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Real Housewives

RHONY Ssn 9/Ep 5 Recap - The Politics of Friendship

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of New York City is all about (surprise) party politics as Carole's long-awaited election party turns from celebration to mourning and Ramona rings in the big 6-0 with an epic surprise party! Read on for all the drama, political and otherwise...

The first half of the episode centers on the 2014 presidential election. Out of all the 'Wives, Carole Radziwill has been the most outspoken and politically involved, so it makes sense that she would be the one whom the political storyline centers on. First, she and her mother drive to the swing state of Pennsylvania to canvass for Hillary Clinton, and encourage people to get out and vote. Radzi's mother is positively delightful and their bickering banter is nearly entertaining enough to distract me from Carole's godawful green coat lined with faux fur in an electrifying shade of neon blue that I'm almost positive came from a rack at Forever 21. Still, it's admirable to see the show's resident intellectual, who describes Donald Trump as "everything I'm against," actually putting in the work to support a candidate she believes in. #ImWithHer!

On a dinner date with her restauranteur (and non-French) suitor Rocco, Sonja Morgan's busy venting her frustrations with houseguest Tinsley Mortimer. Lady Morgan claims to be doting on the newest 'Wife's every need - down to ironing her pillowcases - yet the socialite didn't even bother to get her a birthday card. How ungracious! All Sonja expects is a little appreciation in the form of bowing and groveling as Tins kisses her ring, OK? This roommate tension promises to boil over sooner rather than later...

Election day finally arrives and Carole's hosting a bipartisan election party to watch the poll results come in. It promises to be a historic night, but not in the way Radzi thinks...Fellow Hillary enthusiast Dorinda Medley shows up rocking a white pantsuit perfect for the occasion and even former Housewife (and Carole's pre-Bethenny Frankel bestie) Heather Thomson makes a cameo! Oh mama, how I've missed you. Carole is nervous but confident Hillary will become the nation's first female president, but her excitement slowly turns to dread as the results slowly come in and state after state goes to He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. By the end of the night, the entire room is in disbelief as Trump is named the 45th president of the United States of America and it's heartbreaking for my democracy-loving heart to watch Carole tearfully read the heartfelt, inspiring speech she would've given at the party had Hillary won. 

With the wound of Hillary's loss still fresh, Carole decides to go dress shopping a couple days later with Ramona Singer. The Singer Stinger may have been disinvited to the election party, but she claims she doesn't hold a grudge so why not engage in some retail therapy! Hilariously, Carole almost gives away the surprise element of Ramona's upcoming 60th birthday party, but Ramona thankfully isn't even listening closely enough to her friend to notice. Ramona also brings up her brewing feud with Bethenny Frankel, insisting that she was actually coming from a good place when she referenced Bethenny's daughter in reference to the Skinnygirl's nude scene past. However, no one believes Ramona was doing anything less than stirring the pot, right? Needless to say, Bethenny will not be in attendance at her frenemy's surprise party...

Dorinda's organized the entire Ramotional party under the guise of a fake party that will involve lots of two of Ramona's favorite things: wine and eligible European men. However, when Dorinda arrives to pick up the unwitting guest of honor, Ramona has disappeared into the New York night, opting to take a cab. This development puts the entire extravagant plan in jeopardy. Will all of Dorinda's hard work go to waste when Ramona doesn't even show up to her own birthday party??

Thankfully, Ramona shows up when the elevator doors open and she is utterly stunned to see 250 of her closest friends there to celebrate with her. Bethenny may not be at the party, but the rest of the 'Wives are, including Luann de Lesseps - whom we've seen very little of this week. Sonja gives ex-boyfriend and serial Housewives hook-up Harry Dubin a piece of her mind when he tries introducing her to his latest fling. Lady Morgan also snaps at Tinsley for not getting her a drink at the bar, suggesting Carole "babysit" the younger 'Wife while she gets a drink for herself, and the passive-aggressive tension between to the two roomies is palpable. Having double-booked for the evening, Ramona even invites her poor date to the party, who's quickly relegated to awkwardly sip a drink alone in the corner while the Singer Stinger revels in all the attention.

With the party in full swing, Ramona brings up Bethenny's absence, claiming she can't believe the Skinnygirl would actually snub her and not show up to mark such an important milestone. With the Midtown skyline behind them, Ramona unloads her side of the growing feud to Sonja, who can't believe that Ramotional is actually weaving her tale in a way that makes some sense. Ramona points out that the 250 people inside are a tribute to what a wonderful friend she is, and also how could Bethenny not get past such an innocuous comment about her daughter? Sonja tells her kids and business are typically off-limits, particularly with the B, but Ramona won't budge from the story that she had nothing but good intentions. As Dorinda brings out the birthday cake, Ramona explains in her confessional that this issue with Bethenny is more than a simple fight. It's officially turned into a grudge, and one that seems to be far from over...

What did you think of this week's RHONY? Did you appreciate Carole bringing the election into her storyline for the season? What did you think of Ramona's surprise party? Are you Team Ramona or Team Bethenny? Let me know in the comments below!