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Real Housewives

RHOP Ssn 2/Ep 6 Recap - Messy Games

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, the rumor mill around Potomac causes huge question marks about Robyn and Juan's relationship. Plus, Charrisse gives Ashley and her meddling ways a piece of her mind. Read on for a full recap of all the drama - from the dress shop showdown to the unexpected "Juan-tervention"...

We pick up smack dab in the middle of Monique Samuels' game night. Gizelle Bryant has made her exit after being kicked out of her new nemesis' home, so the drama sets its sights on a new target. And with Ashley Darby spilling tea to all the other women that her ex-husband Juan may be dating other people, it seems that target is Robyn Dixon. Poor Robyn walks right into a conversation about her as Ashley fills Karen Huger and Charrisse Jackson Jordan in on the gossip and manages to maintain her composure on account of the fact that Juan is sitting at the card table just a few steps away. Charrisse steps up for her friend by pointedly advising Little Miss Ashley to focus on her own relationship instead of digging once again into Robyn's, but the youngest 'Wife fires back that Charrisse is the one who's stayed in a miserable long-distance marriage for years and might not be an expert on happy relationships. Ouch. Before the shouting can devolve into even more chaos, Monique breaks up the conversation by dragging everyone onto the dance floor to end the night. Everyone, that is, except for Juan, who opts to sit back and watch Robyn get down with the other women and their husbands from the sidelines.

Back in Potomac, Karen and her husband meet with their real estate agent to discuss the progress on selling their Potomac home. It turns out the grande dame's mansion has lingered on the market without a single bite, which has prompted the selling agent to lower the price below $2 million and contemplate holding a dreaded open house to stir up interest in the Hugers' outdated kitchen. No surprise, Karen is deeply offended by all of this and refuses to allow "bottom-feeders" to traipse through her home during an open house. Shudder at the thought! But does the grande dame not understand that she can't control who actually purchases her house when she's the one who's leaving it behind?

The next day, Gizelle rehashes the game night drama with her friend Kal while Charrisse meets Ashley to go gown shopping for ball-and-gala season. Sha Sha is still fired up about Ashley's insensitive meddling at game night and isn't afraid to put the former pageant queen on blast. Charrisse accuses the "little girl" of spreading lies about Robyn and Juan and once again questions her bizarre need to constantly put her nose in everyone's business. Ashley claps back that all Charrisse ever wants to talk about is her failing marriage and she's sick of seeing Sha Sha cry all the time. At this point, Charrisse makes it crystal clear that she's "about five seconds from f***ing [Ashley] up," prompting the younger 'Wife to storm out of the dress shop in anger with Charrisse lobbing insults at her back.

While Robyn and Juan do radio interviews to promote their upcoming youth basketball camps, Monique and her husband Chris meet with their pastor and his realtor wife to sign the papers on house #5, a $4.75 million Potomac mansion. More importantly, Monique is in serious need of some spiritual guidance regarding her feud with Gizelle. She gets teary-eyed (and a little bit pouty) as she explains how tired she is of being judged for having four houses and a rich athlete for a husband, but her pastor reminds her that she's the one who needs to apologize to Gizelle for calling her a "stuck-up trick." Your move, Monique!

Finally, the episode ends with Charrisse and Gizelle sitting Robyn down for a private intervention regarding her relationship with Juan. No one knows whether to believe the rumors Ashley is spreading about Juan and a side piece and Gizelle asks point blank how the gossip made Robyn feel. Robyn claims the kids come first to the ex-couple, but that doesn't answer the will-they/won't-they question of Robyn and Juan's relationship. Once again, the PR maven reiterates that her ex-husband would like them to be in a relationship, but puts the onus on herself for still having a wall up about taking that step. Charrisse reminds her friend of the years she and Eddie have wasted being unhappily tied to each other. The point is this: if Robyn is fine with where she and Juan are at, then her friends need to trust her judgement. She may not have a plan for the future, but eventually something has to give, right?

What did you think of this week's RHOP? Were Gizelle and Charrisse right to sit Robyn down for a "Juan-tervention?" Is Ashley's meddling causing too many problems? Let me know in the comments section below!