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Real Housewives

RHOBH Ssn 7/Ep 2 Recap - The Buddha Bentley Birthday

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the women come together for Dorit Kemsley's over-the-top 40th birthday party, where the drama between Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson takes one step forward and two steps back. Read on for a full recap of the episode's drama...


While Lisa Vanderpump is riding her new (full-sized) horse and Kyle Richards is zooming around Beverly Hills in her new Lamborghini with Lisa Rinna, newbie Dorit Kemsley is busy celebrating her 40th birthday. She's turning the big 4-0 and her parents, Rachel and Shalom, have even come all the way from Connecticut to help mark the occasion. Dorit's talent manager husband PK has a number of surprises in store for Dorit's milestone - the first being a brand new, rose gold Bentley Continental. Dorit is positively blown away by the $230,000 gift sitting in her driveway, to the point that she's virtually speechless. Is the newest Housewife the luckiest girl in the world? According to her confessional, she certainly thinks so, and I must say that if a rose gold Bentley is indicative of Dorit's personal brand, I'm all in.


Meanwhile, Erika Girardi is auditioning backup dancers for the upcoming video for her new single, "Xxpensive." Now this may be an Erika Jayne moment, but when it comes to the music, the pop diva is all business. Erika explains that she approaches her music in a very "in your face" way full of sexuality and sass, and she needs dancers who do the same thing. Naturally, in this case that means the choreography ends with the dancers aggressively flipping the camera off before dead-dropping into a split. I simply cannot wait to see Miss Erika Jayne nail that split moment herself while clad in a skimpy bikini and heels.


Before joining RHOBH in Season 5, Eileen Davidson was most recognizable for her lengthy career as a daytime soap actress on both The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives. Turns out Y&R has hit its benchmark 11,000th episode and having originated the role of Ashley Abbott since the early 1980s, Eileen is sitting down for a walk down memory lane to tape a commemorative special. Flashing back to her very first scene as Ashley freshly home from college, it's crazy to think of how long Eileen has been playing the iconic character. Calling Ashley "alter-human," the soap actress admits that she's forgotten so much of the show's history over the years, but cites the time her good girl character got an abortion as the storyline that's her personal favorite.


Finally, the 'Wives all converge at the Kemsley home for the surprise birthday party PK has planned for Dorit. The mood is once again tense as the women tentatively circle each other, air kissing and waiting for someone to make the first move. Eileen and Kyle both look absolutely fabulous in red while Erika arrives in an edgy Moschino t-shirt dress that's derided by the birthday girl via confessional as disappointingly casual. Over cocktails in the living room, Lisa Vanderpump rather melodramatically announces to Kyle that last year she gave Rinna and Eileen the power to hurt her, but this year she's taken that power back. And just like that, she makes defensive small talk with her two frenemies - refusing to tell Rinna where she got her sheer, bejeweled gloves and murmuring an overly sincere apology to Eileen about her mother's passing. When the Brit takes a beat immediately following "I'm sorry," Eileen mistakenly thinks that she's finally about to receive an apology for last season's drama in the Hamptons, but no such luck. Sorry Eileen, that vindication is probably never coming.


PK has one more surprise in store as the party moves to the backyard for phase two, revealing an incredible club-like buddha lounge complete with ice sculptures, giant paintings of Dorit and an entire wall made out of roses. Rinna tries once again to connect with LVP on the dance floor. When the Brit once again responds with a cutting remark, Rinna explains that her one-time pal can react however she wants, but she herself is moving on and putting their bad blood in the past. Rinna's even willing to offer another dance-floor apology for being too hard on LVP last year, and finally the OG agrees that they can move forward...cautiously of course. 


Lisa Vanderpump may be ready to forgive Lisa Rinna, but Eileen is a different story. When the soap actress asks her and Dorit if they've seen her husband Vinny Van Patten, LVP can't keep from making a below-the-belt jab, joking that she had seen Vinny "in the corner with his head up someone's skirt." Yikes. Like any rational person, Eileen finds this "joke" far from amusing and graciously excuses herself before any more playful vitriol can be been directed her way. With that, Dorit's birthday party ends with one 'Wife gaining forgiveness and another still exiled to Lisa Vanderpump's bad side.

What did you think of this week's RHOBH? Should LVP move on with Lisa Rinna while holding a grudge against Eileen? Would you drive a rose gold Bentley? Let me know in the comments!