh was one of the last things I ever anticipated to occur on this, or any, season of RHOP.


Little Miss Ashley is as baffled as the rest of us by Eddie's sudden appearance. Unlike the viewing audience, however, the youngest 'Wife goes into overdrive and immediately begins stirring the pot. Pulling Charrisse to the bar, Ashley asks for an introduction and proceeds to initiate a conversation with Eddie sitting just over her shoulder 15 feet away. Charrisse uncomfortably sips her champagne as Ashley yammers on about her estranged husband, and rather than take the bait she proceeds to drag the younger 'Wife out of the room, walking right past Eddie without so much as a word. The entire scene is incredibly awkward to witness and - as Charrisse points out in her confessional - why is Little Miss Ashley trying so hard to be messy? Stay in your lane, girl.


This week's group event is girls' night of hookah and cigars at D.C. hotspot Cloud Lounge. Hosted by Ashley, there's a strict B.Y.O.A. policy, so all the women arrive toting their own alcohol - Monique makes sure the others know her red wine was originally $250 (while she name-drops President Obama) and Robyn hilariously brings a half-drunk bottle of Ciroc. The shade starts flying before the hookah is even puffed as Ashley casually spills that Eddie made an appearance at the sweet sixteen party, much to Charrisse's obvious discomfort. With barely suppressed rage bubbling under the surface, Sha Sha warns Little Miss Ashley not to push her luck. One more whining declaration of wanting to meet her friend's estranged husband and Ashley is going to officially find herself on Sha Sha's bad side. (Also, Sha Sha's "bad side" is apparently a Jamaican gangster? Just go with it...)


Changing the subject, Charrisse drops the bomb that she's been celibate for the past two years and regales the women with an awkward tale of her swollen ladyparts following a scooter accident in the eighth grade. Not wanting to hear any more of that story than necessary, Gizelle sets her sights on Monique, pointedly asking if the newbie has anything else she'd like to share with the group since it's quite clear she likes to talk about herself. Well, isn't that a friendly invitation? Deciding to use the moment to her advantage, Monique demands to know who among the cast took issue with her having multiple homes. Not missing a beat, Gizelle cops to being turned off by the way Monique introduced herself to the group - saying "I'm Monique and I have four houses" isn't exactly the best way to make a good first impression. The newbie and the OG go tit for tat over who actually initiated that topic during high tea, but the root of the issue is clear: Gizelle and Monique do not like each other. According to the other, Gizelle is standoffish and rude and Monique is long-winded narcissist obsessed with material wealth. Thankfully Karen steps in to diffuse the situation but as the two frenemies smile at each other through clenched teeth, it's clear this feud is just heating up.


The episode ends with Charrisse meeting with her therapist, Dr. Jeff (of RHOA fame!) via Skype to discuss her crumbling marriage. As Charrisse recounts the moment she realized this divorce would be the severing of her family at Skylar's sweet sixteen party, it's a sad coda to the squabbles from the hookah lounge. Charrisse has come to terms with the fact that her relationship with Eddie is over for good, and has realized she will never progress or be happy without changing the situation. The new normal may be more divided for Charrisse, but as tears fall down her face you can't help but hope she's on her way to a brighter future. 

What did you think of this week's RHOP? Is Ashley meddling too much in Charrisse's marriage? Were you shocked to see Eddie on camera? Are you Team Gizelle or Team Monique? Tell me in the comments below!