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Real Housewives

RHOP Ssn 2/Ep 3 Recap - Hold Your Horses

Glenn Rowley


The women are off to the races this week on The Real Housewives of Potomac as Gizelle confronts Robyn for talking behind her back and seeking for closure in her feud with Charrisse. Plus, Ashley questions Robyn's relationship with Juan while Monique spars with her contentious mother-in-law on a trip to Alabama. Read on for a full recap of this week's drama...


Newbie Monique Samuels is heading down south for her husband's induction into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, and while she packs she's downloading her friend Gigi on all her thoughts about the other 'Wives. Turns out the rookie didn't get a great first impression of Gizelle Bryant, what with the hazing and shade about owning four houses, but she claims to be unbothered by the OG's less-than-friendly introduction. Also, her friends lets slip that she "met" Charrisse Jackson Jordan's estranged husband Eddie before? We'll never know what she may have been trying to insinuate though, since she decided to chug wine rather than spill the tea.


Meanwhile, word on the street reached Gizelle that Robyn Dixon's loyalty may be in question, so the BFFs meet up for manicures and a heart-to-heart. Gizelle can't decide what baffled her more during last week's high tea: Monique rapping in the middle of the Willard or finding out that Robyn's apparently been discussing her and Charrisse's feud with Karen Huger. Robyn is quick to point out that it wasn't like she ran to the grande dame to gossip or seek advice about being stuck in the middle of the warring 'Wives, but also doubles down on the fact that she strongly disapproved of Gizelle spreading the fireman rumor to get back at Charrisse. Reminding her bestie that she's too classy to stoop to such lows in the future, Robyn gives Gizelle a reality check on her bad behavior and Gizelle graciously accepts it. That right there is the sign of true friendship, folks. (Robyn does claim, however, that this situation with Charrisse has "opened [her] eyes" about her BFF and wonders aloud if Gizelle would ever turn on her...)


At Robyn's invitation, all the ladies (sans Monique) don their fanciest derby hats for Ida B. Susan Day at the Preakness Stakes, a day at the racetracks for the women of Baltimore's high society. Robyn grew up with the Preakness practically in her backyard, so the event is a reminder of the stark difference between her lavish former lifestyle and current financial woes. Ashley Darby, however, is much more concerned with Robyn's future than her past, and innocently tries to interrogate the PR maven about her situation with Juan over drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Robyn insists nothing has changed with her live-in ex-husband but also questions why her relationship with Juan is anybody else's business - least of all Little Miss Ashley's. Once Gizelle and Karen arrive, Ashley also opens up about her frustrations with the restaurant - specifically that managing Oz is getting in the way of her baby-making plans with Michael. In a surprising show of solidarity, the other women rally around Ashley, asking what they can do to help promote the restaurant and planning a Coyote Ugly night (which conjures up the bizarre image of Karen Huger dancing on a bar).


Finally, Charrisse is the last to arrive and the tension remains palpably awkward between her and Gizelle. (Never mind that the latter had just finished throwing shade at the former's good friend Monique...) As the women place their bets, Gizelle breaks the ice by playfully asking Charrisse if she's off probation yet. After a moment of consideration, an icy Sha Sha reluctantly agrees to call off their feud, but not before warning her longtime frenemy in the words of Whitney Houston: "Baby girl, you better watch what you say." The good luck between the 'Wives doesn't stop there. By the end of the day, the ladies have won $3000 at the races, yet somehow Gizelle manages to walk away with the ticket all to herself!


Meanwhile, Monique's celebration down in Alabama over her husband's hall of fame induction turns unexpectedly sour. At a post-ceremony lunch with the entire family, Monique finds herself sparring with her passive-aggressive mother-in-law over money, kids and dueling philosophies on marriage. When Monique mentions they've started looking for a house in Potomac, her mother-in-law shoots out that she should get a job to contribute to the family fortune. Monique states that "wifey ain't gettin' no job," which only seems to aggravate Chris' mother more. Throughout the rest of the meal, she mutters snide asides about her daughter-in-law, combatively points out that she delivered bigger babies than Monique and victoriously proclaims that she "got that heifer straight" by the end of the episode. Yikes. And I thought Shannon Beador had it bad over in Orange County...

What did you think of this week's RHOP? Can Gizelle trust Robyn? Has Charrisse actually forgiven Gizelle? Does Monique have the worst mother-in-law in the Bravoverse? Let me know in the comments below!